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A little bit backwards today.  Got up & Kim saw that our roof was leaking right through one of our new light fixtures directly on to her keyboard & chair this morning.  Kim thought it was water running through or counter top garden that grows a bunch of herbs.  If only that were true.  The light fixture will come down for a few days, Kim’s off work for the morning & I’ll exercise later on today.  Kim called our building manager, he called the guy that does work on these types of problems, and they’ve already been in the attic.  Let’s hope the rest of the day gets better!

As if this guitar wasn’t expensive enough!  They shot up in price this week.  Before the price went up I’d still have some cash after tax next year.  Now I’ll be short next year.  I’m still getting it, it’ll take longer than I was planning on though???

Got to sell my Epiphone Les Paul 7 string.  I realize now that I’m not a 7 string guitar player.  I wanted it to play progressive metal stuff, that’s not me.  My plan is to sell it to my brother & put the money towards the S2 McCarty 594 now.  I didn’t even know he was looking for a 7 string?  Even with that sale, the money I have saved & what we can save after we put $5000 each away for our retirement savings, I’ll be short of the full price.  HOLY F.O.M.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pushes back the purchase of the Schecter Tempest

Both of those guitars will take 6 months to get here once I order them & the S2 McCarty 594 is first up, likely next year at some point?  My hollow-body “Squier” Starcaster should be here next week!

20 years ago I’d go into a music store to play a guitar before I bought it, now you order & buy it to try it?  Online is VERY convenient, but not always the best option in certain scenarios.  I used to have very little idea as to the specifications of a guitar was, now that’s what I look up & research on the interweb before I buy a guitar?

I’m VERY confident with my choice for the S2 McCarty 594 & the Schecter Tempest!  Both of those are must have for me, and that will be the end of my guitar shopping spree.  Those 2 are my endgame.

I’ve thought about looking for a relatively inexpensive guitar with an HSS pickup layout, but I’m not convinced that I want to buy one.  I’m on the fence about that purchase.  The HSS pickup layout is explained in the video below….

I’d love to get a “Paul’s Guitar” SE, but I really don’t need it.  SE model because I’m not going to even dream about spending $5000 or more on a guitar.

Yes, I play guitar for multiple hours a day.  I have a small breakfast ASAP, exercise, shower, and post this while having a small snack, then I play guitar.  Stopping only to eat and then when Kim’s done work or if I need to get supper started.  This is what I’ve been practicing….

…among too many other songs!  Now that I have more than 2 electric guitars I can play stuff in different tunings without having to re-tune a guitar every time!  There is often some “Alice in Chains”, more “Pearl Jam”, “Foo Fighters”, “AC/DC”, “Megadeth”, “Metallica”, “Queens of the Stone Age”, “Soundgarden”, “In Flames”, “Audioslave”, “Led Zeppelin”, etc.  I’m VERY fortunate to have what I do & I get to spend my time with Kim.

We ended up watching “The Flight Attendant” this weekend on the Crave streaming channel.  It was different but still binge worthy, 8 episodes in total.

We both thought it would be a movie, but it killed time for us over the weekend as a series instead.

Kim’s thinking of not moving next year.  Our place looks REALLY good now and there never seems to be a wheelchair accessible place on the market in Regina.  What sucks about that is that we don’t have a spare bedroom.  The upside is I don’t have to wrangle Brewster & disappear for a viewing.  I’m done shopping for guitars but nobody will believe me.  Kim’s thinking we won’t be able to afford it, but who knows?  That’s the only situation where I hate being in a wheelchair.  All of the other stuff I’m fine with, I just hate how it affects other people that I love.  Not fair to them!

This is no joke!  Here’s “Foo Fighters” covering “The Bee Gees”.  If you have time watch the interview with Dave Grohl after the song!

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like the new album by “The Pretty Reckless” and “Matt Cameron” drummer of “Soundgarden” & “Pearl Jam” did a really good job as producer!

I don’t know why, but the stand alone singles from this album just don’t work for me.  As an entire album they seem more than OK though, & I prefer to listen to an entire album, not a playlist of singles.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


RE-OCCURRING DREAMS links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!  

Exercise total for 4 days. 

250 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

150 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

600 Crunches

600 Leg lifts

200 Squats   

400 Back flexes

3 days of crunches, leg lifts, squats, & back flexes.  Then Thursday was just stretching because I was very sore & while stretching I think I lightly pulled a quad muscle?

Since I’ve been out of the hospitals & my therapies I notice that I have 3 re-occurring dreams, they are as follows.  For context I turned 41 in January and I took French immersion from kindergarten to grade 12 graduation. 

In the first of these dreams, I’m late for high school.  I’m supposed to turn in a project for French class that morning.  I get to my locker in the empty halls because I’m late & I have no clue as to what my locker combination is.  I fumble with the lock, trying multiple random number combinations, in my dream I start sweating, then I wake up in a panic & think I’m late for school with no start on a project that’s due.  Then I realize that I’m not late for anything, it’s sometime between 1-5:00 am & I don’t go to school.  Why is this weird?  I was rarely late, under 10 times, and in high school I always handed in an essay/project/report on time, that I remember.

2nd dream.  I’m downtown somewhere in a random parking lot.  I park my 2nd car, a 1989 used Ford Tempo, & go into the store.  It’s a one floor department store & I’m looking at discount furniture?  I leave the store empty handed only to find that my car is gone.  Out of nowhere my dad shows up despite me not calling anyone for help.  We’re running down a back alley watching 2 strangers break into cars & steal them as were hiding and peeking around random objects in the alley.  Then I wake up?

3rd dream, & this one kind of makes sense since this almost happened in my early 20s.  I’m driving that used 1989 Ford Tempo (I paid $2000 for it in the early 2000s).  I go to slam on the brakes and nothing happens?  I wake up before I hit anything but I’m stretched out in bed trying to push on the brake pedal. 

In reality I remember driving to my Grandparents’ house alone in that car for supper.  It was the summer.  At that point the brakes were questionable in that vehicle & needed repair.  I was driving on a quiet side street to get to their place.  Suddenly a little girl (under 10 years old) is riding her bike in the middle of the street.  I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could with both feet.  She froze & I leaned on the horn with my tires screeching.  I stopped in time, probably 4 feet away from her.  My car had turned sideways a bit, but she was OK.  I was a pile of nerves & broke into a cold sweat.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize what could have happened.  She was just frozen on her bike in front of my car.  I waved her on to keep going.  She carried on & I pulled over to the other side of the street.  I needed a few minutes to collect myself & calm down, I was freaked out!  After a couple minutes I carried on as usual.  I’ve never told anyone that, although I’ll likely never forget it.

This isn’t a re-occurring dream but I had it Wednesday night, in all of my dreams I’m able bodied.  I was at my deceased Grandfather’s condo.  We were barbequing chicken wings & having fruit smoothies in the summer.  I went inside to make more fruit smoothies.  I was rushing but I was in the house for a long time.  I went back out to the BBQ.  My Grandfather & brother were there & they called it done since I took so long.  That’s where my dream ended.  I woke up Thursday morning with severe pain in my hip flexors & pain on the bottom of my feet?  Kim says I do twitch a lot in my sleep, toes & fingers are constantly moving.  I’ve never BBQ with my grandfather at his condo, only at our family cabin.

After I published Tuesday’s post, I went to watch stuff on  I opened a video where a former record producer listened to the top 10 rock songs as listed by Spotify.  The top 4 songs were from 3 albums I just bought or pre-ordered on iTunes.  This doesn’t mean anything, I just thought it was nice to know that other people are into this stuff.

4, 3, 2, & 1 in that order above.

I’m nowhere near as hip or connected to pop culture as I once was.  Especially now at the age of 41, I know I stopped being hip long ago though.  I rarely watch TV outside of the 7ish shows I watch, including the news.  I do watch the odd Saturday Night Live though.  I missed the one hosted by Dan Levy with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers.  No disrespect but I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes of Schitt’s Creek & I have no clue who Phoebe Bridgers is?

She smashed her guitar on stage at the end of her 2nd & final song.  A year ago I would’ve been terribly offended by that, along with SO MANY other people on social media.  Then I realized a couple things.  I grew up watching “Nirvana” demolish EVERYTHING on stage at the end of a show when I was a teenager.  I also realized that I know absolutely nothing about her & I didn’t pay for the guitar, so who am I to judge?  Sure, I’d love to see her do something else with it, like donate to a charity or keep it.  If whoever paid for the guitar is OK with it being smashed, I don’t really care nor do I see any reason to lose sleep over it.

Why I will never buy a Gibson Les Paul, other than the astronomical price.

Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge singer) released the first single from his upcoming solo album “The Ides of March” to be released May 14th.  Yeah I thought “That’s not March 15th?”

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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So my friend has a Schecter & a REALLY nice hollow body by Gretsch and thinks they’re great.  Phil is all about the S2 McCarty 594 & Schecter as a Company & specifically the Tempest model for it being so original in the shape of the guitar.  I see these all as win, win, win situations…hello F.O.M.O. you’re back.

These purchases will be much slower than last year since we’re still spending some cash on renovation stuff, my RDSP, and Kim’s RSP.  I’ll get the Squier by the end of the month, it’s already paid for.  The S2 McCarty 594 is next on the list & will be next year or the year after, followed by the Tempest when we have the cash?

When the hollow body Starcaster gets here, Kim might let me play guitar while were watching TV?  She complains that my acoustic is too loud, but she’s ALWAYS on here cell phone while watching TV?

Just for fun I checked out the American price on the S2 McCarty 594 on this VERY common website for guitar purchases & yeah they’re $450 less retail in the USA.  I was thinking I should start selling my body for the S2 McCarty 594 but quickly realized I wouldn’t have any buyers?  Kim probably wouldn’t approve or she might become my pimp?  I guess 50% of nothing doesn’t add up to anything.  I may not have the cash at the moment but at least I know what I’d like to get.  I’ve come across 2 less desirable (maybe) backups for the Tempest, but nothing worthy of the PRS S2 McCarty 594.

We started dating in April of 2002, she bought me my “Dave Grohl” inspired, black Epiphone Explorer for Christmas 2002.  Last year for my 40th birthday she bought me the 7 string Epiphone Les Paul signature guitar by Matt Heafy.  Once the Squier gets here I will have paid for 2 ½ guitars myself.

Yes, each of these guitar links shown are exactly the shape, colour & electronics of the guitars I plan to order, pending something isn’t discontinued?

We started watching “Your Honor” on Crave Saturday night, I’m hooked

We finished watching the 8 part series Monday night, it’s REALLY good!

Kim had to run some errands before we got into “Your Honor”.  I watched the first 20 minutes of “Deadpool” for probably the 28th time, instant classic for me!

Donald Trump was acquitted…again.  I think the Senate Republicans have completely lost their morals.  In the end I don’t think it matters.  There’s still an FBI investigation pending, & if he’s not convicted of crime through that, I think 2 or 3 people died in the Trump fueled riot.  Maybe he’ll be convicted in one of those trials?  I see him tied up in court cases for some time, if not convicted in one of them soon.  If he tries to flee the USA, every Country has the right to build a wall & send the bill to Donald J. Trump.  I heard he has 30ish investigations involving him, something will get him in the end. 

I didn’t think I’d enjoy any future albums by “The Pretty Reckless” so I started streaming the new album Saturday night, and I like it.  Singles didn’t do anything for me on their own but in the context of the album I really liked it!?  I ended up buying the album through iTunes.

Yeah, that’s Tom Morello’s guitar (Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave guitarist) he plays on this track.

The late Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang Van Halen preformed a song on Jimmy Kimmel Live from the album to be released in June?  Wolfgang also plays bass guitar in the band Tremonti.  Mark Tremonti’s solo project of Alter Bridge formerly of Creed.

Damn it!  Another album I might buy when it’s released!  Good grief, I’m trying to save up for my last 2 guitars!

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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We’re done with painting our suite, other than behind the stove.  As of Monday all of the light fixtures are up.  As of Friday I avoided this room until late Sunday.  We didn’t paint this room so it still has blue/grey paint & the bulbs in the fixture are too yellow.  What do you get when you mix blueish walls with yellow lights?  Baby food mushed peas for a wall colour.  I’ve been SUPER depressed when I’d try to come in here, & leave within 20 minutes.  We changed the bulbs Sunday night & what a HUGE difference.  The rest of the suite has bulbs that are WAY TOO “yellow” and I regret changing any & all of them.  Fixtures look great, bulbs are nothing but “ugly” & immediately put me in a bad mood!

I can come in here again & play guitar for hours again.  While we’re on the topic of guitars, I realized something I didn’t want to know.  I can’t purchase the last 2 guitars I’d like to get.  I was hoping to buy the PRS S2 McCarty 594 followed by the Schecter Tempest.  I don’t want to settle on just another guitar, nor do I want to research a viable plan B.

If I did the math right I’d be able to save enough cash to order the PRS S2 McCarty 594 in early December of 2024 and pay for it when it gets here in 2025.  Meanwhile I’ll be purchasing NOTHING so I can save $5000 a year until I’m 50 & not touch that money until I’m 60.  After the McCarty 594 I was going to save for the less expensive Schecter Tempest, not gonna happen.  The little bit of money I have saved will go into my RDSP now.  Good thing I left the S2 McCarty 594 until the end??!!!???  Most times I’m not so SMRT, as shown once again!  Truth be told I’d be sad to not have any of the guitars I have, but I’m pretty lucky to have any in my possession!

The plan for our renovations is to try to sell this place in 2022.  If it doesn’t sell, or more likely that we can’t find a place to move, we’ll stay here & won’t have to change anything.  Which kind of sucks since we don’t have a spare bedroom here.

We’re 5 years late to the party but we finally watched “Hacksaw Ridge” on Saturday.  I had no clue that it was based on a true story that was a nice surprise!

This weekend youtube guitar channels were dead, Facebook was awkwardly quiet, I don’t watch NFL football at all, & I didn’t have any desire to be in this room with yellow lights until later on Sunday night.  I was REALLY bummed out all day Saturday & ended up sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon.  I slept in Sunday until 11:00 am, then cooked my food for the week in the dark because the lights are just offensively yellow to me, slept for a bit on the couch & come Sunday night, 4 of our 8 channels were showing the Super Bowl & there was nothing I wanted to watch on the 5 streaming platforms we have.  My weekend was DEAFENINGLY quiet.

Kim disagrees with my thoughts for my money going into my RDSP, we’ll see what happens when I have to add $5000 to it at the end of the year?

Hopefully with so much of our renovations done we can put some of this stuff where it belongs & fill the recycling bin with empty light fixture boxes?  I really don’t like things out of place for too long.  This place has been a mess since December 26th.

All day Monday I was just trying to stay awake.  I forced myself to exercise & then stay awake.  I slept so much on the weekend that I was awake until 2:00 am Sunday night.  I slept REALLY well last night, got dressed & turned on the lights BOOM instant mood killer!  I’ll probably be in bed avoiding the light bulbs?  Now all of the exact same people are telling me I’m over reacting to the light bulbs!  It’s called a TRIGGER!  That same group of people told me 7 years ago when I was told to get over my anxiety and “just get over it” when I was presented with a lifelong say at home Covid like situation.  I don’t want to be in my home now, but I can’t go anywhere.

Yep, I’ve been listening to “Foo Fighters” & “Nothing but Thieves” since Friday, & no I didn’t get brain cancer again!

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Did a guitar return & guitar purchase for my birthday.  The new guitar won’t be in stock for a few weeks though.  I returned the Epiphone DC Pro, the guitar that looks like a PRS for the Squier Starcaster Hollow body ‘Classic Vibe’.  The Indian Laurel fret board & the pickups weren’t doing anything for me on the “Wannabe” Epiphone I bought in December.  “In the end” I saved some cash because a “Squier” Starcaster & the “Fender” brand doesn’t make them anymore.  Sound clips seem great though, can’t wait for the end of February!

I returned this exact model of guitar….

…in exchange for this exact model of guitar

REALLY excited for this to arrive by the end of February!

I’m saving up for this guitar which I recently realized I’ll be able to order and make a deposit for it in November of 2023 wait 3-6 months & pay the full amount when it arrives, if they still make it by then?  It’s  going to take a while since I’ve got to save $5000 a year for my RDSP until I’m 50 & can’t touch it until I’m 60.  This my “bucket list” guitar.  The other guitars I’ve purchased were not terrible purchases in any way.  I’d really like to get the Schecter too, but now I realize that it likely won’t happen since the purchase is “so far away”.

Might as well just see what’s around when the time comes or I might just forget the whole idea after the S2 McCarty 594 & put money towards more responsible things?

The S2 McCarty 594 & the Schecter Tempest would close the book for guitar purchasing.  I REALLY don’t want to shop for guitars anymore.  I know what I want & I have a goal.  I might have to start selling my body, although I don’t think I’d have any buyers?  If Schecter discontinues the Tempest body shape completely, I’m out.  There are other Tempest shaped guitars on their website that I’d consider if this particular one is discontinued.

I had 1 beer Friday night & I was WIDE awake at 5:00 am Saturday. I went with Kim & Brewster since he had a trim at 8:00 am that morning.  I bought 4 beer so I had 1 more late afternoon on Saturday & slept fine that night.

We picked up our light fixtures for our renovations on my birthday as well.  The bank is going to think we’ve been scammed!  A return, a purchase, a deposit, a transfer, another purchase, & a smaller purchase in one day, we never do that much stuff in one day!  Our place looks good with the new paint & the lighting will make another BIG difference. 

Finished the day with ordered in Greek food from “Opa!”  Watched the movie “Palmer” that had Kim & I crying at the end because it was so good, & Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

I was crying because I want the opportunity to be that type of father, Kim was crying because she saw me tearing up!

I was off to my parents’ place on Sunday to play guitar through my brother’s new amplifier that he won in December, so I could hear it at a louder volume than in our condo or his.  Nice to hear my guitar through a REALLY good amplifier.  He won a ‘boutique’ amplifier in a free Christmas give away in December.  I think his plan is to record & practice/rehearse with it.  Too valuable to sound check at a venue then leave it unsupervised for a few hours before a show.  I agree with owning more than one guitar amplifier in this scenario, there are people that use multiple amplifiers to get different sounds so I guess it’s whatever works for the individual.  People say I’m off my rocker hoping to own multiple electric guitars and one acoustic guitar, oh well I guess I’m nutz!  I’ll have 6 very different electric guitars at the end of the month, if you think that’s too many then you’re likely flabbergasted at the thought of 8.  They’ll each have a different shape, sound, colour, & tuning.  My acoustic, S2 McCarty 594, Explorer, maybe the Starcaster coming at the end of the month will stay in standard tuning since they sound so different.

I’ll never tell you what to listen too.  So I hope this dispels the myth about angry metal fans!

I believe it’s more due to an individual’s preference more than anything!  The metal I listen too just skims the depth of what’s out there.  There’s at least a dozen genres of metal & they all have multiple sub-genres.  Metal fans for the most part are just as picky as the next music fan.

Entered another 2 free lotteries for guitars that were given away this weekend on but I didn’t win again.  What would I do if I won a guitar give away?  I’d offer it, for free, to anyone I know that plays guitar “I know what I’d like, would you like this?”  If there were no takers out of the 12ish people I’d offer it to, then I’d sell it or trade it in for something I want.

Kim’s childhood friend that was in an explosive demolition accident is home now.  He lives in Kim’s home town about 30 minutes from Prince Albert & 1:30 hours from Saskatoon.  He’s paralyzed from the waist down & now the hard/frustrating part starts for him.  He’ll either be going to Prince Albert or Saskatoon for physiotherapy & I’m sure they’ll be doing renovations to their house or moving.  I believe he & his wife have one child with them around 3 or 4 years old & two adult children?  This event REALLY hit me hard.  Our injuries may be different but they’re both life changing events with future uphill battles.

PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY OUT BY DONATING ANY AMOUNT TO THEIR “GO FUND ME” PAGE?  They’re still over $20,000 away from the goal amount.  GO TEAM GO!

Yesterday I exercised, I was cold & really tired after so I crawled back into bed.  Today I got at 5:30 am & feel great after my exercise now at 8:00 am!

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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It’s only Saturday & I’ve been playing my 7 string only.  I finally got it figured out.  I was using it just to learn songs, I only learned a few simple 7 string songs.  I’m just coming up with my own stuff and thinking “Ooooh, I like that!”  I took a break, at 4:30 pm, to play some other guitars & help Kim put our living room back together.  Then more 7 string action!  I did learn a “Dream Theater” riff, not the entire song.  I’ve never been or tried to be a progressive metal player, or a student at the Berkley School of Music like “Dream Theater” or “Big Wreck”.  Had to make the 7 string work for me, although this was fun to learn!  Kim was still putting the living room together on Sunday.  It’s usually better if I stay out of the way with my wheelchair.  So I came into this room and spent the entire day playing & practicing guitar, it’s what I spend my free time doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to own this Schecter guitar, there’s nothing I don’t like about it!  Kim asked me how many tunings there are for a guitar last week.  Well there’s typically 6 strings on a guitar with the musical alphabet of A-G sharp.  This guy explains tunings better than I could.

So in the video he covers down tuning & drop tuning.  I like to play in open tunings, different standard tunings, flat tunings, a fusion tuning, & a very small handful of alternate tunings.  My 7 string will stay in flat tuning for a 7 string, and anything can easily do a drop tuning.

The ultimate guitar tab site lists 19 tunings for 6 string guitars.  Then you have baritone & soprano guitars, well as 7, 8, 9, & 10 string guitars.  Anything beyond one 7 string guitar is a little much for me.

I’m no Ian Thornley, Jimmy Page, Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Kim Thayill, Dimebag Darrell, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, etc.

I’ve seen and played a TON of other guitars.  I pretty much stumbled on to the Schecter Tempest, it called out to me & said “Please take me to your home???”  If Kim has taught me anything, it’s to listen, pay attention, and act!  So I’ve listened & paid attention, now I just need to shake Kim upside down & rummage through the couch to see if there’s guitar money hiding somewhere for the Schecter, PRS S2, and the Squier.  I’m pretty sure Kim’s pockets aren’t that deep & we haven’t had anyone rich or famous over because of Covid….yeah, I’m gonna go with Covid on that one….this has NOTHING to do with the fact that we don’t know anyone rich or famous at all.

I remember seeing a wall in a warehouse full of the guitars for “Pearl Jam” in a magazine.  There had to be at least 70 guitar cases in that photo.  Each guitar case had a piece of tape on it with the tuning of the guitar inside.  If you ever see “Big Wreck” live, there’s a guitar rack or 4 with 15 different guitars, you can usually tell how many songs they’ll play if you can count the guitars on the rack.  I think they have one song in standard tuning, 2 songs in drop D flat, & one in standard flat over 6 albums.  When I was younger (20s) I tuned my guitar to an open “C” tuning, I learned the intro to one Big Wreck song, just after I started playing guitar.  It took me a week to figure out the intro, I was not so SMRT.

This Schecter is cheaper to purchase than the pretty blue PRS S2, but it just wouldn’t be the same.  I grappled with that a LOT last week.  Kim even liked the Schecter guitar, that’s rare, she never makes a positive comment on ANY guitar.  My dream guitars (PRS Core models of Paul’s Guitar, Mark Tremonti PRS Core & Dave Grohl’s DG-335 by Gibson) are beyond the realm of possibility for me.  I’ve been thinking about the Schecter for too long to just dismiss it.  There’s always another Squier Stratocaster, they aren’t as appealing as this one is to me, but I personally don’t value any Stratocaster as much as I do the Schecter Tempest.  I’ll buy the PRS S2 McCarty 594 followed by the Schecter Tempest.  In the sound clips I heard, the Schecter coil splitting actually seems to make a “sonic” difference.  I’ve been told it’s a healthier hobby by a friend of mine that plans to buy a nice BBQ grill.  It may be true, but Kim disagrees, as far as finances go.

This Squier is not a traditional looking Stratocaster while being under $700 even after tax, with stuff you don’t see on a guitar under $1500 retail.  The shape, wood & 3 single coil pickups are the only traditional aspects of this Stratocaster.  The colour, pickup configuration, roasted maple neck & fret board & a flatter fret board than I’ve ever seen on a Fender or Squier model, & painted headstock are all stand outs on this guitar.  If I wanted a Squier, I could get a Squier for $349 or even $250.  I know I’d prefer the Schecter.

I’m really tired of shopping online for different guitars.  I have no plans or desire to continue researching & buying any guitars, EVER.  I don’t like shopping in person or online.  This decision comes as a complete relief for me.  I guess I also saw the Epiphone Prophecy series before any final guitars, but they didn’t interest me.

I don’t want a guitar to go untouched for more than a week or ½ a week, which is VERY achievable right now!  I’ve probably passed this point already to most people, but I don’t want to come off as greedy either.  That being said I spend VERY little money on anything else now other than $5000 a year until 2030 for my RDSP that I can’t withdraw from until 2040.  I’m in the long haul for the PRS S2 as it is & a shorter but still long haul for the Schecter.  I’m just done looking into the specifications of any guitar.  I know what I want to buy & I don’t want to look anymore.

I know that I’ll be tuning guitars to other tunings, but at least they’ll be in the neighborhood of the same tuning.  I really don’t want my guitars to have the same “…colour & shape…” tuning, pickup brands, manufacturer, etc.

I torture myself watching videos like this of Core & Private stock models of PRS guitars that are $5500 & more.  This is an instrument store in the U.K. that I watch on occasion for gear demos of new products.  S2 line of PRS in Canada is a high enough price for me and most other guitarists.

I do find that I watch far less of this stuff now that I’ve decided on what I’d like to buy & what I already have.  I do enter a free lottery for a guitar if I come across something that I know any family members or any good friends would like, and of course are playing guitar.

I was thinking of selling something for a guitar, then I realized that I have nothing I would sell, other than 2 large bins of DVDs & Blu-rays that we don’t need to keep.  We did keep 1 ½ bins of our favourite movies & TV series.

I didn’t sleep much Sunday night & ended up sleeping in longer than I’d like on Monday.  Monday just after noon it was nap time for an hour. Woke up before 2:00 pm & played more guitar.  I slept WAY better last night after this decision of figuring out which guitar will bring me more happiness.  Probably not the best bang for my money, but better for me in the end.

I saw a survey on the local news here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada around the time of Joe Biden’s inauguration.  The survey asked “Do you follow American politics?”  I laughed and said out loud “Yeah, it’s roughly 85% of your new cast!”

I haven’t listened to “Muse” in a long time.  I should fix that & eventually learn a few “Muse” songs on guitar.

I guess the singer for “TOOL”, “A Perfect Circle”, & “Puscifer”, Maynard James Keenan, got Covid in March & it has left him with lung damage.  I’m not expecting to see his return to singing now and we waited 13 years for the final “TOOL” album on their contract.  They did release 7 songs on their album, each song was over 7:00 minutes long, that’s nice.  I do prefer listening to a full album instead of single releases.  Although finding the time to focus on a lengthy album is getting hard to do.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


GUITAR SHOPPING DONE! TRUMP GONE! BACK TO CANCER & MUSIC links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!  

Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

1050 Crunches

1050 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

600 Back flexes

Wednesday came & my energy drifted away in the afternoon while playing guitar.  I stayed up too late on Tuesday night & it caught up with me.  I was practicing random songs and got tired.  Instead of abandoning the guitars I figured I’d learn how to play a few songs.  One in a weird tuning.  The other was just new chords to me in normal tuning.

Weird tuning

Never bothered to learn it, different chord shapes to me

I also found out that PRS no longer make ANY custom 22 guitars.  So I’m glad I got my PRS S2 Custom 22 semi-hollow last year.  They do offer 2 different semi-hollow guitars in the S2 range but they’re not the same guitar at all.

What are we gonna talk about now?  No more T**** & I know what my last 2 guitars will be.  Rrrrrright, that brain cancer thing.

I’m good, I’ll run out of pills by Friday but we’ve checked in with my doctors & we just have to pick up some refills.

“…I’m not crazy because I take the right pills everyday…”

Being in a wheelchair is routine now to an extent.  I did almost go to stand up from the couch last week without getting my chair in place or grabbing my transfer pole.  I caught myself before I stood up though.  On Wednesday after I showered I was testing my balance & stood up on my own for quite a while, for me, maybe 1:15 minutes?  Nice thing was that I wasn’t really trying, which might be the key to it?  It’s only January and every week that I’ve been exercising this year I’ve been “exhausted” by Wednesday or Thursday.  I’m not about to let up though.

I was going to get into this room on Wednesday & practice some “In Flames” & older “Queens of the Stone Age” stuff but I just didn’t have the energy.  Theory, scales, new chords, & different tunings instead.

Most of the “In Flames” stuff is in drop B flat, early “Queens of the Stone Age” & other stuff is in C standard so to switch between those tunings I only have to change the tuning of one string once I’m in C standard.  Nothing drastic with that, it’s just convenient to have a guitar already tuned to C standard.  “Pearl Jam”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Soundgarden”, “Big Wreck”, “Alter Bridge”, etc. are all over the map with alternate tunings.  Once I get deep into that stuff, I just throw my scales & theory stuff away and play, then you can come up with stuff that sounds different fairly easy.  With all of those alternate tunings on guitar, I do keep a few in standard tuning E A D G b e.  I want/need to learn more about that & most songs are written in standard tuning or drop D tuning.

I know that it seems odd to some that a guy in a wheelchair who couldn’t even feed himself is playing guitar, doing dishes, cooking, exercising, etc.  Those are all little things that make me feel normal.  I think that’s the real goal of any rehab, make the patient capable of feeling a sense of normalcy, if not getting them back to their regular self.  I come into this room & get to escape reality by picking up a guitar & forgetting stuff or I watch too many news clips & get angry, I prefer the guitar stuff.

“Foo Fighters” at President Biden’s inauguration concert

Thursday was a MUCH better day.  I slept well & got my butt in gear.  I ate, exercised, watched a recorded show from Wednesday, showered had lunch, & spent the day (noon-5 pm) practicing my butt off on guitar.  Kim even came in to give me a compliment.  She said “You’re driving me nuts!  You play & it sounds really good, then you stop and play the tutorial video & I can’t tell if it’s you or the video?  I have to listen very close”.  Usually she just tunes me out…on guitar or when speaking to her!  Only bad thing about Thursday afternoon was that the time just flew by too fast & I only worked on 3 songs, they we’re all new to me but still!?  I wanted to play some more guitar, so after supper & a bit of news on TV, I came in here & played for another 1 ½ hour, & played some other stuff on other guitars.  Am I great?  NOPE, but it’s fun & will get better as I play!

Today I’ll work on learning more about the 7 string & a bit of theory behind it.

May 30th “Royal Blood” will be releasing their 3rd album.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice.  Opening for Foo Fighters once & opening for Queens of the Stone Age!  New album is titled “Typhoons”.  2 singles have been released!

“Foo Fighters” released a video on Tuesday morning.  Their latest single from their upcoming album release ‘Medicine at Midnight’ out on February 5th.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,



No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Well after the marathon launch party on Thursday from PRS, they no longer offer this guitar in this red finish.

This will be my next purchase.

I checked out the Epiphone Prophecy series with a red burst Epiphone Les Paul that has special designed, active, Fishman pickups with coil splitting & the option to put them in vintage mode or modern mode.  I want to branch out from the Epiphone brand & Les Paul style of guitar.

I’ve chosen 2 other brands with a different EVERYTHING & any way you split it I don’t have the savings for any guitar right now, & whatever I can rake together goes to that pretty blue PRS S2 McCarty 594.  I have secretly always wanted a white guitar with black accents in a different shape.

I REALLY like the Schecter.  That Schecter (white) guitar gets me REALLY excited & should be the same price as the discontinued red PRS SE for that model line, but the McCarty 594 takes priority now.  I’m cautious about having too many guitars, this isn’t a big space.  If it weren’t for the type of stands/wall mounts I have, I would have had to stop a few guitars ago.  I guess this is me “thinking out loud” but it’s definitely desired!  I just want to play more often & get better than I was before cancer…to be continued further on this post. 

I never thought I’d say this.  Squier came out with a REALLY cool guitar last week that’s in between $600-$700 after tax.  Cool & VERY different pickup configuration, VERY affordable, roasted maple neck & fret board, a REALLY nice/unique colour, I think I saw somewhere that it has Stainless Steel frets & it does have a flatter fretboard than most Fenders & Squiers.  I’ve often thought I should get a Stratocaster but none of them have ever really appealed to me, until this release last week!  I prefer this guitar over the Schecter Tempest!  This is totally different from anything I own, the Schecter Tempest sounds great & looks great but would just be icing on the cake and sound similar to a Les Paul.  This Squier Stratocaster would do the blues/jazz thing & be a fancy tool for me too.  This is easily my last purchase after the PRS S2 McCarty 594.  I’ve never been a Stratocaster guy until I saw this last week & fell in love with it!

Even I’m thinking “WHOA, ‘limits’ dude, limits!”  Sure they’re all in different tunings, different colours, shapes but that’s more than enough guitars to maintain?  Probably sounds excessive to others, but it’s my hobby for multiple hours a day after I exercise.  I’m not saying PRS or Epiphone are releasing poor quality guitars, they’re great!  I don’t want all of my guitars to be made by the same company.

I play a LOT of guitar.  3-6 ½ hours a day.  I’m not great but there is improvement, at least that’s what my mother tells me (I think she has to say that by law of motherhood?).  I’m constantly learning about the inner workings of a guitar as well as music theory & songs.  These nice looking guitars just make want to play more than I already do & constantly get better.  I look forward to finishing my exercises each day so that I have ample time to play guitar.  I don’t watch TV usually & if I do, I sit down with my acoustic guitar to continue working on something that I kind of know & can get through without watching my fingers. 

A $10,000 guitar!!!!!!!!!  Good grief!  That’s why I’ll never buy a Gibson Les Paul, a Core PRS, or a “king of the heap” Fender guitar.  $3000 is atrocious to me.  I’ve never spent $3000 on a single guitar and I never plan to!

I had a phone appointment last week with my psychiatrist.  From the sound of his questions, that office is swamped with people dealing with depression & anxiety.  Can’t say I blame anyone for feeling that way.  These are odd times to say the least, but we need to remember there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  We may not know what that light will look like, but it’s there.  The weird thing is, is that we’re all in this together but have to stay apart to get through this.  I hope that EVERYONE is doing the same thing & are focused on getting through this.

We’re still within the 30 day trial period of 2021, I think a refund/return shouldn’t be a problem at this point, or should we tough it out?  Who do I speak with & where is customer service?

I have to say that my exercises are REALLY hard on me.  I’ve had more afternoon naps this year already than I had during all of 2020.  My exercise increased at the start of 2021, the news is just blah, TV doesn’t really keep me entertained, & I sometimes lack the energy to have a productive time playing guitar during the week lately.  That being said, I spent all weekend in our office/computer room/guitar room.  Kim was on a mission to paint what was left of our suite.  I stayed out of the way.  What am I gonna help with?  I guess I could paint the bottom half of a wall?  I’d likely just be in the way. 

I got up just after 7:00 am on Monday, had my breakfast & felt energized even after my exercise!  Monday night I managed to get Kim to take a breather and not worry about painting the wall behind the stove, which is all she has left to paint.  She hasn’t stopped anything since we got up on December 26th!  She’s AMAZING! 

I got a price on the Schecter Tempest & its WAY more than I want to spend.  The Squier Stratocaster is the winner hands down!  I don’t own a Stratocaster, I own a Fender Telecaster with 1 single coil pickup & a lipstick pickup, it’s a FANTASTIC guitar, but the Stratocaster is a totally different beast.  The PRS S2 McCarty 594 followed by the Squier Stratocaster will conclude my guitar purchasing for sure!  I’m out of room after those 2 guitars, I’ll have all of the different sounds that I want to hear, & I’m tired of searching for different sounds.  “I like it, I love it, I (don’t) need more of it”.  The Stratocaster model isn’t available until June 8th, which is fine.  I’m already in the long haul for the PRS guitar, the Squier will happen afterwards.  I never expected Squier to outdo Fender, EVER!  The Squier 2021 models in general were FAR more impressive than the more expensive Fender counterpart for me!  Import guitars are definitely getting better!  The really nice thing about this Stratocaster is that it will likely be the most affordable guitar I own while having a TON of stuff you’ll typically see on a $2000 + guitar.  If the Squier goes out of production…oh well, the saved money can go to something more important than a guitar.

See what happens when a rock, metal, classical, jazz, blues music fan is married to a country music fan.  While she was painting on Sunday, she was listening to country Christmas music on iTunes.

AHA!  Skip to the 10 minute mark where she mentions that multiple guitars are tools for a guitar player not replacements.  A TON of guitar players think this way!  Here’s video proof that I’m not crazy!

You’d think I’d be sad about finishing my guitar purchasing journey but you’d be absolutely wrong.  It was never a goal to have that many guitars, it was ALWAYS more about finding different sounds.  I’m actually relieved that I’ll have a small group of individual sounding guitars.  I don’t want to be a master of one style and likely never would be.  I’d rather be a jack of all trades & be versatile in my playing.  That is THE reason for different guitars & different tunings, for me.  A Telecaster, Les Paul, a PRS, a 7 string, an Explorer, or a Stratocaster will NEVER sound the same.  Even with my modeling amplifier each guitar sounds different.

This is the guitar I bought myself on December 14th.  It’s a double cut Epiphone Les Paul.  This is the guitar I’ve nicknamed “Wannabe” since it looks a LOT like the shape of a PRS guitar.  My guitars all have nicknames but I call them what they are by shape or brand.  Please remember that I don’t take for granted that I’m fortunate enough to buy these guitars, and I would NEVER expect anyone to purchase a guitar for me, although 4 ½ of my guitars were gifts, so I’m very lucky right there.


T**** keeps saying he doesn’t want to be compared to Richard Nixon & that name is not to be uttered in the White House.  OK, but he hired Roger Stone during his campaign to the 2016 election.  Roger Stone has a tattoo on his back of Richard Nixon’s face.  Seems more than a bit odd to me, but I don’t understand or agree with 99.9% of what T**** says.  I’m anxious to see the day my news feed isn’t jam packed with T**** news.

I’m not going to claim this as my year, I did that last January and it worked for me but it SO didn’t work out for most people, my bad.  My personal mantra for this year is “Work harder, learn more, be a better person & continue to play hard”.

I got up early, for a guy with no children, on Sunday.  Got my eggs hard boiled for the week & my vegetable juice made for the week.  Then I bolted into this room with some Saskatoon berry tea and learned some “Alice in Chains” & Swedish melodic death metal from “In Flames”.  That makes 3 straight days of tea, Saturday, Sunday, & 2 on Monday.  I think I’m ready to get older…minus the death metal thing!?

Then I just kept playing EVERYTHING I had learned but need to keep working on.  I went through almost EVERYTHING a couple times & it took me all weekend!

“Opeth” seemed like the right choice to fall asleep to Monday night.

I fall asleep to “Opeth” & the first thing I see on Facebook is my guitar dealer playing his song “Timeless Winter”

Definitely a possibility?  Washington D.C. is prepared for a war.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,



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I had 2 1/2 great days last week.  The domestic terrorism encouraged by the President greatly angered/saddened/depressed & made me react poorly on Fridays post.  That was not a reaction, it was edited many times & with each edit it came out the same.  I apologize if it affected anyone negatively but I don’t apologize for my feelings.  I do regret saying “For those that have ever approved of him & voted for him, you drank the Kool-Aid & screwed up BIG but you’re human & people make mistakes.” Trump supporters that weren’t involved in the riot, you’ve done nothing wrong & are entitled to your own opinion.  There were peaceful protesters at the Capitol building, that’s totally acceptable!  The people I have an issue with are the rioters & government officials that allowed the situation to get to this point despite WARNINGS from half of the world & multiple red flags from the President.  Most people saw something like this coming, how did the US government miss this?  All I ever want from someone is that they do their job.  I’d say let’s put it behind us, but something might still happen?  REALLY!  NO MEANS NO!

I don’t live there, politicians didn’t consider something of this magnitude happening, nobody listened to warnings over 4 years, & there’s not much I can do about it.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the guitar give away, & those tried to win the guitar for me!  I didn’t get the guitar, but thank you for entering the contest!

If the winner of this give away is reading this, CONGRATULATIONS!  It seems like a FANTASTIC guitar!

Now that the contest/lottery is over & I didn’t get that guitar.  I’ve decided that I’ll save table scraps to A) Buy the PRS S2 McCarty 594 then B) Buy the PRS SE “Paul’s Guitar”.  If the Core model is good enough for the owner, the cheaper SE model is great for me!  I’ll discuss this later on.

Big news in the music industry!  Gibson guitars bought the Mesa Boogie amplifier company.  Dave Mustaine of “Megadeth” left his endorsement deal with “Dean” guitars and is likely headed to “Gibson” or “Kramer” guitars for his endorsement deal that will likely feature a Signature line of Dave Mustaine guitars.  Gibson also announced a Signature line of bass guitars by Gene Simmons of “KISS”. 

Mesa Boogie amplifiers were a BIG thing!  If you’ve ever listened to rock, metal, or Nu-metal from the ‘90s – early 2000s, you’ve likely heard a Mesa Boogie amplifier.  Dave Grohl even played through a Mesa Boogie amplifier for a few years as the lead singer of “Foo Fighters”.  The Gibson Company buying Mesa Boogie was not the BIG music news of the week it was more that Dave Mustaine, fired from “Metallica” in the 1980s, has left his endorsement deal at “Dean” guitars but “no one knows” what Company he’ll go to as of this writing on Monday, January 11th?

Gibson guitars have released a signature line of Gene Simmons bass guitars.  I’m indifferent to this announcement, I’ve never played Bass guitar, I’ve never been a fan of “KISS” despite knowing some of their material & I’ve never been a fan of Gene Simmons despite watching his early 2000s reality show.  His kids are AWESOME based on what I saw on the TV series.

Regarding this opinion above, to say that “KISS” is irrelevant does & doesn’t make sense.  I think “KISS” is a band you’re either a HUGE fan of or just don’t care for their music.  The most modern & relevant guitar player endorsed by Gibson is Dave Grohl & Matthew Heafy of “Trivium” as far as I know?  Dave Grohl has a signature Hollow body Trini Lopez DG-335 which I believe is made by Gibson guitars, however I don’t believe it is in production for the average consumer?  I own a Matthew Heafy signature 7 string Epiphone Les Paul.  Which is now out of production but will be returning to production with different specifications.  I wanted the original version because it was a normal/non-metal looking 7 string guitar.  I do not see myself even considering another 7 string guitar.

The fact that Gibson has an iconic name on a bass guitar line is great, whoever it is.  I don’t see anything HUGE that makes it a Gene Simmons model.  It’s a traditional/common body shape.  If you like KISS and play bass guitar you’ll likely want one, & the price will jump much higher for that line because of the name affiliation.

I’d love to own a DG-335, a Mark Tremonti signature Core PRS in any colour other than black, or a “Paul’s Guitar” either an SE or super expensive Core model since I didn’t win the SE giveaway.  The most realistic one here is the “Paul’s guitar” PRS SE, although it’s still expensive for a guitar made oversea.

This is THE time for instrument geeks!  This is the time of year when 100s of companies roll out their new models & additions to their brand.  The news is just trickling out now, since it will be online instead of a 4 day trade show in California, but all should be revealed by the end of next week.

When I eventually purchase this guitar, it will the same colour as in the video but with the shape of a Les Paul, since that’s the wiring format of it.

Whenever this buying opportunity rolls around in the next 20 years, the “Paul’s Guitar” SE will look like this…

…by that time I will have likely sold some guitar stuff.

You’re probably asking “Why does this guy need more guitars?  He’s just wasting money!”  That’s a fair question.  I don’t need or want the same guitar ever & the only thing every guitar has in common is the neck of the guitar & that can be a different size/shape on any guitar.  I literally spend nothing over the course of a week, maybe $15/month other than groceries.  When I say I’m saving table scraps for stuff I want, that means no Christmas or Birthday gifts, just substitute money instead of gifts until these guitars are purchased.  I’m not about to tie up our shared income for myself, we’re using that for renovations at the moment & hopefully find a house in 2022.  If that means guitar purchases get pushed back, I’m more than OK with that.  Who knows maybe after I purchase the PRS S2 McCarty 594 I won’t want the “Paul’s Guitar” but I’m willing to wait for the “Paul’s Guitar”, there’s no rush to get it tomorrow & I’ll have to save up for both anyways. 

I put a bunch of songs on hold to fully learn these 4 song’s on guitar.  I know with practice they will come along, one at a time.

I’m really focused on learning these 4 songs to add to my arsenal of stuff I like to play and find challenging to learn.  No you haven’t seen or know everything I’m working on guitar wise.  Those will start this week as I finish learning this song.

Honestly I’ve skimmed over a few of these songs a few times with a guitar in hand.  The videos I’ve previously posted are more of a “work in progress” or status reports.  Not something I’d play on stage for an audience that paid to hear it.  I figure I’ll learn a handful of songs & just play them into the ground, Kim’s gonna have issues, although that new amplifier I bought in December is FANTASTIC even at low volume levels, should I tell her that?

I was finding it difficult to find songs I want to learn on a 7 string guitar…HELLO I’ll be busy for months learning this mountain of glory!  Oh man am I gonna push myself learning that stuff.  That’s no walk in the park!  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I know I’ve said it more than once but the PRS “Paul’s Guitar” SE will truly be my final purchase.  It’s getting cramped in this room & after that purchase my guitar stands will be full.  Also other guitars are not nearly as desirable or worth saving money for, to me.

I’ve been sad/angry/depressed/disappointed & have not slept well after the events in the USA since they happened on Wednesday.  Sunday night was the first time I slept well since then.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!  

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Tell everyone about this site, share the link, & most importantly “tell her about it”

I don’t know who “she” is?  I just wanted to hear some Billy Joel when I wrote that!

Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

1,050 Crunches

1,050 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

600 Back flexes

Crunches, leg lifts, & back flexes all went up number wise.  My muscles were sore by the end of Tuesday.  It was nice to take a break over the holidays, but it sucked doing more and starting all over again.

You’re not the only one that thinks this has gone on for WAY TOO long.  A lot of the time, I feel I’ve over stepped on the duration of this site.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one that finds this mundane.  I live it, and you read it.  My life’s not that exciting.  I like music, I play guitar, I exercise, I’ve been married for over 15 years, I have no children, I have an almost 15 year old dog, I’m in a wheelchair, I have an iPatch, I had stage 4 brain cancer, I’m now 12 years cancer free, & I lead a pretty regular life for an almost 41 year old guy.  Other than not leaving my house for more than an hour a week & not being able to drive, there’s nothing too extravagant here. 

I do like going to live concerts but I’m cutting back on who & where I’ll see a live show.  Cutting back on live concerts isn’t that bad living in Saskatchewan.  Nobody comes here other than Canadian groups or artists.  The last BIG name act here in Regina was “Lynyrd Skynyrd” in early 2019?  I do frequent Calgary for a “Foo Fighters” show.  I’ve been there with my dad the last 3 “Foo Fighters” tours/album cycles.  I hear “Alter Bridge” plan to hit western Canada on their next album cycle for the first time ever since their debut release in 2004, bucket list so I can’t miss that.  Being physically handicapped helps with cutting back on that too.  It’s sometimes hard to find people that are willing to drive 8 hours away and pay $50-$100 to see a show, not everyone likes the same music as I do.  In the end, I’d rather save money for the PRS S2 McCarty 594 guitar.

Like you haven’t seen it enough that’s my next and final purchase, even if I win this less expensive guitar below.

I know it comes off a greedy since it’s for me, but it’s free & was a VERY close runner up to the McCarty 594.  This SE “Paul’s Guitar” that I’d like to win has some very cool sound features on it that other guitars don’t, that’s what makes it different, & that’s why I like it so much!

Lots of people like to travel, I’m not one of them.  If Kim gets the urge to go somewhere, I’m in!  I like spending time with my wife.  Sure we disagree & argue because we’re both stubborn.  Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s a LOT smarter than me….that can be our little secret, shhh!  

With all of that being said & the fact that pretty much EVERYTHING is now negligible for me including leaving the house for more than 30 minutes a week, since mid-July 2012, that should sum up the reason for buying guitars.  I gotta pass the time how I want to.  It’s Groundhog Day here.  I get up, eat, exercise, shower eat, play guitar while checking Facebook & email, eat, play more guitar, have supper, hang out with Kim & go to bed, wake up & repeat.

I didn’t watch the videos that I put out on Tuesday until I posted them, they were all one take.  I knew I wouldn’t like them if I watched them.  On the plus side they did/do make me want to practice more!  Like I mentioned before, I want to really push myself more this year.  “There’s always someone doing better at what you do” – Anonymous.  I don’t know when I heard that, probably at a very young age, it’s very true though.

T**** supporters listened & stood by, then did EXACTLY what he told them to do on Wednesday, January 6th.  Just arrest T**** at this point!  T**** hasn’t started anything in the past, but now he has, and this is how T**** chose to end his term as President.  4 Americans died on Wednesday because of nobody but T****.  His silence is deafening!  T**** is the equivalent of Charles Manson, he’s encouraged others to do his illegal bidding for him, multiple times.  At the rally T**** stated “I will be with you” he lied, again!  He wasn’t in the march.  How does he condemn the attack that he ENCOURAGED at the rally moments before it took place?

Whether he likes this or not, THIS is on him.  #Blacklivesmatter wasn’t because of him, racism has been around for centuries, T**** exacerbated it.  He didn’t create the pandemic, he mocked it & let the death toll take over while ignoring science. 

I’m so pissed off I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night.  2 weeks away from a real leader in the White House!  T**** supporters just became the smallest fish in a VERY big pond!  T****, his administration, & T**** supporters are easily the least patriotic people on Earth.

Even as a Canadian living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada I feel WAY too close to Washington, D.C.!  Republican voters just left another HUGE WHITE stain on American history.  Yeah, I’m a Canadian living in Canada so I am “Unamerican” & more than happy to be in a different country.


There is no excuse or reason for this other than T****’s bruised ego & his sheep like follower’s blatant ignorance in reality, democracy, science, & law.  Along with EVERY American politician that didn’t do anything proactive about it.

MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T**** is talking about pardoning himself?  LIKE HELL THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN!  The next time I see T**** on TV he had better be in handcuffs!  He has blood on his hands now, along with many republican politicians.  If they aren’t punished for MURDER wtf is the point of T****’s “law & order” statement?  Who goes to jail first & does the USA prison system have enough room?  What would I do if I crossed paths with him in public?  Nothing, he’s not worth my time.

T**** spoke on Thursday.  Do you know that it took two individual efforts for him to call the National Guard and Ivanka was the 2nd individual?  Even after Wednesday’s events he continues to LIE!?!? 

For T****, his administration & those that continue to support him, may God have mercy on your souls when your time is up.

For those that have ever approved of him & voted for him, you drank the Kool-Aid & screwed up BIG but you’re human & people make mistakes.  Learn from this & don’t repeat your mistakes.

American political leaders, pay REALLY close attention to this part if you see this!?  Don’t go to war with another country because they have a “broken” political system.  Fix yours first, then worry about other countries.  It took a domestic terrorist attack for American politicians to finally CONSIDER doing something about the American political system?  Who didn’t something like this coming?  WAKE UP!

The USA Federal government is laughable on a good day.  Wednesday was a cluster****!  SHAME on democrat & republican politicians for allowing this bullshit to carry on!  Their actions affect the lives of their citizens, they NEED to do a better job!

Yeah I used a curse word but the President, among many alleged crimes, has mocked a handicapped person, called dead soldiers “losers”, called Governors “jerks” for not using force to break up legal & peaceful riots, asked foreign countries to intervene in multiple elections, cuddled up with dictators, called Georgia election officials to “…find 11, 780 votes…” for him & instigated a riot on American soil.  You tell me who’s in the wrong here.

I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night with my emotions running at 10/10, so I worked on a guitar until 2:00 am & then cried myself to sleep.

It’s 11:51 pm Thursday night.  I’m still pissed off & REALLY DISAPPOINTED in everything that has led to this point in time.

Politicians are CONSIDERING invoking the 25th amendment?  Less than 2 weeks in his 4 year term, but NOW he’s a threat????????????????????  COME ON?????

I’m SO glad I beat cancer so I could live to see 2016-present!

Please help me win this guitar on Sunday.  I don’t want to wait for something else star spangled fantastic to happen.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,