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Nice to relax over the weekend.  Life’s not a race but until this weekend I’ve felt like I have to catch up to everyone.  I finally relaxed for a while.  Saturday I just spent far too long playing guitar, most of the day from 1:30pm until I went to bed around midnight.

Weird thing is that I still get anxiety, I think, when my buddy or brother comes over to hang out & play guitar.  I freeze & forget that I know how to play anything out of 20(?) songs.  Like the 4 songs by Led Zeppelin or 9 Foo Fighters songs, etc.  Songs that I play every day or the handful of songs I learned on my 7 string.  I gotta get over that hump already.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t drink alcohol much.  I had 1 short bottle of beer late Saturday night.  That little amount of sugar & alcohol had me awake at 6:00 am Sunday.  I just laid there until 10:30 am drifting in & out of sleep, I was tired but couldn’t stay asleep.

Sunday was our ‘niece’s’ 7th birthday extravaganza!  Supper was ham, potatoes, beans, carrots, & dill pickles.  Followed by the must have birthday cake & ice cream.  We missed our ‘nephew’s’ birthday because of Covid so he got his gift that day as well.  He turned 2 in the spring.  Our friends are teaching him well.  Just like me, no pants but he made sure I put on my jacket & hood when we left.  Me, always in shorts, him a diaper & shirt.

Kim got a hair appointment in a few weeks for our ‘niece’ to have her hair coloured all the colours of the rainbow.  She was pretty excited about that!

I thought of an expensive but great idea for our friends’ family.  He plays guitar so I thought the 4 of them could build a guitar since you can buy DIY kits with all of the parts.  I figured the kids could colour/stain it.  Our ‘nephew’ loves tools so he could help putting it together, & our friend will be learning how to solder in a few weeks, so she could attach the pickups.  Then I realized that depending on the type of guitar it would cost $200-$350 for the kit, plus stain, shielding paint, & clear coat.  It would be a fun but expensive project.

My brother picked me up to take me to Long & McQuade Monday afternoon.  That’s the store I ordered my guitar through.  They offer a free set up on the guitar within a year of it being purchased with them.  They told me to let it acclimate to our place for 2 weeks before hand.  It was shipped with 10-46 strings I use 10-52 strings, so I wanted to make sure it was done properly since I’ve never had a tremolo bridge on a guitar before.  This should be a one & done thing.  20 minute deal so we just window shopped while it was being done.  This is another reason I don’t have a credit card.  I might have put us in serious debt if I had…….but we’d have a bounty of guitar gear!  I saw a less expensive Gibson Les Paul with a flamed maple green/black top that tempted me.  I love the look & sound of any Les Paul I’ve played!  I had the money but it’s being saved for the PRS S2 McCarty 594 to be ordered in February.

Its home & on its wall hanger now.  It looked a little bare in here when I packed it up Sunday night.  Now it feels perfect, & it was really good before too!  I’ll order the S2 McCarty 594 that reviewers say is way better than a Gibson Les Paul that would set me back an extra $1000.  I’ll get the amplifier hopefully after my birthday in January 2022.  Then I’ll be done shopping for anything over $500 for a long time, if not forever.

I’m still stuck on getting it in a single cut (directly below) or in a PRS double cut?  Everything else is the same on both guitars, the body shape is the only difference.  Feel free to leave a comment or message the Facebook site.  I do already own 2 Les Paul (single cut) body shaped guitars.

That amplifier is the bee’s knees or the cat’s pajama’s if you ask me but everything goes on pause after the guitar order in February, until we find a wheelchair accessible house or if we end up remodeling this place.  I think 3 suites were recently sold in this building recently.  That’s good news!  I thought maybe Covid would detract condo buyers?

Sounds as though the White House has been hit by a wave of the virus.  The President, the first lady, his aide, multiple senators, and Kayleigh McEnany now on Monday.

Donald Trump returns to the White House from the hospital & instantly takes off his mask after tweeting “Don’t let it dominate your life” well it’s better than calling it a hoax……marginally better.  I guess he learned nothing over the weekend?  He’s obviously still contagious & personally, I think he’s breathing very deeply.

Just cleaning up some stuff & learning new songs on guitar.

…& just to drive my brother up the wall I learned most of this.  Drives him nuts!

I found out about a Scottish band, over the weekend, similar to Foo Fighters but not as mainstream appealing, a little more eccentric called “Biffy Clyro”.  They have a wealth of albums.  I started with 4 of them, this song is from an album from 2002.

I decided Monday night to just get to it & relearn this, all of it.  New guitar all set up for me, this called for Foo Fighters!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a handful of videos before the end of the month?  I just NEED to get over this anxiety garbage!

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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