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Friday evening I watched the Blue Jays lose 2-0 to Cleveland in game 1 of a best of 7 series.  Cleveland won the game, Blue Jays didn’t really lose it.  If they can score 4-7 a game they should be able to win the series?  The Blue Jays scoring 4 runs in a game is not out of the question.  They have scored that many in one inning multiple times this year.  I think their “mantra” should be “Do what I did to get here, then do just a bit more”.  Pretty difficult to win a game when you don’t score.  Either way, this team will look very different next year.  I think there’s 8 players who have contracts expiring in the offseason & Rogers won’t be opening the purse strings to sign them all.  That includes some big names; Bautista, Encarnacion, & Michael Saunders.  Then some that will venture into arbitration.  This year is sort of a catch 22 for the GM & President.  If they win, everyone that can will be asking for more money, even now that they’re in the playoffs this could happen.  If they lose, well it’s a business of what have you done for me lately?

Saturday morning, I should have just stayed in bed, it was a day of Murphy ’s Law.  “This was easy yesterday, why not today?”  Then I get mad at myself.  The afternoon & evening turned out to be much better!  We went over to Corey & Jolene’s place for the Saskatchewan Roughriders win their 5th game of the year, 4 wins in a row.  Kim’s back was out for Hannah’s 3rd birthday.  Hannah got her birthday gift today from us, & we got supper and birthday cake!  Oh, and beer mmm!  Came home to watch the recorded Blue Jays game.  2 losses in a row.  Pretty hard to win 2 games when score 1 run over the course of 2 games.


Corey’s trying to sell me on Apple Music.  I use it to preview an album in it’s entirety, but if Apple Music goes down, there goes my music.  So I purchase my music through iTunes.  Sure, I spend more money & I have to cool it now, but what I have will always be there, I own it.  If Apple, with their steady decline in the market, takes away my music, that’s flat out stealing from a customer?  At first when he started using it he said something to the tune of “Make a list of what you listen to on Apple Music.  If it goes down, then purchase it.”  Solid point, but I can’t spend $600 all at once on music?  I’m just not comfortable with streaming sites.  Streaming site or not, artists aren’t making nearly as much money as they used to.  All of the 1980s hair metal groups made a pile of money & pretty much got whatever they wanted, so why not pay for music now?  I look at streaming sites as cheap satellite radio X 100.  You can listen to exactly what you want to hear, but it could be taken away at any moment.  That’s just how I see it.  Use a streaming site or not, there’s no manual about how to use the internet.

Everybody has a cell phone, I choose not to.  Does that make me or anyone else “with or without” wrong?  I don’t think so?


Sunday, try to do as little as possible, unless Kim has some fancy idea that I’d have to help her with.  We don’t do much on Sundays.  Kim gets groceries & cleans, steams her work close.  I do what I’m told.  Once that’s done, it’s couch time!


In Flames album trailer for the album “Battles”


10 best Metallica riffs


What’s funny is listen to these 2 riffs!  They’re identical, Queens of the Stone Age just split the Metallica riff in half & it’s played on bass.  If you’re a guitar player, look up the music or tab!


Another tune from “Jimmy Eat World”


Brody Dalle, formerly of “The Distillers” now married to Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, has a new video.  I guess it’s from the 9 song album she released in April.  I wasn’t a Distillers fan.  This is all news to me.  This song seems to be good though!

Here’s a song from “The Distillers” & yes the singer is Brody Dalle.

A few people I went to SIAST with were casual fans of “The Distillers”.  That’s the only reason I know their name.


Progressive Metal round table.  The music you don’t tap your foot to the beat!



“Korn” fans it’s been 20 years since the release of “Life is Peachy”



100 greatest TV shows of all time.


Remember to “PIVOT”


Soundgarden is releasing “Black Hole Rum” at “Full Tilt Ice Cream” locations in Seattle on October 30th.

I like Soundgarden & ice cream, Seattle’s too far for me to get ice cream.


3 years ago “Pearl Jam” released the album “Lightning Bolt”.   Not terrible to me but not their best album.


I don’t know if I’ve shared this before or not.  I do see it quite frequently though?


Well we all know about this one, at least most people my age, or most of those who have looked up the meaning?


5 reasons hate “Lamb of God” LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m just the messenger.  I’m also a fan of “Lamb of God” &”Pantera”


Is Phil Anselmo, Pantera singer, a racist?  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,

Chris    “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres



More people read this read this when YOU share it, otherwise it will hit 70-150 views on Facebook?   It was viewed 296 times when 3 people shared it.  If you like it, please share it?  If you don’t, don’t read it, someone else might like it?  Please share it?

I fell asleep to “Queens of the Stone Age” the album “….like clockwork”.  Guess who played drums on this album?  The name rhymes with Rave Roll?

I exercised to “A. D.D.” the album “Core” then “Alice in Chains” their Greatest Hits” the songs before singer, Layne Staley, died from a heroin overdose.

I remember Chris Messer telling me that the band I was with in university, should play “Man in the Box” my voice hadn’t completely changed from being a bass singer in high school yet.  The song was pretty difficult for me.


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I exercise daily because I have to if I want to walk again.  I miss it when I’m supposed to be relaxing.  The part I really like about it is my rotation of T-Shirts that fit has grown!  Seems as though each week I can add another shirt into the mix.  This week started off with the addition of 3 T-Shirts.  That’s my wardrobe, concert T-Shirts & mostly shorts.

I really don’t like the heat!  Our windows face south so it’s always warm in here.  Even if the blinds are closed, even in the winter, it can get up to 89F or 28C.  Far too warm for me!  In the summer I can turn on the air conditioner to keep it at 22C.  In the winter I’m hooped?  I don’t even turn on the heat.  I did last winter & it kicked in 3 times, the rest of the winter it was really “hot in herre” even when I left the door open.  The heat from the sun kept it at a more than balmy 89F, 31C.  If we were going out I’d keep my shorts & T-Shirt on & bring my jacket with me.  I don’t wear my winter jacket much, usually a bunny hug/hoodie.  If you’re from Saskatchewan you know what a bunny hug is, if you’re anywhere else & say that, people look at you like you’re absolutely crazy!  That or on occasion in other Canadian provinces someone will say “So, you’re from Saskatchewan I assume?”


Alter Bridge behind the song “Poison in Your Veins”


50 disturbing songs people love



Consequence of Sound review “Deepwater Horizon”


Steven Avery, Making a Murderer, is engaged.



“10,000 Days” was most recent album released by Tool.  Here are some funny ways that fans are looking at this dry spell.



Sharon Osbourne discussing her marriage with Ozzy Osbourne on “Conan”



I guess you can stream the new “Opeth” album already.  Release is tomorrow.  If you plan on streaming it today, you should tell your boss you’ll see them on Monday?



Benedict Cumberbatch sings with Pink Floyd singer David Gilmour.



“The Pretty Reckless” made a video for the song “Take me Down”



Check out this acoustic show in Regina!

“Dear friends, as you know I play very few shows, in an attempt to remedy this I’m playing a show this weekend (Saturday) at the cathedral social hall (formerly the freehouse) with my homies Mitch Fraser and J.D. Lemire. Shows starts at 9 and there is no cover so if you’re feeling like an outing and some live local music come on by! We’ll be playing some of my own music and some acoustic renditions of room333 songs.”



Hahahahaha!  Donald Trump!  He won’t EVER live this down


“Korn” with Corey Taylor of “Slipknot”



“It’s on www.youtube.com but don’t you dare promote it!”  OK, I’m not a fan of “Korn” anyways.


Paul Simon on Austin City Limits.  I love the album “Graceland”!!!!!!!!



Chocolate mint stout available at Rebellion this afternoon!  “HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY”




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres