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The past weekend felt nothing like a weekend break.  Kim’s already clearing stuff out of here to try and sell the condo next year.  I see a trip to a charity and a second hand store VERY soon.  Cleaning out one of our closets & our storage room.  Not enough room in our suite to hold everything.  Trying to declutter the place & maybe do some cheap renovations to make it more appealing to a buyer while making it more updated to our tastes.  We started decluttering Saturday evening.  I ended up having a nap Sunday after I made my food & vegetable juice for the week.

I slept very well last night & I’ve done my exercise both Monday & this morning.

It’s not even October yet but it was cold & raining here on Saturday.  A very gloomy day.  I assume it was the weather, I just felt exhausted most of the weekend.

One of the people against pets being allowed in the building had a photographer here late last week or on the weekend Kim told me.  We assume she has listed her suite for sale.  A realtor sign popped up on the lawn as well.

So if that’s the case, this could have been the thought process?  “Buy a condo in a nice area, buy a pet friendly condo, and try to change the rule on pets being allowed.  If I don’t get my way, I’ll move.”  Good luck lady!  She’s listing her place $50,000 more than what we had ours on the market for.  It’s the same square footage as our suite but it’s on the corner so it has a bigger balcony.

I have played my new guitar every day since I brought it home and I absolutely love it.  The next/final guitar will be that PRS S2 McCarty 594.  It will sound very similar to a 1958 Gibson Les Paul.  I’m back & forth on the cut of the guitar.  Do I get a single cut so it looks like a Les Paul or a double cut so it looks like a PRS?  I’m leaning towards the PRS cut since 2 of my guitars are Les Paul body styles.

This is the PRS cut/design.

I love the sound & wiring of a Les Paul, I saw this video the other day.  A full ½” maple cap on the guitar & with a hard case, it all comes to $340 Canadian.  That’s a sweet deal.  I’m set as far as guitars go.  For any guitar player reading this, I would recommend these over a Harley Benton guitar.  They have Teles, Strats, Hollow Bodies, & Les Pauls.  I didn’t see any odd shaped body styles.

This guy did a 4 part series showing his guitars and I think I can confirm that for a “weekend warrior chump” hobbyist 82 guitars is a problem.  Yes, I said 82!  I’m glad I don’t have that problem nor do I have that kind of money!

Well, I have until February to decide & I’ll be happy with either of these 2 looks.  There are cheaper guitars I’m curious about, but I don’t see anything other than a house & the amplifier in the near future.  I’m just gonna plead laziness to not own over a dozen guitars & maintain them, along with my disease of Lackamoola!

I watched this documentary within the last 2 weeks.  I just assume somebody’s watching my online movements.  Until they make a mess of things & force me to spend money on a repair I’m not concerned.  The only thing that would change any of this is if the leaders of the 100s of tech companies decide that they’ve made enough billions of dollars & shut all of this off, I don’t see that happening.  Money makes the world go ‘round & EVERYTHING is going digital.

Everybody now knows about Donald Trump’s taxes.  Does any of this surprise or shock anyone.  He hasn’t filed his income tax in a decade or I’ve read 15 years on other sites.  This won’t matter to Republican voters.

I think the only 2 things that should matter to an American voters are the following.  Do you want 4 more years of what is going on right now on this day?  The second thing is, do you want to see an end to democracy & live under the rule of a dictator?  If any American citizen has said yes to these questions, you just keep doing your thing & vote for Trump instead of doing something to solve the current problems.

I saw a random (obviously Republican voter) calling out Ellen Degeneres on her season opening apology about the harassment going on within her staff & how it was SO hypocritical.  You’re more than allowed to have an opinion.  My reminder to that would be, at least she had the class to address it openly & apologize. 

How many women have stated sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump?  I think the last count was at 20?  His response each time was that he didn’t remember it, they were not his type, or just too ugly.  Along with those responses he’s NEVER apologized or admitted to ANY wrong doing.  So what if that accuser was you, your wife, daughter, mother, aunt, or grandmother?  Would you still support Donald Trump?

I saw this video of “Tool’s” drummer Danny Carey playing this song live & thought I need to go backwards into their catalogue more often.  Especially to the albums “Aenima” & “Lateralus”.

I did go backwards in the Foo Fighters catalogue this weekend.  All the way back to October 22nd, 2002.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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