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Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

1050 Crunches

1050 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

600 Back flexes

Yes I still do yoga twice a week for roughly an hour over those 2 days.  It just seemed pointless to give an educated guess every week.  I have yet to go walking this year.  Earlier this week I completely phased out & almost got off the couch without holding onto my transfer pole or getting my wheelchair in place.  That could have been a REALLY dumb move on my part.

If you’re exercising a lot, I HIGHLY recommend not taking 2 weeks off & then expecting to do more once you return to your exercise routine.  It takes me until Wednesday to feel normal, then I feel lazy on Thursday after my exercises.

Ugly day here weather wise on Wednesday evening.  Lots of snow & the wind was at 120 km which is 74.5 mph.  Branches from trees & everyone’s barbeque fell over.  We heard trucks blowing they’re horns followed by a crash & sirens shortly after all through the night.  The hatch to the attic in the hallway was opening & slamming shut all night too.  Thursday was pretty quiet, many businesses were closed on Thursday and shoveling themselves out of the snow.  Tons of people weren’t on the roads on Thursday.  The roads are just a thick layer of ice.  It melted on Wednesday, then around 5:30 pm it got windy & snowy fast.  All of the water from the melted snow was all over the streets & froze later on.

I watched a few TV shows that started up this week since Covid started.  I think I’ve found some that I don’t care to watch already.  I’d rather play/practice guitar than watch TV.  I have 4 can’t miss TV shows a week.  “Prodigal Son”, “The Conners”, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, & “The Ellen Degeneres Show”.  Just waiting for Blue Jay baseball & CFL football to start in the summer.  I’m Canadian so you’d think that I would be an NHL fan.  I’m not really, I’m a casual score board watcher.  NHL or hockey in general faded out for me in the 1990s.

I’ve learned these 2 songs & am speeding up the 3rd one on guitar so I think I’ll just continue practicing what I know for a while.

I just realized that I’ve been adding a little extra something that isn’t there and making the song below much more difficult for me, oh well I like it!

I’m speeding this up since I now know which finger goes where & when.

I watched what turned out to be 2:45 of a live stream 2021 Product Launch on www.youtube.com of PRS Guitars 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm with 2 very brief commercial breaks for PRS guitar maintenance kits.  10 new products were introduced & none of them made me rethink my decisions.  There were between 4000-4330 people watching at any given moment though, nice to know I’m not the only guitar geek out there.  Honestly some of the “new” products were a new colour option on a guitar & 6 new guitars, 4 of them were new acoustic models made in Indonesia.  

Foo Fighters have released another song from their album “Medicine at Midnight” to be released on Friday, February 5th.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


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