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Friday I went to the local music store to pick up my friends guitar.  I wasn’t comfortable doing some of the repairs, so I dropped it off there Nov. 5th.  It’s here sitting in a rack with 2 of my guitars.  My brother had a 5 guitar floor stand our band would use when we played live.  Bass player, my brother, & I would all bring 2 instruments to a live show, different tunings & it’s reassuring to have a backup if something goes wrong live.

That afternoon Kim rearranged the desks in our computer room now that we’ve sold the big DVD/Blu-ray shelf to a friend of ours.  It feels much bigger in here.  I played guitar for a bit on Friday afternoon but not much.

Kim was working all day on Saturday.  She got groceries Sunday morning & worked until 9:00 pm that night. 

I stayed out of her way Saturday and played guitar most of the day.  That evening I watched a “Foo Fighters” live stream concert for $15.  Not the same as seeing them live but it also didn’t cost me $90.  Only 1:30 hour long instead of the usual 2:45 – 3:30 hour long live show, still a good deal.   

They kicked off the show with a song I’ve been working on which I will have ready to go by the time you read this.  I was practicing this song & whatever else I could think of that I know and learned the next song over the course of a quick look on Sunday & a couple of hours Monday.  I surprised myself in a good way!

I HIGHLY recommend “Marty Music” on www.youtube.com if you want to learn a song on guitar, if the tab doesn’t sound right & you can’t figure it out.  He’s the man to go to!  There are no tabs for “Audioslave” or “Rage Against the Machine” music, but good ol’ Mart Music has lessons for some of them.

Then I practiced ‘Monkey Wrench’ and when I needed a break I played other songs I know in that tuning.

Learned a mode to use on guitar.  A mode is basically a different way of using a scale for minor & major sounds from what I understand.  I now know the major & minor pentatonic scale and the Dorian mode to a point.  I’ll just call it the DeLorean mode.  #BacktotheFuture kids watch it!

I’m watching a guy on youtube complaining about the amplifier I’m hoping to get next year.  I’m looking at the “Boss Katana 50W MK2” which has been out for a while.  He’s complaining that he bought the “Boss Katana 50W MK1”.  He bought the first version shortly before the second version was released.  It’s a digital/analogue amplifier, a hybrid.  They’ve already released 5 firmware updates on the 2nd version, if I want to I can connect it to my computer to update it to the latest version. 

Essentially he’s complaining about everything being digital now instead of analogue.  I get it, but I no longer see any reason to complain about everything going digital.  I didn’t buy a cell phone because of many reasons including that it’s digital & will continue to require updates.

Why would I want a digital/analogue amplifier then?  Well I have no intention of connecting it to the internet.  There’s already 4 amplifier settings to choose out of 10 built into the amplifier & 5 effects to choose out of 15 for each amplifier setting.  I really don’t care if it’s the latest & greatest technology.  I just want it to work, sound decent, and keep it easy to use.  I’m far from a technological wizard.  My phone works, it makes phone calls.  My email & social media work, they send messages.  The amplifier comes with a bunch of digital options I likely won’t use.

I used to have “FOMO”, Fear of Missing Out.  Too expensive to keep up with the Joneses.  If I’m missing out so be it, I don’t know what I’m missing out on & for me, in this situation, ignorance is bliss.

I was planning to return to buying CDs for music from around 15 bands.  I realized that CDs are often $5-$20 more than iTunes.  I scaled my CD purchases for the future down to 6 bands, a few from iTunes, & a lot of streaming from now on or some bands are retired or I’m just not that interested in anymore. 

Guess I’m carrying on with the thinking of “Marie Kondo”, does this bring me joy?  Kim, Brewster, Friends & Family, Guitars, Music, a bit of TV, & a few movies.  Downsizing to the important things, not a lot of storage for other stuff here.  If it’s not seasonal & hasn’t been used in 6 months, why do I need to keep it?

I’m hopeful that the PRS S2 McCarty 594 will be my final guitar purchase.  I’m a sucker for any brand of guitar that sounds & is wired like a Les Paul guitar.  The PRS S2 is made to sound like a 1959 Gibson Les Paul & that’s my reason for getting it.  Its $1000 less than a Gibson reissue too & price is a factor.  Of course I have back up ideas, but nothing concrete.  I likely won’t even have this guitar until late next year if I order it between February-May.  There’s a 6 month wait once the order is placed.  I’ll have to hear what I have after I get the amplifier in 2022 before I even start considering an inexpensive guitar. 

I have a Fender Thinline & I’ll have 2 PRS S2 guitars, I can’t afford any other expensive guitar brands.  Gibson, Jackson, Ibanez, Kiesel, ESP, Charvel, Schecter, etc. are out money wise.  If I want to look for another guitar, Kim might hurt me &/or whatever guitar related stuff will come out of my own pocket, not our cash together.  

A Core PRS “Paul’s guitar” would be nice, but it’s not wired like Les Paul.  A “Mark Tremonti” Core PRS is basically a Les Paul in looks & wiring.  Either way both are far beyond what I’d ever spend on a guitar.  I really like PRS guitars, but even they’re most affordable SE line is too expensive for me.



I stayed up until midnight.  Kim was watching “Dancing with the Stars” so I came in here and chatted with one of our friends.  I went back to the living room to hang out with, still watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’, she said she was going to bed after the show since it was already 11:00 pm.  I came back in here to shut down my computron.  Ended up [laying guitar unplugged until midnight.  Random scales & songs from memory.

As for what I’m listening to these days, still the Nothing but Thieves album ‘Moral Panic’.  I’m also listening to the new Sevendust album ‘Blood & Stone’.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread Love”-Ellen Degeneres

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