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Kim called the police regarding her stolen bike on Thursday last week.  As you may know, the guy was arrested.  Her phone call was sent to a department (of which I don’t know) there was an answering service & she left a message.  We have yet to hear back, despite my asking her to call again on Monday.

I follow PRS Guitars on Facebook & they’ve been pushing out quite a bit of Private Stock guitars.  That completely makes sense to me.  A person getting a private stock guitar will typically wait 18 months for the guitar from the point they pick out EVERYTHING being used to make it & it costs whatever amount you make it!  I saw a random guy in the USA on good ol’, his wife bought him a private stock PRS as a wedding gift, & paid $15,000 for it!  The guitar I ordered is not even close to being that expensive!

I was like a 4 year old on Christmas Eve, Thursday night, I didn’t sleep that well.  Long story, PRS were about to send 2 identical guitars to Australia.  The guy at the music store called them Monday morning & told them my story about the delay before Covid hit.  I guess the sales rep he spoke with is holding back one of the guitars going to Australia for me.  It’s not finished being made yet, but it’s coming!  I’m just happy about their specifications for the wood choice & totally understand the delay, it’s just an odd year.  They were looking for a quality piece of curly maple without any blemishes for the ¼” top of the body.  Their quality control is why I went with PRS.  This is another example of quality over quantity.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

They are 10-12 months backordered due to Covid & were looking/waiting for a nice piece of maple for the top of my guitar because the sunburst colour I ordered is a little tricky.  Despite this delay, I’ve been saving up & still plan to order this PRS S2 model in April or May….

This is a VERY odd scale length, & it’ll sound like a 1958 Gibson Les Paul while having a different (better I.M.O.) look & $1000 cheaper.  The Gibson brand name has also lost some of its credibility in the guitar playing community over the last decade or more.  This guitar is also wired better than a Les Paul, in that I can switch either or both pickups from Humbucker (double coil) 1958 pickups to pre-1950 single coil pickups.  Gibson doesn’t make coil splitting pickups.

Kim’s fine with me saving for this amplifier & footswitch for later on next year.  It’s not completely digital or analog.  It’s an affordable practice amplifier hybrid.  If we need cash it will come out of the savings for this…

Kim’s on the fence about me spending money on this, yet I’ve cut out EVERYTHING other than food & water for the guitar, amplifier, & footswitch.

With those purchases, I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud for at least a decade, if not much, much longer.  I looked at some other stuff, but nothing really appealed to me.  Maybe something small will someday, but those will be my last big hobby purchases.  Kim says I keep changing my mind, I think I’m very consistent on these 2 purchases.  I’ve researched the crap out of them & I know exactly what to expect from both.  Every time I look at one of them, I find a little bonus piece about them.

On the upside our ‘niece’ & ‘nephew’ were with us Saturday afternoon.  We made bubbles, picked flowers, coloured, did assorted arts & crafts had pizza, ice cream, they rode around in my wheelchair, & checked out a little “Paw Patrol”.  She’ll be 7 in October & he turned 2 in May.  He’s busy & wants to check out everything.  I followed him around & answered questions for him.  Our ‘nephew’ got me twice on Monday despite not being here.  He was checking out my guitars.  He turned my amplifier all the way up, I didn’t notice it until I played one note & just about peed.  Later on I grabbed a different guitar, tuned it with my silent tuner on, turned off the tuner to play it, & no sound came out of the speaker.  I thought my guitar had some electrical issue?  Nope that was a guitar he played with & turned the volume on the guitar to 0.

Sunday we went to or friends’ place for a BBQ & visit in the backyard.  Nice relaxing day & Brewster loves being outside on a lawn & leash free.  He was falling asleep on my lap on the way home at 7:15 pm.  He’s getting old!  Nowadays I fill my pill capsules for the week, then move onto his.  Always making sure I don’t mix them up!

I did play my buddy’s new Gretsch hollow body guitar on Sunday.  Oh that is a sweet guitar!  I personally don’t want to spend money on a full size hollow body guitar, but it was a really nice guitar!

There are only two other guitars I’d like, but are far beyond what I would pay for them!  A Mark Tremonti signature PRS in the brown colour that he plays on occasion. & a Dave Grohl signature Gibson 335 (hollow body, DG-335)  Those are my “never gonna happen” guitars.

Watch this video from the 8:20 minute mark & it shows how great these people are & what they did with their earnings from the 4 day online guitar clinic!

Kim’s hoping we find a house next year.  As long as this virus deal is over, I’m all for putting our condo on the market again.  Our mortgage will be just under $200,000 by then which will make a difference, but I don’t think it will make a big enough difference.  The biggest issue is that it has to be wheelchair accessible.

We saw one last year but the housing market in Regina is weird/difficult if you’re trying to sell a condo such as we are.  Far too many cheaply built, new, vacant condos out there for ½ the price of what we paid for this place.  We’ll be looking for something under $410,000 that is move in ready.  My magic 8 ball tells me the outcome is not good.  I think us moving is just as unlikely as me getting either of those signature guitars, never going to happen.

As for practicing guitar I’m good & just working on learning songs I like & that are fun to play.  Even have a handful of stuff for my brother’s band to use & expand on.  Other than that these will be my focus until I learn the next batch of songs.

And I try to always go through scales, finger/picking exercises, & other songs I’ve learned.  The more I play a song, the better it sounds!  Like this song is already good enough, but the more I play it the more automatic it becomes.


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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