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Did a guitar return & guitar purchase for my birthday.  The new guitar won’t be in stock for a few weeks though.  I returned the Epiphone DC Pro, the guitar that looks like a PRS for the Squier Starcaster Hollow body ‘Classic Vibe’.  The Indian Laurel fret board & the pickups weren’t doing anything for me on the “Wannabe” Epiphone I bought in December.  “In the end” I saved some cash because a “Squier” Starcaster & the “Fender” brand doesn’t make them anymore.  Sound clips seem great though, can’t wait for the end of February!

I returned this exact model of guitar….


…in exchange for this exact model of guitar

REALLY excited for this to arrive by the end of February!

I’m saving up for this guitar which I recently realized I’ll be able to order and make a deposit for it in November of 2023 wait 3-6 months & pay the full amount when it arrives, if they still make it by then?  It’s  going to take a while since I’ve got to save $5000 a year for my RDSP until I’m 50 & can’t touch it until I’m 60.  This my “bucket list” guitar.  The other guitars I’ve purchased were not terrible purchases in any way.  I’d really like to get the Schecter too, but now I realize that it likely won’t happen since the purchase is “so far away”.

Might as well just see what’s around when the time comes or I might just forget the whole idea after the S2 McCarty 594 & put money towards more responsible things? 


The S2 McCarty 594 & the Schecter Tempest would close the book for guitar purchasing.  I REALLY don’t want to shop for guitars anymore.  I know what I want & I have a goal.  I might have to start selling my body, although I don’t think I’d have any buyers?  If Schecter discontinues the Tempest body shape completely, I’m out.  There are other Tempest shaped guitars on their website that I’d consider if this particular one is discontinued.

I had 1 beer Friday night & I was WIDE awake at 5:00 am Saturday. I went with Kim & Brewster since he had a trim at 8:00 am that morning.  I bought 4 beer so I had 1 more late afternoon on Saturday & slept fine that night.

We picked up our light fixtures for our renovations on my birthday as well.  The bank is going to think we’ve been scammed!  A return, a purchase, a deposit, a transfer, another purchase, & a smaller purchase in one day, we never do that much stuff in one day!  Our place looks good with the new paint & the lighting will make another BIG difference. 

Finished the day with ordered in Greek food from “Opa!”  Watched the movie “Palmer” that had Kim & I crying at the end because it was so good, & Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

I was crying because I want the opportunity to be that type of father, Kim was crying because she saw me tearing up!

I was off to my parents’ place on Sunday to play guitar through my brother’s new amplifier that he won in December, so I could hear it at a louder volume than in our condo or his.  Nice to hear my guitar through a REALLY good amplifier.  He won a ‘boutique’ amplifier in a free Christmas give away in December.  I think his plan is to record & practice/rehearse with it.  Too valuable to sound check at a venue then leave it unsupervised for a few hours before a show.  I agree with owning more than one guitar amplifier in this scenario, there are people that use multiple amplifiers to get different sounds so I guess it’s whatever works for the individual.  People say I’m off my rocker hoping to own multiple electric guitars and one acoustic guitar, oh well I guess I’m nutz!  I’ll have 6 very different electric guitars at the end of the month, if you think that’s too many then you’re likely flabbergasted at the thought of 8.  They’ll each have a different shape, sound, colour, & tuning.  My acoustic, S2 McCarty 594, Explorer, maybe the Starcaster coming at the end of the month will stay in standard tuning since they sound so different.

I’ll never tell you what to listen too.  So I hope this dispels the myth about angry metal fans!

I believe it’s more due to an individual’s preference more than anything!  The metal I listen too just skims the depth of what’s out there.  There’s at least a dozen genres of metal & they all have multiple sub-genres.  Metal fans for the most part are just as picky as the next music fan.

Entered another 2 free lotteries for guitars that were given away this weekend on www.youtube.com but I didn’t win again.  What would I do if I won a guitar give away?  I’d offer it, for free, to anyone I know that plays guitar “I know what I’d like, would you like this?”  If there were no takers out of the 12ish people I’d offer it to, then I’d sell it or trade it in for something I want.

Kim’s childhood friend that was in an explosive demolition accident is home now.  He lives in Kim’s home town about 30 minutes from Prince Albert & 1:30 hours from Saskatoon.  He’s paralyzed from the waist down & now the hard/frustrating part starts for him.  He’ll either be going to Prince Albert or Saskatoon for physiotherapy & I’m sure they’ll be doing renovations to their house or moving.  I believe he & his wife have one child with them around 3 or 4 years old & two adult children?  This event REALLY hit me hard.  Our injuries may be different but they’re both life changing events with future uphill battles.

PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY OUT BY DONATING ANY AMOUNT TO THEIR “GO FUND ME” PAGE?  They’re still over $20,000 away from the goal amount.  GO TEAM GO!

Yesterday I exercised, I was cold & really tired after so I crawled back into bed.  Today I got at 5:30 am & feel great after my exercise now at 8:00 am!

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


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