I had my 2 hour long annual MRI on May 25th. I was strapped to the table and in the machine by 7:15 am to begin rockin’ out to “Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers”. Spoke with my doctor over the phone in the afternoon of June 1st and the scan showed nothing out of the ordinary, all is well. Sounds like next years scan could be shorter. My doctor doesn’t see a reason to scan my entire spine. Next year she said they’d just scan my brain. This was the first year I’ve felt nervous about getting my MRI results & I’m not sure why? Can’t live my life in fear but these annual MRIs have me looking over my shoulder once a year.

My guitar purchasing is VERY near done, not in a short amount of time but in the number of guitars. I would replace 2 that I’ve purchased. A Gibson 335 or Gibson Trini Lopez to replace my Squier Starcaster & I’d replace my PRS S2 Custom 22 semi hollow with a Core PRS Special semi hollow. Those replacement guitars are WAY too much money in Canada. The only guitar I’ll be missing out on is the Silver burst Mark Morton signature Jackson Dominion, only because I don’t want to save/spend the amount of money needed on it.

I know of many deserving people that would enjoy my Squier Starcaster & PRS S2 Custom 22 if I could afford these replacements.

1964 Trini Lopez Standard Reissue VOS - 60s Cherry
Pro Series Signature Mark Morton Dominion, Ebony Fingerboard - Silverburst

Eye’s on the prize & I hope it’s available in 2024 or 2025 when I have the money? The PRS S2 McCarty 594!

Whale Blue



One response to “NOW WE CAN CALL THIS DONE

  1. I’m well aware I can’t afford these guitars. I have 3 more affordable guitars to purchase at some point in the future. Prices all include tax. A Schecter Tempest for $1665, a Sterling Cutlass for $810.29, & a Squier Baritone Jazzmaster for $710.39. I’d like nice guitars but I can’t afford them. No problem, I picked these ones for a reason.

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