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I fell asleep to “Barenaked Ladies” the new album “Fake Nudes” followed by “In Flames” new 4 song EP of cover songs “Down, Wicked & Not so Good”, then their album “Siren Charms”

So, no worries, all is well!  I just needed a day away from my regular routine.  Got back to my exercise & such the next day.  So only 3 days of exercise this week.  I couldn’t quite make it to the Christmas break to relax, I’m confident I can now though.  300 pushups, 300 leg lifts, 300 crunches, 180 triceps’ pushups, & 120 back flexes.  I need to do some cardio!  Funny thing is that when I was using an exercise bike 3 days a week, my exercise therapist would take my heart rate before & after 30-45 minutes.  It was 98 per minute before & after weird?  One day it went up to 108 after a session.  “Are you OK?” she asked.  I said “Yep, I’m fine!” it wasn’t a big deal to me.  I wasn’t breathing heavily or sweating at all, I was fine

I was watching “The Flash” TV show & learned something during it, since I used to think the same way oddly enough, “Why me?”  Then he answered his own question, “Why not me?” I’m not super or a hero, but I can deal with this situation.  Sure, I’ll have the odd bad day like anyone else.  In the end I’d rather be the one in my situation than watch anyone else go through this, it’s not terrible though I’m alive!  I’ve got a lot of support & that’s all I need.  So, hold my beer & watch this!

The connection from my computer iTunes to our stereo is out of whack still.  The only way I can listen to music through our stereo is if it’s NOT in my library.  I have to use our Apple Music account & not put anything in my library.  Believe it or not that really bothered me.

I had a mini-melt down Monday evening.  iTunes just went to shreds on me, & I was feeling a TON of stress regarding the Christmas season.  I spend my cash on 3 things, iTunes, concerts, concert merchandise & alcohol when I’m out of everything.  It’s nowhere close to what I used to spend on alcohol.  12 beer a month & 3 or 4 bottles of hard liquor 4 times a year.  I don’t drink at the football games because it is $9 for a regular size can of generic pilsner.  I can purchase a case of 15 pilsner cans for the house for $18 if I wanted to (which I don’t).

When the CFL is done with their contract to Molson Brewery.  I hope the teams can bring in local craft breweries (like the Roughriders intended with the new stadium).


Drummer, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, hospitalized for heart issues, but is in good spirit & is recovering.



Charles Manson died on the weekend as well.  Now Americans can rest assured that their taxes aren’t going towards keeping him alive.


Well we lost AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young last weekend.  I hope this isn’t the end of AC/DC for the fans out there.  I’m not an AC/DC fan, I’m a Motorhead fan.  However you know what you’re getting when you purchase either one of these bands albums.  I just prefer the sound of Motorhead.  Here’s Muse doing AC/DC’s “Back in Black” with singer Bryan Johnson of AC/DC.


A handful of concerts I’d love to go to but the money tree is bare & some are just bad timing for others to go.  I’ve never seen Queens of the Stone Age live, & they’re touring with Royal Blood as their opener.  I’ve also never seen Stone Sour or Halestorm live.  I am going to Big Wreck’s 20th anniversary of their first album “In loving memory of….” though!


These 2 above are making their way to Saskatoon, but it’s a Sunday.  It’s a co-headlining tour with 2 or 3 other bands opening for them.


I’ve also never seen Queens of the Stone Age live.  It’s May long weekend & many people are busy or just aren’t a fan of their new album & have decided that driving to Alberta or Manitoba isn’t worth it.


Stone Temple Pilots first performance of the new song “Meadow” with new singer Jeff Gutt.




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Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen


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Yep, I had my 2nd physiotherapy session in 3 weeks last night.  He basically gave me a few more stretches to add to the ones he gave me the first time.  Nothing too strenuous.  I was actually doing more of some of the older ones, & totally forgot about 2 older ones.  I moved the papers he gave me so I’d remember them!  They helped quite a bit this morning.  My sciatic nerve pain is slowly going away!

When I go to almost any treatment, even in the hospital, I try/tried to keep things up beat.  Kim takes the brunt of it.  Needles don’t bother me one bit.  When I have a blood test before a cat-scan & whoever is taking my blood, pulls out the needle, I ask Kim “Would you just hold me please?”  Doesn’t work at all, but the 3 of us are always laughing.

When I was in the Wascana Rehabilitation Center, I think there was a small opening on my chest by my collarbone?  There was a black goo coming out of it.  Kim got one of my nurses to check it out.  It was dead/rotten blood.  It didn’t hurt, I just thought it was cool.  When I said that, only I laughed.  I love it when a joke bombs & there’s an awkward silence!  Do I laugh, encourage him, is he done?

Life changed instantly for myself & a TON of other people.  What did Kim & I do?  With a lot of support we just addressed what we needed to!  It took me longer obviously.  I don’t necessarily like where I’m at personally.  At least I’m alive to work on things!


I fell asleep to “Taylor Swift” the album “1989”, woke up early listened to “Sum 41” the album

“13 Voices”, then “Queens of the Stone Age” the album “….like clockwork”

I exercised to “Iommi” the album you can’t find anywhere which I bought the day it was released.  Each song has a different singer on it.  Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Ozzy, Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), etc.


I get it.  Superhero movies & TV series are everywhere.  You’ve got “The Avengers” & all of the spinoff movies.  Now we have “The Justice League” along with other spinoffs.  “The X-men” movies, “Star Trek” movies, the revitalized “Star Wars” franchise with new spinoffs.  As for TV we got “Supergirl”, “The Flash”, “Gotham” & “Arrow”.  I like the majority of them, I totally see the reasoning of others who don’t like them.  It’s a lot of stuff people aren’t into, so your hands are tied if you want to watch a movie.  Whatever other movie you choose to see had better be mind-blowingly AWESOME!  Since you probably don’t have a variety of movies to choose from?

Kim’s not really a fan either.  She doesn’t mind the “Marvel”/”Avenger” movies though.  I’m all in for the “Marvel”, “Justice League”, & “Star Wars” movies.  Along with “Supergirl”, “Gotham”, & “The Flash” TV series.  I’m good but I know others that are not on the wagon for this stuff.

Am I a Star Wars fan?  BIGTIME!  Ever since I watched the original trilogy as a kid with my dad.  I’m not a huge Star Wars buff, but I know enough to watch any Star Wars movie & know which one it is.  I just like these movies & TV shows.  “Arrow”, “The X-men”, & “Star Trek” I’m not into though.


20 AWESOME moments at the Grammy Awards



Barenaked Ladies in the studio!


Rock tours this summer


What eleven will look like in season 2 of “Stranger Things”



Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi



5 years ago this was filmed


Metallica has an annual day with baseball’s San Francisco Giants?



Aretha Franklin is retiring



Stone Temple Pilots covered by Trio of Oz.  Cool jazz cover of a rock song!!!



Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Paul McCartney & Wings” the album of “Greatest Hits”

I exercised to “90s Alternative Playlist” on Apple Music.

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Yes, my muscles have been a bit sore over the weekend, I did reach my numbers in 3 exercises today! Tomorrow, I’ll do some of the 4th exercise & see how it feels?

I don’t put anything on the account, it’s a “free” preview for what I’ll purchase on iTunes. If you want to use it like I do, 2 computers are vital. One computer here has Apple Music & the other has iTunes. When we signed up for Apple Music it doubled all of the iTunes files. Once we separated the 2 accounts it was fine. So, I use it, but I don’t use it for “free” music. It, more like satellite radio but cheaper & WAY better! Apple won’t take the iTunes purchase files, I hope? If we stop paying the subscription for Apple Music, it’s all gone.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this on here yet? If I have, sorry? Feel free to skip past this if you like.

Movie ratings on iTunes are absolutely ridiculous to me, as are most ratings or reviews. I’ve rented and purchased 2 separate movies on iTunes. Both movies were given -22% & -27% reviews & I liked them both. Batman vs. Superman -27% & The Boss -22%. I busted a gut watching The Boss which we rented. I bought Batman vs. Superman & have watched the Ultimate Edition at least 5 times at home & once in the theater.

Batman vs. Superman will have quite few spinoffs that have been confirmed by trailers at comicon. I’m extremely anxious for them. I’ve heard some bad things about “Suicide Squad” though. I will champion Batman vs. Superman as 1 of my favourite comic book movies! But that’s me, not anyone else. I’ve heard rumour Ben Affleck will appear as Batman for 5 or 6 movies? Just a rumour though? Here are the upcoming spinoffs.

You’re gonna have DC vs. Marvel eventually & I’m in for both franchises!

I got 87% see what you can get! Name that band on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine!


I still wonder “How many of his hits occurred while on performance enhancing drugs?” He lied, got caught for a 2nd time, was suspended for a year, & continued to lie throughout his suspension. A-RoId will not be anywhere close to the Hall of Fame despite his impressive numbers!


Fan stabbed at a Megadeth show in Argentina


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Missing male in Regina.


The Pretty Reckless’ Facebook page, Timeline

“Big announcements tomorrow! Stay tuned..” I’m guessing a release date &/or a preorder for the album?

^^This is the single they released a few weeks ago!

Frances Bean Cobain plays Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” short video inside the link.


Here’s the original version.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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If you’re following the blog on my personal Facebook page, could you please follow it on the link above? Just for me to keep track of subscribers.

This is for anyone & everyone who might find this interesting! Please help me out if you don’t mind? I’ve been sharing this publically on my page, I don’t think it’s helping? Please do what you can to spread the word?

I don’t follow politics……….EVER! I was watching CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the National news. They were reporting on Donald Trump’s Republican Convention, I changed the channel to watch that instead. I haven’t watched any of the debates for more than 5 minutes. I watched the majority of this one though. I couldn’t stop laughing! I was even lol! My goodness he’s entertaining & scary at the same time. The entire speech was like watching a terrorist threaten another terrorist. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing! I watched it until the end & realized a couple of things. A) I should have been watching the campaign from the start just for the entertainment value! B) If he wins, it’ll be scary & the USA will be a gated community. Nobody’s coming from the Southern Boarder, the East Coast, China or Russia aren’t coming from the West Coast, & us Canadians will build a wall on our Southern Boarder & send the bill to the USA.

Friday was more of me trying to be comfortable with a screwed up back. I didn’t go to the football game. I don’t think it would have done any good sitting on a wooden bench for that amount of time. We babysat our friends kid, who politely told me where to go & how to get there! Kim was painting with her. Kim was painting a person flying a kite. I said we should blow to make some wind for “auntie” Kim, man was I wrong. “UNCLE CHRIS WE DON’T BLOW WIND, WE PAINT IT!!!” aka she told me in the most polite way where to go & how to get there, finger pointing & all.

So at the end of the day, I slept on the couch again, while Kim slept in our bed with someone else, a 2 ½ year old and I’m not sure if I’ll be invited to her 3rd birthday party.

Saturday was my aunts memorial in Regina. The family left the chapel to “Spirit in the Sky” I had finished my crying a week ago, I was OK. My mother did the eulogy at the service for her older sister, she of course choked up, then I choked up a bit too. The entire ceremony actually felt like a celebration. I’ve never felt that at a memorial/funeral? My aunt was really cool & fun to be around, & that’s exactly what I’ll remember about her!

Back to my parents place for a very excessive amount of food and whatever you brought for alcohol. I left with a food baby……and 1 beer……………….a 2 liter bottle of beer. It’s pretty rare to see your mother, uncle & cousins do a shot of tequila at the front of a chapel during a memorial, but I know that’s what my aunt would have wanted!

Now it’s Sunday & I have baseball to watch. Yes my back I still sore. I’ll finish this later.

I’d like to know if Jordan Cook aka Reignwolf will ever release a full album? I don’t buy singles unless there are 10 or more to make an album.


See how Mark Tremonti’s custom PRS guitars are made.


Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, defends Linkin Park’s music.


In Flames shared it….

Thursday’s Gerber & Gerber from Consequence of Sound

Movies I have yet to see…

Steve Harvey on Country music


Do people still listen to Korn? I guess so, they’ve got a new album to be released.

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/see-korns-disturbing-gothic-new-rotting-in-vain-video-w430096 LANGUAGE & DISTURBING IMAGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read a statement on civilization from Serj Tankian, System of a Down vocalist


Wheel of musical impression Celine Dion with Jimmy Fallon


I’m not on twitter. I vaguely heard about the incident.


Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert discuss the RNC.


I quite enjoy Echosmith!


So Maynard James Keenan, Tool singer, is heading out on his book tour. This tells me another year passes & no Tool album until 2017? LANGUAGE!!!!!

Songs for a campaign. Instead of using a song by famous musicians without their approval. Maybe politicians should use songs from the public domain? Nursery rhymes, happy birthday, the National Anthem, etc.


Mike Shinoda defends Chester Bennington’s remarks


What’s it like to tour with the “Tragically Hip”?


Remember “The Blair Witch Project”? If not you should brush up, because the sequel is coming out in September.


Would you want a Manson family member out on parole?


This is just really cool!


26 years ago Pantera released the album “Cowboys from Hell”


Two of the spin offs from “Batman vs. Superman”

Wonder Woman trailer at comic con


Followed by the Flash movie trailer


Man I hope they announce an album release date soon.

Former Metallica bassist, Jason Newsted, unveils “Would & Steal” project during webcast. Video inside the link.

http://loudwire.com/jason-newsted-would-and-steal-project-webcast/ LANGUAGE BELOW!!!!!

I believe “Big Wreck” is rehearsing or recording new material, from what I can tell by the photo on facebook?!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Chevelle” the album “La Gargola”

I exercised to “Megadeth” the new album released today “Dystopia”

This weeks exercise total is 110 push ups, 840 crunches, ½ hour of yoga, 120 squats, 800 meters of walking w/ Kim & my walker 200 one day, 600 Thursday (no rest periods), 40 leg lifts on my hands & knees also 40 on my back! As I look at that, even I’m impressed?!

The arena in Regina holds 7,129 for concerts (including the floor area). Saskatoon’s arena holds 15,195 (not including the floor) 2.5 hours north of Regina. Moose Jaw’s arena holds 5,000+ including the floor, 45 minutes west of Regina!

Motley Crue with opener Big Wreck went on tour last year & when they came to Saskatchewan they played in Moose Jaw. Why? I’m sure they could draw a much larger audience, go to Saskatoon if there is no event planned for that day? I’ve been to Saskatoon more than I care to count. Regina’s arena does not sound good with a musical act. We saw “Ed Sheeran” last year here in Regina. It’s him playing acoustic guitar & a digital foot pedal to fill out the “band”. The second he turned the foot pedal on the sound was VERY distorted in an awful way. The arena in Regina is well known for bad sound at a concert. Regina’s the Capital of Saskatchewan, but to see a big name act we either drive out of the Province to Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg or in the Province to Saskatoon, or now Moose Jaw. We have few smaller venues with capacity of 300-1000. I haven’t been to Moose Jaw’s arena, but the drive to Saskatoon is getting really old!

Lamb of God” shared it….

This could go 2 ways. People will watch it because of Marilyn Manson doing a guest appearance or they’ll get negative fast & boycott whatever he’s involved in? Any publicity is good publicity, at least people will talk about him & the show. Heck, I’m talking about him now, you’re welcome Eminem aka M & M! Anyone else craving peanuts & chocolate?


More “Making a Murderer” speculation



Iggy Pop & Josh Homme make their debut on Stephen Colbert show. “Post Pop Depression”


Did anyone watch “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” yesterday? I thought it would be characters from the DC comics like, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc. It was all Marvel characters that have been on “The Flash” or “Arrow”. I didn’t watch the entire show, I was expecting something different? As for comic series I only watch “The Flash” & “Gotham”. I really like “The Flash”

Post Pop Depression” out March 18th

I guess Nikki Sixx isn’t done with music yet? “Sixx A.M.” announce permanent drummer.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis”


Billy Corgan about wrestling


This is terrible news. Friday’s Rock It Out Blog LANGUAGE!!!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres