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I fell asleep to “The Beaches” their debut full length album “The Late Show”, followed by “Halestorm” the new album “Vicious”

I exercised to “Dream Theater” their self-titled album from 2009


The wheelchair is ordered.  There was a different make of the 12 pound chair, & that’s what has been ordered.  The foot rest is there but it’s angled so I can use it or flip it vertical under my seat & still propel with my feet.  I’ll use the foot rest, just not in the house, it really gets in the way when I’m in the kitchen.

Sunday ended with a BANG!  I made my vegetable juice & baked some fish, then I went to see comedian Jim Jefferies!  Absolutely HILARIOUS!  Big surprise for me is when Dale, friend of the family, pulled a VIP pass from his pocket for me as we were waiting for the doors to open.  We all (5) met & got a photo with the comedian.  Good times!  Came home with the VIP pass around my neck & Kim calmly asks “Where did you get that?”  I told her how it went down.

LOTS OF LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t do a week of just cardio?  The week works out that I’ll be walking with my walker 3 evenings this week.  I know I have to keep up with some of my other exercises as well.  If I stop it becomes much more difficult to achieve my goals!

I will say that practicing to walk without falling is the most tiring/frustrating thing to do.  For not having done much walking at all, it’s been OK thus far.


Finger Eleven play “Awake & Dreaming” acoustically.  From their first album “Tip”


New ‘Into Eternity’ album to be released on Friday!!!!!  Not on any streaming site or iTunes.  $20 through email for a CD intoeternityCD@gmail.com or download $15 on www.bandcamp.com


Oh Shark Week!  I’ll miss you, see you next year!  I’m counting the days already!


Yes, I was in a cover band to start learning how it felt to play live on stage & just improve as much as possible on everything.  Doing cover songs is a love/hate thing for me.  On the one hand, someone else wrote it & now a different artist is going to try & make it better?  Another way to look at it is “Cool, this is what likely inspired other artists”!  Male or Female it doesn’t matter as long as it’s done well & means something to whoever is covering a song.


New “Greta Van Fleet” in late August


When Robert Plant approves, who cares what they sound like?


The Toronto Blue Jays had a closed door players meeting Monday after a horrific game in Oakland.  A lot of talk about coming to the ball park, doing your job although they’re not making the playoffs, etc.  The short-stop who hasn’t touched the field since July 2017 due to injury, but still making $20,000,000 this year decided to pipe up in the meeting.  He’s 32 or 33 years old & will continue to make $20,000,000 a year until the end of the 2020 season.  If I was a player in that room, whatever he had to say would go in one ear & out the other.  He wasn’t even with the team until Monday??  Why would I listen to someone who hasn’t been with the team in a year?????!!!!  Even with him playing the wins & losses would likely be very similar.



Most people know who U2 is.  Those that know of the band either highly despise, or really like them.  I loved U2 in the late ‘80s & early ‘90s.  Now I listen to them on the odd occasion or if Brewster & I are in the vehicle, while U2 is on the radio, I turn it up.  Yes, I agree, the “Songs of Innocence” free album to iTunes users was terrible, however the follow up “Songs of Experience” was a very good blend of older U2 while being more modern at the same time.  Everybody knows the “Joshua Tree” album, so I’m not going to review that one.  I’ve rarely, if ever, heard thoughts on one of my favourite albums “Achtung Baby”, released in 1991.  This album or “The Joshua Tree” are both fantastic yet different. “Achtung Baby” was full of studio/production trickery, but still good.


Here are 2 album tracks I’m a BIG fan of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I own, on CD, every U2 album from the album “Boy” released in 1980 all the way to “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” released in 2005.  I think they released 2 after that, which I don’t own at all.  I have the album they released for free & bought it’s follow up “Songs of Experience” which, like I said, is a much better mix of new & old U2.


Please share this, I’m not profiting from this at all.  Word of mouth is the only way of promoting this.

Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


However you get this, PLEASE COME TO THE SITE?

Read it & be safe out there.


Dance with Addams Family’s Lurch to Megadeth!

Pentatonix song/clip from upcoming documentary!


AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudd, sentenced to 8 months of home detention. That’s it for conspiracy to commit murder & drug possession charges. Does that seem like a weak sentence for being involved with a planned murder to anyone else?


New Coheed & Cambria album October 9th


After seeing this do I eat a tortilla or listen to music on a tortilla? Maybe both in the opposite direction?


That time Dave Grohl played a guitar solo with his broken leg.


Sixx Sense interview with Mark Tremonti & Garrett Whitlock

13 years ago this was released. 1 of the 2 albums I like by them.


Album review/article for the upcoming album by Lamb of God. July 24th


Who has seen ‘Montage of Heck’? I haven’t, I don’t have HBO $20.00/month on cable for 3 channels.


Yes, Ronnie James Dio is dead. Am I going to this every year for however long? Could we just let him R. I. P.


I like Ben Affleck him in a stand alone Batman movie would be really great, for me anyways!


Phi Anselmo on Vinnie Paul. Former band mates in Pantera


New song from Lamb of God!!!!!!!!

^^This is one of the reasons I don’t play my music around Kim much if ever. She did hear a TON of Tool in the summer of 2006 before I saw them for the first time in Edmonton.

Top 10 Megadeth songs by Loud Wire


New Marilyn Manson video/song for anybody that wants it?

Barenaked Ladies release a new single from the album “Silverball”


Lamb of God released another song from their upcoming album!

Classic Rock’s 25 albums of the year so far


Another reason for me not to own any Kid Rock


Yeah, ’cause the makeup is the reason for selling multiple albums to fans every where? I’ve never cared for a light show or any other ‘gimmick’ at a concert, I don’t have the ‘gimmick’ at home. Tool is the only band I’ve seen with a really good lighting show, which added to the show!


Dave Grohl on every instrument, King Diamond on vocals

Muse live!

These kids will open for Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin singer)! How do I get that show or can I at least watch it?


Dave Grohl’s cast for his broken leg is gone!




Songs I like. “Live”

New album, new singer!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl