Saturday we did some cleaning & laundry then went to Brown’s Social House for supper with Dave & Liz, their kids were with a babysitter & Brewster was at Kim;s sister’s place, Sherry & James’ place. We can’t leave him here alone so we also have to find a dog sitter for when we go out, We had a noise complaint a few years ago, when we left him home alone. We tried a few things but they didn’t work?

After supper we watched TV, cleared off our PVR & watched episodes 5 & 6 of “Making a Murderer” on Netflix. I’m really into that show 4 more episodes to go!

Sunday. Today we saw Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens with Mitch, Rachel & Dad. It was good movie, just a little more humour in it than I’m used to in a Star Wars movie, but still WAY better than Episode I The Phantom Menace with Jar Jar Binks. We went to my parents place for Western Pizza after. Now we’re home Kim’s doing more laundry & ironing her clothes for work.


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