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I fell asleep to “Ronnie James Dio aka Dio” the album “Angry Machines”

I exercised to “Trivium” the album “In Waves”


Here’s the Canadian Red Cross website if you’d prefer to donate there for my birthday.  Donate whatever amount you like whenever you like please?


We did have our “niece” over on the weekend for a sleepover at “Auntie” Kim’s.  Our “nephew” came over with his mom to pick up his sister.  He’s not 2 years old until the spring but he likes my wheelchair and his “Uncle” Chris.  Follows me into the bathroom, I lock my wheels, he’s behind my chair at the doorway, & all I hear is “Uncle…..uncle…..uncle….uncle?”  Then he just wants to push his sister around our place in the wheelchair.  How can you say “No” to that!  Too cute!!!!!

Haven’t really spent money on music, grrrr.  Tried to add more streaming music the other night and it tells me this is “Not available in your region”, & that’s why I’d prefer to use iTunes or even better purchase CD’s.  “Hello streaming music I’m not a fan of you but let’s make this as pleasant as we can.  You do your job, and I’ll keep quiet”.  I’ve been listening to older rock and metal.  TONS of older stuff by “Megadeth”, that I’ve owned for quite a while.  I’ve been getting into “The Cure”, “Dio”, more “Queen” & I now listen & own all but one album from “The Darkness”.  My brother can’t stand them.  I use to play or sing their first hit at band rehearsal just to pester him.

This high voice is about all I can do now.  My falsetto’s there, my real voice…..not so much.  I might start answering the phone like this, apparently it’s easier to understand?!

“Queen” & “Dio” are the 2 main worm holes I’m going down right now.  “Iron Maiden” & “Testament” I’ve had for a while now & often go back to.  The music I listen to seems to go in waves. Pop, blues, disco, funk, rrrroooocccckkkk, & mmmmeeeettttaaaallll.

The entire guitar deal is that my left hand & arm are/were pretty much useless.  Exercising & getting to a point where I had the hand muscle to form any chord was HUGE.  Sure I can whip off some impressive licks if you don’t know any better.  Thing is I’m still pretty green.  I knew a lot, I’ve learned WAY more.  My hand works.  I’ve got to speed my hand & arm up just a bit to get up to tempo.  I need to get certain parts of a song back into muscle memory.  It’s all there & most of it is VERY close.  My right arm & hand weren’t affected by brain cancer.  My strumming, rhythm, & guitar picking came back fine after 3 ½ years of therapy.  I’m sort of physically new somewhat & I’ve advanced, but I also know more of what I used to do & even what I could tackle next.  I’m a weird middle of the road beginner at this point, that’s what I’d call myself on guitar.  I’m just SO happy that I can make things sound like an actual song.  Yes I play/practice a LOT!

Why would I like to own 5 electric guitars?  I see many stay at home players with dozens of guitars.  I don’t need or want that many, I’m not that versatile.  The reason for multiple guitars is different tunings and/or sounds.  Excuse me while I mansplain my reasons.

Just watch enough of the video to get a good look at the guitar, you don’t need to watch the entire video.  I’ll put up links to the Facebook photos of my guitars on here & the photos on the Facebook page for this blog.  Hopefully the links work if you don’t have a Facebook account.

My 3 electrics all sound different & are in different tunings.  The Fender Telecaster is very much geared towards country & blues music (tuned to standard E) with single coil pickups.  Same body style & pickups.  Different colour & model.  Mine is a much darker wood grain, & it’s my autographed guitar.  I learned some blues sounding chords to play it.  Foo Fighters “For All the Cows” sounds great on it!

My Epiphone Explorer is in a different tuning (Eb) & set for rock & metal music (active EMG pickups extra $200).  Same colour, style, & brand.  Different model & pickups were changed to EMGs ASAP.  Dave Grohl used to play a Gibson Explorer that was the initial reason for getting it.  It’s now my main guitar.  Epiphone is a more affordable version of Gibson, cheaper parts & wood.

My Les Paul knock off is extremely heavy (the weight of 2 Gibson Les Paul’s) & it holds lower tunings very well, so it’s tuned to D instead of the standard E (stock & loud humbucker pickups).  Same body shape, darker green, & probably different pickups.  Mine is not a Gibson or Epiphone brand, much more inexpensive, as heavy as can be, also mine has a metal plate on the back where the neck/fret board is bolted to the body.  I don’t have Grover tuners or a coil tap switch.

The other 2 I’d like are different in other ways.  7 strings instead of 6, different EMG pickups (I paid $200 to switch my Explorer pickups to EMGs), love the shape of the Les Paul & I’m gonna make it happen!  The PRS is a definite go with different pickups, semi-hollow, love the shape, locking tuners, Tremolo Bridge & bar, etc.  Definitely getting the PRS, and the more I watch demos of the Limited Edition 7 string Epiphone that 2nd place is by a hair.  At least I know what I like.  They’re both pretty & practical.  A non-guitar player likely won’t get this.

I should be able to order the PRS guitar by the end of March, then I’ll start saving ASAP for the Matt Heafy 7 string limited edition Epiphone and Kim’s dream vacation to Hawaii.  Half of what I save will go to the guitar, the other half will be saved for Hawaii.  You may think a guitar is a waste of money & that’s fine.  I spend my money mostly on music or music related stuff.

I survived cancer, my wife has been more than cool with this situation despite the times where I’ve been a mess mentally, our extended & immediate families have been great & I can’t rave enough about how great our friends have been, despite me being a complete wreck at times!  We’ve been cash poor since February of 2008.  We’re not trying to catch up to the rest of the world like we were, we just want to feel comfortable in our situation.

Yeah, I’m becoming obsessed with these 2 guitars.

The PRS guitar, I’ll order in the spring, then wait 90 days for it to get here.  If it wasn’t for us living in Canada + the 11% tax between the federal & provincial tax, I’d have it already.  The Epiphone Les Paul 7 string would take 2 days to get here.  Half the price of the PRS guitar but VERY different.  I’ll be saving for both that guitar & a trip to wherever Kim wants to go.  It will likely take me longer to save the cash, so I likely won’t get it anytime soon.  No we’re not going into debt for any of this.  We’re saving by cutting back on other things, such as iTunes (yeah I’ll be using that streaming garbage), coffee & tea from Tim Hortons, etc.

This year, more so than others, I’m all about quality over quantity.  On the guitar side of things, 5 different electric guitars would each serve a different purpose.  My acoustic guitar is for perfecting the imperfections masked by the guitar amplifier.  My exercise is the same mentality.  Each individual exercise serves a different purpose.  Less repetitions with more focus on the quality of the repetitions.

I’m going to pick 4 songs that I’ve learned & make them perfect.  Rhythm, tempo, & technicality, while continuing the finger exercises that got me to this point.  Lead guitar doesn’t really interest me, but learning more about guitar will help me.  Always something to learn!  If I could sell a guitar I would but there are unwritten rules that I have for myself as to why I can’t sell a guitar.  A) I can’t sell my first guitar.  B) An autographed guitar.  C) My main guitar given to me by my wife (girlfriend at the time).  D) I can’t sell my only acoustic guitar.

Now we just need to move so I can turn my guitar amp past 2 on the volume nob.  Ah condos!


DC movies are reinventing themselves to be more realistic, a bit darker, while maintaining the aura of a comic book movie.  I’m in!  Margot Robbie plays “Harley Quinn” so well!

I watched “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix twice since Saturday.  Hands down as movie of the year for me.  Definitely not for kids.  Rated R for a reason.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


SORRY IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS SHOW?  IT’S BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

(20 pound dumb bells) 400 Curls

(10 pound dumb bells) 200 Shoulder raises/Chest presses

800 Crunches

600 Leg lifts

400 Squats

400 Back flexes

Walking & stairs start on the weekend (time permitting) or on Monday.

I fell asleep to “Trivium” the album “Silence in the Snow”

I exercised to “Dio” the album “Sacred Heart”


Here’s the Canadian Red Cross website if you’d prefer to donate there for my birthday.  Donate whatever amount you like whenever you like please?

I could ask for donations to the Canadian Cancer Society that our team of 10 people raised $75,000 over 3 years for, while I was in the hospital.  I’m asking for Red Cross donations since they’ll help with more than just cancer.  I can’t ask for donations to 15 different organizations.  I figured I’ll try to cover as much as I can with one organization?

I’ve changed my exercises as much as I could to benefit me more.  There are fewer repetitions in a week, but more difficulty in each exercise.  For example I’m using heavier dumb bells for my weight exercises.  20 pounds in each hand for curls & 10 pounds for shoulder raises with them coming together in front of me to exercise my chest.  Once I end up doing 200 repetitions/day consistently, I will increase the weights & decrease the repetitions.

My squats are lower for a longer amount of time & 50 of them 3 days a week are on my tip toes to work on my balance & calves.  My crunches are being held for a longer amount of time as are my yoga poses & leg lifts.  Fewer repetitions but far more intense exercise.

Different muscles are a little more tender than usual the next day.  These lower repetitions take just as much, if not more time to complete each day.  I expect to put on a few pounds of muscle or at least see a shift from fat to muscle.  Who thought me being 226 pounds would look like my clothes were about to fall off?

In other news, I stumbled across a Facebook poll asking if I was for or against legalizing public nudity.  Knee jerk reaction, I said ‘Sure, it’s just as harmful to me as legalized marijuana’.  This was before Christmas and I’ve been rethinking my answer ever since.  Sure it won’t bother me, I’ll head out in my underwear & a T-Shirt.  It could affect anyone negatively though & here’s why.  There are a TON of people out there that will take advantage of this by sexually assaulting & raping those that seem to be ‘easier pray’ by wearing less clothing.  That’s what I quickly realized was the problem with my answer.

I have more music in my collection, most of it is rock & metal stuff.  Not sure if that’s worth sharing with others.  I might do a bit on the Tuesday posts when there’s nothing new that I’ve purchased.

I’m watching demos on the Epiphone Matt Heafy 7 string custom.  Damn me & my taste in guitars.  That would complete my guitar collection.  Yes, as I’m relearning to play songs I knew & newer songs I’ve never tried before.  I’ve been learning much more stuff & practicing at least 45 minutes a day if not more, my fingers are much more independent than they’ve ever been.  What gets my goat the most is, we’ve saved enough money for this Epiphone but the PRS guitar is a midlife crisis/once in a lifetime purchase & we’re half way there.

Truth be told, my midlife crisis was going to be a Porsche.  Well that all changed in 2008, & playing guitar seemed out of the question until October of 2019.  I’m sticking with the PRS despite not owning a 7 string.  Even though both serve a different purpose.  The PRS is sort of an all-in-one guitar with added stuff I don’t have & I don’t own a 7 string or anything with a kill pot.  They’re both more cash than at least three of the 4 guitars I own.  Mine are all under $1000.  The Fender Telecaster was a gift I got while in the hospital & is likely just over $1000.  The only guitar I’ve actually bought for myself was my acoustic that I play multiple times a day.  Damn it I’m specific/picky!  That would truly be it for me.  I look at guitar gear as ‘less is more’.  Right now I play each guitar but mainly the Epiphone Explorer I have.  Used to play shows with my Les Paul styled knock off, I always brought my Epiphone as a backup and eventually used it live in a different tuning.

Matt Heafy is the writer & lead vocalist for the metal band “Trivium”.  My 3 favourite metal bands are “Lamb of God”, “Trivium”, & “In Flames” they have been for the last 14 years.

My left hand was the issue, but even I have noticed significant improvement since I started playing again, so has Kim.  My “Time is running out”.  PRS for now, since Kim wants to go to Hawaii next year.  Save, save, save, & save some more.  We don’t travel.  I’ve been outside of Canada once, to Boston with Kim who was there for a week for training, I tagged along in the summer of 2006 or 2007.

A house popped up on the market Wednesday.  A house about the same size of our suite, front porch, wheelchair accessible back deck, built in 2000, & a partially finished basement.  Looked very promising from the photos.  WAY over our price range listed at $389,900.  I did what I always do.  Stayed awake, worried & over thought things.  Finally fell asleep around 3:30 am or 4 am.  I finally just told Kim yesterday “I don’t even want to know about a house unless it’s in our price range and if ours will ever sell.”  The stars & moon have to all align & everybody’s chakra has to be in the perfect spot to sell this place from the looks of things.  I’ll sign another contract to sell the place, although I don’t understand how that will change anything.

As a comparison, we were among the first 6 suites to move into our new building on December 18th, 2013.  Our suite is very similar in size, a difference of maybe 50 sqft, but way below that price.


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 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

I had no intension of taking a break, exercise wise, over the holidays.  I changed my mind after the week off in November.  My sleeping pattern does not like all of this stress.  So I was awake half of the night Sunday, slept in Monday, felt lazy & tired ended up doing nothing.  Went to bed at 9:30 pm Monday night.  Got up to pee at 2:40 am, couldn’t fall asleep.  Got out of bed @ 3:20 am and did some stuff in the kitchen quietly.  Felt really tired around 8:30 am, crawled in bed.  Showered, had lunch & it was 2:30 pm.

All of this is not good for me.  My mind hasn’t known how to relax in the last 3 years or so, & it’s getting worse.  When I was in my rehabilitation program I was severely depressed & was put on an anti-depressant/sleeping pill to combat the negative thoughts in my head so I could sleep.  I’m not having negative thoughts now, I just feel like I have so much to do, but my body doesn’t want to keep up.  With the house being listed, its holiday season, & I put stress on myself to get as much done in a day as possible, I’m tired, a bit grumpier than usual & generally feel like I’m just wasting days by not exercising.

I hate having our house listed.  I’m physically handicapped with no driver’s license but when someone wants to see our place, Brewster & I have to disappear for the 30-45 minutes someone’s here.  Much easier said than done.  My parents are in town until they go on a trip about a week in to the New Year.  Then Kim will have to get us out of here.  With her being on contract, she doesn’t like to take time off since she doesn’t get paid if she’s not at work.  With all of that going on I’m more stressed than ever.  I’m not depressed or crying (like I was in my Rehab program), however I do feel anxious all of the time.

I guess we can add the fact that my brother has another surgery coming up shortly after Christmas.  The first one wasn’t enough.  I worry about him too.  He had back surgery for bone spurs on his shoulders that were causing his arms & hands to go numb at random times, 5 months of disability & some of that doing physiotherapy.  He went back to work for 2 weeks of shortened shifts & he’ll be heading to Saskatoon for a 2nd surgery, this time through the front of his body, because the numbing sensation came back.  Between my dad, mom, brother, & I, we’ve all had some type of surgery.  My parents have both had eye surgeries, mom’s had one knee replaced & soon another, my brother is dealing with his back surgeries, & I’ve had 3 brain surgeries.

As for the house being on the market, at this point I’ve lost all hope of the stars aligning for us to sell & find a new (wheelchair accessible) place in Regina in our price range.  They’re completely gone at the moment.  Our contract is up on December 31st.  I told Kim “Do what you want.  I’m out, I’m not looking.  If I need to disappear, that’s not my problem.  I figure we could be here for 5 more years, & I just don’t care.  We have nowhere to move to.  The entire reason we put this place up for sale was for a forever home that sold 3 weeks after we hit the market.  The contract at that time was to remove our place from the market if our dream house sold, & it did.  I’m out.  I’m not going to stop you or our realtor from looking, I’ll willingly see a house you find, but I’m not searching for something that is likely not there at the moment.  I’ll start house hunting online again in March”.  We’ve lowered the price once & that’s as low as its going.

As of today it is 6 years to the day that we moved into this condo.  Nothing wrong with this place, we’re just much younger than the average resident here.  My parents are young & I’m guessing they’re younger than the average person here?  I’d like to move, but I don’t see things working out for us in the near future.

We signed our mortgage papers at the bank on Monday, my name is on it but Kim handles the money here.  I saw what our mortgage payment is each month, & I’m thinking that guitar I was going to order is better off at the factory.  Kim disagrees still?  I don’t know what I was thinking to begin with now.  I cancelled my football tickets for next year, which is what I’d prefer to happen in for many different reasons, then wanted to buy a really nice/moderately expensive guitar?  The guitar’s still up for discussion despite me having a decent portion of the money already.

Everyone’s Christmas gifts have been purchased & are wrapped under the tree.  That stress is over.  What’s bugging me now is that I have possibly 30 years of exercise to cram in ASAP.  Even then I’ll likely be using a walker.  I’m disappointing myself.  Especially if I’m sitting around, doing nothing but thinking of what I need to do.

As for eating & drinking over the holidays, not much has changed in that department.  We drink store bought non-alcoholic light egg nog.  I occasionally put it in the few coffees I have a week & I’ve had 2 glasses of ½ egg nog, ½ skim milk, with a shot of Kahlua.  After the 8(?) Holiday sweets I’ve had so far, I’ve determined they just make me feel sick & I don’t need them.  So I’m basically still drinking a minimum of 3 liters of water a day, 2 eggs a piece of fruit & homemade vegetable juice for breakfast, lettuce wraps w/Turkey deli meat for lunch & a small meal at supper.  I also have 3 small snacks a day.

In the spirit of trying to help people out I’m helping a couple people learn guitar with me.  I know what to do, just have to get my left hand used to it again.  No I’ve never charged anyone.  I was ‘teaching’ two friends before cancer, so I figured I’d help a couple people out again.  I don’t charge anyone because A) They’re friends/family   B) I’m just a singer that learned guitar to be more comfortable on stage, my knowledge is very limited.  I’m happy to say that I can tell that there’s progress every day.

I was always a rhythm guitarist, but I’ve been doing mostly individual finger exercises & different scale patterns on the guitar to strengthen my hand.  It helped!  Things are getting much better!  Figured out the main guitar riff for this, wasn’t able to play it before cancer, I probably didn’t try enough.

Right hand rhythm works fine, left hand fretting needs some work, but it’s getting there!  More guitar practice as things are becoming more familiar with it.  Practice on the acoustic then play it on the electric.

One good night of sleep & today I got up on time, had a good workout and was able to manage my time better!  I plan to keep exercising next week, it will likely be a day or 3 of shortened exercise, 25th & 26th anyways.


What have I been listening to?  Pretty much anything but Christmas/Holiday music.  Still just not ready for it?


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


No such thing as a stupid question!  Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

I should have called this site “the ramblings of a brain cancer survivor”, probably would have cleared things up for everyone.  I’m writing this & I’m not even sure that I’ll post it.  I think I’ve turned into a person that can’t live without stress?

I’ll turn 40 on January 30th, so it’s not that far away, that’s not what bothers/worries me at all.  I don’t know if it’s the few sugary Christmas sweets I’ve had, the slight increase in alcohol over the weekend or the fact our house is still for sale?  Whatever it is, I feel about ready to vomit.  I’m guessing it’s the house.

We’ve had 2 recent viewings.  One on Thursday & another this afternoon.  We’re not expecting to hear anything until Monday or Tuesday.  Every time that someone sees the house my stomach just starts to twist & turn the minute I hear about it.  I start to think “I need to do this, this, this, that, this, etc.”  Then we make ourselves busy for the next 45 minutes & return after the viewing so I can start thinking again “Did we do this, this, this, that, that, etc.”  This could easily explain why I’m awake still & can’t fall asleep, yeah I’m on medication to slow my thoughts down in order to sleep at night.  It’s a bitch when I forget to take them on the very rare occasion.

It’s a newish condo, in really good condition.  We’re the original owners & I have a couple of ideas as to why it’s not selling, but I’m also not a realtor.  I’m guessing the biggest reason is there are roughly 1,000 brand new condos in Regina (a small city).  This isn’t “Field of Dreams”, “If you build it, they will come” it’s Regina.

Whatever happened to the theory of “supply & demand”?  We have too much supply & no demand.  Condos are built, nobodies coming.  I’ve never even taken simple economics?!?!

Our selling contract is up at the end of the month & at this point if it’s renewed or not, I couldn’t care less.  We’re going to the bank Monday, December 16th to renew our mortgage either way.  We’ve been on the market since late fall, & no offer despite the viewings we’ve had.  Every time we have a viewing, I worry myself sick.

I just checked online today that even if we sell the outlook of us finding a wheelchair accessible place has become INCREDIBLY slim, & they weren’t great before that.  I wish I was the type of person that didn’t worry about stuff so much.  I just want to throw up!  I was tired before & now I have a headache.  Stress &/or anxiety have become my middle name over the past 8 ½ years or so.  “Will I get cancer again?  What will happen if I do?  How will it all affect Kim and everyone else?  Did I do my exercises properly?  Did I practice this?  What should I work on tomorrow?  How long will this recovery thing take?  Will our place sell?  If it does where are we going to live?  Why isn’t there anything in our price range? Etc.”  I worry WAY too much!

Take your average holiday stress, add being stressed more often than not, and then add trying to sell your house with stuff piled up against that happening.  Once you do that, then you might be close to where I am?

Oh ya, I got a letter for another cancer check up with the doctor that calls me FAT.  I know what my response will be this time though “Thanks for noticing, do I have cancer?” “No?  Thanks, we’ll see you next time after I lose more weight, look like a skeleton & your body shaming me…….again.”

Great that I’ll have that appointment a week & a ½ after our 15th wedding anniversary!

I can deal with the wheelchair & eye patch thing.  After being given a 5-15% chance of coming out of a coma in 2008, when do these “routine checkups” stop, when do I get to live?  Am I going to be spinning my wheels forever?  Sure feels that way!

There’s a good chance that someone will give me crap for this, believe it or not.  That seems to be the normal reaction 75% of the time to anything I say or do, so I’m used to it now.




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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


It doesn’t seem as though many people are reading this?  Either way, I’ll write it for me as a type of public journal.  Read it if you like.

No such thing as a stupid question! Feel free to ask me on Facebook or the website! links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer? Ask if you do!
Music throughout the weekend. “Jimmy Eat World”, “Alter Bridge”, “Big Wreck”, “TOOL”, “Pink”.

We took Brewster to the Vet Friday afternoon, he’ll be 14 on January 31st. He started coughing, 3 or 4 smoker coughs in a row followed by a gag, that’s what it sounds like. They did some X-rays & his heart is only a bit enlarged with a serious murmur. The X-rays have been sent to a cardiologist & we should hear back either on Sunday or Monday. There’s a combo of 3 medications he’ll eventually need, likely one at the moment. Not the expensive one yet thank goodness. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t in pain, I thought it was more urgent than it actually is. We knew all of this was happening & assumed it was a right now thing. He’s getting old, & this stuff happens. We caught it in the early stages, so he’ll likely start on a cheaper medication Monday. The expensive one works out to $75/month YEESH! No price tag on his life though, as long as he’s not in pain.

He needs to put on some weight too. He’s not eating much at all unless he’s spent the day at doggy daycare. He loves wet dog food, it smells terrible. I mix some of his dry food with some wet food for him twice a day, then he’ll eat it. Straight wet food does NOT agree with his tummy.

I’ve put the house hunting on the back burner. We have to sell our place first before we can offer on another. This is a wait & see situation, no point in stressing about something until it happens. It’s not on the back burner really, I’ve just figured there’s not much point in worrying about what I can’t do anything about.  A ton of new/empty condos in Regina, lot’s of supply, not nearly as much demand.
We have 3 places in mind. One is at the top of our price range & we’d need to see, in person, how my wheelchair fits. Another is priced higher than our range, but a possibility & the 3rd is a fantasy that would likely need a pile of work

Kim tells me she’s getting me a Christmas present. I said keep the cash & use it for something more important. She was going to give me money to start saving up for a guitar, I found 2 I’d like but don’t need. A house eventually & Brewster are far more important. The $2378 + tax for 2 guitars can wait, if I started now it could still take me a few years. I need to build up muscle in my fretting hand first anyways. It’s weird, I’m a beginner that knows too much. My mind is ahead of my hands.

Life in general feels that way at the moment. Most days my mind is racing to do things here, but I’m slowed down by being in a wheelchair & vice versa on other days when I get anxious to do something but have no energy.

I’ve been relearning guitar, so I learned the first time using a simple chord book & moved onto learning tab music. It tells you what fret & string to press down to play a chord, riff, or solo in a song. I know the chords & I know many songs. I’ve been using to learn this time & this is what I’ve learned. Every youtube individual has learned a different way. I learned in 2001, before youtube & after seeing all of these different ways to learn I’ve decided to relearn the way I need to. Relearn the 40+ songs I knew, I’m playing more by ear trying to relearn what I know & maybe I don’t do things properly but that’s how I play. As long as it sounds correct, I really don’t care what finger I’m using on which string. I am trying to use my pinky finger more than I used to though, gotta strengthen that finger!

The only thing I’ve seen on youtube about learning guitar which I somewhat agree with is ‘Buy nice gear’. All I need is a small practice amp, which I have. I bought it as a used amp from my brother, so it was reasonably priced & louder than I need. I don’t own a guitar over $1000 other than possibly the Fender signed by Ian Thornley of Big Wreck. I’ve shopped for 2 practical choices online, I don’t know if Long & McQuade sales people earn commission but if I end up buying one of the 2 someday it will be through Mr. Tim Roth of local metal heroes “Into Eternity”. Here are the links if you care to check them out?—Vintage-Sunburst.htm

A guitar can go up to $250,000, at least from what I’ve seen online? I don’t think it’s even near worth that much I doubt a guitar that much would be much different than a $3,000 guitar. If I had the cash, $2,000 would be the ultimate top price I’d even consider. I’ve played many live shows with a $600 guitar, & now I play at home. The guitars I chose are a “want” not a “need”. That’s why they are a last priority, under Brewster’s health & a house in that order.

Guitar was most of my Saturday, followed by the Roughrider game on TV in Edmonton. Yay, the Saskatchewan Roughriders won 27-24! Last game of the regular season next Saturday in Regina. My 2nd last game as a season ticket holder. There will be a home playoff game that I’ve/Kim has paid for already as of last December. (Way to go, hit the season ticket holders right at Christmas?!)

Just because I’m Canadian doesn’t mean I’m a hockey fanatic. I’m a hockey score board watcher. Saskatchewan doesn’t have a professional/NHL team. We have a junior hockey team in the Western Hockey League. The NHL heritage classic was this Saturday in Regina. An outdoor NHL game at the football stadium. If it involved either Edmonton &/or Montreal I would’ve inquired about using my season ticket seats for the game. The game is Calgary vs. Winnipeg, I’m out. I rarely watch hockey anyways. I only watch the Canadian Football League & the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Today we are spending the day in the kitchen. I’ve boiled my eggs, Kim is making a lasagna for the week & when she’s done I’ll make a pitcher of vegetable juice.
TOOL almost started the studio on fire while recording the album “Fear Inoculum”
Yep, they released a new album on Friday, October 18th 2019. That makes 9 albums thus far. I have 5 of them. New album out the same day as a new “Alter Bridge” which I can’t stop listening to. “Jimmy Eat World” are a pop/punk band. More emphasis on the pop part, I guess guitar based pop with a slight punk/rock tilt is more appropriate? Anyways here are a few songs from their new album “Surviving”….

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AW BREWSTER BE OK HOMESLICE links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer? Ask if you do!

Sorry my internet was down from late Wednesday afternoon until last night.

4 day exercise total; 600 leg lifts, 1000 crunches, 200 squats, 200 back flexes, 50 pushups, 500 curls (10 pounds), 100 tricep extensions (7 pounds), 150 shoulder raises (7 pounds). Stretching & HOLY YOGA!!!!

I fell asleep to “The Cure” the album “Wish”
I exercised to “Econoline Crush” the album “The Devil You Know”

I gave up on yoga a few years ago, that was dumb of me! Yoga seems to be the most beneficial exercise I do. I did squats this week since my back isn’t bothering me. WOW, squats were much easier after a few weeks of yoga. Weights are really helping to. My belly is gone but the area is still cushy. My arms & shoulders look much better too. I’m not going to cut exercises out, but they will likely fluctuate as I do more yoga. I’ve noticed my older T-Shirts fitting better than they did when I bought them. Example: I was wearing a metal shirt I bought at a show in 2006. It was a little tight at the time. I wore it on Saturday for the first time since I got sick & it was baggy, it fit really well! Some shirts that I’ve purchased in the last few years fit differently now. The arms & shoulder area are tighter than before.

I did WAY more yoga then usual on Thursday (1:20 hours) & less weights. Didn’t have enough energy to do it all. I broke a good sweat though, well I do have a good sweat every day I exercise.
Change what I eat & add at least 1 hour of exercise a day has really changed my fitness & cleared my head by shutting out the noise in this really messed up world.
There is too much TV. This fall I cut out a bunch of shows. During the week I watch MAYBE 3 hours of TV a day. Between the computer, guitar, & exercise, there’s not much time left in the day. In the evenings I get to spend time with Kim. Then we add house hunting to the list.
I’m not good as a home buyer. I wake up early then I stay in bed worrying/wondering for far too long. I get up, do my exercise & by then it’s mid-afternoon. WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY! If we had $30,000 more it would make the 2 houses Kim wanted to look at a reality, as for my choice, we should be OK. That’s a TON of cash though!
I’m cancer free working on my 11th year of being so. It’s still an inconvenience though. A wheelchair accessible house in our price range is all but laughable. We lowered the price of our current place, since there are roughly 1,000 new/empty condos in Regina. We can only go so low though. We still have to find a reasonable/decent wheelchair accessible house to live in, that’s within our price range.
Lots of people struggle financially when buying a house, this is just our time I guess. I’m more concerned about keeping Brewster healthy & happy. Currently he’s really good. He loves going to daycare & seems to be more active here because of it. I want to get him checked out ASAP regardless.
The Christmas gift exchange is looking quite bleak this year. Everyone in my immediate family is struggling financially. It will be a rough Christmas but at least we’ll all be broke together! I’m just looking forward to seeing everyone that I don’t see as much as I’d like. I really look forward to seeing people that have moved away. No I’m not listening to Christmas music yet, that was my mother-in-law in July!
Kim’s actual birthday was Tuesday, October 22nd. She had a bad headache when she got home from work & doesn’t really want to spend money. We ordered in & just hung out together. I think I was more excited for her birthday than she was, she just didn’t feel up to much.
With everyone being cash poor, I know why, even though nobody’s said it. I was the one that got cancer & that was nobody’s fault, it just happened. When I got sick EVERYBODY pitched in to help Kim & I out in any way possible. I can’t help but think that others wouldn’t be in their current situation if I hadn’t had stage 4 brain cancer. I wasn’t in a wheelchair or wearing an eye patch before February 2008. I’m owning up to the vicious chain reaction that’s hit all of us. I want to do better because of those people & for them, I feel they all deserve that & more.
I’m very thankful for how things turned out, it could have been worse. At times it does feel like I’m going nowhere fast, just sitting here spinning my wheels in “quicksand”.

Totally off topic, Kim & I were going through a McDonalds drive through I the summer, she wanted to take some pictures that evening. There was a guy who was holding a sign asking for food. We got a cheeseburger for him & gave it to him as we left the parking lot. I was telling this story to another person & their reaction was more than disappointing “Should’ve told him to get a job!” if that’s how they want to look at it fine. What if that person was you or I? The last thing I’d want to hear is someone yelling at me to “Get a job”! By the way the guy thanked me profusely when I handed him the bag. I told Kim immediately “We should have at least got him at least a meal”. Kim’s done it before, so it was my turn, I asked Kim to get an extra burger for him. The guy was hungry & I was on the move without time to teach him how to fish and I’m not Jesus.
Brewster was healthy until Thursday. His cough seemed to be much worse on Thursday. He has an appointment later today at the Vet. I was freaking out over the little guy all day Thursday!
Music has/is a big part of my life obviously. I’m not in the position to spend any cash at the moment, so this is my way of helping this cause. Please do what you can. Please share this video on any & all social media you’re on whether you can donate or not?!?! I think this is a FANTASTIC cause!

17 years ago my wife & I started dating earlier in 2002. On October 22, 2002 she celebrated her birthday. To mark this special occasion “Foo Fighters” released the album “One by One” that day! Thank you to my in-laws & Foo Fighters!

Make your own vinyl? WHAT???????????????????
This $1100 Machine Lets You Make Your Own Vinyl Records
Streaming users don’t have full files to burn. I use iTunes & have full files, but I’m lazy.
Why drummer, Chris Adler, left “Lamb of God”.
If he felt like he was “phoning it in”, fans expect to hear the hits at any live show. I don’t know if that’s what he meant? If he did, he wrote the drum parts. It was a vague statement, I don’t think he wanted to blame anyone. Either way I’ll miss him.

I guess that’s one take on it, since the music of “Lamb of God” totally (sarcasm) comes off as formulaic!

The guitarist, bass player, & drummer from the band “Creed”. “Creed” broke up & the 3 musicians found Myles Kennedy, he currently sings with Slash, does a solo career now, all while singing & playing guitar in “Alter Bridge”. Lead guitarist of “Alter Bridge” Mark Tremonti also releases solo albums, 4 to date.
Alter Bridge released their first album in 2004. They released their 6th album entitled “Walk the Sky” on Friday, October 18th 2019. Here are 4 highlights for me on this 6th album. For me, they haven’t released a questionable album to date. I don’t typically listen to lyrics much, but the song “Godspeed” caught me off guard……in a good way!

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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl
We’re all Global Citizens,
“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

5 day exercise total; 600 leg lifts, 450 crunches, 450 squats, 300 back flexes, 500 curls 10 pounds on left arm & 7 pounds on right arm, 300 tricep lifts w/5 pound weight, 200 shoulder raises w/5 pound weight,  stretching, & yoga.

I fell asleep to “Big Wreck” the album “The Pleasure and The Greed”, followed by “Stone Temple Pilots” the album “Purple”

I exercised to “The Struts” the album “Everybody Wants” with this single attached to it.

I did some extra stretching this morning I wasn’t feeling very “…quick & nimble…”



Today I got up & had breakfast.  Most of the ginger in my morning vegetable juice must’ve fallen to the bottom.  I started coughing because of how spicy it was & up came most of the juice I had.  Brewster was absolutely COVERED in burs from riding out to the cabin with me & my parents on Tuesday.  We tried to get them out, but it was too painful for him.  He got his trim today at 7:30 am he was home by 9:00 am.  Ears are a bit shorter because of the 40 burs in his right ear, but now he can get comfortable.

I spent the rest of Wednesday glued to the TV watching the Robert Mueller testimony.  Mostly stuff most people have assumed or that has already been reported on.  Without looking, it was VERY easy to tell if a republican or democrat was asking the question.

President Trump may have done a few things to benefit America, they have been over shadowed by his lack of morals, ethics, & respect for others & the choices & actions he has made with the lack of those 3 things.

The guy was here Monday installing a new valve into our A/C.  I was feeling pretty confident it would be fixed this time.  He was here on Tuesday, he lubricated the old valve on Tuesday & it was working as it should be.  New valve on Wednesday & a few other little things, now all is well!

I let things like that consume me usually & get extremely frustrated to the point I become enraged & blow up in a temper tantrum.  I didn’t this time.

Me getting angry at someone won’t speed up the process to resolving the problem.  It will make me & the other individual (maybe) feel small & insignificant.

I can’t fix the problem, leave it to those who know more about it than me.  What I did find amusing was 8 hours a day for 6 days fixing my iTunes.  I called the Apple support line to see if they knew what to do.  I worked with them for an hour or so, trying different suggestions they gave me & nothing worked.  The last person I spoke to told me to try something & leave it be for a while & she’d call back 4 hours later since it could take a while.  After 2 hours, I go into check on things to see if it’s helping at all, it wasn’t.  I looked around for 15 minutes & figured out what to do & how to fix my issue!

She called back to see if her suggestion helped, I replied “Not really, but I figured it out” she asked what I did to fix it.  I told her (the 3rd & final person I spoke with from Apple) & went about my day.  I helped the help desk!  Who would have thought!

If everything is going to involve a computer from now on, are we all expected to know how to fix these problems or is technology expected to be perfect.  If that’s the expectation WOW we have a long way to go.  I don’t want & can’t afford to pay $200 to a company to fix something that takes 3 clicks of a mouse.


A multi-day music festival is not something I would have or will ever consider going to, mostly because of the large crowd.  One day like the festivals in Canada touring the provinces in the 1990s such as Edgefest & Summersault we’re perfect for me.  Summer time, outside, water readily available, hose to keep the crowd cool, only 10,000-20,000 people in the crowd, noon until midnight, 2 stages, big name acts, smaller un-known acts on the 2nd stage, no camping, washrooms in the adjacent venue to the field & on the field, multiple vendors, etc.  I have the “Woodstock ‘99” CD, not great though.  I can’t say what the experience was like since I wasn’t there.

When the lead guitar player of “Alter Bridge” approves of the cover two guys did, you pay attention!  This is FANTASTIC!!!

YAY 2 new “Alter Bridge” songs now!

Opeth preorder for September 27th full release



I have one of their albums which I very rarely listen to.  There’s nothing wrong with it, just don’t listen to it as much as I thought I would?  They’re based in Oklahoma & there are 4 members in this group.  I’m not sure if they’re even together anymore.  More of a pop group that’s not quite rock music.  At least that’s how I see them?



I was trying to find the album with this song (below) on it.  I came up empty back in the day.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

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