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I’m not done telling my story.  I think at the very least need to say thank you for reading my ramblings on this website.  I want to tell my story & know that at least one person enjoys this content.  I’d likely write this anyway, but it’s nice to know people are reading this & that I’m not just doing it for myself.  Thank you for your time.

I will say that putting myself & my story out for all to see does make me feel as though I’m being judged at times.  I’m well aware I’m not perfect & can be an asshole.  I’m evolving & you’re watching it in real time.  My flaws are not what define me, my effort to change my flaws is what I want to be judged on.  With that being said I can’t tell you how you choose to judge me or not judge me.  I think everyone deserves their own opinion.  I may not agree or like the opinion, but I do think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I have judged others poorly in the past and that is based on MY interpretation of that person and however many times I’ve interacted with that person.  We’re all different which is often a blessing but can also be a curse.  I’m not here to intentionally harm anyone EVER.  I want this website to be a safe place for people.  Any form of social media should be in my opinion.

I never assume I’m the smartest person in the room.  I do have a thirst for knowledge, probably more so now than ever before.  I do joke around a lot and rarely take myself seriously.  If anyone was to offend a friend or family member of mine then I would retaliate, verbally.  I can joke around & I can take a joke, any effort to offend me takes a LOT of work, but once that line’s crossed you’ll wish you hadn’t gone that far.

In the end, I’m loyal and never one to seek out confrontation.  I was quite young, probably around 11 years old.  I was at a Saskatchewan Roughriders game with my parents I think.  For a bit it was just me & my mother, I assume my father was getting food or something.  A fan behind us began shouting foul language towards the field.  My mother didn’t like it.  After 5 minutes that felt like an hour, I at 11ish years old shouted back.  “HEY!  ENOUGH WITH THE LANGUAGE”, or something like that.  The person apologized and realized we we’re bothered by it.  Nothing else was said, it was done & over with.

Foul language doesn’t bother me, unless it’s used with the intent of demeaning someone.  Those that know me are typically aware of all of this and I don’t like that I have to state this since it is common knowledge for the most part.  If you know me, you should know this already.  I guess somewhere along the way some people may have thought of me differently.  It’s their opinion, but it’s my error since it’s based on my words.

It’s the holiday season of 2020 which, as a year, just keeps dishing out whatever it’s got left to hurl at the human race & the climate.  This will be a VERY odd holiday season to say the least & I apologize if reading my story has made it more troubling for anyone?

Well crap!  It’s still only November…ugh.  Even I started to feel overwhelmed with the Covid restrictions this weekend.  It’s not like I had big plans to go out & about but it’d be nice to do something?  With this virus & so many restrictions, including mandatory masks in public for the province of Saskatchewan I will say this in all seriousness.  I don’t venture out of our condo much on a normal day.  In 2020, if I do I follow the rules & wear a mask.  If I’m within 6 feet of someone that’s not wearing a mask I will politely ask them to move REALLY far away if I’m in a rush.  I’ll ask them once politely.  If they choose not to move, there will a problem & I will likely role away, have a very disappointed face or voice my disappointment to them.  “Wear a mask or (potentially) feel my wrath”.  See I add (potentially) & it throws of the rhyming scheme.

There was a news story on Facebook that Geraldo Rivera, a Trump supporter, said that he thinks the vaccine for the virus currently showing promise should be called “The Trump”.  It was on a public platform and I stated “I don’t want Trump in me”.  Nobody took that as harming, nor was it intended to be.  I don’t want to be a dark cloud on a sunny day.  I’m also not about to hide who I am because someone might take it the wrong way.

In other news my brother has managed to sell my 3 guitar effect pedals for me.  I will send the money acquired from those & Christmas gift money on Kim’s side of the family to Kim’s friend’s family in need after a life altering incident.  I like that I can help, but I don’t like to hear about this type of situation occurring, it just hits to close to home for me, even though it’s not cancer related.  As of my writing this they’re still just over $23,000 short of their goal.

We’ll NEVER be in debt because of a luxurious purchase.  We save for personal items, but there are many other things that must come first, mortgage, bills, groceries, medical expenses, retirement savings, etc.  When that’s taken care of then we allow ourselves nice things.  Kim bought cross-country skis on Saturday & used them on Sunday.  When she bought them on Saturday, she was unaware that the store would charge extra for labour, bindings, & waxing the skis.  She was really worried since it was $200-$300 more than she was expecting.  I told her “If it’s going to hurt us, we always have money I’ve been saving for a guitar.  Take whatever you need from that account.  I’ll get a cheaper guitar if needed or no guitar anytime soon.  You’re supposed to enjoy something!”  She never gets anything special for herself, & its way past time she did.  She had fun skiing in the park with a few friends, everyone should be able to have some fun.

For those in Saskatchewan here’s a nice warm non-alcoholic beverage I recommend over the winter.  I needed something different than water all day every day.  Kim found some AMAZINGLY good Saskatoon berry tea in the grocery store.  I now have a cup of that in the afternoon.  No sugar or cream needed and no sugar added.  I’m guessing she found it a Co-op groceries? 

Foo Fighters take a look back at the last 25 years.  LANGUAGE!!! 

Not much new music being released this year.  I can’t stop listening to the “Nothing but Thieves” album ‘Moral Panic’.  Even Kim told me the other day “You listen to this a lot”.

Album version…

Orchestral version now available as a single.  Recorded at Abbey Road studio…

Along with ‘Moral Panic’ I’ve been listening to the new “Sevendust” album ‘Blood & Stone’ quite a bit.  I’ve never been a HUGE fan of Sevendust, but this latest album really caught me off guard!

Yep, they covered “Soundgarden” on this album.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread Love”-Ellen Degeneres

P.S.   I guess Kim’s got a job for me today around the house & she’s cracking the whip!  “WHOOPA!”

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