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Provincial election here so we made it an event when we voted early on Friday.  I got a 4 pack of local craft beer and Kim as usual got a tea from Tim Horton’s.  WAY better than just making a trip out to vote!

The actual vote date was yesterday in Saskatchewan.  The USA Federal election is November 3rd.

We voted & got our treats.  We came home, I had a late supper, sat down with a beer & watched my brother & 2 friends (King for a Day) playing at a local restaurant as well as live streaming their acoustic show on Facebook.  Their full on, 5 member rock band is “Room 333”, the room number I was in during 2008 and a bit after.

The last live show I played was a benefit show, one of at least 3, for a disability charity on January 25th 2008.  I passed out at work with brain cancer on February 5th, 2008.  I was playing in a rock band with my younger brother.  He wasn’t done playing live yet & still isn’t.  He formed a new group with friends from the music scene and called it “Room 333”.  An indie band organization has recognized them but their acoustic cover band actually pays better.  Same with me.  I started out just singing in a cover group during University, learned very basic guitar to fill out the sound, & made cash to upgrade my music gear.  All while working a part time job.  I ended up dropping out of University & going to technical college instead & got my diploma as a printing press operator.

I knew pretty early that music would just be a hobby, since I only got my own guitar from my parents for my 21st birthday.  Fell in love with guitar & now I’ve found my way back to it.  I never really finished up “Razor” by Foo Fighters and “Addicted to Pain” by Alter Bridge could use more shine and memorization.  I’ll work on those & “Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters this week! 

Foo Fighters in general never get old for me.  They’ve easily been my favorite band since 1998 when I became obsessed with them.  What’s our living room art work above our couch?  8 individually framed vinyl records by Foo Fighters.  That’s a group among very few that I purchase on CD.  That’s the band that made me want to create music.  They’re my initial test of listening to loud distorted guitar music.

I’ve got a PRS model now so this definitely calls for “Alter Bridge” in drop Db tuning!  It may not be a signature Mark Tremonti PRS, but it’s a PRS S2.

We had a birthday supper at our friends’ place for Kim.  Tasty as always & ice cream cake too!  “Auntie” Kim took our “niece” to get her hair rainbow coloured, looks pretty cool.  Our “nephew” wanted me to read him a book.  He’d bring a book out, ask to sit on my lap, I’d read a paragraph then he’d take off & get a different book in 20 seconds.  He’s only 2 years old, pretty funny!

Chatting with my buddy later on, it was good to find out that I’m not the only one that’s camera shy while playing guitar.  At this point for me it’s more of what I do for me as a hobby & exercise as my psychiatrist says, not something I do for other people.  If I couldn’t actually play guitar I wouldn’t be mentioning it or trying to record videos to put on Facebook.  I’m not saying I’ll never attempt a video again, but right now it’s not fun for me doing that.  I think about anything other than the task at hand, being a goofball on camera is much easier!

I’m not as good on guitar as I was in my 7th year of playing, but I’m learning & applying new stuff & songs, as well as songs that I’ve never tried before in order to challenge myself.  That’s definitely part of the reason I’m often quiet.  If EVERYBODY’s talking, who’s listening?  What wisdom can I share and what will you teach me?   

I said earlier that I’d never buy a Gibson.  Why did I say that?  They’re currently & for many years have been far beyond my price range despite my adoration of a Gibson Les Paul.  The Gibson brand has had a few ups & downs.  Gibson actually stopped production of their Les Paul body style in the 1940s & eventually brought them back.  Les Paul guitars are Gibson’s most well-known guitar & it’s been copied by MANY other brands!  I have a Les Paul copy as well as my Epiphone Les Paul 7 string.  I don’t own a Gibson because of the price.  At this point in my life, I don’t really care what the brand name is on a guitar, I more interested in the sound of a guitar & a modest body shape.  My explorer guitar is odd enough for me.  Same reason I’ll never buy an American Fender or a Core PRS, too expensive in Canada!

I head to bed after 1:00 am on Saturday and playing electric guitar unplugged since we’re in a condo.  I might as well have played through my amplifier in the bedroom!  Kim’s & Brewster were asleep but between the 2 of them it was just a symphony of sound, this is why I fall asleep to rock or metal music, much more relaxing!

Sunday was the day we just get everything ready for the week.  Very lazy Sunday.  Sunday’s energy level went right into Monday for me.  I got up at 1:00 pm Monday still feeling tired, just needed to do some stretching all of my body was tight & a little tender.  I went to bed by 10:00 pm Sunday, woke up to pee at 3:30 am & I was wide awake but tired still until I fell asleep around 9:30 am.

I watched the Presidential debate & quickly realized that I didn’t need to.  It’s all over any & all Canadian news though & there’s nothing on TV anyways & again it was useless for me despite that I’m Canadian.  I know the difference between wrong & right.  I’ve lived through the terror of the Donald Trump administration from afar.  I shake my head and try not to yell at my TV when he’s on there lying.  I can’t vote, but if he wins, I’m pretty sure America can kiss democracy away.  I’m embarrassed that Donald Trump is from the same planet as me.  I’m going into my bubble of non-political news until the US Federal election is over.

Kim is far more optimistic than I am when it comes time to find a wheelchair accessible house in 2022.  We’ll be doing some inexpensive renovations to this place within the next year to make it more to our liking.  If it doesn’t sell or if we can’t find a place in Regina, it’ll be a bit closer to what we want without being a free standing house.  Nothing wrong with our place but we’re too young to live surrounded by grandparents, great grandparents, & a few visiting noisy kids.

After a few days of trying to get Apple products to work I finally got the new “Nothing but Thieves” album to stream.  3 album into their career & I’ve REALLY enjoyed them all!

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Spread Love”-Ellen Degeneres

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