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I wrote and published Friday’s post & instantly felt very selfish.  I wrote this late yesterday afternoon with a break for supper & movie with Kim, then stayed up until 2:30 am finishing writing & editing this.

I think it’s pretty cool when I see a guitar that I own being used by a professional musician.  I got my Squier Starcaster 2 ½ weeks ago.  I watched a video, for the first time, on and Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, has the same guitar in a music video from his band “Mammoth”.  He also plays bass guitar in Tremonti, Mark Tremonti’s solo project to “Alter Bridge”.  Wolfgang could easily put a ‘Wolfgang guitar’ designed by his dad and made by the “EVH” brand, sold at a much higher price point than the Squier Starcaster but he chose the Squier, same model and colour as mine. 

I BOUGHT THE Squier Starcaster for a few reasons.  I REALLY like my friends hollow body Gretsch guitar, the Squier was VERY affordable, & David Grohl plays a Gibson Trini Lopez all of the time.  His signature hollow body guitar.  They’re not in production anymore & were $12000 + tax in Canada brand new.  Now the used ones are listed at $17,576 to $32,000.  The cheaper used one is more than ½ of our 2019 Toyota RAV 4!!!!!!

You know what I don’t want or need fancy expensive guitars!  I don’t feel sorry for myself at all!  I feel VERY, VERY fortunate!!!!!  I feel sorry for the people that were helpless & had to watch me go through stage 4 brain cancer not knowing if I’d ever come out of a coma with only a 5-15% chance of waking up. 

Most of all Kim.  Kim has to deal with a physically disabled husband EVERY day!  Kim puts my wheelchair in the back of our SUV if we go anywhere.  Kim has to help me go walking with my walker in case I fall & crack my head open.  Kim cooks supper.  Kim gets groceries for us.  Kim gets my prescription refills.  Kim takes me for my MRIs, to my psychiatrist, & family doctor.  Kim works a full time job for us.  Kim painted our entire suite by herself, twice now.  Kim orders stuff for me online.  Kim never gets anything remotely extravagant for herself.  Kim bought a bicycle in 2019, it was stolen & never found after only 3 months, and she never replaced it.  Kim bought herself cross country skis this winter.  She used them once & her feet were covered in blisters & incredibly sore.  Kim wouldn’t let me help her if she wanted something from around the house.  She slowly walked on her blisters around the house.  She bought this condo with our money after I was released from my physiotherapies.  Kim told the doctors to save my life instead of harvesting my sperm & letting me die.  My parents had that decision & left it up to Kim.  Any extra money Kim gets, she spends on stuff for the house. 

Kim bought me the Epiphone Explorer I have for Christmas 2002 after we had been dating since mid-April 2002.  Kim bought me the Epiphone Matt Heafy signature Les Paul Custom 7 string last year for my 40th birthday.  Kim paid for ½ of my PRS S2 Custom 22 semi hollow.  The guitars I have are GREAT & the 3 guitars I’ll buy are GREAT!  If they weren’t I wouldn’t have chosen them.  I know I’ll never meet “Foo Fighters”, “Alter Bridge”, or “Lamb of God” I’m just another fan.  I’m seriously OK with this, its Kim’s right to take credit for what she lets me do.  I’ll likely never see “Lamb of God” live again since they never tour through Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba much & nobody I know wants to see them as much as I do.  “Alter Bridge” might come to one of these locations & I’ll be there if they come, Kim wants to see them.  I haven’t missed a “Foo Fighters” show in Calgary since the ‘Wasting Light’ tour in 2011(?) & in the 2000 & 2003.  I’ve converted my father into a “Foo Fighters” fan.  I think he’s been to every show since the ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace’ tour when I had cancer.     

I couldn’t LOVE Kim more for what she does for Brewster & me, or just for being who she is.  A thoughtful, loving, caring, generous, smart, hardworking, humbling, attractive woman, who chose me of all people to spend her life with.  I didn’t even make it to our 3rd anniversary in 2008 without getting cancer but Kim stuck with me.  One of my oncologist at the hospital called Kim “the best wife I’ve ever seen”.  He said that most spouses that go through something like we did break up before it’s over but here we are after almost 16 years of marriage and 18 ½ years together.

I’ll order the long awaited PRS S2 McCarty 594 I’ll order it in early December.  Then save MY Christmas & birthday money from our families for the other 2.  Even with this income tax oops I’ll have the down payment to order the PRS S2 McCarty 594 and pay the rest of it when it gets here 6 months later.  The Godin radiator & the Sterling Cutlass should be GREAT guitars regardless of the low price.  Those 2 combined with tax is still far less than the S2 McCarty 594. 

There’s only cosmetic reasons to upgrade the PRS S2 McCarty 594 & the Godin is made in Canada.  The Sterling Cutlass is exactly what I’m looking for in a Stratocaster style guitar.   All 3 guitars check off all of my boxes, as does every guitar I already own.  I have absolutely no problem waiting & saving for the Godin & Sterling!  I want Kim to get her hobby stuff more than anything!  I’ve only paid for 2 ½ guitars here, the other 3 ½ were gifts. 

All of these guitars are desires not needs.  I’ll be here most of the time & I choose to play guitar instead of anything else.  Even when I watch Blue Jay baseball or CFL I’m playing my acoustic guitar.  Kim’s doing anything but watching TV with me.

Sure I’m here for Kim for whatever I can do for her, our families & friends.  Kim takes no credit for what she does for our families or our friends.  That’s just who she is.  Me, I’m good but Kim is AMAZING!!!!

This was the only type of 7 string I was really interested in/wanting, because it wasn’t a pointy, metal looking guitar.  I’ve got my 6 string Epiphone Explorer from Kim for that.

I listen to 7 string guitar music, I don’t play it.  7 strings, I’m all thumbs, 6 strings, I’m fine.  That’s my reason for selling it & putting the money towards the PRS S2 McCarty 594.

It would be great to upgrade & replace my PRS S2 Custom 22 semi hollow with the new Core PRS Special semi hollow but it’s not needed for sure!  I can’t afford it at over $5000 + tax in Canada.  Even if I lived in the USA it’s over $3000 there.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


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Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

900 Crunches

900 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

450 Back flexes

1:05 hour of yoga over 2 days

2020 has been a rough year to say the least, for pretty much everyone I assume, even me.  Being in quarantine has been fine with me but just opening my Facebook or watching the news can bring me down.  I turned 40 this year and I claimed that this would be my year.  That hasn’t changed at all, but there have been a few additional/minor obstacles along the way.

I finished my exercises on Tuesday, responded to a few emails & Facebook messages.  I was in here just WAY too long, ate my lunch & then crawled back into bed completely exhausted and slept until 5:00 pm. 

When I woke up, the news of Eddie Van Halen passing from cancer at the age of 65 was EVERYWHERE on social media.  I was never a fan of Van Halen, they were always just there & once in a while I’d get a song of their’s stuck in my head.  Him passing is a BIG thing among rock & metal guitar players or most musicians in general.  He developed many guitar techniques, he wasn’t just a REALLY good rock star.  I’m pretty sure that a TON of the bands I listen to currently wouldn’t sound the way they do without having heard Eddie Van Halen play guitar.  If you don’t know him, you’ve likely heard him.  Michael Jackson got him to play the guitar solo on “Beat It”

When you first go to listen to “Eruption” you just think you’re going to hear a song but you end up listening to a 1:40 minute guitar solo.  TONS of people, not me, will emulate it but Eddie created it.

This is Eddie Van Halen playing “Eruption” live in concert.  It’s long but it may help you understand his impact on any guitar player that has heard him.

I said I’d put out a small handful of videos of me playing guitar.  Mostly for me to deal with my anxiety.  I’ve picked 3 songs to do & they will trickle out when I feel they’re good enough.  All Led Zeppelin songs are new to me on guitar.  I’m just going to focus on getting these 3 as perfect as I can & hopefully I don’t freak out with a camera on me.  Of course I’ll put out abreviated versions.  Foo Fighters have been my favourite band since I saw a video on Much Music (Canada’s MTV) from their second album.  So I play a LOT of Foo Fighters stuff.

Not only is exercising daily helping me, but I’m also eating healthier, cutting out coffee & tea, while seriously minimizing my alcohol consumption to 2 oz. of Baron Samedi spiced rum on the rocks or a beer every 2-3 weeks.  I never really drink anything other than water most of the time.  A side effect of my pills are dry mouth, so I just keep a liter of water beside me all day & I usually fill my water bottle at least 3 times a day, even on weekends. 

When we got to our friends’ place last weekend, I stood up out of the car.  When I did that I quickly realized I wasn’t holding on to anything or using my arms to get up & out of our vehicle.  I immediately grabbed hold of the vehicle door.  Since February of 2008 I’ve never done that.  I startled & shocked myself at the same time.

Now that I own a PRS S2 I totally get this.  It’s a very easy to play instrument and whatever brand name is on the headstock of a guitar shouldn’t matter.  If it’s your instrument and it works for you, that’s why you have it & use it.  Even the mastermind, Paul Reed Smith himself, says that if he plays another guitar and prefers it over something PRS has made, he’ll buy it & use it.  My first guitar, a Tradition Les Paul, is great and would be the closest rival to my PRS S2 in many aspects also the furthest from my PRS S2 in many other aspects.  I’d like to say to anybody reading this, I’m sorry I took you through such a deep dive on my new guitar.  Everything I said is true so I was excited about it.  As for the topic of pickups or tone wood having the biggest effect on the sound, that’s up for debate for many people.  I think the wood used makes a HUGE difference but the next person could prove me wrong.

I watch a TON of guitar related channels full of demos & reviews.  Here is a guy, who I believe lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2 ½ hours north of Regina), that was scammed by ordering a guitar made oversea where they produce knock off look-a-like guitars for a fraction of the price.  I’m glad I’ve never experienced this problem.

It’s October in Canada.  Typically we’d see snow here by now.  With climate change, the winters seem shorter the last few years.  I just heard our air conditioner turn on.  Winters are cold here, I wear shorts year ‘round since I’m usually inside, people think I’m crazy because it’s cold out, & summers are TREMENDOUSLY hot!  For it to be +30 Celcius in the summer or + 40 in July is a strong possibility.  In the winter -50 Celcius isn’t a stretch.

I turned on the news briefly on Wednesday, this is what I learned in 6 minutes or so.  There’s a bomb threat at the mall downtown, the President is contagious but back in the White House & high as a kite on experimental medication & steroids nobody will receive until approved, & 19 people in the White House have tested positive for the virus.  What did I learn from the news?  There’s a crazy person downtown & the President learned nothing after being in the hospital for the virus……and that’s why I try to avoid the news!

It was like watching a trailer for the sequel of “White House Down”.

You know what would be nice?  If we could all deal with our own stuff & not bother anyone else.  That would be nice but somebody or something always stirs the pot.  WHY?

I guess watching the news wasn’t enough punishment for me so I watched the Vice Presidential debate.  My opinion doesn’t matter on this since I’m a Canadian living in Canada, so I can’t vote.  It still a boils down to one question for me.  Does anyone want 4 more years of what’s going on now minus the Coronavirus?  If you answered “Yes” vote for Trump, if you answered “No” vote for Biden.  Nothing has changed for me.  I know where I stand on many of the issues addressed in the debate & I know how I’d vote if I had the chance.  Were in a pandemic, what else was I supposed to watch?  I know that for some reason science & facts don’t seem to matter right now but a fact is that the planet, because of climate change, can’t take 4 more years of the current administration in the USA.  Unless most of us die of something else before 2050, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see the end of the world.

Here it is a nice long weekend in Canada!  Thanksgiving weekend!

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread love” –Ellen Degeneres 

P.S. Sleeping has been terrible all week.  Nap on Tuesday afternoon, 5:00 am up & doing stuff Thursday followed by a nap after my exercise.  Today I just wanted to stay in bed, I got up a little after 8:00 am.  I like to be awake & doing my exercises by 7:30 am.  Thursday was odd I slept oddly and woke up with a SORE left hand middle finger, I couldn’t make a fist.  Very little guitar playing yesterday.