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I fell asleep to “Harry Connick Jr.” the album of cover songs “Your Songs”

I exercised to “Corrosion of Conformity” the album “In the Arms of God”


Thank goodness it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weekly exercise total; 0 pushups (finger is still tender), 500 crunches, 1000 leg lifts, 600 tricep pushups, 500 squats, 200 back flexes.


This bruised finger sucks.  Until it stops hurting I’m going to play it safe.  Well, at least it’s not my right/dominant hand.  When I exercise, I go all out.  Not doing my pushups takes less time & it’s disappointing to me.  I’m going to have to build up to 240 a day.  No, I don’t know why, but I don’t look like somebody that does all of this exercise.

Yes I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, but that was never the reason I started exercising like a mad man.  The entire reason for all of this exercise was to be able to “Walk”.  At first I thought I’d be able to walk very soon, by 2015 maybe.  That didn’t happen!  Oh well, maybe one day?

We’re looking at getting a lighter wheelchair for me & pay for it with my disability tax return.  Right now my chair weighs 41 pounds.  The wheelchair we’re looking at weighs 14 pounds, much easier for Kim to lift into our vehicle.

“Will I ever walk?  Yo I don’t know?  Turn off the lights & I’ll glow….”

At least he picked a great bass line to rip off.  Long live “Queen”!  And the other Queen!


When I was in high school I was not part of the “Cool Kids” I had 2 groups I would hang out with, & both involved Timothy Wong.  One group of 4 guys which we called “The Nothings” we weren’t all musicians, jocks, or anything in particular & one group of Tim, myself & 2 girls.  One I’ve known longer than my brother!  I did hang out with 3 or 4 guys on the football team during lunch.  I think it was ’97 or ’98 I started hanging out with Laurie, really good friend like Timothy.  Laurie is a year younger than me.  When I was in University, it was quite common for her to come home after high school & find me reading a text book in her parents’ living room.

I found high school to be more individual clique.  Small groups of 4-8 people.  That being said I also graduated with over around 260 people or so.




If it’s animated, I’ll likely buy the movie to watch it at home multiple times.  They’re not all great, so I’ve either rented it or saw it in the theater.  2 of my 4 or 5 favourite movies are not animated.  I’m not going to bore you with every single trailer from the movies I like, so here’s just a few.  Just because I’m 38 years old doesn’t mean I have to just watch dramas, documentaries, thrillers, & horror movies?


This entire series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of these movies!

Many, many, more…………………………..


A protest song by Bad Religion.  I think there will be many protest songs while Trump is President.



So this study says metal can be harmful, yet a previous study I saw years ago states that metal calms listeners.  So which one’s true?


Live is back with the original lineup & an AWESOME song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Weird Al’s top 10 rock parodies.



The Toronto Blue Jays’ management is in a tough spot that I don’t envy.  I see a lot of backlash coming from fans of the team after the July 31st trade deadline.  The fans, for the most part, aren’t dumb.  The stadium isn’t sold out nightly like it was in 2016.  C.E.O. & G.M., Mark Shapiro & Ross Atkins, are walking a fine line at the moment.  Fill the seats & build a team to win without blowing the team up.

Truth be told I’d rather have had them ‘Blow up’ the roster when they joined the organization after the 2015 season.  Who can they trade that’s not injured at the moment?  Starting pitcher, Marcus Stroman, gets back into action on Saturday & J.A. Happ is getting old.  They’re not making the playoffs this year, every fan knows that.  Everybody is trade worthy, but I don’t see much in return?  Other than starting pitcher J.A. Happ, who is consistently good there is very little value in any other players, even Marcus Stroman?  Even if he flops on Saturday, there is only Happ to trade & get anything in return.  You could trade Smoak 1B, Pillar CF, Biagini RP, Barnes RP, I think you’d get very little in return for them.  The Jays could potentially have $31,000,000 or $51,000,000 sitting on the bench next year due to 3 players under preforming with HUGE contracts through 2020.

I think they should do what the Toronto Maple Leafs did.  “Hey, were going to suck for a couple of years, until our minor league players get really good”.  At least they’d be honest, since the fans pretty much know it.


Major League Baseball wants to speed up the pace of play since EVERYONE is so focused on their cell phone that they can’t turn it off & focus on something else for 10 minutes let alone 3 hours.  “Oh no!  I’ll die if I don’t have my cell phone!”  Surprise, I loathe cell phones!  “Hey talk to me!  I’m right here in even better resolution!”


I have 2 ideas one might not work for them.

Take away instant replay in the dugout.  Give the field manager 2 challenges, without viewing the replay in the dugout.  They have to call for a replay by the umpires within 10 seconds of the play in question.

This one might not work?  If a player hits a homerun, the umpire ahead of the player should signal the homerun.  Once the signal has been given, offensive base runner(s) should stop & return to the dugout.


The more you share this, the more readers I get.  No, I’m not profiting from this in any way.  I can’t tell who’s reading this but thank you!

Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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I don’t follow politics……….EVER! I was watching CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the National news. They were reporting on Donald Trump’s Republican Convention, I changed the channel to watch that instead. I haven’t watched any of the debates for more than 5 minutes. I watched the majority of this one though. I couldn’t stop laughing! I was even lol! My goodness he’s entertaining & scary at the same time. The entire speech was like watching a terrorist threaten another terrorist. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing! I watched it until the end & realized a couple of things. A) I should have been watching the campaign from the start just for the entertainment value! B) If he wins, it’ll be scary & the USA will be a gated community. Nobody’s coming from the Southern Boarder, the East Coast, China or Russia aren’t coming from the West Coast, & us Canadians will build a wall on our Southern Boarder & send the bill to the USA.

Friday was more of me trying to be comfortable with a screwed up back. I didn’t go to the football game. I don’t think it would have done any good sitting on a wooden bench for that amount of time. We babysat our friends kid, who politely told me where to go & how to get there! Kim was painting with her. Kim was painting a person flying a kite. I said we should blow to make some wind for “auntie” Kim, man was I wrong. “UNCLE CHRIS WE DON’T BLOW WIND, WE PAINT IT!!!” aka she told me in the most polite way where to go & how to get there, finger pointing & all.

So at the end of the day, I slept on the couch again, while Kim slept in our bed with someone else, a 2 ½ year old and I’m not sure if I’ll be invited to her 3rd birthday party.

Saturday was my aunts memorial in Regina. The family left the chapel to “Spirit in the Sky” I had finished my crying a week ago, I was OK. My mother did the eulogy at the service for her older sister, she of course choked up, then I choked up a bit too. The entire ceremony actually felt like a celebration. I’ve never felt that at a memorial/funeral? My aunt was really cool & fun to be around, & that’s exactly what I’ll remember about her!

Back to my parents place for a very excessive amount of food and whatever you brought for alcohol. I left with a food baby……and 1 beer……………….a 2 liter bottle of beer. It’s pretty rare to see your mother, uncle & cousins do a shot of tequila at the front of a chapel during a memorial, but I know that’s what my aunt would have wanted!

Now it’s Sunday & I have baseball to watch. Yes my back I still sore. I’ll finish this later.

I’d like to know if Jordan Cook aka Reignwolf will ever release a full album? I don’t buy singles unless there are 10 or more to make an album.


See how Mark Tremonti’s custom PRS guitars are made.


Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, defends Linkin Park’s music.


In Flames shared it….

Thursday’s Gerber & Gerber from Consequence of Sound

Movies I have yet to see…

Steve Harvey on Country music


Do people still listen to Korn? I guess so, they’ve got a new album to be released.

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/see-korns-disturbing-gothic-new-rotting-in-vain-video-w430096 LANGUAGE & DISTURBING IMAGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read a statement on civilization from Serj Tankian, System of a Down vocalist


Wheel of musical impression Celine Dion with Jimmy Fallon


I’m not on twitter. I vaguely heard about the incident.


Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert discuss the RNC.


I quite enjoy Echosmith!


So Maynard James Keenan, Tool singer, is heading out on his book tour. This tells me another year passes & no Tool album until 2017? LANGUAGE!!!!!

Songs for a campaign. Instead of using a song by famous musicians without their approval. Maybe politicians should use songs from the public domain? Nursery rhymes, happy birthday, the National Anthem, etc.


Mike Shinoda defends Chester Bennington’s remarks


What’s it like to tour with the “Tragically Hip”?


Remember “The Blair Witch Project”? If not you should brush up, because the sequel is coming out in September.


Would you want a Manson family member out on parole?


This is just really cool!


26 years ago Pantera released the album “Cowboys from Hell”


Two of the spin offs from “Batman vs. Superman”

Wonder Woman trailer at comic con


Followed by the Flash movie trailer


Man I hope they announce an album release date soon.

Former Metallica bassist, Jason Newsted, unveils “Would & Steal” project during webcast. Video inside the link.

http://loudwire.com/jason-newsted-would-and-steal-project-webcast/ LANGUAGE BELOW!!!!!

I believe “Big Wreck” is rehearsing or recording new material, from what I can tell by the photo on facebook?!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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Thursday afternoon Timothy Wong came over with his two kids going into grade 7 and grade 6. Tim & I have been best buds since grade 9! That night was the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL team’s season opener. Tim was in town for that he lives in Edmonton, that’s where he went for University after high school. Dad & I are still in our season ticket seats. Roughly 10 stairs up for me in the 22nd or 21st row in seats 1 & 2. Directly in front of us when we come up the stairs. I’ve been going to the games since my Grandfather could hold me on his lap as a baby, so I’m guessing for 33 years, I’m 36 now, I guess I shouldn’t count the 4.5 years I was in the hospital with cancer?

I fell Friday in the late afternoon while I was going into my parents house. My Grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday. On Friday people were coming to my parents place for a BBQ. Kim & I got there at roughly 4:30 pm. Kim backed up the vehicle so I could walk along the side of the car & grab the railing at the front of the house. 1 hand on the vehicle & 1 hand on the railing. I figured “Ah, I’ve done this before, shouldn’t be a problem.”? Oh did I ever misjudge that! Got my arms in place & fell right on the driveway. Fortunately I’ve sort of learned to fall on my side or my bum, so it doesn’t hurt & I don’t break a bone. Of course everyone starts freaking out. “Don’t worry, I’m fine” I told everyone as I was getting on the front step & about to stand holding on to the railing. In the end I was fine. No bruises, scrapes, scars, or anything like that, all of that exercising has really paid off! Yes, I will continue to exercise as much as I can, even if I one day get a job. I really don’t like exercising but I miss it when I don’t, I almost feel guilty on the weekends?

Saturday night we celebrated my grandparents 60th anniversary. I’ve been going to that place since university, I had no clue there was a private room at the back of the building. I enjoyed it. All of my aunts, uncles & cousins from out of town. It’s pretty rare to see us all together since everybody but my immediate family is out of province. We had supper & the cake my aunt made at Tony Romas then we went back to my parents place for a while. Most of us were outside & around midnight it just started dumping rain. Most people left but a handful of us went inside. Kim & I left at about 1:00 am.

Today I watched the Blue Jays demolish the Cleveland Indians 17-1.  My uncle & cousin came over to hang out & watch the game with me.  Good times all weekend, busy but good!

Rolling Stone magazine’s weekend question? My favourite pop punk album would be one of the following 3….


LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY.

Eve 6 “Horrorscope”

Green Day “Dookie”

Jimmy Eat World “Bleed American”

New Echosmith video

Now you’re saying “Who’s Echosmith?” This band…

I think I’ve posted this before?


As much a I like Pearl Jam, Jack White’s not about to get any of my money. Every famous musician has worked hard to get where they are, but I don’t have to like their music or waste my time & energy hating them. Wait 3 minutes & the song will be over, don’t turn on the radio if you like or don’t purchase or stream their music.

Well known for his work in The White Stripes

In Flames DVD, yes please!!!!!! They’re currently working on a new album. There is no release date for the DVD or album.



Article with Mark Tremonti on how Metallica’s album “Master of Puppets” affected him.


Slash’s take on how Guns n’ Roses are getting along


Chris Adler was only a session drummer with Megadeth, & likely will not return unless needed. He is & always has been the drummer of “Lamb of God”



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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “The Northern Pikes” the album “Snow in June” from 1990 originally from Saskatoon. Before that it was “Stone Sour” the album “House of Gold & Bones Part 2”

I exercised to ”Foo Fighters” the self titled debut album that Dave Grohl did by himself. Band was not assembled yet aka nobody said “FOO FIGHTERS UNITE”!

Perfect, it’s my dad’s/George’s birthday today.

Exercise total for the week; 15 minutes of Yoga, 120 squats, 160 leg lifts, 5100 crunches. My abs are in the best shape ever, I still have a layer of fat over them though. We/I need to do more cardio. It hurts until I get through the first 75-100 crunches, then it’s fine.

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I’ll tell you now, Monday’s post will be later than usual. Apparently baseball fans in Boston have Monday off? Day game that is on TV here at 10:30 am. Weekend Update on Sunday might be later in the day also.

I have 4 box sets. 2 of them are 3 CDs, 1 is a 3 CD set, 1 DVD & a book, 1 has 4 CDs, 4 Vinyl albums & numerous DVDs full of individual interviews. Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, & Alter Bridge in order. While I was in the WRC & able to go out, Kim grabbed a 3 CD anthology by Lamb of God. When I discovered Opeth I bought a 4 CD set for $40, sweet deal!

Thursday’s episode of Netflix & Chill

Jimmy Fallon from Thursday night.

Son buys new self driving Tesla. Take’s his mother for a drive. HILARIOUS!!

Muse have bright new bass guitar!


Echosmith’s family photo for siblings day


I did not enjoy this movie. Everyone else did though. Kim bought it, it’s right beside me.


Best metal albums of 2016 so far. These are my 2 below!


Mark Tremonti demoing amplifier

Batman vs. Superman. I would love to see this very soon!

Chevelle must be done recording their new album? They’re packing up to play a show?

Duh? Of course their will be a sequel. The first one was vulgar, hilarious, & action packed!! Oh, it also made a TON of money!



Avengers vs. Presidents on Jimmy Kimmel


Chris Cornell of Soundgarden does a song for the HBO series “Vinyl”


Sorry, can’t embed this for you?


4 “Avatar” sequels ahead


Nah, he can keep the autographed “Hello Kitty” guitar


Grunge bands?


She is transgender, I’d play there if I was too! Just to make a stand! I hate that this is still an issue. Especially in such a progressive continent?!?!


I don’t usually listen to the lyrics but this Muse album lyrics are quite redundant, good thing the music is great!


I have 2 songs that changed my life. Both are below.


This gets me also. Why is race an issue? It’s a sweeping stereo type! LANGUAGE IN THE SONG INSIDE THE LINK!!!!!


Kongos preorder on iTunes now. First single when preordered


I’ll catch you on Sunday! Baseball tonight 4 game series in Boston for the Jays!!!!!!!!!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “U2” the album “Pop”

I exercised to “Coldplay” the latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” Then some “Eve 6” all 4 albums on shuffle.

So the Blue Jays start the season with a bang wining their first 2 games & go on to lose the next 4. Marco Estrada, the starting pitcher out of nowhere, won on Sunday, The Blue Jays are now 3W-4L. Last April they had a poor start to the season as well. I’ll give them 10-12 games or the month of April before I hit the panic button.

I was sitting around just doing nothing, & it felt wrong, so I worked out & decided to come in here & write a blog. I don’t enjoy working out but it’s a weekday it felt like I should be doing something.

My muscles are still a little tender, not going to stop me though! The addition of my squat exercise is making a huge difference, you can even see muscle in my quads/front of my thighs. Kim & I were watching TV Sunday night & I said to her “Hey, you can even see & feel muscle here! Check it out!” When we go walking, which we need to do more often, all of these exercises seem to help. I gotta say it’s nice to see some improvement finally. I can be patient with others, but not myself! The only problem is still my belly. I have an 8 pack but it’s covered up by a keg. I just need to do more cardio! Hopefully sooner than later!!!!! I didn’t have much alcohol this weekend either. 4 drinks & one was a hot rum tottie for my throat, that doesn’t count in my mind?

I’ve had cancer & I’m fine. My aunt has cancer & I don’t have a clue as to what I should say? I beat cancer, but I had a different type of cancer, 2 completely different scenarios. Her cancer & my cancer are not the same & won’t be treated the same at all. So what do I know about her cancer? Nothing! I say “…just keep swimming…” & enjoy everyday! Don’t worry about tomorrow, it hasn’t happened yet. My aunt is just doing her thing & being awesome at it! She likely has as much or more love & support as I did. AWESOME!!! Keep it up aunt Diane!!!!!!!!

Megadeth was in Canada, I believe they also chose Moose Jaw over Saskatoon or Regina? Smaller venue, it must sound fantastic, Regina’s arena sounds terrible, even Ed Sheeran alone had his sound distorting?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver CENSORED LANGUAGE!!!

Suicide Squad new trailer (Batman villains)


Hollywood Vampires 18 date tour (Alice Cooper, Jonny Depp & Joe Perry of Aerosmith)


Tremonti European tour.


Great album to chill out to…..

The Pretty Reckless are in the mixing stage for their album, according to a photo on Facebook. EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

33 years ago Dave Mustaine (Megadeth singer/guitarist/creator) was fired from Metallica.


Gene Simmons vs. N.W.A.’s induction to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame



Pentatonix tour


Ian Fletcher Thornley shared it…………………..



Always check out the Rock It Out Blog on facebook or www.youtube.com/consequenceofsound

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Dream Theater” the new album “The Astonishing” a 34 song album?

I exercised to “The 1975” the album “The 1975” a 39 song album?

The NHL has become a terrible mess, & it just keeps going downhill. It’s very apparent to me that the commissioner has lost total control of the league. Does anyone know of fans in Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Nashville, Dallas, or even L.A.? He’s not responsible for all of these cities having teams. I have a hard time believing they can attract enough fans to a single game to merit the fact they generate enough money for the league. Now there’s whispers of a team in Las Vegas? Yeah, that worked out fantastic with there being a CFL team down there in the ’90s. I think most Canadians could do with fewer teams & some rule changes to boost offense, & less fighting. I personally would like to see NHL hockey pre New Jersey Devils’ neutral zone trap defense. NHL from the ’80s & very early ’90s.

I watch “Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowen” everyday. He said that someone he knew offered box seats to numerous clients. Your own food, drinks, & washroom for FREE! The guy couldn’t give away free tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game & Toronto is where the hockey die hard fans live! That’s how bad it is in Toronto. I’ve never been to a regular season hockey game & right now that’s fine. Since the strike/lock out I’ve probably watched less than a full hockey game on TV. I’ve seen portions of probably 6 games since 2014? I miss NHL hockey from way back when, & nobody will come remotely close to Wayne Gretzky’s records for quite a while. Ah, when hockey was good!

Only a 20 game suspension for this?????? If I were dishing out the punishment it would be a lifetime ban from the NHL!!!! This is why I don’t watch hockey. Coach, maybe control your players?

I keep thinking I should get this album, I’m just not sure I’d listen to it much?

“Walk off the Earth” shared it. Other than my dad I don’t know of any other fans of their’s. I think just my dad & I are alone in this?

“Rock on the Range” announces line-up


“Wedding Dates” trailer


This is a band on the rise. Why? I’ll never understand?


Nice grab Vanessa McCubbing!

In Saskatchewan “Corrosion of Conformity”, “Clutch”, & headliner “Lamb of God”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You said “Five Finger Death Punch” & “Disturbed”. I wasn’t planning on going anyways. I’m not into those bands. I liked “Disturbed” first two albums at the time in my early to mid 20s. Couldn’t really get into “Five Finger Death Punch”


“R.H.C.P.” play ‘Aeroplane’ live for the first time in 20 years



“Macklemore” on Stephen Colbert


Enter a contest to win a “Black Sabbath” prize


10 vocalists that sound like movie monsters. “Extreme Metal”, not for me.


“Revolver Magazine” featuring an article with Cristina Scabbia from “Lacuna Coil” from Italy




I’ve never really listened to “Jimi Hendrix” but I do like “Prince”


However you’re getting this, please pass it along?

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


Today’s workout was bought to you by the letter “T”, as in Trivium on shuffle. 6 albums I listen to & one album on CD in the closet behind me. It’s not allowed on my iTunes! I don’t put baby in the corner, I put CDs in my closet (it knows why)!

The only song from the album “The Crusade” on my iPod & iTunes, an instrumental

The Toronto Blue Jays won! On to Kansas City on Friday (October 16th) to start a best of 7 games for the American League Championship Series! 3 pitchers used in yesterdays game, all under the age of 22. Marcus Stroman started & went 6 innings + 2 outs. Aaron Sanchez pitched 4 outs (1.1 inning). Roberto Osuna is 20 years old & pitched the 9 inning, the game finished at 6-3 including a VERY long 7th inning (53 minutes) that everyone could have used a rule book for. I’ve been watching the Blue Jays since 1991 & I have never seen 1 inning take so long with 2 bench clearing occasions. Nobody fought but it was very close to getting ugly.

If you’re in the crowd as a mother protecting her new born, stop throwing any projectile on the field! Alquida is pretty much on par with the Toronto crowd from yesterday. The crowd reacted in one of the worst ways possible. Even Toronto players were trying to stop the crowd from throwing garbage on the field.

The Texas Rangers made 3 errors in a row?! Yeah that was a fantastic game. I hear 75% of Canada jumping on the Blue Jay band wagon! “Welcome aboard I’ve been here since I was 11, 1991, the year before they won the World Series!” I watch a TON of Blue Jay baseball, yet I’ve never seen most of the stuff that happened last night!

You just don’t do this EVER as a pitcher!

Josh Donaldson post game interview “That play just pissed everybody off”

I don’t watch much National League baseball, that’s the baseball I find boring.


“Back to the Future” 4? With a cameo by Christopher Lloyd


A “Die Hard” prequel? Both of these movies have the potential to be great, or fall flat on their face.


2nd single from the Ian Fletcher Thornley album

Stephen Colbert & Jack Black


What? Katy Perry sang with Christian nu metal group POD?


And now she does this?

Hear the original line up for “Alice Cooper” play ‘Mr. Nice Guy’


Well “Almost Famous” would already set the bar quite high for this team up.


Walk off the Earth shared it, here it is! I do like the previous album more than this new album. Here’s one from each album.

Their covers are FANTASTIC + very unique

The new Radiohead album is done & they plan to tour in 2016


I’m sure it will sound like this track rather than the 2nd link.

I just found this link for “The Best of Regina”, my friends Cam & Michelle run the preschool “Bloom” on the ballot. “The Exchange” is also on there, good original music, mostly local. “Best place to make WHOOPEE (besides home) is also on the list? Who calls it “WHOOPEE” now?


“Echosmith” live on James Corden

Rock It Out Blog “Music at the Movies” Stephen King edition.

Songs I like, “Sound City” soundtrack to the documentary by Dave Grohl about an analog recording studio. Foo Fighters with other musicians leading whoever is playing along with them. Studio that Nirvana recorded the album “Nevermind” in.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl




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I get that the music industry isn’t to great these days. I’m guessing that’s one of the 2 reasons so many groups are throwing re-issues of older albums since they can’t afford studio time. The 2nd reason is likely because music is now bought & sold digitally. My question is why buy an album you already have that will sound a bit different than the version you already own? I bought 1 remastered album a while back, Foo Fighters “The Colour & The Shape” not because they’re my go to band, or that it would sound different. Because it came with 7 B-Sides aka extra songs that I didn’t have at the time! I got this again & these 2/7 B-Sides I didn’t have……

A 3 night concert? What are they gonna do with the other ½ of their songs???????


I’m not a Phish fan, but I’ve heard they’re live shows are quite long full of musical improvisation.

If you want it, here’s 2nd part of “Disturbed’s” David Draiman Wikipedia fact or fiction. LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Campbell (Lamb of God bassist) answers Playboy questionnaire. Short clip little LANGUAGE!!

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones should shut his yap, he’s entitled to his opinion, but there’s no need to rip other bands apart in the public eye.


Blink 182 hit the studio with new member Matt Skiba


Justin Bieber on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. More videos inside link, including a drum battle between Bieber & Quest love


One of the many reasons I don’t want to have a cell phone. If your not with me somewhere it’s for a reason. Send me an email & I’ll respond when I have time & I’m unoccupied.


Ethiopian students learn english from “Pearl Jam’s” Even Flow. Now I know what the words are too!

Black Sabbath announce final world tour


A. D. D. shared it….

Our Lady Peace shared a live track

Current Guns n’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson has no idea what’s happening in 2016


Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) online diary


I don’t know what “Queens of the Stone Age” are up to? Their fb page says ‘LA Keep Your Eyes Peeled’

Eve 6 shared it. I quite enjoy Eve 6

I’m not a fan of Nicki Sixx, Motley Crue or cell phones. I do like what Nicki Sixx has to say about cell phones at concerts. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! If you’re recording it to watch it later at home, you just paid $35+ for a terrible video. Watch the actual concert with your eyes & buy the concert DVD later. Both will sound/look better than anything you get on your phone.


This is the album for me right now. Not metal, rock, rap, acoustic, pop, or country, etc. I guess it’s the new pop/rock stuff. Just music I’m really enjoying on a daily basis

Songs I like, “Pearl Jam” This could be long with their catalogue. I have 17 of their albums, most on CD. I’ve seen them twice, I’m good!

I don’t listen to Pearl Jam enough!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl




If you’re getting this through facebook, feel invited to like & share this!

There’s no joy in Riderville. 0W-9L. Head coach, Corey Chamblin, was fired as well as the Roughriders GM. I call it a band aid fix. The Saskatchewan Roughriders will win the following 2, 3, or 4 games then continue losing. This mid season firing of the head coach & winning the next few games happens in most sports with any team that does this. No there’s not much “Rider Pride” in Saskatchewan at the moment.

Who ever thought high school would be the best years of your life? I was told that while in high school. I hated high school, couldn’t wait to graduate. I wasn’t part of the “cool kids” crowd. I was just a kid going through the growing pains of puberty. My voice was cracking, my bones were aching, I had to start shaving, I had terrible acne, etc. High school wasn’t all that fun for me. I made a few really good friends, & tried not to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I went to our grad with a girl I had known & gone to school with from kindergarten all the way to grade 12.

Yes, I went to grad, not my idea! “Oh, you’ll regret not going!”. Nope! If I could do it all over again I would certainly not go to my graduation. So what I regret is actually attending my grade 12 graduation. Didn’t want to go to my high school graduation or my SIAST graduation! Best years of my life were out of high school. I made life long friends that were & still are great people but I don’t really want to think about my years in high school. No one’s fault that I hated it so much, it just came off as something I had to do, a chore to become an adult.

Right now are the best years of my life! I live with Kim, my best friend! What more could I ask for?

Monday’s Rock It Out Blog LANGUAGE!!!!!

Finger Eleven lyric video premiere It tells me not to share the www.youtube.com link? MULTIPLE F-BOMBS WARNING, LANGUAGE AHEAD!!!!


^^No, this is one of the weaker songs, for me, on the album!

Harp Twins cover Metallica’s “One”


10 craziest beefs at the MTV VMAs. Of course Nicki Minaj is involved in 1 of them. So is Kanye West. SURPRISE!


I didn’t even know or cared to know the MTV VMAs were on?


Unless these $200 Tool blankets come with a DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Digital Download & a Beta Max full of new material, I don’t need it.


I really want to see “Joe Dirt 2” & then I heard “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd was on the Soundtrack! AWESOME!!!!

I just thought this was really good & needed to be seen…

I’m not a fan of Jack White either. He’s just too much miss than hit for me. I’m also not big on Jonny Depp either.

There are quite a few other famous bands/musicians I have never liked. As for movies, if it has Jonny Depp or Keanu Reeves in it that shoots up a big red flag for me. Jonny Depp fired his agent because 3 movies in a row between last year & earlier this year tanked at the Box office, then he fired his agent. I didn’t see them, but I’m pretty sure his agent didn’t act in them?

^^I saw this movie since the original film from 1971 was really good with Oscar Wylde in it. If I nee to see it again, back to the original film for me.

Live, with their new singer, are much better than the last 2 or 3 albums they did with the original singer

I can’t see the new lineup/singer ever touching the “Throwing Copper” album. That must be a classic masterpiece for them!

26 years ago Motley Crue released “Doctor Feelgood”


Taylor Swift fan charged for battery after a fight with security guards


Video inside link.

New “Royal Blood” song.


Big Wreck shared it….

1983 footage of Prince


Video inside the link!

Songs I like, “Paul Simon” one CD. The Masterpiece “Graceland”!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



P.S.  Sorry, little later than usual.


I woke up today & thought “OOOOO, it’s Friday!!! NOPE, it’s Tuesday!” I did that weeks ago as well. Very disappointing.

Here it is 8:26 am & 3 people in the USA have viewed my blog 10 times each for a total of 30 views already. It doesn’t tell me who they are, just the country & how many people have viewed the site however many times. Thanks, hold your horses, I don’t post this until the end of the day around 5:00pm.

I don’t really know what Facebook means, but it says this blog had 2800 readers yesterday? It must mean I’ve had 2800 people in total from 2012-now! Thanks!

316 friends on Facebook for me, & I rarely get a PM, usually only if I initiate the conversation same with email. I don’t have the time to talk to each individual despite my effort & me being at home all day. I’m not leaving Facebook but maybe don’t speak publically about a trip or vacation until after the event happens & you are back home? Just a thought? Use the internet however you like. For me it’s more for tagging others or joking around, but that’s just my view. If you’re cool with email, know me personally, & have something to say to me, an email won’t kill you REALLY? I use email & survived stage 4 brain cancer??!!! Did I just blow your mind? Hahahahaha!

EVERYBODY has email, not all people have Facebook or twitter? I’m not on twitter, so I use email to stay in contact with people. I’m basically on Facebook for the information & the 6 or 7 people who have issues with their email. One day I’ll pop up & say “I’m canceling my facebook account”. You could argue the pros & cons of each.

Monday’s Rock It Out Blog. I see a commercial for this game & multiple times I think “Cool a new Batman movie!!!!!!!!!”! Then I see that it’s a video game?


Is the removal of the Confederate Flag really that big of a deal for caucasians?




Tremonti & Trivium!!!!!

Director/Producer Judd Apatow on Jimmy Fallon. Director/Producer of “Superbad”, “Knocked Up”, “This is 40”, “40 Year Old Virgin”, “The Pineapple Express”, “Bridesmaids”, “Anchorman 2”, etc., now “Trainwreck”. R rated comedies.



I learned how to jive in high school gym class. It & The Polka were my two favourites. No, I was nowhere near this good, nobody ever left the ground. I could listen to “jive”/”swing”/”upbeat jazz” any day!

So I bought this last week, then yesterday I bought the following . Both from iTunes & I’m done for the month or I’ll go over my allowance, since I have 2 pre-orders left this month “Lamb of God” on Friday & “Finger Eleven” on the 31st . For me these are both catchy.



All while listening to my Friday pre-order.


I can be very cheap at times, but I’m also terrible with money for music! Before I buy something or pre order something on iTunes I always ask Kim. I know my limit, as it gets closer I ask!

Jon Stewart on Donald Trump


I’m not a fan of their music, but almost every metal fan is.


This happened last year & I was all “WHAT?????????????????????”. Spidergirl?

44 years ago Black Sabbath released “Masters of Reality”


MTV video award nominees. I’m all in for Ed Sheeran, no biggie though. Awards for art I’ve never really understood?


Good grief, wrong condo suite people! Didn’t you lock your door when you left? Now I have to lock our door while I’m home. “OO, nice dog!” Did you have a dog when you left? Weird?

Sufjan/Cat Stevens Tour dates. Notice nothing in Canada, as per usual.


I think I know what I should do? Put a basket at the front door. When people come over I’ll have them put their phone, tablet or iPad in the basket when they’re under my roof visiting Kim & I. If it’s not a possible emergency, then why is there a phone here? I don’t have/want one. Do you need one at the moment when you’re here for a visit?

Number of iTunes accounts 800 million


Blog by iTunes Match user & other Apple products.


I don’t have the patience to tell you how many iTunes Match users there are in the world or how many have unsubscribed from this service, but we’re taking our $25-$28/year & leaving, as many people have done. I don’t want big brother/Apple looking over my shoulder knowing what I listen to & judging me on that. The rich get richer & now the poor “……taketh away……”

Why bigger budget’s for movies don’t always make the film better.


Today’s Rock It Out Blog. Me either since the 4th album, “Kid A”. “Pablo Honey”, “The Bends”, & “OK Computer” especially the latter 2 are AWESOME to me. 2 must hear albums, like them or hate them. I think Radiohead lost a lot of fans with the release of “Kid A” but gained different fans also!



Little bit of Todd Bryanton’s work?


Songs I like. “The Mayfield Four” Myles Kennedy’s previous band I saw in ’99 opening for “The Watchmen” & headliner “Big Wreck”. Now the singer for “Alter Bridge” & Slash’s solo albums.


“The Fallout” album is not on iTunes, I had to download it as a torrent before I was sick or pay over $160 on Amazon for 1 CD?

Sorry, I love his voice!

On backing vocals.

Alter Bridge!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl