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I think I figured out why I get SO nervous/anxious when filming myself playing guitar.  I’ve played live to 12 people & 500 people.  Sure I was nervous at first but after a song or 2, I was the most relaxed on a stage playing to 500 people live.  Why?  More people I see a bigger crowd not 500 individual faces.  Playing to a cell phone camera, I have no idea if 3 people will see it or 200?  500 people yelling at me live, I have no idea what they’re saying individually.  10 people commenting on social media, I’ll see who says what & I worry about being perfect and tense up.

I used to talk a lot, now I’m very quiet.  I’m self-conscious about the clarity of my voice & there’s very little breath behind it.  I’ve also found that with being quiet I can learn more.  That’s a good reason for me to keep quiet.  If everybody’s talking, who’s listening?  I am, so I can learn about others or whatever the topic is.  For me, learning is listening & listening is evolving.  If I stop paying attention to the conversation, I won’t learn or evolve.  If I know something about the topic I’ll speak up although I prefer not to.  So when I go into a conversation I ask questions and I’m not afraid to be the least knowledgeable person in the room.  It’s weird that now at the age of 41 I have a thirst for knowledge?

I was “ice cold” all day Sunday.  I didn’t sleep well Sunday night because I was so cold.  When I got up on Monday I was out long enough to have breakfast & crawled back in bed still freezing.  We usually have the heater turned off during the day & forgot to turn it on Sunday night.  I didn’t get up to exercise until after 1:20 pm on Monday.

Our light fixture is back up as of Sunday from last week when the roof started leaking. Now the house is really starting to resemble as a house and not a dumping ground.

I have a plugged sweat gland in my armpit at the moment, I’ve had one in the same spot 3 or 4 times in my life.  It’s much like a HUGE zit in your armpit.  As it gets bigger it gets very sore when I try to raise my arm.  Once it gets big enough it forms a white head to lance with a needle & drain.  I think the “first time” I got one was in the late 1990s?  I immediately thought “Oh my God, I have a tumor in my armpit!”

Monday was not new guitar day for me.  I’m assuming it’s because of Covid that the shipment of guitars to the store have been delayed.  The store’s website now says in stock on March 15.  Not much anyone can do about that.  This is what I traded in my guitar in for on my birthday in January.  It should arrive on March 15…

I watch stuff like this & just get confused.  I start thinking “Ah crapé, now I have to think.”  I swear he is the happiest metal head I’ve ever seen.  He’s REALLY happy all of the time so that’s nice to see!

I believe I’ve played a real Gibson Les Paul in a store before.  My first guitar I got on my 21st birthday was a Les Paul made by a company called Tradition & its great!  They’re typically a heavier guitar at around 9 pounds.  The weight never bothered me since I didn’t know anything different.  I played my Les Paul all of the time.  I used my Epiphone Explorer live 3 times, then one song every show because it was in a different tuning.  When I think of an electric guitar, the shape of a Les Paul instantly pops into my mind.

I have a hacker watching EVERYTHING I do digitally, I haven’t been receiving the vast majority of my Facebook notifications.  So I don’t have much pop-culture stuff to put on here & no big updates on my cancer.  Knowing this hacker aka someone with WAY too much free time, I’m almost positive this will be deleted from the post.

This hacker has only done stuff to me as far as I know?  I don’t get many Facebook notifications, my feed is screwed up, my website is not working, I can’t share posts, files disappear, I get weird friend requests from strangers, etc.  I’m not sure what this person wants from me and I likely don’t have it.  If they want to mess with my stuff so be it.  I just hope EVERYONE reading this is left unharmed.

“Evanescence” has an album coming out on March 26th called “The Bitter Truth”.  I’m more intrigued by this album, than having a desire to buy it.  Hello streaming!  I only have 3 of they’re albums.

People my age know who they are, this was a radio hit on rock radio in 2003, from their debut album released in March of that year.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


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