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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

300 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

180 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

600 Crunches

600 Leg lifts

300 Squats while balancing on my toes.

300 Back flexes

2 days of yoga

There won’t be any stairs during this virus stuff.  I don’t really want to touch a public railing or clean them before & after I’m done.  As for walking, no excuse or reason, I’m just lazy.

I fell asleep to “Matthew Good Band” the album “Beautiful Midnight”

I exercised to “Foo Fighters” the album “There is Nothing Left to Lose”

I don’t think “chicks dig it” but I’ve never tried.


I don’t know what exactly I did Thursday, near the end of my weights I tweaked something in my back?  It wasn’t an “OH #$%^&^% THAT HURT!” it was more of an “Ah, what was that?”  It got a little tighter as the day went on & disappeared pretty quick as I rested my back.  I could tell something wasn’t right as soon as I started stretching.  Every stretch was very tight & painful I haven’t been that tight in a while.

Think about what I do?  I get up eat breakfast then exercise.  I have a snack then shower.  I check my email then have lunch.  I tidy up the few things around the place that need to be put away.  I check my email then play guitar.  Kim comes home, tired from work.  We have supper then watch TV, make a puzzle, play a game, or she’ll catch up on TV I don’t watch while I practice guitar.  After that we go to bed.  That’s my routine 5 days a week.  You’ll notice that I never mentioned getting into a vehicle or going anywhere.

Weekends I sleep in until 10:30 – 11:00 am.  I have coffee & breakfast, then hangout with Kim who’s likely got some laundry on the go.  I shower, hang out with Kim or practice guitar.  We have supper & probably don’t go out.  Either day of the weekend I spend most of my time in the kitchen.  I hard-boil eggs for the week, make a pitcher of vegetable juice for the week, & I bake fish for the week.  Kim usually heads out for groceries on the weekend.  That’s a regular week for us.

Throughout all of that I never mentioned leaving our condo.  We live on the top floor of an apartment style condo.  Dogs are not allowed to do their business on the balcony.  Brewster has training pads at the balcony door.  I’m in a wheelchair.  The bottom of the balcony doorway is too tall for me to get out in my wheelchair.  If I need to get out in an emergency, I have to crawl.  Our windows & balcony face the South.  In the spring, summer, & fall it’s often too hot to spend more than 5 minutes on the balcony.  It’s even too hot for Brewster’s paws unless there’s a STRONG wind, then nobody wants to be outside.

I wear shorts at least 360 days a year.  We have “underground” parking = me not outside.  When we get to someone’s house it’s either nice enough to sit in their backyard or we go straight into the house.

Tally that up.  How much time am I outside on a regular week?

I get it, most people are used to having a driver’s license, going to a store, picking up their kids at school, hanging out in their backyard, etc.  Trust me, this quarantine will likely start to feel normal the longer it goes on.  Remember, you’re allowed to go to your backyard or walk around your neighborhood & get some fresh air.

I’ll admit that it took me about a year to get used to being inside most of the time.  We moved into our condo on December 18th, 2013.  So since I got cancer on February 5th 2008, I’ve spent most of my time in either a hospital room or condo.

I choose not to have a mobile device, skype, facetime, zoom, etc.  That has never interested me.  I don’t consider that as a type of human contact.  Obviously that’s just me though & that’s fine by me.

It will get better.

In other news the house is officially off the market, & I’m relieved/closer to being stress free.  No more trying to make the place look perfect for a complete stranger, YAY!  Would have been nice to get the place we wanted in September or October, but everything happens for a reason I guess.

I refuse to settle on a new house.  I expect some renovations due to my wheelchair of course.  Kim wants an attached garage.  I’d like a finished basement (I can’t do any of the work really).  We’d both like a 3rd bedroom on the main floor of a bungalow to use as an office/man cave.  You’d think something like that would be available in Regina?  NOPE!  Hopefully next year or 2022?

Look at that, no guitar talk!  Just looking at my ordered PRS S2 & waiting for a delivery in what could be November or December now?

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst


I’m streaming most of my music this year in order to save some money.  I plan on ordering a handful of CDs coming out this year, but mostly streaming overall.  The “Petals for Armor” EP from Haley Williams is REALLY good as is Pearl Jam’s “Gigaton”.  Pearl Jam has always been a little hit & miss for me, although I do own most of their studio albums & a few live albums of theirs.


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We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


The www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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5 day weekly total; 400 pushups, 240 tricep pushups, 100 back flexes, 600 leg lifts, 300 crunches, 360 squats.  Totally forgot about walking.  Just not part of our routine yet.

I fell asleep to “Halestorm” the album “Vicious”

I exercised to “Chromeo” the album “Head Over Heels”

I had breakfast listening to “The Struts” the album “Everybody Wants”

Post this then hit the shower!


I found out earlier this week that I wasn’t doing my pushups properly.  I guess my hands should be closer together & I need to keep my elbows very close to my body.  I tried it & it’s much more difficult than having your elbows out when you go low.  I can’t do 200 pushups a day like that.  I alternate with each set of 25 pushups & stop at 200.  I figure my old way is still somewhat beneficial?  I will eventually get to 200 pushups done properly.

I really don’t look forward to the days that I do arms & back exercises.  They’re more difficult, take longer, & I just want to be lazy.  Somedays, when I’m done them, I just sit, relax & turn on the TV.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday.  Nothing to worry about, I just needed refills.  My doctor also brought up the surgeon who will be doing my back surgery.  We haven’t heard from him at all.  Hopefully they’ll get in touch?  If all goes according to plan, maybe I can ramp up the crunches a bit more after it’s healed.  I was doing 1,500 a day before, 500 should be more than enough 2 or 3 times a week?

Yes, we bought “Deadpool 2” on Tuesday when it was released.  I’m sure I’ll watch it multiple times, much like the first movie!  As well as “Avengers: Infinity War”.  I’m still not done with “Justice League” either.  Odd thing is that I wasn’t a comic book enthusiast as a kid.  I had a few comic books & I collected many trading cards, since there was a place I could ride my bike to, I just never caught the bug for it?  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Album & concert video to be released on September 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I never really watched the “X-Men” series though.  Never really ever heard much about that series, outta site outta mind I guess.


Mark David Chapman’s still in jail.  That’s what happens when you murder someone.




I really don’t even know if that’s the band name or the singer’s stage name.  None of that really matters if you enjoy the music.  It is dance music, not techno, but it is dance music from the ‘90s.  I originally just had the album “Travelling Without Moving” because of the cool video on Much Music for the song “Virtual Insanity”.

When I started purchasing music on iTunes, I found the entire catalogue of music & picked the songs that I liked.  I still have the one CD, but ended up putting most of it on my greatest hits album I made.  I can’t give you years of release or anything like that, so here’s a sample of what I put on the one album…


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Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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I fell asleep to “Queens of the Stone Age” the album “Rated R” followed by “Radiohead” the album “The Bends”


I exercised to “Corrosion of Conformity” the album “America’s Volume Dealer” then 2 “Diemonds” albums on shuffle


I completely forgot!  Thursday, July 26th 2012 was my final day in the Wascana Rehabilitation Center.  I was discharged in the early afternoon after my last physio session & a short meeting with my doctor, therapists, & pharmacist.  We’ll leave the details for Friday!


SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah, it’s Shark Week on the Discovery channel.  I love Shark Week.  It hit me the other day.  Why are people so afraid of sharks?  Is it because they will bite & kill if needed?  Probably.  Well the seas & oceans are where they live, their home.  Humans live on dry land, that’s our home.  We go into their home uninvited to poke & prod them to learn about them.  If a stranger came into your house & started doing scientific tests on you, would you just sit by & let them do that or would you retaliate so much to avoid them ever coming back?  I would yell, swear, fight & act like I was right out of my mind with a baseball bat in hand!

I’m not about to welcome a complete stranger into my home at any given time to do as they please?  I wonder why sharks can kill people?  Oh right, that’s their self-defense kicking in!  The scientists doing all of these tests will say “This doesn’t hurt the animal”.  Great, how do you know that?  Are you a shark that has experienced this type of testing?  Oh, you tried it on yourself & it didn’t bother you, really?  The shark feels pain at the exact same threshold as you?  Tell me a better story, I don’t buy that one.

Then they investigate sharks in the deep ocean, where it’s very dark 4000 feet.  I wonder why those species live in the deep ocean?  I’m guessing part of the reason is they don’t want to be bothered.

It’s great that scientists & divers have a thirst for knowledge, but does anyone NEED to know what’s going on 4000 feet down on the ocean floor?

Our weekend finished with me watching most of the Jays game until it looked as though it was out of hand by 8 runs for the wrong team.  Now that they’re basically out of it, “Blue Jays in :30” is all I need to see.

Yes, it’s a regular 5 day week for us this week.  That means as of Monday, I’m back to my exercise routine.  I’d love to increase a few things, but I have to take my back into consideration.




Thor & The Incredible Hulk, “Ragnarok” trailer.  In theaters in November.



Justice League movie trailer.  In theaters in November


You know what would be better than virtual reality?  Reality!  There are actual people going to a festival to see stuff in virtual reality.  Great, go for it, try it out but remember everything happens in actual reality!



Who doesn’t enjoy some John Oliver!



At the moment ‘Royal Blood’, ‘The Watchmen’, ‘The Smalls’, ‘Paramore’, ‘Stone Sour’, ‘Slipknot’ & ‘Big Wreck’ are ruling my world!


FANTASTIC Pearl Jam song, maybe it was because I could play it without putting my guitar in some wacky tuning?


I like ‘Walk off the Earth’ & they shared it…….





Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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I fell asleep to “Travelling Wilburys” the only album 5 singer/songwriters made.  Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison.

I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, listening to “Jamiroquai”

Don’t feel as though you need to open every link.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, then Brewster & I stayed with them for most of the afternoon.  My appointment was really good.  Couple of cracks & I felt pretty good, actually better than I’ve felt since November!  Then I woke up this morning & could tell it’s trying to tighten up again, still better than it’s been in quite a while though!  So I was told yesterday that my MRI might be scheduled for roughly 6 weeks from now, because it’s quite backed up.  Ah well, could be worse?!

Stone Sour out in June, LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m oblivious to the X-men universe, but here’s some news.



Foo Fighters flic on iTunes



Iggy Pop on stage with Metallica in Mexico




Pentatonix says nothing but “soon”


Scariest metal album covers


I’ve heard OF quite a few of them, but nothing tells me I’ll like them.


A few songs I’ve covered




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Rob Zombie” his “Greatest Hits” which includes some “White Zombie” work he had done before. First I listened to roughly ½ of “Tom Cochrane” the album “Mad Mad World” then roughly ½ of “Walk off the Earth” the album “Sing it All Away”.

This is what the theme song for (Star Wars) should be if they needed a different one ”Use The Force” by Jamiroquai

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I’m sitting here doing nothing since my body is tired & sore. My mind does not agree though. I keep thinking I need to do more but I feel far to tired to workout yet. I hate working out, but I know I need to! I look at my exercise mat & it’s just sitting there mocking me. That’s what it feels like at least. I’m just tired & want to nap when this is done!

Masterpiece review from Monday

If you like “Tremonti” or “Alter Bridge” great! If you don’t like them great! You should at least know who they are or who you don’t like?!!? I’m guessing they’re not well known since they tour in Europe mostly & very rarely in North America?


What does Tool’s webmaster have to say about the new album?


Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, made a mistake with Metallica’s singer James Hetfield by calling him Lars Ulrich (drummer)


Dave Grohl & Juliette Lewis working on a documentary?


Lamb of God shared it…….

I agree with Alice Cooper! Axl’s voice is perfect for heavily overrated music!


LANGUAGE, IT’S AXL FLAPPIN’ HIS YAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie Vedder explains why Pearl Jam canceled their North Carolina tour date. Because it’s dumb should be enough?!


1990s rockers then & now.


Juliette Lewis’ take on Dave Grohl


More footage revealed from “Finding Dory” international trailer.


Not english, sorry.

I think I missed this at the time. John Oliver. Yep, I missed it, I’m busting a gut here!! Hahahaha!!

Is Limp Bizkit still recording & performing? Remember that week where you were like”Limp Bizkit aren’t to bad?”


Halestorm shared it…..

Unanswered questions from AC/DC & Guns n’ Roses fans are now answered!




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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

1 DOWN 161 TO GO

I fell asleep to “David Bowie” a Greatest Hits compilation.

For exercise I first put on “Better Than Ezra” the 13 song album “Friction Baby” when that played through I put on “The Birds of Satan” their only/self titled album (Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ side project, where he plays the drum & sings).

^^I bought the CD in high school in the $0.01 deal from BMG or Columbia House. I think I went back & forth 4 times on those deals after I had full filled my 3 purchases of $28.99? I remember subscribing to both twice.

1000 crunches is the new daily exercise goal with a 2 other exercises afterwards! If Kevin Hart can do it, there’s no reason I can’t, I’ve got the time

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A great start to what will be a good story “win or lose” for the Toronto Blue Jays. 8 complete innings pitched by 24 years young pitcher Marcus Stroman followed by the 9th inning closer 21 years young Roberto Osuna. 2 run home run by short stop Troy Tulowitzki in a 5-3 win for the Toronto Blue Jays. Only 161 games to go until the last 2 at the beginning of October. Plus the playoffs if that happens? Water & grapes aren’t necessarily baseball food, it just feels wrong? Troy Tulowitzki first home run of all players in 2016.

I’m helping Kim out with the cleaning here more & more. I’ve been assigned bathroom duty. (Hahaha, I said doodie). I finished one washroom and moving on to the second bathroom on Sunday, all the while singing & rocking/headbanging to “…done, done on to the next one. Done I’m done & I’m on to the next one. Done, done on to the next one. Done I’m done & I’m on to the next…”. All of this was before my overflowing joy after a Blue Jay win!

I’ll let you know right now it’s summer which means I won’t be as consistent with my blogging. Wednesday’s blog may be a little bit later due to an afternoon baseball game. Don’t people work on Wednesdays? Thursday you might get a 4 day exercise total with a dash of music news? Friday, & Saturday, I’m not even going to pretend there’s a computer in here. I’ll catch you on Sunday with what could be a looong weekend update after the 3rd baseball game in Toronto that day against the visiting Boston Red Sox.

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine checks out the School of Rock.

I know nothing about her or her music but it’s good to hear she’s taking a stand by saying ‘Hey, this isn’t right’ basically.


Am I reading this right? Are “In Flames” done recording another album? That would be AWESOME!!


10 best metal albums of 1996


I don’t consider “Tool” a metal group but that was a fantastic album!!!

I’m not much of a Jonny Depp fan in any roll. I guess he’s a big enough star that he can afford to do what he likes, so he’s giving music a shot………………….wait…………………wasn’t he complaining about actors crossing over into music & vice versa? Yes, yes he was, but that was months ago nobody will remember that.


I’m not much of a country music fan, but my wife is, so I hear it on occasion. Fine by me, I tune it out. We have this recorded & haven’t had time to watch it yet.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


Royal Blood, a pleasant surprise for most rock fans!!!! “Wait,….I’m going to see Foo Fighters with my dad? Royal Blood is the opener? AWESOME! What else is going to happen, my jaw won’t go further down? Road trip to Calgary to see my aunts & uncles with Kim, & a boat load of cheaply priced liquor!?!” That was an awesome but quick trip last summer! There was also a day with a hand full of brewery tours!

6 unanswered questions Rolling Stone still has about the Guns n’ Roses reunion. They give an inch & every fan wants a mile!?!?


Deftones fans this one’s for you!!!!

http://loudwire.com/deftones-new-song-hearts-wires/ New video inside the link!!!!!

Why would anyone care about Bieber’s hair being dreads? Is the world just picking out things to complain about with him? He’ll shave it off when he gets bored with it, then everyone can complain about him being bald? ‘Cause the hair style changes everything!?!?


Don’t forget “Star Wars : Episode VII The Force Awakens” is available on DVD & Blu-Ray tomorrow, I’ve got the first 6 on DVD. I like having the complete series, so I’ll ask the boss if she wouldn’t mind picking it up after work tomorrow?

The most viewed carpool karaoke segment on www.youtube.com

AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” used in the development of a cancer fighting medicine.


Consequence of Sound ask what would be your walk up to home plate for an at bat now that baseball has started? This would be mine if we could pretend I’d hit or have the ability to play this position? 3rd base is where I lived & was a guaranteed out for the opposing team!

25 year anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album in September. Bassist Krist Novoselic interview/article.


My favourite song from the album. Also my favourite cover song I’ve ever played on stage!!!!!



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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I got up, had my breakfast juice, made coffee, & filled my water bottle. Wrote part of this post & went back to the living room. Somehow I dumped an entire coffee all over the place. You’d be amazed at how far one cup of coffee can spread! It was black coffee, I never put sugar or cream in my coffee. I had to wipe it up with a Swiffer wet pad after a bunch of tea towels. The house smelled like coffee for a bit, now it’s gone.


Fell asleep to “Meg Myers” the album “Sorry”. Woke up to this song in particular “I Mother Earth” the song “Meat Dreams” from the album “The Quicksilver Meat Dream”


Today’s workout was brought to you by “Jamiroquai” a ‘Greatest Hits’ I made on iTunes mostly from the “High Times” collection on iTunes.


Eagles singer Glenn Frey dies at the age of 67



Director, Cameron Crow, (Almost Famous) looks back at his 1975 Rolling Stone cover story on The Eagles.



I’ll state this up front. The ’80s hard rock & metal in L. A. was not at all what I grew up on, or heard at that time. A few of these I do like!



Interview with Tremonti drummer, Garrett Whitlock.



Wait……………….Sting AND Peter Gabriel AWESOME! Probably hundreds of dollars for a ticket as well as traveling.



Yet more dribble about the “Guns n’ Roses” reunion



Green Day” are back in the studio. Can they make an album like anything pre American Idiot?



20 years of “Foo Fighters” in a 5 minute drum chronology! Really Good! Not all songs are played but a large helping of them are.


Pearl Jam” announce 2016 tour



Might as well stop bickering and doing thousands of scientific tests on GMO’s. Since the anti GMO groups have asked for another test, since the tests haven’t shown more facts supporting organic food?


Yes I had cancer, but “I’m still standing” I eat more vegetables & fruit than ever before. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been sick, & I don’t need 5 fingers to count it, so I’m pro GMOs. You eat what you want, & I’ll eat what I want. Don’t believe me, believe the farmers & scientists.


Long debate, close to two hours long, but worth watching. If you’re against it, that’s fine by me. What are you doing to prevent GMO usage?

We tried to grow corn in our previous garden. It had the texture of chewing gum. It could be that we did something wrong or that it was organic? I don’t which honestly? I do know we wasted time, a little money & threw out the corn after a few bites. In this debate, cheese & insulin for diabetics were the first GMO products used.


I hope this never happens, I don’t think the result would be good for fans, actors, Stan Lee, or JJ Abrams/George Lucas. Epic fail.



Halestorm acoustic LANGUAGE!!!!


Big Wreck” shared it…


However you’re getting this, please pass it along?

Always check out the Rock It Out Blog on facebook or www.youtube.com/consequenceofsound

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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Season 3 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ done! 13 hour long episodes on Netflix in 6 days. Got it Thursday evening finished it Wednesday night by 11:30! Including my 3 hour long baseball games. We watch too much TV, me especially!

James Taylor with Jimmy Fallon singing on a seesaw!

Dave Grohl & Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay & Silent Bob) play “Yambo” on Craig Killbourn

WHAT? “Hatebeak”? A metal band with a parrot for a singer? Great gimmick. Obviously my facebook is screwed up. This is from Wednesday night but I got it Thursday morning? LANGUAGE!!

If Rob Zombie will direct a bio pic have at it. He’s a very smart guy, a” book you can’t judge by it’s cover”!

He’s the modern day Alice Cooper! Even Alice Cooper said in an interview that he’s a really good guy & everything he does has a reason behind it!

I’m not really a fan of Apple being involved with the music buisness right now. I like the idea of iTunes. I don’t agree with the execution of the idea though.

In 1999 I was the “not so successful crowd surfer”. In 2000 I was the “do as little as possible” guy. I’ve only been to 2 one day/afternoon festivals with 2 stages. Broke my nose in ’99. Stayed by the sound board in 2000. Foo Fighters & A Perfect Circle in one day in 2000!

I got Dave Grohl’s autograph in 2000, I think it’s either in our storage unit or it’s gone? I’m only missing Dave Grohl’s & Pat Smear’s autographs from Foo Fighters. I have the 3 others from the show my friends & family went to in 2008, while I was sleeping 23 hours a day in the hospital.


New Iron Maiden in September! AWESOME! Pleasant surprise for me!

Who cares it’s another streaming site to go along with the other 14 streaming music sites. People are set in there ways on where they get music from.

Barenaked Ladies going strong after 27 years


^^I’d be a solid contender for the top 5. (pun intended). HEY! MY EYE IS UP HERE!!!

Jeb Bush “slow jam’s” the news on Jimmy Fallon

Songs I like. “Jamiroquai”

I didn’t understand the humour throughout this movie other than this scene in particular?

Always check out the Rock It Out Blog on facebook or http://www.youtube.com/rockitoutblog

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl