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Exercise total for 5 days. 

500 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

900 Crunches

900 Leg lifts

300 Squats   

450 Back flexes

1:05 hour of yoga over 2 days

I hate doing my exercise before I do them.  Once they’re done, I have a totally different attitude.  Usually around noon I shower and end up having the rest of the day to play guitar while recovering from my exercise earlier.  For me it balances out.  This morning wasn’t bad, get up & get them done!

I watched 1:20 of the “Presidential” debate Tuesday night.  I thought it was beyond sad to see political “Leaders” behaving like undisciplined children.  Biden called Trump a clown…that’s the level of the bar Trump has set for a Presidential nominee.  Trump didn’t call Biden a name during any portion of the debate that I saw.  Trump has often, if not always, called Biden “Sleepy Joe”.  Great….playground insults from politicians seeking election.  It comes down to 2 old white men acting like kids.  I’m not a parent or mature for that matter but I know that name calling is wrong and it won’t help either candidate in the long run.  I also know that I’m a Canadian living in Canada and I don’t get to vote.  I’m geographically closer to the “Divided States of America” than Russia, somehow Trump has encouraged Russia & the Ukraine into rigging the election for him to win while Trump slapped tarriffs on Canadian aluminum.  Yeah, ‘cause Canada’s a big threat to America & it’s democracy!  Sadest moment of the debate for me was when Trump couldn’t “condemn the proud boys” after a VERY simple question to do so.

I turned on my computron the next day after the debate and just went “NO”!  It was just a sad display of the current disregard EVERYTHING culture that is unfortunately all around us.  What did I learn from the debate?  Nothing!  Trump is still Trump, he bullied/interrupted as much as possible & Biden stooped to his level.  Trump did EXTREMELY bad & Biden did just slightly better.  Overall it was just sad.

If Biden wins there will be a civil war in the USA.  If Trump wins America will say goodbye to democracy & some American citizens will likely move to other countries to avoid Donald Trump & (a probable) WWIII on American soil.

You can make a case that either of the 2 won the debate, spin it the way you want.  I pay more in Canada for things, other than health care, but I don’t have to choose between Trump & Biden.

To expand on an issue from Tuesday’s post. I saw a video of an obviously Repubican supporter, which is OK with me, whatever political party you align with is fine.  I may not agree with that choice but I agree that you should have a choice.  Anyways, the person was going on about how Ellen Degeneres’ opening monologue/apology for the new season was terrible & fake as she addressed the off season investigations into the accusations of sezual assault on set over the years.  At least she apologized & addressed them respectfully.  What has Donald Trump done when faced with any accussations?  Lied, disregarded, pointed a finger, & denied any wrong doing on his part after how many accusations?  Tell me how Ellen’s apology is worse than the President’s dismissal?

Like either of these responses or not.  They’re in the past & can not be changed.  Seems like the cool thing to do now is jump to conclusions about anyone regarding their past.  So if that’s how people are judged, what’s the point in changing?  I’m different than I was a month ago but I guess that doesn’t matter?  When I meet a person for the first time, or any time for that matter, & ask “Have you ever acted in an innapropriate way in the past?”  The answer will probably be yes.  Nobody’s perfect 24/7?  

I’ve decided to go with this cut.  The traditional PRS cut, well an exact replica of this guitar below.

I still plan on getting this amplifier or something similar in this price range because of the fact that I can get this sound without blasting the volume!  Yeah I said fact, now nobody cares about facts?  I wonder if anybody will accept the fact that  2+2=4?

Why do I want this guitar stuff now?  I don’t see a pay increase coming my way EVER but I know there is a VERY strong possibility of inflation in the market!  Might as well get it now & use it instead of waiting 20 years when we’ll have likely the same amount money and everything will cost more. 

People, Kim included, keep telling me I’ll want another guitar or some piece of guitar gear.  If I want another big purchase there are numerous things that MUST happen before that.  First & always first, our health.  Kim’s, Brewter’s, & mine.  The guitar I’m saving for.  A house or renovating/remodeling this place if there is no house to be found or if the condo doesn’t sell.  The amplifier or something VERY similar.  I don’t want to go full on digital but I like the options that come with this hybrid of digital & analogue.  Once EVERYTHING is covered & if something else doesn’t pop up.  I’ll decide if I want something & it won’t be an expensive brand name unless it’s a $120 guitar pedal.  It could be a guitar, if it is it’ll be an import (cheaper) guitar under $500.  I have an idea of where I’d look but not a clue as far as what I’d want.  As far as an amplifier & effect pedals go.  I’ll always have 1 amplifier & I like to keep my effect pedals at a minimum.  Right now I have a tuner, phaser, & a delay pedal.  Stuff an amplifier & guitar can’t do.  I’d like to have bought the amplifier & footswitch when I started to play again a year ago, but there are no certainties in life.

Once I’ve saved enough for the guitar, I should have enough in the bank by the end of May, I’ll hold off on saving for the amplifier & footswitch until early 2022.  The PRS S2 line is definetely the top price I’d pay for a guitar.  It’s a substantial amount below $3000.  An S2 is pretty, feels great, & is remarkably more resonant & louder than most, if not all of the other guitars I own.  Once I get the other S2 PRS, I’m done with high end/boutique guitars.  A Core PRS or a Gibson, are both HIGHLY overpriced for what you get in return, in my opinion.  Even a lowest end PRS SE is $1000 + tax in Canada & out of my price range after the S2.  I’ve also heard a mixed bag of results from Harley Benton guitars.  Very affordable guitars but quality can be great or terrible on any type of Harley Benton model.

During that time we’ll be house hunting (I hope we can sell this condo and find a house without losing $10,000) & if we can’t sell the place we’ll be remodelling our suite.  I really don’t like that we own a suite, we pay the mortgage but so many other people in this building get to make up whatever rules they want.  We’re also cramped for space now. 

It’s nuisance now!  I binged & purged stuff last year, we’re doing it again right now & there’s no extra space here even with our storage unit (9’ X 3’) 95% full including a 3 level shelf on wheels full of stuff.

Oh yeah, & we don’t have a spare bedroom either.  Nice area, nice place but NOBODY wants to have to put in ANY work to make it their own, apparently paint & furniture was a no go for viewers last time!

I know we’re going to have to do some renovations to a new place but good grief if anyone has to make changes here!

I assume you weren’t watching but the Toronto Blue Jays season & short lived playoff series is done as of Wednesday afternoon.

I half woke up this morning singing, & I use the term singing litely, Layla by Eric Clapton.  The tempo of his unplugged version but the electric guitar version.  At least I pick a variety of songs to sing in my sleep.  It wasn’t Kokomo by the Beach Boys like it was 5 or 6 years ago?

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to each other” –Ellen Degeneres 

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