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This post was written prior to our current situation Monday evening.  This first paragraph was added Monday evening.  I’ve been saving for a final guitar purchase.  Our families & mutual friends are fine.  A MAJOR situation came up & one of Kim’s hometown friend’ family’s lives changed in the blink of an eye.  I can’t talk about it as it’s not my story to tell.  Expensive guitar will be delayed for 7 months, a less expensive guitar may be purchased, or it might not happen at all & I’m more than OK with that.  Right now the 3rd scenario seems to be the most likely outcome.  People need help & I can help in this situation.  More needs to be disgusted between Kim but now is not the time.

Original post is written below.

Friday ended up being me tending to a few minor issues on my guitars.  2nd best thing to playing guitar is working on one, for me anyways. 

I opened my Facebook Saturday morning & found a used Stratocaster for a friend of mine for cheap.  I got the go ahead, he lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I said I’d take it, I’ll give it some TLC & new strings to make it look & play like new.  Hopefully I’ll get it to him before the end of the year, all sparkly & new!

I don’t really know how to help out people, when I see an opportunity like this that I know I can do, I jump in with both feet!  This gives me a sense of purpose.  Let’s me know I can aid someone by doing something.  It might be a small thing for me to do, but I know I can do this.

I must be on a Foo Fighters kick.  Found myself playing some stuff I partially knew & figured I’ll spend some time working it all out….

^^ ‘All my Life’ took me 20 minutes to memorize, just have to bring it up to tempo.  The following songs I need to keep playing them to tighten them up.

I need to get “Alter Bridge” memorized still.

I’m sure all of this will keep me busy for a while!

The Facebook videos are a VERY poor representation of me on guitar.  When there’s not a camera on me, my anxiety disappears.  When I play, it might not be 100% perfect but it’s good enough to listen to if you like this kind of music.  I need to get some heavier gauge strings to stop the 7th string from flopping out of tune, even a friend of mine noticed it when he tried it out.  I tightened the tuners to make it better & useable until I get some new strings for it.  Yes I just made “flopping” a technical term for musicians…that just happened…YOU’RE WELCOME!

I keep telling multiple people that I plan to order that last guitar, the amplifier & footswitch and be done buying guitar gear.  I don’t need or want any other guitars we can afford & I don’t want to cramp up our already modest sized place with guitars that go unused for a few weeks.  Simple math, not enough $$$ + expensive guitars = can’t have it. 

What does our bank account & my wife say about getting another guitar?  “No”

I’ve got 2 effect pedals on my wish list, each one is under $200, if they happen one day great & if they don’t, it’s not that big of a deal.  I don’t need to tie up our funds for guitar stuff.  I’ll be VERY happy with what’s coming to me & what I already have!  I got rid of stuff I don’t want for stuff I do want & will use regularly.

You’re not supposed to ‘noodle’ on guitar, but I ‘noodle’ with scales that fit with these chords.

I hope everyone had a safe & happy Halloween!  We don’t get trick or treaters in our condo but our friends with young kids made the trek over for some goodies!  I’m sure it was an odd Halloween for most kids.

Yep I’m back to my exercise routine.  This week & plan to go hard until Friday, December 18th or 22nd.

BIG day in the USA, Federal Election Day.  I’m not telling you who to vote for, but this is a BIG deal around the world I assume.  It is in Canada since what happens in America affects us in some ways.

Here are the polls as of Sunday morning.

What these weekend polls don’t take into account are the votes from Russia, Ukraine, & the other Countries Trump has invited to mess with the election.

I will say this, American allies miss their friend.  We’ve really lost our familiar friend over the past 4 years.  Now America is curling up with countries we would have never imagined.  Please don’t become a country ruled by a dictator? 

If you’re American, why are you reading this when you should be voting????!!!!  Hurry up!  Go vote!!!  This is HUGE!!!!!!  This will be here for a while, voting ends today!  MOVE IT!  SKEDADDLE!!  TIME’S WASTING!!!!  SCOOT!!!!  WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE????

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread Love”-Ellen Degeneres

RACISM links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Welcome back to the program!  You’re here so if you like what you see, might as well subscribe?  Either on Facebook or with your email in the bottom right corner, it’s really that easy & it’s free!  I know you want to tell your friends, go ahead!


Stuff I’ve learned, never the solo though.


225 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

125 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

600 Crunches

500 Leg lifts

200 Squats

2800 Back flexes

35 minutes of yoga over 1 day


I watched “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from Thursday July 9th, 2020.  Guest host Billy Eichner with guest Billy Porter.  For those who don’t know, Billy Porter is a gay, black celebrity.  For the record I know gay people & black people.  There’s a clip within 1:00 minute of the video I’d like to speak about.

Billy Porter is calling out the black community on their treatment of the #LGBTQ+ community.  Fair enough, I’m not black or gay so I’ve never experienced what he has.  This interview did not enrage me in any way, it inspired me to write this.

I’d like to say something on behalf of straight white people. We’re not all racist or homophobic.  Police officers are not all racist or homophobic.

Just because a person has a different skin complexion &/or sexuality does not mean they hate those that are different from them.  I’m not black, gay, transgender, queer, bisexual, or a police officer.  I will say that I’m uninformed but learning more now.

Yes I do support the #blacklivesmatter movement & the #LGBTQ+ community.  I will always support these groups.  I know my friends & family that are police officers, of a different race, & those that are gay have experienced many different things than I have.  That doesn’t make any of them bad people, nor does it make every other individual a bad person.

There are good people & bad people EVERYWHERE.  They come in all colours, shapes, sizes, professions, religions, political views, & sexual orientations.

I agree with the peaceful protesters & the change they’re protesting for.  I don’t like the fact that there’s a label for the #LGBTQ+ community, but I understand the need to be included in a community.

I will say that I’m not outgoing.  I do not think that makes me racist or homophobic.  I’m obviously approachable or I wouldn’t have friends.  I don’t care about an individual’s race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, history, etc.  What I care about is respect.  More specifically MUTUAL RESPECT.

I’ll treat anyone with respect right from the start & we’ll be friends.  Respect is a two-way street though.  Always remember the golden rule ‘Treat others as you want to be treated’.

Wear a mask & the positive tests for the virus decline.  Blatant proof it works!

Show some humanity & wear a mask please?!  Coronavirus doesn’t care about your political views, just wear a mask please?!?!!!!


At this point my hand & arm muscles are fine for guitar.  It’s more of a pick a song, keep practicing it & move on.  A song can take an hour or a month to learn at this point.  Depends on the song & how much I practice it.  Depends on my energy when I play as well.  The more energy I have, the more I’ll be focused on the task at hand.

I listen to metal music, but I’m just starting to play more of it.  I’m working on these 3 songs but they’ll take more time than others.

OK, this one’s not a metal song but it’s busy!!!

Playing guitar is not a destination, there is no point where you can say “I’m a perfect guitar player”, I can easily say I’m a beginner playing some more technically advanced songs than I ever would have attempted.  It’s a journey with something new around every corner.

Still waiting for this guitar ordered in January.  I emailed yesterday and despite the pandemic, it’s still scheduled for shipping at the end of August.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

I’m back & forth on the blue colour I’d like to order.  I think this is nicer now?

S2 McCarty 594 Electric Guitar with Gigbag - Whale Blue

Still blue though.  Solid blue instead of the faded blue burst.  I have quite a while to think about it though.

YAY regular season baseball starts on Friday, July 24th for the Toronto Blue Jays…………………………… FLORIDA?!?!?!?


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to each other” –Ellen Degeneres