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Learning on guitar “Pantera” the song “Walk”.  No solos, just the riff & rhythm parts, always.


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Let me explain this before you hate me please?  Watching the blatant murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer with other officers standing by, doing nothing, was horrendous.  No humanity there at all.  A 40 year old man called out for his mother!  I’m 40.  The fact that I’m a 40 year old male is where the similarities between George Floyd & I stop.

With all of this happening in the USA, a black man in Atlanta was shot by a police officer.  The man was pulled over for drunk driving.  He was searched for weapons & none were found.  He failed the sobriety test, he then resisted arrest.  I don’t know how everything works with the police there, but why pull a gun on an unarmed drunk driver.  I understand using force in this situation.  Why a gun though?  If they’ve determined that he’s unarmed, shouldn’t they just eliminate the idea of using a gun completely?

I didn’t grow up in America, heck I’ve only visited once, to Boston.  I was born, grew up, & live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada aka the middle of nowhere.  Saskatchewan barely gets recognized as a Canadian province despite being in the middle of Western Canada.  Nothing monumental happens here.

Yes, there is racism everywhere & right now all eyes are on America, since the disgusting act of police brutality driven by race no doubt, George Floyd’s murder on video.  There is racism in Canada too.  The RCMP are investigating many arrests & looking at what rules should be enforced & those that need to be changed or removed.

After watching the documentary “13th”, which I highly recommend watching, I’ve recently come to a conclusion of sorts.  Based on what I see from American TV/news & Canadian TV/news, America’s history of racism seems to be far worse than Canada’s history of racism.

Here’s the link to the full length documentary 1:40 hours

This documentary depicts a long history of racism in the USA.  Based on the Canadian history I was taught & what I see on even just Canadian news.  Canada has either kept our history of racism very quiet or it’s nothing like the horror story of America’s history of racism.

With what’s going on in the USA between the protests, politics, & the global pandemic.  Now more than ever, as a physically handicapped white male, I feel very safe in Canada.  I don’t think our current Federal leader is the best choice, nor did I vote for him.  I know for certain that if given the option to vote in the American Federal election either this year or 3 ½ years ago the current administration in the USA would never get my vote.  As a Canadian watching everything unfold in the USA regarding racism & politics, I just shake my head & can’t avoid any of it, especially the political side of things that I’d like to just avoid completely.  Donald Trump is all over Canadian news, even my local Regina news.

So why do Canadians get a large dose of American news?  I can think of 2 reasons.  America & Canada share a border & imports.  America is also known as the Greatest Country in the World.  Is it Switzerland that’s neutral?  To me, that’s the Greatest Country in the World.  I’ve obviously never been there, but I never hear about them in the news.  Seems to be a nation that keeps they’re head down, tries not to ruffle any feathers, & deals with whatever problems they have?

Now that all of that’s been said I’m still likely racist & more ignorant than I first suspected.  Educate me please?  If I’m missing a large part of Canadian history, point me in the direction to learn more.  I’m sure there’s more for me to learn about American history too, so point me in that direction too.  I want to evolve to a better person!  For the record, #blacklivesmatter

As far as guitar goes, my shoulder got sore from playing so much on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.  Sunday was an “I want to play but I shouldn’t” day, but I did for a little more 2:30 hours.  I think I played for almost 20 hours over those 3 days.  I want everything to be perfect.

I kept looking at reviews of the amplifier I’d like to upgrade to, of course I’d trade mine in or sell it.  I can’t find a bad review about it.  Even out of the box it’s got far more stuff built into it than what I have at a very reasonable price.  I can even adjust the wattage to a level more appropriate to bedroom/apartment volume at 0.5 Watts to 25 Watts or 50 Watts.  I’d have to get the additional 2 button footswitch though.



Good grief I hope this amp pops up on a used shelf in the future!  The ordered guitar & my saving for the other guitar are far more important to me as far as gear goes.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

S2 McCarty 594 Electric Guitar with Gigbag - Whale Blue

I play at home for myself.  After the guitar & eventually the amplifier, I don’t need more clutter.  I’ve even eliminated my effect pedals to a delay pedal, a phaser pedal, & a tuner.  That amplifier has 60 effects built in & I can think of 2 I’d try & explore what else is there, it also has 10 different amplifiers built into it!

I figure I should post a few videos on Facebook of me playing abbreviated songs on guitar. Time to walk the walk, since I’ve talked the talk.  So be ready on Friday & I’ll start with something rather simple but recognizable.  No singing, I haven’t worked on that yet, talking is hard enough!


“Lamb of God’s” new self-titled album will be released on Friday!

New video from metal band “The Agonist” out of Montreal.  From their most recent release “Orphans”


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David ERIC Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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I hear it’s better to speak than be silent, join in the discussion in “times like these”.

I really hope the world can ‘learn to love again’ as the song says.  I don’t know what I have to offer to the conversation on what’s going on in this crazy world.  I was watching a documentary on Netflix, “13th” this is also on www.youtube.com   I figured if I’m going to talk about racism, that as a white male I should educate myself.

I will say that yes, there is racism in Canada, as I assume there is around the world.  In my city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada it’s not black people that receive the racial injustice so much as aboriginals.  I honestly can’t think of a time I acted racist although I’m likely wrong.

I went to public school, I grew up with classmates of all different races.  Even as a child a classmate of mine live down the street, so we would get together to play outside in the 1980s.  I don’t know what his ethnicity was, since it didn’t matter to me.  In technical college I carpooled to school with a classmate who was aboriginal, again no issues.  Nice guy, a Big Brother volunteer, a father.  I didn’t even think of the colour of someone’s skin, I don’t now, & I don’t truly understand how that makes them any different from any other race.  In school my attitude was that were all here for the same reason, we all get along, what’s there to complain about?

I don’t travel, I’ve been outside of Canada once in my life, to Boston in 2007?  I don’t travel because I just don’t find travelling that relaxing.  I’ve met people from around the world here in Canada.  I worked in a hotel in my late teens to early 20s, in the banquets area.  People of all different ethnicities, & typically a different ethnic night once a month.  Chinese New Year, Greek night, Aboriginal council meetings, weddings, cabarets, Christmas parties, etc.  I’ve waited tables, bartended, & have been a busboy for many of these exact events.

High school was full of people with different backgrounds.  Never any issues there either.  I went to the high school where everybody else my age in the city would just assume my parents or myself were rich.  We weren’t rich at all.  I got my driver’s license in 1996, I took my parents’ 4 door 1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic to go for my test.  One backdoor didn’t work and the other backdoor had a good dent & scrape.  I didn’t care, it was my first car.  I’d drive to school in that, while other kids would drive their brand new VW with their state of the art audio system installed.

I wasn’t rich, but I was privileged.  I was born in 1980.  This is only my 2nd time that I can remember seeing blatant racism on TV, now & the Rodney King beating, briefly, in the 1990s.  I still can’t believe I watched George Floyd get murdered by a police officer while others watched & did nothing.  I have family members & friends that are police officers.  None of them would do something like that, don’t just assume they’re all bad.  Just the same as people of any ethnicity.  There are a few bad apples in EVERY group, no matter what race you are.

This was a great conversation Ellen Degeneres had with Van Jones of CNN.  Something really good to remember when on social media too.  Pease watch all 7 minutes of this clip & hopefully you can learn something from it as I did.

When you see a protester’s sign or hear someone say “Black lives matter” remember that it means “Black lives matter TOO”.  Nobodies saying that other lives don’t matter, they’re saying “Why aren’t black people treated the same way?”

We have to start somewhere with change & we have a lot to do racism, climate change, #metoo, Coronavirus, sexist inequality, mass shootings, etc.  Might as well start with the task at hand.

Watching that documentary the world really hasn’t changed at all since the 1970s.  At least Nixon knew well enough to resign as President.

“Rage Against the Machine” were supposed to reunite this year.  The world could likely use a political voice like theirs right now?  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even here in Canada, as I see what’s happening in the USA on TV, I have to agree with Stephen Colbert “Time to #BYOP, Be Your Own President”.  I find the current President to be VERY irrelevant.

I wish I could or at least knew how to help.  I don’t want to be a guy on the sideline doing nothing.  That’s what frustrates me personally, in general & in this situation especially.  We ALL HAVE to help each other!

Remember, this isn’t a problem with just the USA, it’s a problem that’s likely EVERYWHERE.  My attitude remains the same, “We’re all here for the same reason, & it should be a level playing field for EVERYONE at the start”.

Do yourself a favour & educate yourself by watching the documentary “13th” if you’re in your late teens or older!

After all of that, am I racist?  Quite possibly, I’m definitely ignorant when it comes to the subject.


We’re all Global Citizens,