I fell asleep to “The Watchmen” first the album “Brand New Day”

Then the album “Fast Forward & Rewind” it’s a double album “Fast Forward” is new music “Rewind” is a greatest hits album that I never listen to since I can listen to every album front to back.

Woke up to pee in the middle of the night crawled back into bed & listened to their album “Silent Radar” This album is one of my favourite albums of all time right up there with Foo Fighters “The Colour & The Shape”

I tried to exercised to “Barenaked Ladies” but there’s a storm here. It kept kicking me out of iTunes after 2 songs, I tried 5 times & gave up. I exercised in silence for the most part.

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Having survived stage 4 brain cancer, I have to exercise if I’m not OK with the status quot When I do my exercise total at the end of the week that’s 5 days of exercising & I break down what amount of which exercises I’ve done each day. Getting back into my regular routine is much more difficult than I expected to be, but it’s getting very close & after a few weeks of it, I’ll likely add another exercise to it or increase the amount of one of the exercises. For that reason alone I have to exercise & hopefully get out of this wheelchair.

I don’t look at being in a wheelchair as a disability, I look to the pros of being in a wheelchair & having an eye patch. I get rock star parking, I always have a designated driver, & when I go out I get treated very well. Some stranger is always holding a door open for me & if someone makes a reservation at a restaurant & mentions a wheelchair seat, the place usually has a table available.

If I don’t exercise, it feels like a waste of a day. So I exercise a TON Monday-Friday. Those two weeks off with my back being screwed up, that was a waste of time for me. I don’t like sitting around & doing nothing all of the time! Weekends are fine but during the week people go to work so I might as well also work. What else do I have to do? Stuff around the house, take care of Brewster & exercise. Once I’ve exercised & finished a blog post I consider my day done & get to whatever else I can.

Life in a wheelchair could be MUCH worse. It’s not what Kim & I signed up for but we make it work. Once I’m comfortable & figure out how to do things easily at a public venue, I’m OK.

I fall on occasion & I’ve sort of figured out how to fall without really hurting myself. I know how to get back up & approach things differently so I don’t make the same mistake again. Sometimes it takes multiple efforts & failing at it, so I do most things different than others do, no big deal.

I also exercise to lose some weight. I went into the hospital with a 38” waist, now 38” are too small & 40” is too big? If you know of anyone that makes dress pants with a 39 15/32 “ waist, send them my way please?

Keep “diggin’ the hole” Trump!!!


Remember the horror movie “The Ring” with the video people watched then got a phone call saying they’ll die in the next 7days? There was a fly on the screen when they watched the video that turned out to be real. We have a fly in our house at the moment. It landed on the TV while I was here alone. I peed a bit & begged for the phone not to ring. It didn’t, I’m here, I’m alive.

Metallica fans! Would you like to stream a concert? It will be on Pandora, which I don’t think is available in Canada?


LANGUAGE!!! I can’t believe this album saw the light of day. I think hardcore Metallica fans would agree!

Will “Temple of the Dog” play any Soundgarden or Pearl Jam songs on the upcoming tour?


Halestorm & The Used have been added to a festival! I think I’ve heard a few Used songs & wasn’t a fan?


Interview/article with singer from The Agonist


Live song from Oasis back in 1997. Song inside the link. Studio recording below


Same year Foo Fighters released the album The Colour & The Shape!!!!

This is what Rolling Stone readers picked for their top 10 super groups


Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, & Roy Orbison! FANTASTIC ALBUM!

“Stranger Things” on Netflix is REALLY good! Article regarding Winona Ryder. Most people that have seen it are waiting anxiously for the 2nd season!


Soundtrack to “Stranger Things” will be released. I thought The Clash would be on the soundtrack? It’s in the show?


Well Manson is not getting out anytime soon!


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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If you’re following the blog on my personal Facebook page, could you please follow it on the link above? Just for me to keep track of subscribers.

This is for anyone & everyone who might find this interesting! Please help me out if you don’t mind? I’ve been sharing this publically on my page, I don’t think it’s helping? Please do what you can to spread the word?

Thursday nothing but stretching & TV. Friday more of the same with a progressive metal show in the evening to kick off the long weekend! The show was really good. I haven’t been to the Exchange in quite a while. There’s somewhat of a metal scene there. We don’t all know everyone’s name but you go in there & recognize around 50% of the people at least! Great show & fun times! Sound was really good also! I can’t imagine doing sound for an opening death metal band, but it sounded very good! 3 bands for $10, good deal! I’m getting old though. The concert ended around midnight, I was tired, WAY past my bedtime!!! It was “Third Ion’s” album release show, really good progressive metal group!!!!!!

Saturday we went to my parents place for supper & to say goodbye to my cousin & uncle back to Winnipeg as of Sunday morning. We stayed there until around 11:00 pm. Staying out past 10:30 pm makes me tired.

Because of staying out so late, I planted myself on the couch to watch The Toronto Blue Jays fall back into 2nd place in their division. The funniest thing this weekend has been that the Blue Jay scored 6 runs in their game Friday night, & the Roughriders scored 3 points Friday night. The baseball team scored more than the football team! Hahahahahaha!

I think Kim is “Superwoman”, she’s more than amazing. Monday thus far has been Murphy’s Law since I went to shower. Kim’s probably sating to herself “That idiot” & she would be right in doing so. Knock on wood, I have yet to fall today!

Stranger Things” on Netflix is REALLY good. It’s a show based in 1983, a group of kids are playing a game & their friend disappears in the first episode & it goes on from there. 8 50 minute episodes & I really hope there’s a 2nd season! Yes I binge watched the last 4 episodes today, Thursday.

Too bad this isn’t the theme song….

I highly recommend “The Ranch” on Netflix starring Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson. This show is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! LANGUAGE!!!!!

Brad Wilk, Rage Against the Machine drummer, wishes Bill Ward, Black Sabbath drummer, had played on the recent album “13”



Now white people are being stereotyped by black people, nowhere near the extent that black people suffered though!!!

….I want it now….”

Lars Ulrich with new Metallica book


Lamb of God bassist John Campbell interview


I really like Trivium & Matt Heafy is singing on this track, I can’t see myself listening to this much if I were to purchase it?

It’s Friday, I think I’ll take it easy today…………………..again.

Sevendust are too much miss & hit for me. I’ve already passed on going to this show when it was first announced.


I’d like to see “Suicide Squad”! “One Week”, August 5th


UFC leader, Dana White, on Jimmy Kimmel, regarding his speech at the RNC


I forgot, The Agonist have an album recorded that could pop up in the next couple of months?

A live review of The Watchmen. Their albums are fantastic & seeing them live is even better


If you’re a Tool fan, kind of the same deal with The Watchmen. No they don’t sound similar in any way. The albums are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Seeing them live is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re waiting for Tool, here’s what their web master has to say….


More news about Netflix “Making a Murderer”

http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/videos/steven-avery-case-recreated-in-murder-made-me-famous-w431749 Video inside the link

How to stream “Lollapalooza” from the comfort of your………………where ever!


How to stream “Iron Maiden” at the “Wacken Festival” in Germany.


Season 8 is the series finale of “Game of Thrones”. We have the first 3 seasons on DVD, we both lost interest after 3 episodes into the 2nd season.


The “Tool” facebook page just barfed out 5 or 6 previous videos, doesn’t mean anything to me?

9 years ago Five Finger Death Punch released their debut album


Well that’s www.loudwire.com view.


Clutch shared it….

Donald J. Trump is “Christian” not Christian watch the movie Red State by Kevin Smith. A God does not tell the followers to kill. A God accepts people for who they are! Some where along the way people have not fully understood their religion’s Bible?

There’s a big difference between “Christian” & Christian or “Muslim” & Muslim! Extremist & Religious are two very different things!!!

Fans watch the band preform, idiots try to be a part of the show. Fans have their space, musicians have the stage!!!! Yep, LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver CENSORED LANGUAGE!!!

The Orlando night club has re-opened!


Opeth article regarding the upcoming album



Sorry, apparently they don’t want people to promote their new song? That’s all I can do for now.

I guess the “Lollapalooza” festival happened over the weekend. Here are the highlights.


If those were the highlights, I’m glad I live in the middle of nowhere! I do like “The 1975” though!

10 movies & TV shows to stream in August or go outside if you enjoy the heat


I recommend the TV show “Stranger Things” on Netflix!!!!

Foo Fighters albums ranked


Soundgarden shared it…..

Stranger Things” on Netflix!!!!!!!!!! I’m waiting anxiously for the 2nd season!!!!!!!!!!! Mix Tape soundtrack from the first season. A show based in 1983!


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I tried to fall asleep to “Soundgarden” the album “Superunknown” then settled on “Stone Temple Pilots” self titled album, the last album they recorded with Scott Weiland.

I exercised to “Corrosion of Conformity” 5 albums on shuffle

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Exercise total for the week! Might as well give it to you now. Today & Thursday have/will be all stretching. 60 squats, 1200 crunches, 60 push ups, ½ hour of yoga & stretching today, & tomorrow. Already done today’s stretching.

As Canadians in, Regina, Saskatchewan, we don’t get HBO or FX. HBO is $20 extra a month for 3 channels that’s not happening & we don’t have a Satellite in this house hold. As far as I know FX isn’t an option on cable. We buy series of TV shows that are on those 2 channels. So I bought “The People vs. OJ Simpson” on iTunes. We got the first 3 seasons of “Game of Thrones” for Christmas 2014. We watched 1 & ½ seasons of it & lost interest in it. I did buy “Foo Fighters” HBO mini series “Sonic Highways” on iTunes also.

We watched the new show “Heartbeat” last night. It was….OK for me. I was worried that they might use the song below for it’s theme song. I like Kelly Clarkson, but she has a few albums I’ll just give a pass to.

Tear down of the ‘ONAV’ booth at The Home & Garden show, the company my father works for. There was lots of cool stuff there. I really enjoyed the surround sound room. I think it had 8 or 9 speakers in total? A Dolby Atmos set up as seen here….



It’s subjective, but I’ll take Myles Kennedy over almost any singer. I REALLY like his voice!


All of this news as to what Maynard James Keenan is doing while waiting to do vocals for the next “Tool” album. At this point I don’t care it will be released whenever! I’ve waited a decade, I’m alive & I can wait longer.



Masterpiece review courtesy Consequence of Sound – The Clash

Alter Bridge’s status

Brian says ABV bass is halfway done!!” WOO HOO!!!!! 5 albums in 12 years & the odd person still reply’s with “Who?” This song was all over the radio in 2004/2005

If you’re not a fan of rock music, I get it. If you are a rock fan, you should know who they are. You don’t have to like them, just know they’re out there.

Remember, Batman v Superman out on Friday!!!!

Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel regarding attack on Brussels. Attacks like this seem to be a far too common occurrence!


The album ‘Master of Puppets” by Metallica is honoured. I’m Canadian, there is a “u” in ‘Honoured’ spell check!


Another reason Foo Fighters are AWESOME!


Halestorm shared it on Facebook….

Bruno Mars is the bee’s knees!

At the moment I’m really liking the new Coldplay album “A Head Full of Dreams”

Thank you Tupperware in the dishwasher, that’s my 2nd shower today!

What, Nevermind by Nirvana producer Butch Vig, reveals 11 things about Kurt Cobain during the recording of the album.

http://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/13-things-we-learned-about-nevermind-from-producer-butch-vigs-new-interview?utm_campaign=nme-23-03-2016&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter Yeah, this album that is number 1 in most lists of the ’90s.

Dave Grohl is not the best drummer in the world, but he’s really good. Following Neil Peart (Rush), Willie Adler (Lamb of God), Mike Portnoy (formerly of Dream Theater), etc. It’s all subjective in the end. LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However you’re getting this, please pass it along?


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Lear n something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres