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Friday evening we went out for supper with some friends from out of town.  Good times!!  We rarely go out for supper or leave the house for that matter.  I need to do something on a weekend or else I get cabin fever & a little cranky.  I don’t go out to a job 5 days a week.  I can’t drive, neither can my dog & we have 1 vehicle, since Kim is the only one here that can drive.  We had a busy week, that doesn’t happen very often.  We were both home Monday evening.  Kim was out Tuesday.  I had a physio appointment Wednesday evening.  I went to “Big Wreck” with 2 friends & my dad on Thursday, while Kim was out with some co-workers.  Then Friday was out for supper.  Most weeks I’m lucky to be out once!

Saturday was quite tame.  Kim & Sherry went grocery shopping as they do every weekend.  Afterwards Kim & I just powered through what was recorded on our DVR.  I finished the off the last episode of the first season of the Netflix series “The Santa Clarita Diet” while they went shopping.  I think I sat in my wheelchair too long Friday night?  It’s deflated again & I was on it for 3 hours.  My sciatic nerve is/was making things uncomfortable watching TV most of the day.

Sundays are the days we get ready for the week, Kim boils eggs & cooks my fish.  She also makes up a few lunches for herself to take to work.  I shell the boiled eggs & put them in the fridge.  During the week I have 1 boiled egg & a glass of vegetables & fruit blended every morning.  A piece of fish for lunch or a wrap with turkey deli meat.  Supper is the wild card usually squash with meat sauce or rice, quinoa & chicken for supper.

Last night I think all 3 of us expanded our vocabularies quite a bit.  I don’t remember being in so much pain because of my sciatic nerve, I was near tears & screaming just trying to get comfortable in bed.  I’m sure it’s from having a completely deflated seat in my wheelchair.  Just too long sitting on it at the restaurant Friday night.  Kim inflated it last night but the damage was already done.  I got up this morning, had breakfast, shelled the eggs, & did my stretches & I’m sure I’ll be doing more later on.


WOW!  My uncle sent me this.  This was his first time playing in front of an audience, at a French Just for Laughs!


I can’t get enough Alter Bridge!


Not many people seem to know who “Alter Bridge” is & outside of Canada “Big Wreck” is very unknown.  In my perfect world I’d love to see these 2 groups open for “Foo Fighters”, but that’s just me?


Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park rapper, is 40 as of Saturday.


AH, Jimmy Fallon!



This is one reason musicians drop out of music.


If they’re mainstream radio artists they have a few options, since they make pennies on digital music.  A) Release the album everywhere & hope it’s well received.  B) Start a fragrance, clothing or alcohol line & continue to release the music everywhere.  C) Don’t release the music, do it as a pastime & find a non-celebrity job.  D) Put the music out & charge as much or as little as you want.

Have you noticed that Prince’s music is hard to find a video on www.youtube.com with audio?  You can watch a video but with no sound or half of the song’s audio.  Most musicians are glorified T-Shirt sales person.  That’s what Lamb of God vocalist, Randy Blythe, calls himself in his memoir.


“Muse” is touring with “Thirty Seconds to Mars” beginning at the start of May.  “Muse” just completed a tour cycle a couple of weeks ago, so how are they spending their down time?  In the studio!!


It happens to most singers.  I’ve seen people who forget the lyrics & I’ve done it too!


Forgetting The National Anthem is where I draw the line.  Cover songs are easy to remember because it’s been on the radio 18,000 times & it’s usually one of the singer’s favourite songs.  If someone else in the band has written lyrics & I sang it, those were often hard to remember for me.  35 cover songs were pretty easy for me to remember in a cover band.


Highly Suspect’s Facebook status on Saturday

“I think you should watch the Grammys tomorrow. Rumor has it they are gonna put our ugly mugs on TV this time”

If he didn’t swear so much I’d share more songs with you.  2 albums & only 3 or 4 songs that are clean?  At this point it’s a gimmick.  Great band though.  They almost remind me of Nirvana.


I’m not big on live albums, but here you go.



Give him promotion, he’s happy.  If you don’t he’s angry & ratings drop fast if you’re “fake news”.  Most of the world has already formed their opinion on him & it’s not good from what I hear.



Kim & I rented the movie “Trolls” Saturday night really good/funny/family oriented movie!  I couldn’t care less about the Oscar Awards nominated movies of the year.  To me they’re usually over rated fancy shmansy artsy fartsy movies I’ve never heard of, after the awards I may watch one or two of them.


If you say so www.loudwire.com I’m guessing I won’t know the majority if any of the names?


I’ve heard of a few of the bands, I don’t listen to any of them though.


Big Wreck B-Side I’ve never heard before!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I’m out until this sciatic nerve crap is tolerable.


Stay fit & have fun!




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,

Chris    “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

A & W

I believe in the use of GMOs.  If you don’t that’s fine with me.  You’re entitled to your opinion, just as much as I am to mine.

I fell asleep to “Pearl Jam” the album “VS.”

I exercised to “Paramore” all 4 albums on shuffle. A popular song from each album. Oh, & a live cover they did for those over sea involved in the war.

Kim wakes me up before she leaves for work. Today I think I said or I at least thought “Great it’s Friday, crap it’s Tuesday”. Too bad for me.

The only 2 reasons this came up were because I’ve seen the commercial so often & I was in an A & W on our way back home Sunday.

This will cause a vicious cycle/circle discussion possibly. A & W now sells burgers without steroids or hormones in it. Cool, do what some people want, those that are ANTI-GMO. Fine by me. Just think of the farmer though? The farmer has raised this animal now for what purpose if it gets sick? It has no purpose, it dies or is killed since the farmer can’t do much with a sick animal. The farmer doesn’t get paid & the animal wont be used for anything?

If you’re drinking dairy milk you run into the same problem & if it’s soy milk, it has GMOs, chemicals that are unnatural. Now what? Almond milk? Almonds come from a plant? So you may have to stop consuming beef, dairy, soy milk, & I’m assuming pigs, & chickens are also in the mix with steroids & hormones. Are you just going to drink water for the rest of your life & live on free range meat? What happens if all of the animals get sick & the farmer goes broke since the animals are all sick & the crops won’t survive the season without GMOs? I don’t think vegan or vegetarian is the way to avoid GMOs, what will you drink for a milk substitute? This debate over GMOs is a debate for scientists & farmers, the rest of us really can’t ask a farmer “Hey, could you make that field grow without GMOs & don’t give your animals any hormones or steroids”. Sorry, the world just doesn’t work that way.

I’m PRO-GMO, if you’re ANTI-GMO, it’s cool by me. I’m not a farmer or scientist, live your life your way & I’ll live mine my way. Free North American Continent , it’s all good.

Monday’s episode courtesy of Consequence of Sound

4 year anniversary Monday of “Halestorm” the album “The Strange Case of”

10 albums you wont believe went platinum!


Yes, I’ve played this live.

Pearl Jam kicked off their tour on Sunday, with this Cheap Trick cover on the set list

Alter Bridge shared this acoustic song….

A snippet from Brian Wilson’s memoirs? (The Beach Boys)


What did we listen to en route to Winnipeg? Some classic hits from the ’90s on my brother’s iPod. Face it, there’s a good chance you know a few of the words.

I even learned how to play “Faith” the entire A chord!

In Flames shared it, this the first album I bought of theirs after seeing them live for the first time in Saskatoon for the final “Sounds of the Underground” tour. Basically a touring metal festival. I was there with Kim’s/my brother-in-law James.

First 2 Halestorm albums are officially Gold albums.


These 2 albums seemed quite similar to me. Their 3rd studio album, Into the Wild Life, I find to be much more diverse.


I’m more than surprised anyone wants to have anything to do personally with Axl Rose? LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the video inside the link.


Rob Zombie Casts Doyle as Frankenstein for New Music Video

22 years ago “Hole” released the album “Live Through This”. 22 years ago Courtney Love’s husband committed suicide.


Why drummer Matt Sorum is not a part of the Guns n’ Roses reunion




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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


I fell asleep to “Eagles of Death Metal” the album “Death by Sexy”

I exercised to ”Corrosion of Conformity” 6 albums on shuffle.

Exercise total for the week; 5000 crunches, 180 squats, 120 leg lifts, 60 pushups, 20 minutes of planking.

Now I just want to curl up in the fetal position on the couch & cry. My muscles are that sore.

Yes, this is also on facebook if you prefer.


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All of this exercise & you’d think I’d look ripped! Not so. I still have more T-Shirts that don’t fit than those that do fit. I’m much lighter than I was going into the hospital than I am now. I was 265 pounds, right now I’m somewhere close to 240 as of a few weeks ago. My frame is quite big, I’ll never be under 200. I think somewhere between 210-220 is where I should be. At the moment my dominant/right calf looks like a chicken wing after you’ve striped the meat off of it. My left calf looks decent. Either way my legs are SEXY……………….a little furry but still SEXY!

I think I’ve figured out what the most beneficial exercises are for me at the moment. Squats, exercise bike, walking, stairs, leg lifts on my hands & knees, crunches. I need some more upper body strength but that’s not high on my priority list at the moment. I’m in not bad shape, for a guy in a wheelchair, but all of my weight/fat went right to my belly.

I graduated high school at 185 pounds. When I got to University I read my text books every night but I’d need a study break. I’d leave the book open on my desk in my room & grab 20 pound weights, do 20 curls on each arm, some sit ups & push ups. I take a study break & do that about twice a day/evening. I remember I’d ride the exercise bike in the basement while watching a movie & ride it for however long the movie was.

Register to vote for your favourite song, band or live band. I didn’t but I know who I’d like to win for best live band! I’ve only seen them once, but I’m not done seeing them live!


Baroness release new video. I really like their most recent album “Purple”


Cheap Trick interview with Consequence of Sound on their induction to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

REALLY! This needs to change like before Napster happened. $0.99 FOR A 15 SONG ALBUM ON SPOTIFY??????? Tell your employer you’ll work for 3-4 months for $0.99. Musicians are doing it, might as well join in???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or rent the album 20 times????????

Star Wars: Episode VII was fantastic in the theater & also at home with surround sound. Now I should watch “Top Gun” with our surround sound!!!!

I wonder if the sequel will be any good?

3 versions of the same song & it’s just an extremely catchy song to me in any form!!

Oh yeah, that little TV show ended last night maybe you’ve heard of it? American Idol. I’ve watched it occasionally over the years. Didn’t watch the first season at all. I just really liked some of the stuff Kelly Clarkson released & I saw Phillip Phillips a few years ago. The guy who always gets compared to Dave Matthews. Other than that, I just found it to be a talent contest on a LARGE stage. 3 or 4 judges narrow it down to the top 10 they like, then they tell you ‘OK, these 10 we deem worthy of winning this contest. Great marketing tool, but the subject is/was as subjective as it gets. I would have an idea as to who would win & it was never who I had chosen in my mind. They’re all good at what they do, I don’t necessarily like it all. How many of the musicians I listen to would do well on the show, other than the 2 winners I do listen to? Maybe 2 or 3 at best?

This is how fast I’ll abandon my computer today. I have no cell phone or tablet/iPad, catch you on the weekend update! Monday, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be online at all?

However you’re getting this, please pass it along?


Always check out the Rock It Out Blog on facebook or http://www.youtube.com/consequenceofsound

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres