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Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

900 Crunches

900 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

450 Back flexes

1:05 hour of yoga over 2 days

I don’t need to do this all year, so this will be the last update for 2020.  My full exercise is done for the year, over the next 2 weeks I’ll be doing ½ the amount of exercise as you see above.  Beyond daily stretching & yoga a few times, likely more crunches as well.  I’m feeling great but my body will welcome a break.

My food intake will stay the same.  There won’t be any guests here over the holidays, so we won’t be putting out chocolates or other holiday treats.  Other than Christmas Eve & day, my food will stay the course.  It’ll still be water & a bit of tea for fluids.  Probably some Light Eggnog with Skim milk.  Alcohol will be minimal.  I do drink some gin but I’ve had a 26 ounce bottle in our liquor cupboard since May & it might be down 8 ounces.  When it’s gone nothing but Baron Samedi Spiced Rum & the odd craft beer will be purchased.  Even our “Bubbly” carbonated flavoured water has been here for over a month.

I say that & there was a sale on craft beer from Rebellion Brewing in Regina on Wednesday.  32 ounce growlers filled for $7, I got 2 growlers filled (4 pints in total) I enjoy trying different flavours of craft beer.  Kim even got a can of Sour Raspberry.  We bought the beer on Wednesday, I won’t touch it until later on today, tomorrow or next weekend?

This has been my year.  I dropped 57 pounds, I feel much stronger, and I like to think I’ve made progress (positively) on my mental health & knee jerk reactions.  I’ve also made a TON of progress on guitar.  I know more about music theory, still not much & I’ve learned a lot more about the instrument & how everything works as well as how to fix some issues.

The dark red burst Wolf brand Les Paul will be my final guitar purchase.  I can say that with a strong conviction.  I like the different sounds of “Humbucker pickups”.  I’ll have 7 different guitars with different “Humbucker” pickups & a Telecaster with a lipstick pickup & a single coil pickup.  I’m not a big fan of single coil pickups & I don’t need any different sounding humbucker guitars.  I’ve found that most of what I listen to has big sounding humbucker pickups.  There’s also that money issue, in that I need to start putting money away for 20 years down the road, but I can only save $5000/year for the next 10 years for the government to add to my RDSP, which I can’t touch until I’m 60.  I’m 40 until late January.

PRS S2 McCarty 594, amplifier & foot switch followed by the Wolf Les Paul & I’m spent as far as large purchases go, literally.

I prefer the new red wine burst, the darker one.

Comparable but WAY more expensive.—Red-Tiger-Gloss.htm

Both of these look GREAT but are far beyond my price range & wildest dreams.

The BIG things coming up for us are renovations & Brewster’s health.  I’m pretty sure this will be his last Christmas & January 31st he’ll turn 15 which will likely be his last birthday, but I hope I’m wrong.  I know I’ll be a mess for sure.  I don’t even like thinking about it.  I’m never alone since he’s got severe anxiety if one of us isn’t here!

We got rid of our streaming box yesterday.  No cable since noon yesterday until sometime tomorrow, oh well?

This is what I’ve been working on for songs on guitar this week.

All of those above are good & just need repetition.  I started working on the following song Wednesday afternoon.  Had to figure out some other parts that weren’t in the tab for it.

I guess this song by “Dead Sara” will be on their next/3rd album which is still being recorded.

HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON & BE WELL ALL!  I’ll check my email, Facebook, & this site throughout the holidays.  I’ll return to blogging on here on Tuesday, January 5th.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread love” –Ellen Degeneres 

2 responses to “LAST POST FOR 2020

  1. Merry Christmas Chris and Kim. Chris you’ve done amazing things this year. All the best to you and Kim in 2021. Things can and will get even better!

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