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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer? Ask if you do!

Music throughout the weekend “Big Wreck”, In Flames”, Of Monsters & Men”, & “Trivium”

To clarify Friday’s post, I’m not the only one who has cut out luxuries. Kim has as well. Fewer stops at Tim Horton’s, less hair colourings, etc. I’ve given up other stuff too. The Saskatchewan Roughriders season ticket was the biggest of mine, that’s why I mentioned it. I could pay $1000 a year for football tickets or under $3000 once for a guitar. The guitar will cost me roughly 2 1/4 football seasons plus tax, & I’m sure my really nice wheelchair spot will be taken.

“In the end” a guitar is forever, so is football on TV. Live football costs too much for 10 games a season + the odd playoff game. The added cost of a season ticket for me now is much too high for a professional sport with 0 interest outside of Canada.

Friday night was quiet, order in supper, practice guitar/build up my hand strength, relearn a simple song by “Pearl Jam”, & watch some TV with the wife. We don’t get out much, wheelchair accessibility isn’t all it’s cut out to be in Regina some of it is laughable at best if I was on my own.

I went to the football game & they won, it was ugly, but they won. Our field goal kicker went 1/6 it total he missed out on 14 points for us, managed to get through the end zone for 1 point. More stupid penalties. If I never hear a ‘Roughing’ or ‘________after the play’ penalty I’d be much happier. Those are just stupid. I’ll leave it at that, the last 3 or 4 home games they’ve been lucky to win. I would much prefer to see a respectable football game, over a dirty win for the Riders. At least I’ve been lucky enough to go to them since before I could remember (3 or 4 years old). I don’t know if it was because of an outdoor game in November or what the deal was? Just over 29,000 feels like an empty stadium. There had better be a better turn out for the western final in 2 weeks.

Come home from the game & mixed Brewster’s food. Kim had made a FANTASTIC meal. Barbecued chicken breasts, salad, steamed carrots, with wild rice & quinoa! Retired to the couch to binge watch some Netflix.

Sunday is hectic so far. We got up, Kim went grocery shopping, I made Brewster’s breakfast, ate my breakfast, filled the dishwasher, did some other dishes by hand, made 90% of my vegetable juice for the week, & came in here. Now I’m just waiting for Kim to return with the groceries to finish my juice & start my eggs. That’s the first hour of the day. We stayed in bed chatting until 10:30 pm. We got up & had to “bust a move”.

We managed to get all of our stuff done. We picked up my Grandparents after & headed to my parents for a family birthday supper for Kim, Rachel, & Grandpa. Sweet & sour pork on rice with peas then an ice cream cake for desert.
I think I just peed a little from excitement! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE announced a REUNION in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO, Hello ‘90s!

I’ll take “Rage Against the Machine” over “Prophets of Rage” any day of the week. There’s “Public Enemy” & “Rage Against the Machine” the mix was a good idea, the album wasn’t.
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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl
We’re all Global Citizens,
“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website!

www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

Music from this weekend!  “Foo Fighters”, “The Struts”, “Boston”, “Norman Greenbaum”, “Young MC”, & “Muse”


The BIG 40th wedding anniversary of my parents was on Saturday.  Yes, I’m 38.  They had me the same year they were to turn 21, I came along before their 21st birthdays.  My birthday is in January.  My brother came into the mix in 1987.  Yeah, 7 years between Mitch & I.  He’s bigger than me, especially now that I’m in a wheelchair!  Hahahahaha!

I don’t speak well so I wrote the speech & Mitch read it, added a few things & delivered the speech at the party.  My immediate family means the world to me, there’s no way I could live in a different city, province, or country.  My in-laws celebrate their 40th anniversary next weekend.  Unfortunately we won’t see them until Christmas.

It was a lot like our wedding for me.  Lots of visiting not enough drinking at the OPEN BAR!!!

Sunday was at my parents’ house.  Make your own bun which, drink whatever, & watch the Grey Cup if you like.  Kim’s not a football fan & with Calgary & Ottawa in the game, nobody really cared to watch it.  We went around 1:00 pm then came home around 7:00 pm.  Good times & a TON of people to catch up with!

Sunday was for the friends & family who didn’t have to travel home until Monday.


If you don’t believe in climate change, can I ask you why?



That’s all until the New Year.  Be safe & have fun.  I’ll catch you on January 2nd 2019.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & enjoy some time off of work!


MUSE – SIMULATION THEORY released Nov. 9, 2018.

I really like Muse, the album “The Resistance” was their first time doing an almost completely electronic album.  Good in theory, for me it was a very weak album.  If there was ever a progressive pop album, “Simulation Theory” would be it.  This album really reminds me of U2’s “Achtung Baby” & I love that U2 album.  Everybody is saying all of the Muse albums sounded the same.  Sure, some of them did.  This is a band I’ll likely never see live, so it will likely remain on my bucket list.  All I hear is “You gotta see them live”.  This is their 8th studio album.  If you were to put U2, Coldplay, the first 3 Radiohead albums, with a dash of Dream Theater in a blender, you’d have Muse!

You can’t make everyone happy all of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#! $ %^*&( DEAL”-David Eric Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

P.S. Kim has today off, so I do too!  This week will be my normal exercise for 4 days, then 3 exercises 3 days a week.  Then a 6 or 7 complete break around Christmas.


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I fell asleep to “Pearl Jam” first the album “Ten” then part of the album “Yield”

I exercised to ”I Mother Earth” the album “Scenery & Fish” in celebration of it’s release 20 years ago.  Followed by one song off of their last full length studio album “The Quicksilver Meat Dream”


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I hit my daily goals again this week!!!

Remember this was a 4 day week.  So here it is: 6000 crunches, 400 squats, 320 pushups, & 280 leg lifts

My goals for each day are: 1500 crunches, 100 squats, 80 pushups, & 70 leg lifts.

Normal weekly total should be, 7500 crunches, 500 squats, 400 pushups, & 350 leg lifts.

Before I do the rest of my exercise after the first 50 squats, I’ll be drinking my smoothie, coffee & water.  Just thinking about how much my exercise will suck.  When I finish them I think “Hey that wasn’t terrible at all!”  I figure if Kevin Hart can do 1000 sit ups a day and 500 pushups, there’s no reason I can’t do it too.  I think he said it last year on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”?

When my exercise totals are on, I feel like I’ve accomplished what I expected from myself.  It’s quite a bit like my job was running a printing press.  When I fished a shift, I’d hold a sheet, look at it & think “Hey!  I helped in the process of making this!”  That validated what I was doing.  I kind of don’t see what the results are from my exercises.  I do know that more & more T-Shirts fit though.  Not really my goal, I can’t imagine being satisfied until I’m able to walk on my own.  Until that happens, I’ll be “my own worst enemy” saying to myself “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”


My parents & my in-laws had to adjust quite a bit as well.  We still haven’t been to Kim’s parents place since 2007, before I had cancer.  Her parents & younger brother come to Regina on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & sometimes in the summer.

My parents had to feed me when I came out of “….m, m, m, my coma”.  I was so weak I couldn’t lift a utensil to my face.  I started to cough one day & my father chimed in “Hey, you just hit me with food, & it went 8’ & covered the wall, your cap on your trach came off”.  If I’m having anything carbonated, best to stay out of the splash zone, or wear a rain poncho!

As much as I’d enjoy daily life being easy, the world shouldn’t & doesn’t stop for anyone!  I’m learning how to keep up with everyone.


I’ll get a cell phone one day.  The cheapest piece of junk, leave it off when I’m out, & turn it on only for emergencies.  To call someone.  I don’t enjoy being photographed unless I don’t know about it.  I will not have my email or Facebook attached to my phone & very few people will have the number.  I will also not engage in texting.  I just don’t like the idea of having an active cell phone with me constantly.  I’ll never understand the attraction of being attached to the world “24/7”?


I guess I’m a “Star Wars” nerd too.  I saw this & wondered what the timeline was.  I guess “Hans Solo” was born about the same time as “Luke & Leia Skywalker” were born?  I don’t know, I was confused?



I was watching the “Lethal Weapon” TV series the other night & I heard a song I haven’t heard in a long time!

I haven’t heard the entire song since my after grad party!  I still like a few of the songs on this album.


I’m sure any help would be appreciated in helping someone with cancer!



Foo Fighters were in a law suit?


Foo Fighters weren’t going to put this song on the album.  Their manager came in after they finished recording this album & said “Hey, what about that song that says best of you 8 billion times?”


Review of the latest “Opeth” album “Sorceress”.  This is not a death metal album as they had intended.

I really like this album!


Pentatonix shared it……


One week from today “The Pretty Reckless” & “Jimmy Eat World”


New song from the upcoming album “Battles” by In Flames!

I should listen the album “Come Clarity” by In Flames


I’ll catch you on Sunday.  All I see is baseball playoffs in Cleveland & a Saskatchewan Roughriders game in Toronto this weekend!  If you need me, sorry, I’ll be on the couch.




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


Today’s workout was brought to you by “Paul Simon” the album “Graceland” & “Foo Fighters” 60 B-Sides on shuffle. Yet last night I fell asleep to “System of a Down” playing on my iPod?

My ying

And my yang


That makes 90 squats, 150 pushups, 15-20 minutes of yoga, & 420 crunches so far this week. Crunches & yoga are all in one day. Pushups & squats are three day totals, yet my T-Shirt still doesn’t fit that well?


Ladies, I’m going to tell you something about straight men. Some of us are extremely dumb, & I’m one of the dumbest ones. I need to be spoon fed everything “This is a song for all the fellas. Try to do what those ladies tell us….”


I’m so dumb I forgot the 2nd thing I was going to tell you!?


I got out of the shower this morning, brushed my teeth, got dressed & dropped my wedding ring under the bed. Took me a few minutes but I got it. I only take it off now when I shower. I used to take it off at work too for safety reasons.


President & C. E. O. of the Toronto Blue Jays, Mark Shapiro, finally broke his silence for a ½ hour interview on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown yesterday. He’s been labeled as the number 1 villain since arriving in Toronto in late August. I think the fans just needed some reassurance that he knows what is expected from him. I hope this satisfies other fans? I wasn’t stressing about it, & I hope other fans don’t from now on. He said he’s meeting with Jose Bautista at Bautista’s house early next week. He would like to find a way to sign both Bautista & Encarnacion, both have been there for quite a while. Both of their contracts end at the end of the 2016 season. That’s $40,000,000 right there, plus the $20,000,000 their paying newly acquired (at the trade deadline last year) short stop Troy Tulowitzki. I think he might run into payroll issues? He’s been allotted roughly $148,000,000 for the team, same payroll as last year. For me it’s a wait & see situation. I don’t run the organization, so I don’t need to worry about it. I’m a fan, I sit on the couch for 3 hours & watch a game, sports entertainment. They can’t hear my coaching that I shout at the TV.

What would make me happier? If someone would actually coach the team how to bunt. Something you learn in Little League. Stick your bat out, hold so you don’t break your fingers, & deaden the ball onto the ground. Pretty easy but not for the Blue Jays players? Heck I could teach that from my wheelchair! Everything else we can forget about, they’re major league players for a reason.


Wednesday’s Rock It Out Blog


I’ve never heard of them. They have 6 albums on iTunes. Not something I’d buy or listen to. You might enjoy it though?



25 most anticipated tours of 2016


Did any Canadian miss the Black Sabbath tour date in Calgary, ON.? Is there a Calgary in Ontario that I don’t know about? That’s a long trip from Edmonton, Alberta!


Even Gene Simmons gets star struck!



The 3rd Tremonti album, “Dust”, will be released in April, single will be out in March. 10 song album that was recorded while in the studio for “Cauterize”


First Lemmy Kilmister, then David Bowie, & now Alan Rickman?

The last 2 on the list have made the start of 2016 terrible!


TV interview with Dave Grohl LANGUAGE IS CENSORED!


Today is Dave Grohl’s 47th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. GROHL!!


Rival Sons” in Saskatoon Thursday, January 28th . I’ve never heard of them. Honestly this is considered a big deal to the venue in Saskatoon?


I guess “Nickleback” is in a lawsuit? This is the only song of their’s I’ll share, since I quite like this song.



54-40 is playing in Saskatoon on Saturday, January 23rd. That’s an old Canadian group. “Hootie & The Blowfish” covered “I go Blind” for the Friends soundtrack.


It sounds as though the FRIENDS reunion is a go! 2 hour show on NBC in February. Here are some bloopers!



Sounds like Metallica just wants to sue anyone for anything?



More “Alter Bridge” news all over Facebook!


I guess “Mike and Molly” had to end sometime? I don’t watch it much, but I thought it would be on the air much longer?



A drummer lost his leg!? I’ve never heard of this group before, but I think I’m good for now.



Adele’s carpool karaoke with James Corden


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres