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That officially makes 3 nights at home with me sleeping on the couch.  Big renovations are done but everything is dusty & my transfer pole beside the bed isn’t back up yet.  We’ve decided to just tackle one room at a time, and the bedroom is up first.  When everything is back to normal in our suite, I’ll post some photos.  Even with the mess it looks VERY good!  Saturday evening & I’ll be sleeping in our bed finally! 

Kim picked up the 3 ½ X 3 ½ foot wall art on the weekend it’s quite heavy since it’s a wood, cedar.  After I said just to leave it & get someone to help her with it, she got it up on the wall!

I know I’m saving for the PRS S2 McCarty 594.  I hope to order it in early December.  Once I’ve saved enough for that, I’ll see if the other 2 are still around and just keep saving money.  If they’re both discontinued, I’ll figure it out then.  Relieve my stress from my phobia.  I’d love to rush out and order the 3 guitars, but I know that can’t happen, so why worry about it?  If the Schecter Tempest & Godin Radiator both go out of production before I order either of them, then I’ll look for a cheaper option.  I would love to order all of them before they’re discontinued still.  I’m a little worried about that still, but not as much as I was before.  Until then, I’ll be saving as much as I can for the next how many years?  I’m not getting any younger & our RSP & RDSP come first!  Had I put any thought in prior to choosing these guitars, I wouldn’t have that sense of F.O.M.O. to deal with at all!  These guitars for me are much like the pandemic for most people.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to get there!

I’ve pretty much stopped drinking alcohol.  All I drink now is a gallon of water a day with a possible tea or bubbly.  I haven’t had alcohol since the end of January I think it was?  I can’t say I miss or crave it.  I’m not necessarily trying to stop drinking.  This is more of a byproduct of me saving money.  Do I want a cider, rum, beer or would I rather save for a guitar?  I choose guitar!

Every time I look at my choices for my last 3 guitars, the more confident I get with all of them.  The guitar below is payed for and was supposed to be here March 1st.  It arrived late yesterday.  I’ll pick it up later today with my preference of strings on it.  YAY, new guitar day!  Belated birthday exchange gift!  The guitar I returned on my birthday was completely different & felt very stiff.  It was the first guitar I had played with Indian Laurel on the fret board and it just wasn’t comfortable, this has a maple fret board.  I’m fine with maple, rosewood & ebony.  I believe other than this guitar & my Fender Telecaster, the rest are rosewood.  I’m interested to try the new trend of roasted maple, but not interested enough to seek out a guitar with a roasted maple neck.  There’s also a trend of stainless steel frets.  I had them on the guitar I returned.  The stainless steel frets & the Indian Laurel on the fret board I found to be pretty uncomfortable.

www.youtube.com isn’t great for sound samples.  Too much compression of the sound over the interweb.  I like it more when people describe the way a guitar feels or how the amplifier feels in the room.  Although I’m not big on sound samples over the internet, it was nice to hear the Godin Radiator can still sound like a big guitar. 

Phillip McKnight/Know Your Gear channel on www.youtube.com does that in all of his videos & that’s why I watch him.  Learned quite a bit about what to look for in a guitar.

Some people might think I have a lot of guitars & they’re all the same.  You’d be wrong on both accounts.  None of them sound the same and many of them will be I different standard tunings, open tunings, & a few common alternate tunings.  Nothing too crazy here.  I have one acoustic guitar, a Fender Telecaster, a Tradition Les Paul, an Epiphone Explorer, a PRS S2 Custom 22, a Squier Starcaster later today, & I hope to order a PRS S2 McCarty 594 in early December.  After that I hope the Godin Radiator & Schecter Tempest are still around to order.  None of these guitars look or sound the same.  Even though they all have humbucker pickups, there are many different brands & models of humbuckers within a brand/company.  My Fender Telecaster has a single coil pickup & a lipstick pickup.

I find that as I get older I seem to not worry about things.  I’m passionate about things when they occur.  If nobody’s getting harmed in any way, I tend to just let things be.  I was angry in general coming out of the hospital.  Then I watched the USA completely unravel and became increasingly angry every week & now I’m just tired & hoping things will return to business as usual.  As global citizen’s we all still have issues to deal with like racism, climate change, sexism, the mention of ‘fake’ news, bullying, etc.  It does feel a LOT like we all need to take a breath before we go after whatever is next on the list to take care of.

Please remember to continue wearing a mask in public despite getting the vaccine.  Nothing is completely normal until the health officials say so.  I don’t care what you googled or what your friend told you.  Let the “World Health Organization” do their job.  I didn’t google how to survive cancer, & if I did there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here right now. 

I find it VERY difficult to believe there are still people who question taking any vaccine.  These people make me tired.  Just take any vaccine so we can all get passed this please?  I don’t want to hear any whining that you had to wait for however many hours in line to get a needle.  These people exhaust me.  Biden wants this over for American’s by the end of May.  Last I heard is that Trudeau is planning for the end of September in Canada.  Can we all just get together on one thing at a time?

This link describing how the virus has been politicized is SO far from what is needed right now.  Doctors & scientists will help us defeat the virus & be healthy with a return to some type of normal.  Politicians will keep the economy going.  No healthy people = No economy.  Keep faith in science or were hooped!


I completely forgot that the Grammy Awards were on Sunday night.  Kim switched off “Netflix” & the Grammy Awards had just started.  I guess that’s not a HUGE deal for me, I have no clue who most of the artists are?  I haven’t bought or streamed any of their music yet, but I do like what I’ve heard from “Black Pumas”!  I did start streaming “Black Pumas” Sunday evening.

“Trevor Noah”, host of the Daily Show, hosted the Grammy Awards.  I’ll paraphrase what he said that stuck out to me.  ‘Now artists can make HUGE hit songs & millions of people can stream them.  If that musician or group is really lucky they’ll get a check, anywhere from 2 to 3 dollars’.  He said it as a joke, & it’s funny because it is true.  I’m streaming to save for guitars but because I’m streaming on Apple Music with Kim we pay $14/month.  So were paying $168 a year for radio in that we don’t own it, we rent it.  We stop paying the monthly fee, our music goes away & whoever made the music has to go on tour to make any money?

Monday was back to exercise as usual, nice to get back into the routine.  I miss it when I don’t do it.  I think at this point I’m maintaining, & I’m OK with that.  Sure I have a small belly & love handles, I can live with that!

I’m anxious to see a live concert but still unsure if I’d go to any this year, even after EVERYONE gets a vaccine.  It would be hard to say no to a “Foo Fighters”, “Big Wreck”, “Myles Kennedy”, or “Mark Tremonti” concert though!?

I started streaming ‘NIRATIAS’ by “Chevelle” that was released on March 5th.  Going by the ratings on iTunes I’m a little off preferring the song ‘Peach’ to ‘Self Destructor’, oh well!  Different strokes for different folks!

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website!

www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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I didn’t get any exercise in this week.  With renovations going on everything’s out of place & there’s sanding dust everywhere.  Kind of knew this was gonna happen, but I was hoping to get something in exercise wise.  I was thinking we might get some walking in this weekend, but we’ll be fairly busy cleaning a thick layer of dust off of EVERYTHING!

I feel as though I’m VERY productive on guitar, even grabbed my mom’s old acoustic while I was there.  So when I say I’d like to get those 3 guitars, I’m hoping to get them each for a diverse reason.  I know I won’t have every sound & every tuning, nor do I want them all.  I’m quite productive with what I currently have & those 3 guitars are each different from what I have and different from each other.  That’s as much diversity as I need.  I don’t need or want another amplifier, effect pedal, or any recording gear.  Now I torture myself watching demonstrations of those guitars!  The more I watch demos of them, the more I like ALL of them!

I haven’t spent any money on anything other than our combined income on groceries, car payments, mortgage, condo fees, & bills.  I also know that I don’t need to justify my purchases to anyone.  If we don’t have the cash to order a guitar by early December, it just doesn’t happen and I continue to save what I can.  I was considering getting some Irish beer this weekend or next weekend, but that’s less guitar money for me.

Regarding the mention of planning in the video.  I don’t spend money on something at that large of a price point without planning, it’s called budgeting in most people’s case.  Heck, I plan/budget for a purchase over $75-$100.  To be honest I’d love to order the S2 McCarty 594 & the Schecter Tempest by early December, before they go out of production.  I know that can’t happen financially though, since any of the 3 guitars individually would clean out my guitar savings! 

I love that the Godin is made in Canada, it’s a flat top traditional looking Les Paul, input jack on the front, & it has a wraparound bridge.  I’m not discounting that guitar it looks great & stands out in a REALLY good way.  My eyes are set on the S2 McCarty 594 & the Schecter Tempest in white.

I saw a commercial saying there was going to be a re-broadcast of the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan.  What is the fascination with the Royal family?  I must be missing something?  I was weirded out when Oprah was SHOCKED that there was racism being dealt with inside the family or institution.  Racism isn’t just an American thing.

I’d also like to know what happened to the #BlackLivesMatter protests.  Racism didn’t just go away instantly.  Peaceful protests should continue, or people might forget about the issue? 

Both wall treatments were installed by Wednesday afternoon when I got home.  Thursday morning & this morning the painter is painting the wall treatments.  Then we get to clean dust from patching, sanding, & cutting the boards for the walls, YAY!  They tarped everything & worked on the walls inside a tarped area, but of course dust got out as I expected it to.  Looks VERY good though, I’ll post some photos when the tarps are gone & the mess has been cleaned.  Monday & Tuesday night at my parents’ place & Wednesday & Thursday night here on the couch (bed is moved from my transfer pole, easier to sleep on the couch) Brewster occupied my side of the bed.  I was quite tired on Thursday for some reason?

I’ve been playing/practicing these 2 songs.

When I’ve got an electric guitar in my hands & need a break I play what know of the first half of this song or practice the next section I don’t have worked out yet.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website!

www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Renovations we’re & are pressing on at light speed this week.  On Monday, Brewster & I were staying at my parents’ place by about 7:15 am.  Our two wall treatments were be installed.  We needed to get Brewster out of here or he’d freak out with all of the noise, & I’d just be in the way.  We thought we’d be back Monday night, it took a little longer.  We got back Wednesday afternoon.  The painter for the wall treatments will be here Thursday bright & early at 7:30 am.

The three guitars I mentioned on Friday are set in stone for me as goals to save for & must have items.  All in this order to purchase them from most expensive to most affordable.  I watch guitar stuff on www.youtube.com but I’m more than content with these choices and I’m not looking into the specs on another guitar, EVER!


There are no B plans for any of them so I just have to stay the course, not spend money on anything to save for them over the next however many years it takes.  Once I’ve saved enough for one of them I order it ASAP.  I’m not looking into the small specifications on another guitar.  Why the S2 McCarty 594?  It’s at the lowest price offered by PRS, it’s said to be THE S2 model to buy, it’s wired to sound much like a Les Paul, & the difference between an S2 model and a fancy Core model is $3000 Canadian before tax.

Even with the range of guitars I’ll have, I’m not going to be able to cover every sound or tuning, but this might explain the reason for multiple guitars…

What I do really miss about work or being able bodied is just doing manual labour.  Running a printing press, cutting the lawn or shoveling the drive way & sidewalk.  I’d pop on my iPod & just go!  I’d go to work and for a few months I’d put on “Dream Theater’s” album ‘Systematic Chaos’ followed by a double album of “Lynyrd Skynyrd” greatest hits and finish the day with a sport talk podcast.

Pretty sure that despite my efforts the hacker is still here?  That’s just getting old for me & they’re pretending to be “Ellen Degeneres” inviting me to Facebook groups with Ellen’s name spelled incorrectly.  I don’t enter any contests or anything like that & I don’t know any BIG name celebrities.  I call poppycock on that!  I don’t win anything because I rarely enter any competition or lottery.

Exercises must happen for me ASAP in the morning for me.  It’s become a VERY consistent routine.  Now we have to make walking with my walker part of a late afternoon routine.  I’m fine with doing the walking, I just never think about it?  The only downside to it is having to put on my A.F.O. (ankle foot orthotic) brace on my left foot.  It prevents me from hyper extending my knee.  I don’t like it because I can’t feel where my foot should land with every step & I never use it when going up or down stairs for that exact reason.

We watched a movie Friday evening & another Saturday evening.  You know once we got home from whooping it up out on the town during a pandemic!  We watched the sequel “Coming 2 America” streaming on Amazon Prime…

Saturday evening we watched “Moxie” streaming on Netflix.  Directed by Amy Poehler who plays the mom of a rebellious teen.

Kim goes out Sunday to get a couple of salads for supper, so I told her what I’d have and I stayed home with Brewster.  After 10 minutes the phone rings.  It’s Kim she has a dilemma.  “Hi, I passed a McDonalds & thought we should have that.  What would you like for supper?”  That’s my girl!

We watched the Meghan & Harry interview with Oprah.  I never watched Oprah & I’ve never followed the Royal family.  I watched some of it anyways.  Meghan admits that she didn’t want to live during the interview.  When Oprah hears this she’s in shock.  Why?  I think the stats are 1/5 people suffer from mental illness?  So think about that, there are 3 people on TV together, chances are pretty good that 1 of them has or is dealing with mental illness.  I don’t understand why that’s so shocking?  I don’t want to kill myself now, but for a long period of time I did.  The stats show 1/5 people suffer from mental illness.  Remember that only 1/5 people are willing to admit it, I’m sure MANY more suffer in silence.  Maybe I’m not flabbergasted by this because I’m one of those people or that I know of more than a few others with mental health issues.

“Foo Fighters” are EVERYWHERE right now promoting their FANTASTIC new album “Medicine at Midnight”.  I’m biased but this is easily among their best albums.  Total “David Bowie” vibe to it!  Here they are on James Corden…

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



www.youtube.com links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!  

Exercise total for 5 days. 

250 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

150 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

900 Crunches

900 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

600 Back flexes

I know there’s a hacker watching EVERYTHING I do online, & I don’t really care.  Whoever it is or the company they’re working for, they’re very kind.  They’re more of an annoyance than anything to me.  I hope that they don’t mess with your stuff.  I want this to be a safe place, no judgement here.  You do you, don’t harm anyone in any way, & I’ll do me without harming anyone.  I’m just here to tell my story, nothing else.

I go back & forth on my opinion about the exercises I do 5 days a week.  Either way, they ALWAYS happen after my VERY small breakfast.  I asked a friend of mine what to eat & when.  He’s a body builder and is very health conscious.  He said a mix of carbs & protein in small meals 6 times a day.  I try to get 6 small meals in per day but it’s usually 5.

Although I do exercise quite a bit, I’m not bulky with muscle.  As my dad said, lower weights with more repetitions keep me lean.  When something becomes too easy, I add repetitions.  I’m not looking to bulk up, just have the ability to walk.  When I was in my therapies, I was told to work on my core.  That’s the reason for crunches & my leg lifts.  Led lifts are a long held crunch position while raising each leg individually.  Crunches cover my upper abs & leg lifts cover my lower abs.

I didn’t do my job on Thursday, no exercise.  I stayed up too late Wednesday night & slept in too long Thursday morning then I just decided to relax, I felt pretty tired.  If some people can’t wear a mask, I can take a day off from exercising.  We’re only a week into March and that makes 2 days that I’ve taken off & a vacation day already this, that’s not too good.  I expect better from myself.

My pills aid with my surviving cancer & they’re free here in Canada.  Insulin is a life or death medication for diabetics.  Why isn’t it free?  If you want to share this link on social media please do!  My brother-in-law has type 1 diabetes but has to pay for life saving insulin in Canada?  If you have $8 to help support the cause that’d help also.  You pick!


I like EVERYTHING about a Les Paul guitar.  The PRS S2 McCarty 594 is made with pickups to sound like a famous pickup made in 1958.  The Tempest is a little different, both are different body shapes than each other and a normal Les Paul shape.  The Tempest also has 3 “control” knobs instead of the typical Les Paul wiring of both pickups having its own tone & volume control.

This “caught my eye” over a week ago and it’s made by a Canadian company in Québec.  This is the cheapest one of the 3 & it’s made in Canada.  I just like looking at it since it looks a little different. 

This is definitely the next purchase & a must have for me!  Save my pennies for this!

Followed ASAP by the Schecter Tempest.


The Les Paul by Godin is MUCH cheaper than either of the other guitars and readily available within 3 days.  Only problem is it’s not the S2 McCarty 594 or the Tempest.  I’m currently down to 4 electric guitars & my trusty 1 acoustic that Kim says is too loud.  I keep my amplifier fairly quiet to not disrupt the neighbors.  I have 2 electrics in regular tuning right now.  My acoustic guitar varies from week to week.  I have one electric in flat tuning & the other in “C” standard tuning at the moment.  Once I obtain those 3 guitars I’m looking to buy & the one that’s paid for that should be here in March 15th, I’m out of space & I should just stop looking at guitars right now, the specifications/fine details of guitars.

Any PRS guitar is undeniably pretty.  If it’s an SE, S2, CE, Core, or private stock.

The guitars are prioritized for me in order of purchase, I’d love to order them ASAP in case one goes out of production but that’s not realistic according to my guitar savings.  I’ve wanted the S2 McCarty 594 for too long & keep putting it off that’s why it’ll be ordered first.  It’s only been in the S2 price line since January of 2020.  That will be followed by the Schecter Tempest that I instantly knew I had to get.  I believe it’s been around for 40 years.  The Godin Radiator is last and was introduced to the Godin line this January.  I like because it’s a nice looking flat top Les Paul & I love that it’s made in Canada!  I know it will take a while and there’s a chance something could be discontinued before I order it, but it’s not a perfect world.  Not much I can do about that?

This is the other Canadian that bought a MUCH more expensive model of Godin’s lineup but it’s a B stock so it’s been discounted for having some cosmetic flaws.

As much as I don’t like selling gear for other gear, my Matt Heafy signature Epiphone Les Paul Custom 7 string is still for sale.  My brother took it last weekend to play & record with.  He liked it, but found it too similar to his 7 string, an LTD Eclipse.  I’ll shop it around to others that might be interested and likely end up listing it for sale on a used music gear site, or eventually selling it back to the store.  Our brother-in-law is trying out the 7 string this weekend so I’ll see what he has to say about it?  Need the cash for the PRS S2 McCarty 594.  If I didn’t need the money from the sale of the 7 string, I’d donate the cash.  Unless the charity wanted the guitar.  Kim hates this because all I talk about are guitars.  When it comes to guitars I have a “one track mind”.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.  Sell the 7 string, save for the S2 McCarty 594 if it’s still around and go from there.  At least the price declines as I go.  I can’t plan the next decade of my life financially.  I’d like to get those 3 guitars & sell my 7 string.  So I’ll sell my 7 string, continue saving hopefully for the S2 McCarty 594 & see what happens.  If I manage to get all 3 great & if not, well that’s life?  The Godin would be the only guitar I’d own made in Canada.  This doesn’t make any additional guitars, but different tunings & likely a $20-$30 slide.  If it works for anyone reading this that would prefer I not deal with stress due to FOMO, I’m looking for an interest free loan of $3300.  If you’d like to wipe out guitars, renovations, vehicle & mortgage a healthy donation of a mere $210,000 Canadian would be great and Kim will love you long time, I’d offer myself but that might be more disappointing for you?  HAHAHAHAHA!  No, Kim won’t love you long time for any money…unless you want her too!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Did you feel that?  I was almost crying from laughing so hard!!!

I spent WAY too much time hating certain bands then I realized a few things.  A) That’s probably someone’s favourite band or artist and B) I don’t like them so I can change the radio station & never buy their albums.  No need to continue hating an artist or group, just don’t listen to them and forget about them as musicians.

As with most Fridays, I got up super early, finished my breakfast by 6:00 am and finished my exercise before Kim got out of bed.  YAY weekend!

I’ve been listening to a TON of music, just not the stuff I’m learning on guitar, weird?  I saw this recommended by a www.youtube.com site I watch.  I started streaming it and bought it on my birthday.  “My Chemical Romance” their album from 2006 “The Black Parade”.  The guitars sound like Brian May from “Queen” tone on the majority of songs!  They were lumped in with “Panic at the Disco” & “Fall Out Boy” then recently I realized that I like “Fall Out Boy” so I gave them a try.  The singer from “Panic at the Disco” has an AMAZING almost operatic voice. I just can’t get into their music?

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,