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We Canadians had our Thanksgiving this weekend which officially marks the end of Canadian Bikini season.  I’ve never heard of a date to commence bikini season but we’ve had too much food now to look respectable in a bikini.  Picture me in a bikini………let that sink in.  Most Canadians likely celebrated on Sunday.  My grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday on Friday.  My family had Thanksgiving/birthday supper on Saturday.  I ate WAY too much & felt a little bloated/tired the next day.  I did stay away from stuffing, gravy, & my least favourite food of all….potatoes!  Everything else & pumpkin/caramel cheese cake were greatly enjoyed!

Other than it being a Saturday & masks until we were inside, it was a relaxing break at my parents’ house & as usual we were all tired and full by 7:30 pm.

What am I thankful for this year?  LOTS!  My family & friends, all of which are in good health during this pandemic.  The fact that I have more than the basic necessities to live.  My amazing wife!  I’m pretty happy just to be alive despite this weird world.  Mostly I’m thankful that I’ve realized that we don’t have to catch up to anyone & I now feel like I can relax a bit & enjoy a few more moments without stressing over what needs to be done next.

Kim felt ambitious the next day & rearranged the kitchen, as we may list the condo in the spring.  Things moved between the pantry & 3 drawers.  I stayed out of the way, watched some TV and of course played guitar mostly.

With it being flu season & Covid numbers on the rise, I’m guessing this might be an odd Christmas unless everybody starts doing things like they did in March.  I see another lockdown on the horizon…I hope.  Covid is getting out of hand.  I say mandatory masks, 2 months of quarantine, & substantial fines if a person is found in public with no mask, $500.  There’s a reason I’m not a part of the government.  Unless we see a serious decline in Covid cases, 2020 will have a HUGE impact on the holiday season in December, at least that’s what I think? 

Sunday I watched an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” & that night I watched part of “American Murder” on Netflix.  Real life crime stories, I’m in!

Finished “American Murder” and went to bed after getting bad chills up my spine from the documentary.  Usually real life crime stories don’t bother me?  Maybe it was the use of so much previously recorded social media video & texts that got to me?  CREEPY!

$5000 guitar effect pedal!  WOW!  I don’t get how a pedal could be so much, but I’m glad I saw the video.  Any guitar pedal over $300 is not something I’d even think about going for, I also like having fewer pedals to deal with.  I have 3 and one of them is a tuning pedal.  The amplifier I’m hoping to buy has 15 programmable effects on it & 60 more if you want to go to the tone studio website to get more.  I can’t see myself hooking up a guitar amplifier to the internet?

The amplifier is $4700 less than the pedal but will do 60X more things.  WOW!

We didn’t get around to making a guitar video this weekend.  Kim’s been VERY busy with work, Thanksgiving, & reorganizing the kitchen.  She has a cell phone & I don’t.  Any videos or photos you see are captured with her cell phone.  I don’t even know how those things work since I avoid them.  I’ll hear Kim’s phone go “Bing” in the distance and it drives me nuts!

“The Struts” have an album out on Friday called “Strange Days”, “Royal Blood” released a stand-alone single near the end of September, & “Nothing but Thieves” will be releasing their album “Moral Panic” on the 23rd.

I’m anxiously awaiting “Nothing but Thieves”.  I never listen to singles, if “Royal Blood” saved the song for a 3rd album I’d likely get it.  I like “The Struts” but I hope the rest of the album is better than this latest single?

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread Love”-Ellen Degeneres