BAD VISIT TO THE VET LAST NIGHT links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Exercise total for 4 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

600 Crunches

600 Leg lifts

200 Squats   

300 Back flexes

1:20 hour of yoga over 2 days

Nice short week.  Feeling good & detoxed from Thanksgiving.  Food I don’t typically eat & I had a glass of wine as well as a gin beverage of some type, good at the time but nice to get out of my system.  Sorry about the typos in any posts, my bad.

I still don’t like meeting new people the way I look now in a wheelchair with an iPatch.  I feel very awkward, socially anyways.  I was outgoing for a bit after high school.  Even had a bit of self-confidence for a while.

I had another shocking/pleasantly surprising moment during my exercises Wednesday morning.  I was about to start my squats & figured I try to just stand still with my hands a few inches away from my transfer pole.  Turned out to be the longest I’ve been able to stand on my own.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never walk on my own again, but that was a great event for me that morning! 

I try not to watch CNN & Fox news channel isn’t free with our cable package.  We did have a free trial period though.  I’m a Canadian that has seen both broadcasts.  I’m not a fan of either one even though I side with the left/democrats/CNN.  The 2 stations are further away from each other than I could ever imagine.  CNN tends to twist the knife in their favor.  Fox news seems to be fiction grabbed from dream land & reported as news.  Personally, I have no say on November 3rd.  I’d vote for a cold serving of liver before I’d even consider voting for Donald Trump.  Can’t say that I was ever a fan of his even before he became President.  What exactly has he done for Americans in a positive matter?  Has he ever put American citizen’s safety/health a priority?

He’s done some terrible things and denied them all.  He was involved & has been photographed in many of these situations that he has, conveniently, forgot.  He’s lied, cheated, withheld information, he’s ignorant & arrogant.  Even in Canada I’m tired of the lies & misinformation.  I not only have the effects of cancer & depression, I now have “Trump Fatigue”.   

I can’t vote in the USA Federal election since I’m a Canadian living in Canada, if I was in Russia I assume my opportunity to vote on November 3rd would increase.  Canada shares a border with America & I feel as though I’m too close to Donald Trump.  I don’t want a dictator for a neighbor.  So for the 10 or so Americans reading this, PLEASE VOTE HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I’m not OK with 221,180 American deaths (at the time of this writing) due to Covid & I don’t think anybody should feel different.

There’s a provincial election happening in Saskatchewan too.  Far less coverage of our election on the local news than the mess going on in the USA.  Finally on Wednesday evening news I watched a Saskatchewan Provincial debate and what did I learn?  Nothing!  A lot of yapping about what the other party can’t do.  You’d think most politicians would know by now that voters already know what the current party can’t/won’t do.  I’d like to know what a different leadership can do & what changes I’ll see.  Of course there was no talk about people with disabilities, as usual.  I’m supposed to vote today and I have no clue who to vote for?

Brewster had a visit to the vet last night.  He was already maxed out on pills for his heart murmur & things got worse for the little guy.  He has some type of disease that I’m not even going to pretend to spell & he’s on another medication for a bladder infection.  Between blood, urine, vet visit & medication, then we find out he has a bladder infection, his kidneys aren’t great, & some disease I’m not even going to try to spell.  We’re both a little stressed & worried about our little guy.  I’m just glad he’s not in any pain at this point, still worried about him A LOT!  The little guy is priority number 1 more than usual!  I didn’t sleep well, but Brewster did.  He was up & bombing around the place this morning.  Pretty sure we just spent a little more than a mortgage payment at the vet last night, we needed all of his heart pills again too.

I went deep this week & decided to learn the guitar for this song.  I’ll be working at this for a while.  I’ve got most of the pattern down, now I need to get it up to tempo.  I’m done picking songs to learn, I have a lot of tabs bookmarked to learn.

Sorry, LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!

If a person wants to wear any kind of shirt with a logo, band, or anything symbolic on it, I don’t care.  When you give it any attention, it’s free advertising for a brand!

I haven’t listened to this album in a long time.  I should change that!  Rick Beato will forget more than I’d ever hope to know.

Well I did it & again I didn’t like it.  Too many glaring mistakes.  We made 2 videos of me playing guitar, one with my Epiphone Explorer & the other on my new PRS S2 Custom 22 semi-hollow.  Kim noticed that I just instantly tense up with a camera in the room. 

I should mention that the video of “For all the cows” is with my PRS which I had setup with every string tuned down a ½ step, flat.  The song is not written that way.  I just like to play in that tuning. Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb instead of the usual E, A, D, G, B, E.  They’ll both be on the Facebook page!  As for the actual playing, anxiety is at maximum & after 9 tries, I figured that was enough.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl  

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread love” –Ellen Degeneres 


You’ll learn to love each other from afar.  You’ll love each other by keeping distant.  You’ll still love though! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

350 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

200 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

400 Crunches

400 Leg lifts

200 Squats

200 Back flexes

2 days of yoga

There won’t be any stairs during this virus stuff.  I don’t really want to touch a public railing or clean them before & after I’m done.

I fell asleep to “Haley Williams” the EP “Petals for Armor”

I exercised to “Pearl Jam” the album “Gigaton”


My curl repetitions went up 25 times each day & my shoulder raises went up by 10 each day.  4 day week here!

I’m far from perfect & I’ll be the first person to tell you that.  I’ve kept up with my exercise despite the fact that this quarantine has even affected me.  It’s all mental for me.  I hear & see others feeling bummed out & it tends to affect me in turn.  I haven’t been getting up at 7:30 am, I’ll wake up at that time & just drift in & out of sleep until 10:30 am.  I do exercise still, just that lately it’s been at 12:00 or shortly after.

As much as this period of time will likely bring everybodies mood down, remember that it will pass.  Things will more than likely be different after.  Different doesn’t have to mean worse.  It’ll be whatever we choose to make of it.

I much rather enjoy my eating & drinking regiment that I stick to 5 days a week.  On Easter weekend I aided the increase in alcohol sales, sales are up 40%-150% depending on where you live.  I didn’t enjoy it after more than 2 beverages.  Whatever is beside me, I just drink it.  That’s how I end up drinking more than a gallon of water most days!  1L bottle of water beside me that gets filled 3-6 times a day.

Pop is just too sweet, beer is something I like to try for the most part, usually a new flavour of craft beer.  I’ll have usually 3 cups of coffee a week, the darkest I can find & never any cream or sugar.  As for alcohol it’s rum on the rocks, gin & lime Bubbly, & VERY rarely a glass of white wine if it’s open at a family meal.

I was enjoying too much rum on the weekend.  TOO MUCH ALCOHOL IS NEVER A GOOD THING.  I actually wake up WAY too early after 3 drinks.  Most weekends I keep it to 0, 1, or 2 drinks when I don’t have anything to do the next day.  Oh well, the occassional dip in the pool happens once or twice a year.  I know why alcohol sales are up in Regina right now!  They deliver & lots of stuff is on sale.  Even I bought some beer to try!

Amid this Covid 19 stuff the President wants to open the US.  He wants to do that to get the economy going, I get that part.  What he’s not taking into consideration is the loss of more lives followed by a second wave of the virus.  All of his ideas will make our efforts so far pretty pointless.

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, & you know how much I enjoy a concert!  Kim & I have tickets to a 4 band show in early July.  No talk of postponing or cancelling this show has been mentioned yet.  I’m already thinking about not going.  It’s still a wait & see situation, but the thought has crossed my mind.  If it was half the price & only the 2 bands I’d want to see/hear, I would not have thought about it yet.

Do I need expensive/nice looking guitars?  Nope!  I’m guessing my first 2 guitars were under $700 each,  my 7 string was likely just over $1400 with tax & I’m guessing the brand name Telecaster was more?  I learned most stuff on guitar when I got my first guitar in 2001.  I don’t need a PRS guitar to play better, I would like a nice guitar & I’ve selected PRS as the maker.  As I’ve been considering since I saw it online.  I’m saving for the aqua SE PRS (we can add the bonus of a satin back!!) & I’ve ordered the yellow/red burst S2 & I’m VERY excited!  The Canadian wide franchise music store is open for curb side pickups.  Stay home & stay safe, music’s a BIG thing for me, if you’re sick or dead you can’t make music.  I’m pretty sure I wont be picking up anything there in the next 6-8 months?

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

SE Paul's Guitar - Aqua—Aqua.htm

“It’s hard to belief this guitar is in the PRS SE line. The tonal variations I can create with this model beat out many guitars costing two or three times as much, and I’ve owned plenty over the years. Sweet mid-range and well balanced highs and lows. I’ve never seen advanced electronics like these in p/ups on guitars in this price range. The neck is incredibly comfortable. I can play all night without any hand or wrist fatigue. Somebody did their homework engineering this guitar from the mechanicals right through to the carve of the body and neck. Whether you’re a PRS player or not, and regardless of the style of music you play, this model is well worth your time and attention. Great value for the money.” – Customer review of ‘Paul’s Guitar SE model’ by PRS

Check this blog out if you haven’t yet.

Most guitars weigh just over 7 pounds.  I was curious & weighed my electric guitars.  Apparently I’m used to a heavier guitar?  My 2 Les Paul guitars by different companies both came in at 9 pounds.  I played/play my green Les Paul a LOT!  My Explorer came in at just under 8 pounds.  My semi-hollow Telecaster came in just under 6 pounds, so I expect that whenever I get my ordered PRS it should be similar in weight & lighter is not a bad thing.  I’ve found myself grabbing the Telecaster quite often to hear something, since it’s so much lighter than the others.

As far as learning theory & all of the stuff related to guitar, I knew nothing about guitars when I started.  I learned how to tune a guitar, basic chords, what sounded good to my ears, & started playing live.  You’re going to need the basics & then you can go as far as you like.  I’ve recently learned more, in the past 6 months & I’ve easily quadrupled what I knew before I had cancer.  Do I necessarily apply what I know to everything I do on a guitar?  No.  I’ll use my still limited knowledge as a starting point & venture on with what sounds pleasing to me.

I don’t agree with this guy on everything.  In this case I do though.  When someone buys a sample for $30 on the internet & wins a Grammy Award with it, that’s flat out cheating eventhough music isn’t a competition.  That’s an entirely different conversation.  I know that a LOT of the music I listen to is Pro Tooled to perfection, look at the album “Wasting Light” by “Foo Fighters” though (I only know this because they made a documentary about it).  All of it recorded on tape without a computer in sight & it won best rock album!  Was it because of the recording method?  Probably not, but it made me feel a human connection.  That’s a connection that doesn’t happen for me as much as it used to.


YAY!!!!  One week until “What the Dead Men Say” is released from “Trivium”

The singer turned 34 years old in January.  This will be “Trivium’s” 9th major label studio album release.  He was 17 when their first album was released in 2003.


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 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres