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MLB Umpires, I agree with Gregg Zaun’s Sunday roast. I was looking for this weekend’s Sunday Roast but this works. A bench player, who said nothing, was thrown out of the game earlier this past week, maybe Saturday? He was in the dugout, never touched the field, blocked the view of the umpire coming towards the dugout to hear what Jose Bautista thought about the strike zone after Bautista had struck out. NO! You don’t do that! If it’s said quietly among team mates in the dugout, that’s fine. If there’s chirping between dugouts or anything said directly to the umpire(s), toss who ever it is.

The dugout is for the players, the field is for everyone. I’ve been watching a lot of baseball since ’90 or ’91, before the Blue Jays won in ’92 & ’93. I’ve never seen an umpire follow or come at a player looking to throw someone out of the game, until 2 times this year?

I have never seen this from any sport official. My respect for MLB umpires decreases everytime they act out thinking they’re kings of the diamond.

This is flat out a joke, that was real. A manager can’t ask a question 10′ away?

The Blue Jays are doing fine despite the umpires who want their 15 minutes of fame so badly that they do ridiculous things. If the Blue Jays don’t win the division & have to play a 1 game wild card game to get into a 5 game series, they probably won’t get very far. One home run on Monday & they lost 11-4 to the Boston Red Sox. The 1st place team lost to the 5th place/last place team because they rely too much on scoring 12 runs a game with 3 or more Hrs.


On to some music news….

Today’s workout was brought to you by the new Iron Maiden album “The Book of Souls”

Funny ways to wait for the new Tool album! Nothing since 2006.


I don’t follow the NFL, but there’s finally a female head coach!


The extent of my NFL knowledge were the Madden video games, mostly “Madden 2007 by EA Sports” on the original X-Box.

Fall preview of movies being released


I’m looking forward to seeing this…

St. Vincent returns home in mini documentary. Video inside the link.


EUROPE LISTEN!! Tremonti has released European tour dates.


Video mash up of Slipknot & “Livin’ la vida loca”


Top 50 metal albums of all time by loudwire.com

http://loudwire.com/top-metal-albums-of-all-time/ I disagree with 2 of these albums/groups being on the list, 2 “nu-metal” groups, Tool & System of a Down. They’re not metal or rock, they’re heavy , aggressive & different.

When I think of metal music I think more of these………

I just saw an ad on youtube.com Judas Priest is coming to Regina with One Bad Son opening for them on Saturday, October 31st. I’m not really a big fan of either group but I’ll keep you in the loop!

I was watching LOUD on Much Music in early 2007 & came across this metal band

A few months later this was on the same show. I stopped recording the show at 3am once a week. Did they think that’s what metal fans were watching LOUD for? LANGUAGE!!!!!!

Rock It Out Blog 2 album reviews. LANGUAGE!!!

Songs I like. “Phillip Phillips” Yes, another ‘American Idol’ very reminiscent of Dave Matthews! Kim & I have seen him live, he was fantastic. Not only does his voice sound like Dave Matthews, he also ‘dances’ at the microphone in a similar fashion!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl