It’s free to enter! Help me win a nice guitar please? If my brother can win a $5000 amplifier, I can win a guitar that is a fraction of the price? Watch the video, subscribe, & comment as to who you’re favourite guitar player is. Winner will be announced on Sunday, January 10th!

They’re $1300 + tax to purchase in Canada which is much more than in the USA.  This won’t cost you anything to enter & you’ll likely enjoy his guitar videos.  He’s a great guitar player that I watch on  My birthday is on January 30th, this would be a VERY cool early birthday present!  If you win and want to ship it to me, ask him to contact Christopher Fraser, I’m in the comments and I’ll give him my shipping address personally. GO TEAM GO!

If it wasn’t free, I wouldn’t ask.

Stay safe out there, & all the best in the 2021!


2 responses to “PLEASE HELP ME WIN THIS GUITAR?!?!?

  1. Help my friend Chris Fraser win this guitar if anyone deserves it he does he has overcome cancer and is a brave strong person he also has the best wife who never left his side during his recovery

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