It doesn’t seem as though many people are reading this?  Either way, I’ll write it for me as a type of public journal.  Read it if you like.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer? Ask if you do!
Music throughout the weekend. “Jimmy Eat World”, “Alter Bridge”, “Big Wreck”, “TOOL”, “Pink”.

We took Brewster to the Vet Friday afternoon, he’ll be 14 on January 31st. He started coughing, 3 or 4 smoker coughs in a row followed by a gag, that’s what it sounds like. They did some X-rays & his heart is only a bit enlarged with a serious murmur. The X-rays have been sent to a cardiologist & we should hear back either on Sunday or Monday. There’s a combo of 3 medications he’ll eventually need, likely one at the moment. Not the expensive one yet thank goodness. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t in pain, I thought it was more urgent than it actually is. We knew all of this was happening & assumed it was a right now thing. He’s getting old, & this stuff happens. We caught it in the early stages, so he’ll likely start on a cheaper medication Monday. The expensive one works out to $75/month YEESH! No price tag on his life though, as long as he’s not in pain.

He needs to put on some weight too. He’s not eating much at all unless he’s spent the day at doggy daycare. He loves wet dog food, it smells terrible. I mix some of his dry food with some wet food for him twice a day, then he’ll eat it. Straight wet food does NOT agree with his tummy.

I’ve put the house hunting on the back burner. We have to sell our place first before we can offer on another. This is a wait & see situation, no point in stressing about something until it happens. It’s not on the back burner really, I’ve just figured there’s not much point in worrying about what I can’t do anything about.  A ton of new/empty condos in Regina, lot’s of supply, not nearly as much demand.
We have 3 places in mind. One is at the top of our price range & we’d need to see, in person, how my wheelchair fits. Another is priced higher than our range, but a possibility & the 3rd is a fantasy that would likely need a pile of work

Kim tells me she’s getting me a Christmas present. I said keep the cash & use it for something more important. She was going to give me money to start saving up for a guitar, I found 2 I’d like but don’t need. A house eventually & Brewster are far more important. The $2378 + tax for 2 guitars can wait, if I started now it could still take me a few years. I need to build up muscle in my fretting hand first anyways. It’s weird, I’m a beginner that knows too much. My mind is ahead of my hands.

Life in general feels that way at the moment. Most days my mind is racing to do things here, but I’m slowed down by being in a wheelchair & vice versa on other days when I get anxious to do something but have no energy.

I’ve been relearning guitar, so I learned the first time using a simple chord book & moved onto learning tab music. It tells you what fret & string to press down to play a chord, riff, or solo in a song. I know the chords & I know many songs. I’ve been using http://www.youtube.com to learn this time & this is what I’ve learned. Every youtube individual has learned a different way. I learned in 2001, before youtube & after seeing all of these different ways to learn I’ve decided to relearn the way I need to. Relearn the 40+ songs I knew, I’m playing more by ear trying to relearn what I know & maybe I don’t do things properly but that’s how I play. As long as it sounds correct, I really don’t care what finger I’m using on which string. I am trying to use my pinky finger more than I used to though, gotta strengthen that finger!

The only thing I’ve seen on youtube about learning guitar which I somewhat agree with is ‘Buy nice gear’. All I need is a small practice amp, which I have. I bought it as a used amp from my brother, so it was reasonably priced & louder than I need. I don’t own a guitar over $1000 other than possibly the Fender signed by Ian Thornley of Big Wreck. I’ve shopped for 2 practical choices online, I don’t know if Long & McQuade sales people earn commission but if I end up buying one of the 2 someday it will be through Mr. Tim Roth of local metal heroes “Into Eternity”. Here are the links if you care to check them out?


A guitar can go up to $250,000, at least from what I’ve seen online? I don’t think it’s even near worth that much I doubt a guitar that much would be much different than a $3,000 guitar. If I had the cash, $2,000 would be the ultimate top price I’d even consider. I’ve played many live shows with a $600 guitar, & now I play at home. The guitars I chose are a “want” not a “need”. That’s why they are a last priority, under Brewster’s health & a house in that order.

Guitar was most of my Saturday, followed by the Roughrider game on TV in Edmonton. Yay, the Saskatchewan Roughriders won 27-24! Last game of the regular season next Saturday in Regina. My 2nd last game as a season ticket holder. There will be a home playoff game that I’ve/Kim has paid for already as of last December. (Way to go, hit the season ticket holders right at Christmas?!)

Just because I’m Canadian doesn’t mean I’m a hockey fanatic. I’m a hockey score board watcher. Saskatchewan doesn’t have a professional/NHL team. We have a junior hockey team in the Western Hockey League. The NHL heritage classic was this Saturday in Regina. An outdoor NHL game at the football stadium. If it involved either Edmonton &/or Montreal I would’ve inquired about using my season ticket seats for the game. The game is Calgary vs. Winnipeg, I’m out. I rarely watch hockey anyways. I only watch the Canadian Football League & the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Today we are spending the day in the kitchen. I’ve boiled my eggs, Kim is making a lasagna for the week & when she’s done I’ll make a pitcher of vegetable juice.
TOOL almost started the studio on fire while recording the album “Fear Inoculum”
Yep, they released a new album on Friday, October 18th 2019. That makes 9 albums thus far. I have 5 of them. New album out the same day as a new “Alter Bridge” which I can’t stop listening to. “Jimmy Eat World” are a pop/punk band. More emphasis on the pop part, I guess guitar based pop with a slight punk/rock tilt is more appropriate? Anyways here are a few songs from their new album “Surviving”….

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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl
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“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website!

www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

5 day exercise total; 900 leg lifts, 900 crunches, 600 squats, 450 back flexes, 120 pushups, 600 curls (10 pounds on left arm & 7 pounds on right arm), 400 tricep extensions w/5 pound weight, 400 shoulder raises w/5 pound weight,  stretching, & yoga.

I fell asleep to “Jeff Buckley” the album “Grace”

I exercised to “Ozzy Osbourne” the album “Bark at the Moon”


Great week for me!  I don’t want to lose my momentum!  This week felt like a big step forward finally.  All of that little stuff definitely helped.  Long road to go yet.

I figured it out, well my new goals for my exercise in the morning only anyways.  Legs, abs, & back 3 days a week.  Weights, arms, stretching, & yoga 2 days a week.  Works up a really good sweat a cold shower is more than welcome afterwards.

I keep track of everything on here in a notebook & add my exercise totals for the day as I go.  I’m trying to cut more sugar out of my diet.  Hopefully just natural sugar & less alcohol.  Kim came home last Saturday with 4 x 500 ml cans of beer & made brownies.  I had a brownie, but no beer or other alcohol.  The small amount of natural sugar in the Bubbly work wonders instead of alcohol.  Figured I’d just stop the alcohol completely for a bit & try to clean the system out.

6 small meals a day & 3-5 liters of water, maybe a cup of black coffee, & a bubbly a day.  Weekends are usually pretty tame on the food intake, unless we’re out with people.

Picked up my acoustic guitar yesterday, felt pretty good after a year.  I didn’t want to put it down.  Eventually I’ll need an amplifier with a pedal for distortion & clean channels.  Hopefully my tuner pedal/noise compressor, 2 effect pedals & cords are still kicking around.  Pretty sure they are.

I think this is the amp I’d get as long as it’s a cheap solid state amplifier, tube amps sound better, but they’re expensive to buy & maintain! Practice amp with a foot switch should suit me well.  I had a Randall half-stack before, I won’t need anything that big or loud, this should do the trick!  I don’t know how much they cost though?  I’m sure it will be at or above $500, start saving now I guess.


I’m really starting to worry about our dog, Brewster, he’ll be 14 in January.  He has a heart murmur & very bad anxiety.  Somebody has to be with him or he freaks out scratching at the door, while barking & whining the entire time.  He’s also started marking when he’s around any other dog.  He’s small, 12 pounds, a Bichon/Shi-tzu cross.  He’s also starting to trip with his back legs.

This might sound odd to some but he’s my kid, my child.  He went to a doggy daycare on Tuesday for the morning.  I just about broke down when he left.  I get it, we don’t get out much because we stay home with him or he stays with Kim’s sister & hubby, Sherry & James, since they don’t have a dog so he won’t mark there.  I get it, but I don’t like the daycare thing.  I just miss him when he’s not here.

That was just an assessment to see how he’d fit in with the other dogs.  Report card was good!  They said he played really well with the other dogs & he is very well mannered.


Finally, a Chris Cornell signature Gibson guitar!!!!!


Win a Dimebag Darrel package!!!!!!  Please send me the mini-amp to practice or better yet trade it in for this or preferably this.


Joker trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Darker, not for kids, & a great origin story, from the looks of it!

If you vape, please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the main reason I don’t like to stream music.  This & the fact that I don’t own it.  Actors don’t complain about video streaming services though, just musicians about music streaming.

Lyrics for the “Tool” album out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WHY dear Lord, WHY?  I gave up on “Disturbed” over a decade ago, I’m not in my mid-20s anymore!

Labour day classic here!  Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers!  Always a fun game to attend!  Kim’s not a football fan so her & Brewster stay home.

Pretty easy to say that I see a FLOOD of “Tool” news coming, ASAP, beware!

Spider-man breaking news, new deal between SONY & Disney?  Still a rumour, but possibility of a better outcome for fans.  SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN AVENGERS ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I don’t do reaction videos I like to sit and REALLY concentrate on what I’m listening to the first 3 or 4 times I listen to any new album.  After that I’ll play it whenever if I enjoy it & probably really focus in on it again when I have the time.  2 HUGE album releases for me today!  Big Wreck & a new Tool album after 13 years & roughly 4 months.  These are the singles that were already released.


BIG WRECK   …but the sun





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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

We’re all Global Citizens,


Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

P.S.  Long weekend, so I’ll post on Monday, then Friday.  After those we’re back to Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday as usual.