GUITAR SHOPPING DONE! TRUMP GONE! BACK TO CANCER & MUSIC links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!  

Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

1050 Crunches

1050 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

600 Back flexes

Wednesday came & my energy drifted away in the afternoon while playing guitar.  I stayed up too late on Tuesday night & it caught up with me.  I was practicing random songs and got tired.  Instead of abandoning the guitars I figured I’d learn how to play a few songs.  One in a weird tuning.  The other was just new chords to me in normal tuning.

Weird tuning

Never bothered to learn it, different chord shapes to me

I also found out that PRS no longer make ANY custom 22 guitars.  So I’m glad I got my PRS S2 Custom 22 semi-hollow last year.  They do offer 2 different semi-hollow guitars in the S2 range but they’re not the same guitar at all.

What are we gonna talk about now?  No more T**** & I know what my last 2 guitars will be.  Rrrrrright, that brain cancer thing.

I’m good, I’ll run out of pills by Friday but we’ve checked in with my doctors & we just have to pick up some refills.

“…I’m not crazy because I take the right pills everyday…”

Being in a wheelchair is routine now to an extent.  I did almost go to stand up from the couch last week without getting my chair in place or grabbing my transfer pole.  I caught myself before I stood up though.  On Wednesday after I showered I was testing my balance & stood up on my own for quite a while, for me, maybe 1:15 minutes?  Nice thing was that I wasn’t really trying, which might be the key to it?  It’s only January and every week that I’ve been exercising this year I’ve been “exhausted” by Wednesday or Thursday.  I’m not about to let up though.

I was going to get into this room on Wednesday & practice some “In Flames” & older “Queens of the Stone Age” stuff but I just didn’t have the energy.  Theory, scales, new chords, & different tunings instead.

Most of the “In Flames” stuff is in drop B flat, early “Queens of the Stone Age” & other stuff is in C standard so to switch between those tunings I only have to change the tuning of one string once I’m in C standard.  Nothing drastic with that, it’s just convenient to have a guitar already tuned to C standard.  “Pearl Jam”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Soundgarden”, “Big Wreck”, “Alter Bridge”, etc. are all over the map with alternate tunings.  Once I get deep into that stuff, I just throw my scales & theory stuff away and play, then you can come up with stuff that sounds different fairly easy.  With all of those alternate tunings on guitar, I do keep a few in standard tuning E A D G b e.  I want/need to learn more about that & most songs are written in standard tuning or drop D tuning.

I know that it seems odd to some that a guy in a wheelchair who couldn’t even feed himself is playing guitar, doing dishes, cooking, exercising, etc.  Those are all little things that make me feel normal.  I think that’s the real goal of any rehab, make the patient capable of feeling a sense of normalcy, if not getting them back to their regular self.  I come into this room & get to escape reality by picking up a guitar & forgetting stuff or I watch too many news clips & get angry, I prefer the guitar stuff.

“Foo Fighters” at President Biden’s inauguration concert

Thursday was a MUCH better day.  I slept well & got my butt in gear.  I ate, exercised, watched a recorded show from Wednesday, showered had lunch, & spent the day (noon-5 pm) practicing my butt off on guitar.  Kim even came in to give me a compliment.  She said “You’re driving me nuts!  You play & it sounds really good, then you stop and play the tutorial video & I can’t tell if it’s you or the video?  I have to listen very close”.  Usually she just tunes me out…on guitar or when speaking to her!  Only bad thing about Thursday afternoon was that the time just flew by too fast & I only worked on 3 songs, they we’re all new to me but still!?  I wanted to play some more guitar, so after supper & a bit of news on TV, I came in here & played for another 1 ½ hour, & played some other stuff on other guitars.  Am I great?  NOPE, but it’s fun & will get better as I play!

Today I’ll work on learning more about the 7 string & a bit of theory behind it.

May 30th “Royal Blood” will be releasing their 3rd album.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice.  Opening for Foo Fighters once & opening for Queens of the Stone Age!  New album is titled “Typhoons”.  2 singles have been released!

“Foo Fighters” released a video on Tuesday morning.  Their latest single from their upcoming album release ‘Medicine at Midnight’ out on February 5th.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


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