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I played guitar for almost exactly 7 years before I had cancer.  I didn’t go right back to the songs I knew before or most of the songs I played/sang live.  I can’t sing like I used to be able to.  I can’t sing at all really.  Before when I was playing & singing I played rhythm/chords.  Now after cancer I chose mostly songs with a dominant lead guitar part.  That’s what I’m learning now.  I’m learning more lead guitar stuff that I’ve never played before.

I chose either songs I’ve never bothered to try & a few songs that I learned in my 6th & 7th year of playing.  I wanted to challenge myself instead of playing the same old 4 chords & the main riff to the song.  I figured what I play should be distinct to a particular song.  Gets me out of my comfort zone.

“YES” this is the amplifier for me!  This is a gain setting at 0.5 Watts.  Everything I’m looking for & more!

I don’t think I’m that excited about an amplifier, but it’s all I hoped it would be, with all of my research.  I’ll still have to wait until September to get it.  Gotta buy/order my last guitar by early February since I know it will take 3-15 months to get here.  Of course if we find a house the amplifier will have to wait.

If everything goes as planned, this will be ordered in February & hopefully we find a house shortly after?!

Same company in Stevensville, Maryland, USA as the guitar that should be here soon. 

I think PRS just hit that peak where they’re now in the top 3 as far as guitar brands go.  I think between the USA factory & the one I Indonesia, they have 300 employees?  There’s no assembly line either.    

I think the biggest wild card for us right now is Brewster’s health.  He seems to be fine right now.  He’ll cough like a smoker 2 or 3 times a day & he sleeps a LOT, but he still seems pretty happy & runs the show here.  He can’t hear me when I’m within inches behind him trying to get him to move so I don’t roll my wheels over him.  He can hear the microwave from inside our bedroom & around the corner though!  “Hark, my human is eating, I’ll have to investigate!”  I can’t eat anything without him sitting right beside me.

Whenever we see the vet for a checkup I always ask if he’s in pain, I don’t want to have the little guy suffer at all.  He’ll be 15 on January 31st, the day after my birthday.

As long as Brewster is OK, a house is at the top of our list.  Other than the seemingly impossibility of selling a condo in Regina, our problem is finding anything remotely wheelchair accessible within our price range.  I looked again at the website for houses in our price range & nada, zippo, zero, nothing.  Of course now that were being picky there’s nothing out there?

As far as my cancer goes, I’m good.  Got some refills on the weekend, I was out of a sleeping pill so I needed more of those.  I see my psychiatrist in October for a regular visit.  I also have another MRI in November, only about 30 minutes long.  There is a cyst in my back, it’s been there from the beginning.  New doctor taking over my case, so she just wanted to look at it closer.  Nothing to worry about though.

When I saw her last time, she asked how my fine motor skills were, such as writing & eating.  I told her all of that was OK and that I play guitar.  She was glad to hear my hands were in good shape & that the guitar playing was a good way to exercise those small muscles.  Makes me wonder if I can claim my guitar spending on my taxes as physiotherapy equipment?  HAHAHAHAHA!  No new guitar so far.  They said by the end of September at the earliest.  I’m getting anxious!

If I ever had $5500ish burning a hole in my pocket, this finish on a Core Tremonti PRS is pretty!  I’d get a Core McCarty 594 instead of the S2 I plan to order in February.  Nice to dream.

Kim had a headache & her stomach was sore on Sunday.  I didn’t get to see the Jays game until about 10:00 pm.  I ended up fast forwarding & rewinding bits of it just to see the highlights.  I slept in until 9:00 am on Monday and got my exercises done ASAP.  Regular season baseball ends on Sunday.

I did it 4 times this week.  I call it click bait.  I opened 4 Donald Trump videos on www.youtube.com.  I didn’t bother to watch them all the way through.  He honestly holds zero shock value for me & thank goodness he’s not Canadian!

October 16th, a new album is out that day from The Struts.  Here’s one of the 2 singles released so far.

This Foo Fighters song I used to play in private & it’s coming along nicely.  Verse portion is not bad, haven’t added the chorus part yet.

These 2 are just a little sloppy still.

Ended up playing a TON of Big Wreck over the weekend.

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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