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I fell asleep to “Trivium” the album “Silence in the Snow”

I exercised to “Dio” the album “Lock up the Wolves”


Here’s the Canadian Red Cross website if you’d prefer to donate there for my birthday.  Donate whatever amount you like whenever you like please?  My birthday is on Thursday if you want a specific date.  I did extend the donation date on Facebook to mid-February though.


I have an appointment at the cancer clinic in a few months.  I’m SO ready to either stop going there or request a different doctor.  Every time I think of it, the first thing that pops into my mind is “I’m a month over 11 years cancer free.  How many more years do I have to keep coming here?  Is she going to bluntly call me fat……again?”  Needles don’t bug me, an MRI can depending which machine I’m in.  Apparently CT scans aren’t good enough for the substitute doctor I saw last time.  I find that odd, other doctors have no problem with a CT scan.

I’ll cause a scene & blatantly refuse to enter the MRI machine at the hospital.  “Here are some ear plugs since it’s pretty noisy in there.  Here’s a bean bag to throw if something goes wrong.”  Then they shove me into a tiny tube, on my back, & it’s not big enough for my shoulders.  If it’s that machine, it ain’t happening.  I’m EXTREMELY claustrophobic, and they also tell me to not move my head for the next 10 minutes.  Easier said than done when you have nothing to look at.

I can deal with needles & noise.  I listen to LOUD music.  The inside of any MRI machine is INCREDIBLY loud despite the required ear plugs.  What I can’t stand is an EXTREMELY RUDE doctor, having to be shoved in an incredibly small tube, & having to put on a mask over my entire face that is so close that it squishes my nose.

I’m 6’1” and probably just under 230 pounds.  I hadn’t seen my cousin in over a decade and had just recently met her common-law husband.  I asked them “How much do you think I weigh?  Any number, I won’t be offended.”  They went with 185.  I haven’t been that weight since I graduated high school!  At the time I was 240.  If I get told I’m “fat” from a 5’0” doctor again, I might have to pull a Jennifer Lopez on her “Listen up you little bitch!”  Grow a foot, exercise daily, eat what I eat, and say that again to my face.  I’d never be that rude/aggressive/blunt with a doctor trying to help me, it would be funny in the proper context though.

I’ve started playing guitar again.  You would think I’d get frustrated at times, not the case.  I can’t play up to the tempo of a song but I’m very, very close.  I can physically do everything I used to do on guitar, it’s just a matter of speeding up my left hand & arm, which is normal I guess?  I’ve always thought that playing an acoustic guitar is more difficult than an electric that will mask the mistakes through the amplifier.  I’ve picked 2 songs to learn and it’s gonna be a lot of acoustic guitar learning of those 2 songs.  My brother is a guitar wiz & will help me get things back to the proper tempo.  Once I get those down on acoustic guitar.  I would think other stuff I used to play will fall into place after a few times through a song.

I do find relearning guitar more difficult than the first time around.  Probably in part to being comfortable in a wheelchair with a guitar & having so many issues with the left side of my body being weaker.  I am learning new scales/patterns on the fret board & finger exercise to build up those muscles though.  There’s no easy way to go about it, much like my exercise.  The only thing that will make it better is practice & repetition.

I think a lot of that is lost now.  A lot of people seem to crave instant gratification.  I’m guilty of it too.  I’d like to have my birthday guitar by now since my birthday was on Thursday.  It won’t get here until at least mid-April without delays.  Lots of people have a cell phone.  That’s fine, a personal choice if you ask me.  Many people have their email & social media accounts on their phones.  Does anyone ever wonder what it was like before cell phones were all the rage?  You’d send an email & wait until that person had finished school or work for the day & would eventually check their email.  I know I would find a cell phone annoying.  Kim has a cell phone, when she’s home & leaves it on the couch to do something elsewhere & it bings/vibrates the entire couch, it drives me nuts.  I’ve gotten used to it, but it still bothers me.

If it ever gets to the point that land lines are abolished, I’ll get a cell phone but nobody will like the way I use it.  I’ll tell the salesperson when I activate it “I want it to only be able to accept & deliver phone calls please.  No texts, email, social media, photos, or apps please.  Phone calls and nothing but.”  It will come with me for emergencies only.  When I’m out it will be turned off unless needed, when I’m home & unoccupied I’ll turn it on.  If I get a text, I’ll call you back when I’m free.


There’s already quite a few albums out or about to come out this year,

“Haley Williams”

“Pearl Jam”

“Clint Lowery”

“Testament” that I’m not sure about yet.  I think a lot of their fans are Jewish, most fans seem to prefer the Old Testament?

“Mark Morton” guitarist from “Lamb of God” who are done recording their new album.

I was watching a “Trivium” demo, I watched and saw him playing the now discontinued 7 string & I thought “I could play that rhythm part if I had a 7 string guitar.”  I must be a sucker for punishment.

I always thought it would be more difficult.  That’s as difficult as the “Metallica” rhythm parts I used to play & sing to when I had no clue as to what I was doing!!??!!  I was listening to Corey Beaulieu on the right instead of Matt Heafy playing the Epiphone on the left when I was listening to the albums. All of that being said, Matt Heafy is a very well rounded guitar player & capable of much more.  Sorry about the guitar reference, it’s a passion & my favourite hobby.  You’ll miss the guitar talk once baseball starts.  What’s worse than watching baseball?  Reading about it!


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

P.S. There will be a Facebook video on Friday of my exercise that you haven’t seen.


No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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I fell asleep to “Ronnie James Dio aka Dio” the album “Angry Machines”

I exercised to “Trivium” the album “In Waves”


Here’s the Canadian Red Cross website if you’d prefer to donate there for my birthday.  Donate whatever amount you like whenever you like please?


We did have our “niece” over on the weekend for a sleepover at “Auntie” Kim’s.  Our “nephew” came over with his mom to pick up his sister.  He’s not 2 years old until the spring but he likes my wheelchair and his “Uncle” Chris.  Follows me into the bathroom, I lock my wheels, he’s behind my chair at the doorway, & all I hear is “Uncle…..uncle…..uncle….uncle?”  Then he just wants to push his sister around our place in the wheelchair.  How can you say “No” to that!  Too cute!!!!!

Haven’t really spent money on music, grrrr.  Tried to add more streaming music the other night and it tells me this is “Not available in your region”, & that’s why I’d prefer to use iTunes or even better purchase CD’s.  “Hello streaming music I’m not a fan of you but let’s make this as pleasant as we can.  You do your job, and I’ll keep quiet”.  I’ve been listening to older rock and metal.  TONS of older stuff by “Megadeth”, that I’ve owned for quite a while.  I’ve been getting into “The Cure”, “Dio”, more “Queen” & I now listen & own all but one album from “The Darkness”.  My brother can’t stand them.  I use to play or sing their first hit at band rehearsal just to pester him.

This high voice is about all I can do now.  My falsetto’s there, my real voice…..not so much.  I might start answering the phone like this, apparently it’s easier to understand?!

“Queen” & “Dio” are the 2 main worm holes I’m going down right now.  “Iron Maiden” & “Testament” I’ve had for a while now & often go back to.  The music I listen to seems to go in waves. Pop, blues, disco, funk, rrrroooocccckkkk, & mmmmeeeettttaaaallll.

The entire guitar deal is that my left hand & arm are/were pretty much useless.  Exercising & getting to a point where I had the hand muscle to form any chord was HUGE.  Sure I can whip off some impressive licks if you don’t know any better.  Thing is I’m still pretty green.  I knew a lot, I’ve learned WAY more.  My hand works.  I’ve got to speed my hand & arm up just a bit to get up to tempo.  I need to get certain parts of a song back into muscle memory.  It’s all there & most of it is VERY close.  My right arm & hand weren’t affected by brain cancer.  My strumming, rhythm, & guitar picking came back fine after 3 ½ years of therapy.  I’m sort of physically new somewhat & I’ve advanced, but I also know more of what I used to do & even what I could tackle next.  I’m a weird middle of the road beginner at this point, that’s what I’d call myself on guitar.  I’m just SO happy that I can make things sound like an actual song.  Yes I play/practice a LOT!

Why would I like to own 5 electric guitars?  I see many stay at home players with dozens of guitars.  I don’t need or want that many, I’m not that versatile.  The reason for multiple guitars is different tunings and/or sounds.  Excuse me while I mansplain my reasons.

Just watch enough of the video to get a good look at the guitar, you don’t need to watch the entire video.  I’ll put up links to the Facebook photos of my guitars on here & the photos on the Facebook page for this blog.  Hopefully the links work if you don’t have a Facebook account.

My 3 electrics all sound different & are in different tunings.  The Fender Telecaster is very much geared towards country & blues music (tuned to standard E) with single coil pickups.  Same body style & pickups.  Different colour & model.  Mine is a much darker wood grain, & it’s my autographed guitar.  I learned some blues sounding chords to play it.  Foo Fighters “For All the Cows” sounds great on it!

My Epiphone Explorer is in a different tuning (Eb) & set for rock & metal music (active EMG pickups extra $200).  Same colour, style, & brand.  Different model & pickups were changed to EMGs ASAP.  Dave Grohl used to play a Gibson Explorer that was the initial reason for getting it.  It’s now my main guitar.  Epiphone is a more affordable version of Gibson, cheaper parts & wood.

My Les Paul knock off is extremely heavy (the weight of 2 Gibson Les Paul’s) & it holds lower tunings very well, so it’s tuned to D instead of the standard E (stock & loud humbucker pickups).  Same body shape, darker green, & probably different pickups.  Mine is not a Gibson or Epiphone brand, much more inexpensive, as heavy as can be, also mine has a metal plate on the back where the neck/fret board is bolted to the body.  I don’t have Grover tuners or a coil tap switch.

The other 2 I’d like are different in other ways.  7 strings instead of 6, different EMG pickups (I paid $200 to switch my Explorer pickups to EMGs), love the shape of the Les Paul & I’m gonna make it happen!  The PRS is a definite go with different pickups, semi-hollow, love the shape, locking tuners, Tremolo Bridge & bar, etc.  Definitely getting the PRS, and the more I watch demos of the Limited Edition 7 string Epiphone that 2nd place is by a hair.  At least I know what I like.  They’re both pretty & practical.  A non-guitar player likely won’t get this.

I should be able to order the PRS guitar by the end of March, then I’ll start saving ASAP for the Matt Heafy 7 string limited edition Epiphone and Kim’s dream vacation to Hawaii.  Half of what I save will go to the guitar, the other half will be saved for Hawaii.  You may think a guitar is a waste of money & that’s fine.  I spend my money mostly on music or music related stuff.

I survived cancer, my wife has been more than cool with this situation despite the times where I’ve been a mess mentally, our extended & immediate families have been great & I can’t rave enough about how great our friends have been, despite me being a complete wreck at times!  We’ve been cash poor since February of 2008.  We’re not trying to catch up to the rest of the world like we were, we just want to feel comfortable in our situation.

Yeah, I’m becoming obsessed with these 2 guitars.

The PRS guitar, I’ll order in the spring, then wait 90 days for it to get here.  If it wasn’t for us living in Canada + the 11% tax between the federal & provincial tax, I’d have it already.  The Epiphone Les Paul 7 string would take 2 days to get here.  Half the price of the PRS guitar but VERY different.  I’ll be saving for both that guitar & a trip to wherever Kim wants to go.  It will likely take me longer to save the cash, so I likely won’t get it anytime soon.  No we’re not going into debt for any of this.  We’re saving by cutting back on other things, such as iTunes (yeah I’ll be using that streaming garbage), coffee & tea from Tim Hortons, etc.

This year, more so than others, I’m all about quality over quantity.  On the guitar side of things, 5 different electric guitars would each serve a different purpose.  My acoustic guitar is for perfecting the imperfections masked by the guitar amplifier.  My exercise is the same mentality.  Each individual exercise serves a different purpose.  Less repetitions with more focus on the quality of the repetitions.

I’m going to pick 4 songs that I’ve learned & make them perfect.  Rhythm, tempo, & technicality, while continuing the finger exercises that got me to this point.  Lead guitar doesn’t really interest me, but learning more about guitar will help me.  Always something to learn!  If I could sell a guitar I would but there are unwritten rules that I have for myself as to why I can’t sell a guitar.  A) I can’t sell my first guitar.  B) An autographed guitar.  C) My main guitar given to me by my wife (girlfriend at the time).  D) I can’t sell my only acoustic guitar.

Now we just need to move so I can turn my guitar amp past 2 on the volume nob.  Ah condos!


DC movies are reinventing themselves to be more realistic, a bit darker, while maintaining the aura of a comic book movie.  I’m in!  Margot Robbie plays “Harley Quinn” so well!

I watched “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix twice since Saturday.  Hands down as movie of the year for me.  Definitely not for kids.  Rated R for a reason.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


Sorry this is so late.

No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website!  links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

Music throughout the weekend.

I don’t own this, it is a possibility for me in the future though.  We listened to it on Apple Music.  I put on “Finger Eleven” & Kim piped up instantly saying she had a headache so I changed it to this…


Have you ever heard “Ronnie James Dio” play “Holy Diver” acoustic?  “Room 333” did it acoustic & live Friday evening.  Somehow it was good, different but good.


My father & I went to The Exchange Friday night to see 3/5 of my brother’s group members, Room 333, play acoustic as an opening act for Tyler Gilbert.  I haven’t been there in a long time.  The last time I was there I was in my 1/3 wheelchairs & still in the Wascana Rehabilitation Center.  My brother & Roque lifted me up on to the slightly higher level, so I could see the show.  I like going to The Exchange it’s not Cheers, but lots of people know who you are by name & never think twice about helping anyone out.

Saturday was quiet.  I woke up, asked Kim “What time is it?”  She replied “9:00 am”.  I reply “Are you not going to work today?”  She replies “No it’s Saturday.”  I don’t know what I was thinking?  Kim spent the day working on her photos/homework for her class.  I got up & showered, which becomes useless at this time of year, I was sweating profusely by 2:00 in the afternoon.  I watched Blue Jays first of 4 Spring Training games left before the regular season starts on Thursday.  Made my vegetable juice for the week & hardboiled eggs for us.  I also wrote down what we needed for groceries.  I felt quite energetic on Saturday despite sweating so much.

For Saturday evening we ordered from “Brown’s Social House”.  I had a burger & yam fries.  I’m still not much of a fan of that place, but EVERYBODY else is.

My younger brother turned 32 on Saturday.

Kim & I rented “Instant Family” from iTunes Saturday night.  A comedy about kids being adopted from the foster care program starring Mark Wahlberg & Rose Byrne.

This morning Kim went for a walk around Wascana Lake with Jolene.  I got up & showered.  Then went straight to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher & have some breakfast with some “Finger Eleven” playing on the stereo!  I’ll be watching Blue Jays baseball again today, tomorrow, & Tuesday.  Wednesday they’re off for a day, & Thursday is when the regular season/marathon of 162 games that end September 29th.  Blue Jays play the final 2 spring training games in Montreal on Monday & Tuesday.  Mitch’s birthday supper with the family this evening.  I think everybody gave him cash?  Mitch & Rachel just got a new born puppy that needs surgery to fix her heart murmur.  I think she is only 3 or 4 pounds right now?  He surgery will be in Saskatoon & quite expensive.  Also a week long including tests one day, then surgery, & 3 days to recover.  The breeders flat out lied about having insurance for this sort of thing.



Spider-man “Far From Home” can’t get here fast enough!

Season 3 of “Stranger Things” isn’t that far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a Keto diet?  A fad.  Works for some people, does nothing for others.  My uncle’s on it & he’s lost a lot of weight, he looks like a different person from a distance.  My mom has tried it & wasn’t successful.  Eat fat to eat the other fat.  Remember the Atkins diet that was eat nothing but protein?  Another fad diet that didn’t work for everyone.

I’m almost sure I’ll buy the “Feed the Machine” album by “Nickleback”?  That will make 4 purchased albums & 2 that I’ll listen to on occasion.



Daron is the guitar player & 2nd singer for the metal group “System of a Down”.  Serj Tankian is the lead vocalist for “System of a Down”.  It’s very much like “Jerry Cantrell” & “Layne Staley” in the original line-up for “Alice in Chains”.  Sort of 2 singers in one band.

All of the members of “System of a Down” are Armenian.

Anyways, Daron Malakian has released 2 albums as “Daron Malakian & the Scars on Broadway” a self-titled album in 2008 & an album titled “Dictator” in 2018.  “System of a Down” has released 5 individual albums, 2 in 2005 that fit together as a double album.  There are rumours floating around that they might get together to record a new album, but I’m not holding my breath for it.  They do have tour dates in America that likely doesn’t mean anything though.  They’ve toured on & off over the years.


2008   Daron Malakian & the Scars on Broadway



2018   “Dictator”



As for the Toronto Blue Jays, they can’t trade center fielder, I assume more because of his batting average?  They’ve already bought out 2 contracts to set the players free or cheap enough to trade early in the off season to a tune of $56,000,000.  Kevin Pillar will get $521,100 this year.  Next year he goes through arbitration expecting to make over $5,000,000.  Buy out his contract to make room for the 20 year old Short Stop Bo Bichette or a fourth outfielder Anthony Alford.

Blue Jay fans aren’t expecting much this year with so many players coming up from the minor leagues this year & Bichette played well enough to at least platoon short stop with the veteran they signed to a 1 year contract.  Bichette & Vladimir Guerrero Junior should both be in the major league in mid-April!  At the moment Blue Jay fans have no reason to buy a ticket for opening day on Thursday.  I’d go if I could afford to, since I’ve never been to a MLB game.  Out of 162 games, I predict them to win 60-70 games this year, I hope they prove me wrong.  To make the playoffs you need to win at least 95 games.  No playoffs for the Jays this year, lots of young players!


The more you share this, the more readers I get.  No, I’m not profiting from this in any way.  I can’t tell who’s reading this but thank you! Word of mouth is the only way of promoting this.

Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-David Eric Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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Big Wreck on HEAVY rotation for me.

Friday evening was quite tame.  We were about to watch a movie, then Kim’s stomach disagreed.  She’s been having minor issues with it.  We went to bed after 3 episodes of the new Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet”.  Oddly funny, that or I’m sick & twisted.  I don’t think Kim is sold on it yet?  I was busting a gut!

Saturday we slept in.  Kim went out to get some coffee, then made egg & banana crepes no other ingredients & they were FANTASTIC!  We went to my parents place for a turkey dinner.  They had a turkey in the freezer, & my mother loves turkey dinner.  If I never have a turkey dinner again that would be fine with me.  I mostly look forward to a plate full of turnips, no turnips this time.  My plate was a little bit of turkey, a bit of stuffing, & lots of carrots & parsnips.  I never touch mashed, boiled, or baked potatoes though.

Sundays are our “do as little as possible, while getting enough done for the upcoming week” day.  It’s a blizzard outside today.  Kim ventured out to get a few groceries though, & I’ll just be making a juice shortly.  Then a day of nothing.



Really?  They’ve made a hologram of Ronnie James Dio?


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Yield” by Pearl Jam was released February 3, 1998.  Among my favourite albums


Jimmy Fallon “Wheel of musical impressions” & “Guess the Secret Ingredient”


Oh, these bands exist, don’t ask me how?  If you dig deep enough on the interweb it can get scary!


Alter Bridge live in Philadelphia on Saturday, February 4th 2017


Melissa McCarthy’s appearance on Saturday Night Live

Seems appropriate for the state that Mexico & America are in?




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,

Chris    “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Room 333” the entire album “Red Dragon” followed by half of “Tegan & Sara” the album “Heartthrob”

I exercised to “Chevelle” all 8 on shuffle for a bit then “Chromeo” the album “White Woman”

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Who gets to take an afternoon off to be at a baseball game at 4:00 pm eastern time in N.Y.? It baffles me that they have a decent crowd for games at that time?

So I was watching “The Ellen Degeneres Show” while she interviewed Hillary Clinton. They’re both tired of the campaign, who isn’t? At least when it’s all said & done they get to vote. As Canadians we just get to watch the 3 ring circus called Donald Trump until, hopefully November. If he gets elected I’ll be EXTREMELY worried! Face it, nobody gives a hoot about Canada, we’re pretty much known as that cold country above the USA. I don’t really follow politics at all, & I don’t vote. I’m not telling you who to vote for, I’m saying I’d vote for Hillary Clinton ASAP! If Trump is elected, I’ll suggest to Justin Trudeau that Canada should build a wall at our southern border & make the USA pay for it? Remember Trump, you’re “…really rich…”

Ronnie James Dio released “Holy Diver” 33 years ago Wednesday.

Third Ion album teaser for their 2nd album

Green Day albums ranked

I do like “Uno” which is ranked among the worst albums. Music is VERY subjective. To each their own!

Pretty good despite the lack of a 2nd guitar!

At midnight eastern time tonight the new “Tegan and Sara” album “Boyfriend” will be available for download on iTunes.

In Flames shared it……

Tremonti’s on the road

“Landed in Frankfurt! I have no idea how the crew is going to fit all of our gear into this tiny trailer, hope they are good at Tetris!”

Let’s see what the kid thinks of “Dust”

For what it’s worth I prefer “Cauterize” over “Dust” both are really good though, if you’re into this type of music.

Well, look at that another article, Q & A, with Mark Tremonti?? Who’d have thought.

Cross walk musical with James Corden “The Lion King”

Chris Cornell celebrates 25 year anniversary of “Temple of the Dog”. FANTASTIC album!!!!!!

New band alert, well I’ve never heard of them? “Stitched up Heart” borderline metal if you like “Halestorm” and/or “The Pretty Reckless”, this is worth checking out. First full length album available for preorder on iTunes. Release date of June 17. There is also a single & a 3 song EP on iTunes available now.

I went to iTunes to preorder this album. We now have an “Apple Music” account & now iTunes is screwed up again. I search for something I’ve bought in “My Music” & it takes me to the “Apple Music” site? How I wish Steve Jobs was still alive!

Oh, Jimmy Fallon with Adam Sandler.

Halestorm shared it…..

AC/DC likes what Axl Rose is doing, while fronting the band in Europe.

Anyone interested in some “Tremonti” “Cauterize” merchandise? Get it now! They’re clearing out the warehouse.,l-en.html

Dave Grohl’s group “Scream” before he joined Nirvana is on iTunes. ThisI album is only available on this site. iTunes has other albums.

I love me some Stevie Wonder, especially this song!!!


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

MY BEARD 2009-2016 R. I. P.

I fell asleep to “The Tragically Hip” the album “Fully Completely” Canada’s golden boys to many. I like them. The rest of Canada for the most part loves them. I’ve got 4 of their 12 studio albums. No Greatest Hits or live albums.

I exercised to “Sevendust” the most recent album “Kill the Flaw” heard the entire album & put on “Big Wreck” their 2nd album “The Pleasure & The Greed

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Thank you MLB umpires! You’ve now changed far too many rules. So many that you can now dictate the outcome of a game. Meaningful games in September? They’re only meaningful if you win the games prior to September. That means every game is meaningful. To watch a nail biter of a game with a young 97MPH fastball pitcher allows 1 run & comes away with nothing & then have any team lose on a tremendously moronic call makes a mockery of the game! Again umpires, you can only go up from here………………..unless you’ve changed more rules? No, I’m not being biased. If that determined the outcome of any game, it would’ve been just wrong still! Rule books aren’t allowed on the field? They should be! Every umpire & field manager should have one…………….what with the constant changing of the rules to protect the games stars. It’s a sport, if they’re doing these changes in MLB, lets abolish fighting from the NHL………………you know…………….to protect the stars?

Rant over. That was Tuesday evening. It’s a new world now, you can’t change the past, & they had to lose at some point. No team has gone 162W-0L?!

22 best Nirvana lyrics

Kongos are already filming a video!!! “Behind the scenes from the new ‘Take It From Me’ music video.”

Weezer album review

Winners of John Oliver’s NY Yankees seats

Cage the Elephant totally lost me when I heard this as their 1st single.

Former bass player of Rage Against The Machine, Tim Commerfield, has a new band with a new video & tour.

Interview with Mark Tremonti on his upcoming release “Dust” at the end of the month, also the progress for the new “Alter Bridge”

Iron Maiden albums ranked. Not by me,

Before Trivium gets on stage this is played & 75% of the fans sing along! Good times!

Then Trivium comes out & starts the show with this.

I guess they’ve been doing this for the entire tour. Same thing last night in Tokyo!

Ellen Degeneres comes on here at 2:00pm on our cable package, I haven’t seen this yet. I record it & we watch it first thing when Kim gets home.

Look what Pentatonix shared…….

Nirvana unplugged from ’93

Details for the inaugural “Ride for Ronnie”, Ronnie James Dio tribute.

Now after watching today’s game the Blue Jays are 2W-2L off day tomorrow, then 3 games in Toronto against the visiting Boston Red Sox. No weird/wonky calls today. After hearing what players from both teams said, for them the rule looks as clear as mud. Even the Tampa Bay defender said”I didn’t even feel his hand on my foot”. Today, no non-sense or ballyhoo.

And this is how Tuesday evening’s game ended…..

Live shared a link to a song from their first album “Mental Jewelry” released in 1991

Country music star dies at the age of 79

Is Aerosmith calling it quits?



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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Megadeth” the new album “Dystopia”

I woke up, layed in bed for longer than I’d like & listened to “Muse” the album “Black Holes & Revelations”

I worked out to “A Perfect Circle” the album “Mer de Noms”

When I was younger I watched figure skating. Mens figure skating, almost always Kurt Browning & Elvis Stojko. At the end of their routine they’re judged by 5 or 6 judges for the technical aspect & then the artistic aspect. Technical aspect sure, did they do the right things at the right time, was each jump accurate, did they fall, etc.? That’s fine, maybe stop at that point. Nope??!! Artistic judgment? Here’s the points for pretty part. Were the costumes good, did the skating have a nice flo to it, etc. Right there 6 people are judging them based on personal perspective………WHY? I’m not a fan of rap or country music……..WHY? Personal perspective, a subjective matter. There’s even metal groups I wont touch because it’s just not what I want to hear. Even when I put my iPod on at night I’ll go through 3 or 4 artists/albums to find what I want to hear at the moment, it’s not “Slayer” or “Lamb of God” 24 hours a day? Maybe it’s “Jack Johnson”, “Ben Harper”, “Harry Connick jr.”, “Nat King Cole, “Elvis Costello”, etc. So why is main stream music shoved down everyone’s throat? It’s not, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place? A TON of the music I like isn’t mainstream & likely won’t get any airtime on AM or FM radio. I look elsewhere!

Geezer Butler (bassist for Black Sabbath) reveals deal offered to drummer Bill Ward.

Dave Mustaine aka Megadave aka frontman of Megadeth receives custom guitar “Holy Grail” LANGUAGE!!!!

Lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) pays tribute to David Bowie.

Since I got this from the “Trivium” facebook page, my preferred “Trivium” song is below.

Off of their 2nd album the first album James & I had heard about them released in 2006. Same year the album “10,000 Days” by Tool was released. Since then “Trivium” have released 5 albums. After a decade, “Tool” can’t release anything but a FANTASTIC/AMAZING album. Which isn’t really difficult for them according to their loyal fan base.

Arcade Fire” 2016 tour dates

Wendy Dio pays tribute to recently deceased bass player Jimmy Bain, last living member of Ronnie James Dio’s group “Dio”

Panic! At The Disco” on Jimmy Kimmel

Rolling Stone has a podcast called “Music Now”. It’s free like most podcasts, sort of a talk radio thing.

Rick Mercer Report rant

I watch the news on occasion. When I do I learn that 8 people died & reporters are usually reporting that someone is angry at so & so for doing or not doing this? I don’t want to hear it. Did you vote for whoever you’re complaining about? If you did it’s partially your fault. You don’t like it, you do it! For that reason I don’t pay much attention to the news or vote.

Vince Neil (Motley Crue) signs on for “Celebrity Apprentice”. I smell an “Epic or Fail” video on ellen

Opeth shared it……

I really just don’t feel I need to be in here all day. I’m tired, I think the couch needs me?

However you’re getting this, please pass it along?

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres



Give the site a minute or 2 to load all of the links & everything should be fine.

Hard rock fans, buy this “Red Dragon” album by Room 333, which is compared to “La Gargola” by Chevelle!

Why is EVERYTHING on Social Media? Everyone has an email but not everyone uses it for Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I’m on Facebook & email. Apparently that’s not enough? One of the bands I used to “follow” on Facebook said “Hey, join our twitter page”, why? I’m following you on facebook, is there more info on twitter that you’re not sharing on facebook? How about every web site join whatever social media site & just share links to whatever is on their web site? This blog isn’t touching any type of social media site. Why? BECAUSE NOT EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD IS ON A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE! I use my email to talk with friends who have working email address’, a few people don’t have that? I don’t plan to be on facebook in forever, if I do, it will only be because of the information on facebook. Facebook is very time consuming for me. I like to get up while Kim is getting ready for work, pour myself some fruit & vegetable juice, a coffee & some water. I come in here, start my blog post, exercise, have lunch, finish up my blog post around, then hit the couch to watch something Kim doesn’t care to watch or something on Netflix. Facebook fills my day at the moment. One notification down then 2 or 3 more pop up “in the meantime”.

Sequel to “Mallrats” will be “MallBrats” yes, I’m a big Kevin Smith fan!!!

Courtney Love is in some trouble………….again.

More “Guitar Hero Live” news

I guess Billy, sorry, Corgan doesn’t like the big wigs running the music industry.

Don’t hold your breath for the new Metallica album, it’s coming but it might take a while.

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm remembers Ronnie James Dio.

Creed singer Scott Stapp has reasons for meltdown & has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

Foo Fighters play surprise show under alias “Chevy Metal” at California county fair. Set list of cover songs included in the link. Set list includes this song….

(Pearl Jam’s) Eddie Vedder continues Chicago Cubs tradition of singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during 7th inning stretch.

Billy Idol releases video for “Save Me Now”. I didn’t know he was still around, I like his music but I don’t own any of it, even this song sounds pretty good!

Concert review of “Tremonti” in NY. Album won’t be out until June 9th yet they’ve already done roughly 20 tour dates? Making money before the release when they won’t make money?

Conan & Jean-Claude Van Damme watch & recreate “Kickboxer” dancing seen from 1999 movie.

Super Group “Metal Allegiance” sign deal for debut album

Pretty cool interview with Foo Fighters WARNING!!! LANGUAGE!!!!

Too much miss than hit for me although seeing Opeth & Trivium together would blow my mind

Mark Tremonti is already talking about the 2nd album they recorded while in the studio, yet the first one isn’t publically released yet?

Great way to give away a daughter at her wedding. FUNNY! Probably an easier way to find this group?

New/3rd song from the upcoming “Walk off the Earth” album to be released on June 16th

Big month for me music wise in June. Barenaked Ladies, Tremonti, Muse, & Walk off the Earth!

“Into Eternity” & “Third Ion” should release their album this summer I’m guessing? Both bands are from Regina. I assume both albums will be available on iTunes? “Into Eternity” has their last 4/5 albums & a couple of singles on there. Their 1st album is not on there though.

Review of the new “Faith No More” album

This was their HUGE hit back in the day.

Some well deserved Stevie Wonder praise!

Daily “Lamb of God” photo from the studio.

I seem to know more & more people that get a cancer diagnoses on a weekly basis, just not cool in the least! If you don’t know them, then no need to worry. Not my story to tell.

Songs I like. “Freak Kitchen” I heard them, I liked some of there stuff, I bought 2 albums from iTunes, 2 days later it got old………………! For me anyways, see what you think?

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


“Butthead” aka Chris