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I woke up late on Monday & I was sore & stiff.  I didn’t do my exercise, I just stretched for an hour before I turned on my computron.  Nothing is done on the interweb until I’ve had breakfast & exercised.  Wasted a day.

Today I got up on time.  Totally half asleep until I got roughly half way through my exercises.  Feeling much better & energized today!

I turned on the Canadian National news channel.  Covid numbers are on the rise, Donald Trump is pretty much encouraging vigilante justice on any protest, there are hurricanes on the East coast, & now the West coast is dealing with wild fires.  If I lived in the USA, I’m pretty sure I’d take 2 mental health days a week.  Yet I think it was a month or 2 ago that Stephen Colbert showed a poll of Americans 72% said that what’s going on is terrible while 28% thought everything was fine.  That’s an odd 28%.

I’m done buying guitars once I order the one in February.  We’re not suited for condo life.  A house or whatever Kim wants in the meantime.  Kim wants an attached garage so she doesn’t have to drag my wheelchair through the snow.  It has to be wheelchair accessible.  I’d prefer a finished basement & an easily accessible deck or patio in the backyard.  2 bathrooms, 2 or 3 bedrooms & hopefully delightful surprises of a bedroom & bathroom in the basement.  I can’t really help with renovations, although we’re sure some will be needed.

I look at guitars online for fun with zero intention of purchasing another until we are comfortable in a house, probably not even then?  If I wanted another guitar I’d have to play the 1 coming to me & the one I hope to order in February (both for a long time) to find out what I’d want or I’d have to be making money with my guitars?

I royally embarrassed myself on the weekend.  My brother, very laid back, brought over his new amplifier so I could hear it and he could try my guitars.  He got it all set up, grabbed a guitar and played through his amp.  He’s has always been a MUCH better player than me.  He handed me the guitar & I literally said out loud “What do I know?” I froze, I was clueless & then I played like crap.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t care that much, if at all.  I thought what I played was terrible & embarrassing.  I spent 4 years, if not more, rehearsing & playing live with him, but I choked in my house in front of my brother. All I can say is anxiety sucks!  I know that next time it will be much better, I know I can relax around any family members.

Kim & I did some math on the weekend regarding my RDSP (Retirement Disability Savings Plan).  Money will be tight until my amplifier & guitar are paid for, but afterwards we’ll have a little more room to breathe.  I have no plans at all in getting another guitar.  Our bank account agrees with me on this decision.

I’m glad I saw this review/demo of an Evertune guitar bridge.  I didn’t know what they were or why they’re such a big deal.  Now that I know what the purpose is, I’m glad I don’t/won’t own one.  Takes the fun/skill out of playing guitar if you ask me.

Saturday evening I actually felt relaxed for the first time in months or even years.  It was 10:00 pm, Kim & Brewster were in bed.  I had a rum on the rocks & watched a Blue Jays game in the dark.  I can’t remember the last time I felt that calm.  Seems that I’m always worried about what’s around the corner or what we’re gonna do at this point in the future.  It finally felt like I could just let go for a while.

A lazy fall Sunday!  Watched an afternoon baseball game while Kim was making beef barley soup.  Went for a drive to get out of the house, had soup for supper.  Played guitar, watched TV and called it day.

Learned this 1st one on Sunday night.  2nd one just kinda happened over the week, & I’m still kinda working on the switching to the important parts where 1 of 5 guitars stands out for a bit on this 3rd song.

Ended up just messing around in different tunings & figured out these riffs…

For some reason I usually finish up a few hours playing guitar with this song?

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl    

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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