Well Blue Jay fans the eagle has left & landed in Boston. Now the Blue Jays can look dumbfounded when he’s pitching against them in the same division. The Boston Red Sox just became that team in the division that everybody will freak out about if David Price is pitching against them. $217,000,000 over 7 years ($31,000,000/year) this was announced shortly after I posted Tuesday’s blog.



What did the Blue Jays do earlier this week? Traded a relief pitcher for a relief pitcher & signed a previous Blue Jay starting pitcher, J. Happ, who was better after the Jays traded him. This guy…….

He came back later that season, then the Blue Jays traded him. What will The Toronto Blue Jays do next? I don’t know? Maybe trade 2 middle of the 5 man starting rotation? You can never have too much pitching. I’d love to see Ryan Goins playing in the field everyday, I’m not sure that will happen? The big thing they might want to look at is Jose Bautista & Edwin Encarnacion’s contracts are done at the end of next season. Might be a good time to trade one of them or sign both of them?


Today’s workout was brought to you by “Foo Fighters” the album “The Colour & The Shape” I wonder why he didn’t know it? Maybe because the album was released in 1997 & studio 606 they’ve owned/built in 2005?


“Glassjaw” return after 5 years with a new song. Opening for “Coheed & Cambria” on tour. I’d show up late for this show. “Glassjaw” song inside the link.



A lot of great guitar players & a few I’ve never heard of. 10 videos to show you songs you might know them from.



I absolutely love the “Star Wars” franchise. I have no intention of watching the new movie until February. It will be in theaters in December, but I’ll wait until EVERYBODY has seen it 10 times.



Top 50 albums by Consequence of Sound.


Some I’ve heard & don’t like. Even more I’ve never heard of before?


Singer has to leave a tour for family emergency involving wife & unborn child. Never heard of this group & I don’t need to hear any other material.



Top 15 metal albums of 2015. Yes, I quite enjoy “The Agonist”



It’s subjective “Matt Heafy” of Trivium isn’t even on the ballot. It’s more of a popularity contest. At least Mark Morton & Willie Adler from “Lamb of God” were on it.



“For a wounded man shall say to his assailant. If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven. Such is the rule of honour.” I don’t know if I’m pro death penalty, this sort of makes sense in a weird way?

Sorry, I’m on a “Lamb of God” kick right now.


NME’s albums of the year list. I’ve got mine ready to go. Started early in November.


None of these made my list, not even “Muse”. Music is great, lyrics not so much.


Harrison Ford interviewed on Jimmy Fallon



’tis the season


Here you go “Shinedown” fans, new video



I really like the “Highly Suspect” album



Songs I like, “The Wallflowers” their first album is all I have.


Also a David Bowie cover!


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