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Music throughout the weekend.  “Finger Eleven”, “Paramore”, “Nothing But Thieves”, “Tool”, “Barenaked Ladies”, & “Slayer”


Our “niece” came over Friday night for a sleep over at “auntie” Kim’s & “uncle” Chris’.  They went shopping & bought the necessary stuff to make her slime glittery & cool looking for her.  While they were out shopping, I hung out with Brewster & watched the baseball game.  The kids (Toronto Blue Jays) will be fine in a couple of years, home runs everywhere.

I woke up Saturday morning & had breakfast with Kim & Hannah.  They went shopping again, for a variety of things.

I had a realization when they left & I was doing the dishes.  I become a Dad OMG!  I’m the guy that says “Hannah” in that dad disciplinary tone.  Before they went to bed Friday, Hannah & I watched some Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd cartoons.  It was part of that “Oh I can do this now” realization.

The thing that got me was, when she was dropped off here on Friday, her little brother, who is one & 1/2 , saw me on the couch, ran up to me & gave me a hug while smashing his forehead into my mouth.  He was fine, I was in minor pain for a few seconds.  Then he just stood there holding my hand for a while.  That was unexpected & melted me.  Later on Friday I went up to Hannah & said “What the heck?  Your brother gave me a hug, what about you?”  I got a hug & another one when they went shopping Saturday morning.  Yes, I have Saskatchewan Roughrider green finger nails at the moment & my left hand has sparkly green nail polish on the nail.  Both are very close to the 2 shades of green on my wheelchair.

So why don’t we have a child?  TONS of work in the beginning, much easier now.

Kim & I spent the rest of the day on the couch.  We watched “Avengers: Endgame”, Kim watched the show “Life in Pieces” on Netflix.  I did fixed some files on iTunes.  We went to bed early at 10:00 pm.

Today I went to see “Spiderman Far From Home” with Mitch & Rachel.  I already have my eggs boiled, my juice made, & my laundry folded.  Kim went for groceries on Saturday & has some stuff of her’s to deal with on her side of the bedroom, which I can’t get to.


Great movie!  I’m not giving any spoilers away though!


“Slayer” must be a little too scary for NASCAR.  That’s OK, sometimes they’re a bit too much for me!


YAY Led Zeppelin!


Only in Eastern Canada, not anywhere West of Ontario!  It’s quiet in Western Canada, literally!  Frogs & crickets at night in the smaller towns.




Our friends got married to one of their songs.  Honestly, that’s why I know who they are.  I only own 2 of their albums out of how many, I don’t know?  They’re a ska band.  A trio out of Toronto I believe.  Catchy for sure.  I started listening to them again a couple of months ago.






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