I fell asleep to “Meg Myers” the album “Sorry”

I exercised to “Into Eternity” all albums on shuffle. First song I heard today! Great way to start my day.

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Yep, that’s 2 days in a row that I’ve exceeded my exercise total. The crunches will stay at 1500 a day. The leg lifts could possibly increase from 120 a day. The squats & push ups will go up eventually. I don’t flip a switch & say to myself “OK, today you’re going to do 100 extra of this” I just see how I feel that day and usually add 10 extra if I have enough energy to achieve that. I go all out for at least 2 hours, then I come in this room & write a blog post. I do kind of like exercising, I feel a bit better after a good workout. “There’s always someone doing better than me.” That’s my mantra everyday. I’m not trying to “…I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna boast…” about it. I’m trying to stay humble about it & report on what I’m doing. I know that a TON of people don’t have the time to do what I’m doing, so no I’m in no way judging anyone.

The MLB has added some new rules that they’re going to have to adjust or get rid of. Video replay. They want to speed the game up to attract more fans. I like the idea of speeding the game up & video replay. Why do they let a coach talk to a person on the phone to determine if the field manager want’s the play reviewed by an umpire in New York? Within 10 seconds make a decision to either have it reviewed or not, & no phone call allowed for anyone in the dugout. When the umpires review the play, how about just have the umpires that are actually working the game on the field review it within 90 seconds & not 5 minutes.

They’ve recently added a rule at 2nd base. You’re no longer allowed to slide past the base to break up a double play, it might hurt someone, especially if you touch them Then the runner at 2nd is out as is the runner on his way to first base. REALLY? OK, don’t slide in with your cleats up then. Slide in normally & you might touch the SS or 2nd baseman? Don’t slide beyond the base, you don’t need to. If you’re sliding into 2nd base you’re going to touch someone. Don’t tackle them or knock the wind out of them, slide normally that could break up the double play. Don’t do this…

There’s another stupid rule at home plate. Now a back catcher can’t bloke the plate unless the ball is there before the runner arrives at the plate, to avoid collisions. This is why the rule was changed, a big name back catcher got hurt. REALLY? The game’s been played that way for 100 years, now you want to change it? How about changing it so that the runner has to slide & the catcher can decide if they want to block the plate or not?

Wednesday’s Masterpiece review courtesy of Consequence of Sound.

Who peed on, Foo Fighters’ drummer,Taylor Hawkins,?

New Machinehead song

Some I agree with, some I don’t, most I’ve heard, some I haven’t & some I’ve never heard the name of.

LANGUAGE!!!!! Fantastic album though

John Hamm defends ‘worst music’.

How to move to Canada (if Trump becomes President). OH, HELL NO! LANGUAGE!!!!!!

We’re going to build a wall & make Trump pay for it (if Trump becomes President).

You turn you’re phone off at a movie theater. Why not at a live show or concert? I completely agree with this, take you’re phone back to your vehicle or give it to a parent if you can’t drive.

Here’s a concert that I was at & I ended up watching 50% of the show through a stranger’s cell phone. WHY? We were handed cell phones before many people learned proper cell phone etiquette. No I don’t own or want a cell phone. I’m OK with other people having them though, please check with people around you at a public venue before you begin using your phone for whatever reason?

I saw a different show with an older audience. The 2 people in front of me asked if they could take a photo and later on a short video. That’s fine with me. I don’t dislike cell phones. I just think that some people need to learn when it’s OK & not OK to use them.

Taylor Swift will be writing a song in the near future!

Walk off the Earth have done another cover/video…

Vote for your favourite live act on this list if you like? I’ve only seen Ed Sheeran, there are some on this list I would REALLY like to see live!

Yeah, O.J. Simpson retired from NFL THEN he went to trial. Now NFL players commit crimes WHILE playing in the NFL.

Deceased guitar player of Pantera has unheard tracks to a TherPhil Collins cover by Hell Yeah

There are so many Mark Tremonti interviews out there. Sorry if you’ve heard this before.

Busy day! Gotta run!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Iron Maiden” the album “Powerslave” then a sampling of 4 albums & finally “Kongos” the album “Lunatic”

I exercised to ”Lamb of God” the album “Ashes of the Wake”

Kim calls me the human iPod. I have a lot of useless music trivia in my head. My dad has a TON & my brother has a fair share too. If they brought back “Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy” any of the 3 of us could do very well as contestants. If we’re all together & somebody wants to play a music trivia game, we aren’t allowed to be on 1 team with 2 of us on that team, there has to be a minimum of 3 teams.

As for walking this week, I said no, not this week. I pushed it too far last week & with being awake until 2:00 am on Friday, I’m still quite tired. No, I did not drink, I had a pint of beer with my supper & that was my alcohol consumption for the weekend.

Muse shared it….

New song/video for “Rivers of Nihil”. Never heard of them?

Everytime “Revolver magazine” posts something, I sing this to myself in my head….

I don’t get how “Slipknot” & “Marilyn Manson” fit together? Apples & Oranges to me?

Looks to me that Apple/iTunes should get it together &……………….wait……..this will blow your mind….PAY the musicians/disperse the cash differently & have the biggest piece of the money go to the artist(s)! Everybody made money on music up to the late ’90s, what’s different now? Do I smell a class action lawsuit brewin’?

I don’t even feel any sympathy for the creators of any music streaming or downloading site at this point. It’s easy & convenient for music fans, but who in their right mind wants to work for free! Since the artists aren’t making money on recording new material, maybe they should just make it for themselves, never release anything & just tour? We’ll see how long that lasts before they all go broke?

A buddy of mine could use some help ASAP! In Regina!

“I never thought that Farrell and I would be in this position but we are looking for a place to live immediately for our safety and our family’s safety. We had a mold inspection today on our house just to ensure that everything was OK and safe for the baby and I am very pissed to report that it is not the case! We are over run with mold in about 2/3 of the house, we have no choice but to leave, the issue is where? Where can we find a place that is mold free that we can afford for our future son and our cats? We are amazing renters, we take great pride in our house as many who have been there can attest too, this occurred through no fault of our own. I am begging anyone on here that may know of anyone who has a house they are renting out that is affordable $1300 max as maternity leave doesn’t pay much and we are gonna be tightening up the straps financially to ensure our child has the best quality of life possible. I am completely blind sided by this and am beside myself trying to figure out exactly WTF we are gonna do. We have been through the ringer and have always come out on top and we will again, no questions there. If there is any way you guys can share this around to potential owners or friends you may know of that have a decent house in a decent area I will be forever in your debt. Also a gigantic thank you to all of our friends that have offered help. You have our eternal gratitude “

Nirvana & Beck’s tribute to David Bowie

Never a good thing when this happens.

Apple music commercial

Another season of “Daredevil” WOO HOO!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It cut off the end, sorry!

Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind singer) on the ’90s

The ’90s had a lot of variety for music. Remember I said “Variety”/”Quantity” not “Quality”. I listen to groups from the ’90s. “Grunge” & “rock” music & some “post-Grunge” stuff. I like that I’ve gotten into metal, it was hard to find in the ’90s and it still is. Near the end of the ’90s I kept thinking to myself “There has to be something more, something heavier?” Now I find it easier to get the music I want to hear, which is mostly hard rock & metal. Both very small niche markets. Once you’re into those tiny markets, there is more than you expected to be there. Of course at times I need something different, I’m not just into metal & nothing else, like a full blown metal head. I can’t just listen to someone screaming at me all of the time, other people can though, that’s cool with me. I don’t need to understand it, but I do acknowledge it. Just like the ’80s L. A. hair metal scene, I don’t understand the appeal, but I acknowledge that most of the music I like from the ’90s is heavily influenced by that scene.

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age & Eagles of Death Metal) & Brody Dalle (the Distillers) have their 3rd child

Sorry about the album artwork. I couldn’t find an original version without it? X-RATED!!!

No, I wasn’t a fan of “The Distillers”, I knew of a few people who were though.

I have a question for “The Simpsons”. I’m 36 years old, yet I did an air band to a song from your 1st season soundtrack on cassette in grade 6. How long are you going to milk this cow? Season 1 1990.

“Third Ion” 2nd album on the way!!!!–2#/

Their first album was good. This one sounds even better!

“Volbeat” American tour dates. I was into “Volbeat” for roughly 2 weeks, not for me. Holland’s “Nickelback”. I was into “Nickelback” for almost 2 years, also not for me. These bands take a lot of crap from haters. They’ve done something right though, you know who “Nickelback” is? It’s called hard work & dedication. They’ve both have likely busted their butts to achieve their success. Hard work, dedication & a very small amount of luck, like %0.1.

12 shocking crimes in rock & metal. I hope they include church burning by extreme/black metal groups in Europe? Yes, unfortunately it is a real thing.

In Regina, we don’t have the option through cable to get “FX” & “HBO” costs $20.00 a month for 3 channels. Now most people are going to online subscriptions like Netflix, Shomi, Crackle, Crave TV, etc.

“White Zombie” box set on the way.

“Paramore” shared it…….

Yep, I’ve seen “Machinehead” once opening for “Lamb of God” a long time ago in a city far, far away…… LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!

That’s quite long enough for today!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


However you get this, PLEASE COME TO THE SITE?

Teens react to ’90s music.

I can acknowledge what he did for music, but I don’t have to listen to his music.

Here you go “Shinedown” fans. I can’t get into this band, but here’s some news for you!!!

Live review of Foo Fighters by the Consequence of Sound/Rock It Out Blog

“Machinehead” North American tour dates. I guess if you play in Ottawa & Guelph it’s considered a “North American tour”

Anything Phil Anselmo does now without Pantera or Dimebag Darrel (Pantera guitarist that was shot & killed on stage) just doesn’t sound right to me.

I like the first “Down” album he did, it’s not Pantera though.

50 top guitar players of all-time by loud wire.

A broken leg doesn’t stop Dave Grohl from rocking out some Neil Young with members of Pearl Jam & Blind Melon!

“One week” & Apple hasn’t fixed iTunes Match yet. Not iTunes Match users can fix it, Apple only. U2 album, overnight solution. iTunes Match for entire iTunes libraries all over the world, no solution after a week?

Oh my, that’s an old interview!

From the album “Rattle & Hum” the album after “The Joshua Tree”

My mother bought me “The Joshua Tree” at Costco one day, then quickly regretted that purchase. I’d listen to that CD as much as possible. Every day I heard, “CHRIS! TURN THAT DOWN!”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds-Chasing Yesterday is currently the top selling vinyl album of 2015. If you liked the sound of “Oasis” in the ’90s you might enjoy this album? It’s not a carbon copy of Oasis. Same guitar player/song writer though.

This good n’ all but many people would like another “System of a Down” album

I’ve got 3 “Coheed & Cambria” albums, I’m good!

Here you Toronto music festival fans.

I saw a U2 tribute band after seeing the real U2. The members of the tribute band were shorter & fatter, but they all dressed like the real U2. Remember “Troll dolls”? Picture Bono or The Edge as a “Troll doll” that’s a pretty accurate description of the tribute band I saw!

Picture ^^ that while hearing this….

All of this fuss on Facebook about Alex Rodriguez not being in the “All-Star” game since he hit 3000 hits for his career this year. I can give you one important reason. How many of those hits did he get while using steroids? Personally I’d say he’s around 2300 hits for his career. Even the New York Yankees didn’t acknowledge his achievement of 3000 hits for his career. Actions speak louder than words in this instance. When your employer chooses not recognize a personal achievement, you know you did something wrong.

Songs I like. “Led Zeppelin”

Always check out the Rock It Out Blog on facebook or

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl