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If this isn’t clear enough for EVERYONE than you’re just difficult to deal with.  Fall is coming & so is the flu season with a good chance of a 2nd wave of the virus.

Friday got better as it progressed.  Kim went to the police station to fill out some paper work.  She had all the stuff they needed & in the brief time she was there, the officer told her the guy was arrested on multiple break in’s on Thursday night.  If we don’t get her bike back, I hope she takes the money I’ve saved up for a guitar & gets a bike or anything else she wants.  I’ve decided I’ll continue saving for the guitar & amplifier, it’ll just take a little bit longer.

I should get my ordered PRS guitar on Friday or Saturday.  I’ll post a photo on here & a reaction video on Facebook when I first see it.  January 15th-August 21st or 22nd feels like forever!  You’ll get the photo & video next Tuesday if all goes as planned.  It was supposed to be here in April.  When I got the email on March 2nd that it would be delayed, it hurt me a bit……on the inside.  I felt like a 4 year old on Christmas Eve.  Now I’ve been feeling like a 4 year old since mid-last week.  I hope everything works out but its 2020 everything is a gamble this year.

When I was at my psychiatrist on Tuesday, I told him that it takes me multiple hours to fall asleep.  I’m on an anti-depressant in the evening called Quetiapine.  It’s a slow releasing type that should help with my sleep, it doesn’t though.  I take my pills around 9:00 pm and go to bed by 10:30pm at the latest.  I’m typically awake until 1:00 am or 2:00 am.

He prescribed me 25 mg of a different type of Quetiapine to take with my other evening pills, now that I’m on those, my sleep pattern is much more regular.  I’m asleep before midnight & I’m usually awake by 7:30 am.

Kim ordered a scale, before her bike was stolen.  It’s a scale that does a plethora of things & tells you your wait.  Like a Fit Bit tells you everything & some tell you the time.  I haven’t used the scale yet.  It has sensors to put your feet on & tells you your water weight, bone weight, muscle weight, fat weight, metabolic rate, your actual weight, & probably a bunch of other stuff?

Put me on a camera I freeze, audio is OK & I never listen to it more than 3 times.  This guy NAILS Red Hot Chili Peppers on bass & drums with no forearms!  AWESOME!

Now when I’m playing guitar, I just play what I like, choose to learn a new song, try different techniques or tunings, or just repeat some stuff that needs work.  It’s not really about how many songs I know, it’s more about continuing to learn & however I choose to go about.  I look at music for some songs & think to myself “Not yet” or other songs & think “I like listening to it, but that’s useless to learn from” after I’ve played 75% of it in 5 minutes.

I used to play & sing this song…

I can’t sing at the moment so I dug a little further into the guitar part.  I sing it in my head & think to myself “I should figure out that little piece to add some of the vocal melody on guitar”.  So I’m OK on guitar, I’m not a ‘shredder’ like the guys in Metallica or Megadeth but there’s a lot of stuff to learn no matter how good you are, or what your style of playing is.

Ended up playing this yesterday…

I heard this album through a friend of mine in high school that lived around the corner from my parents’ house in 1995.  I don’t think I’ve ever played a song by them?  I’m learning the lead part that goes throughout most of the song & the chorus chords to throw in there to change it up.

Last night I was relaxing & watching the baseball game.  We have no children so it was quiet.  Middle of the game Kim blurts out “Oh, I need to learn ‘Happy Birthday’ on an instrument for tomorrow morning”.  I replied “This is like having a kid blurt out ‘I have a project due tomorrow that I haven’t even started’”.  I stopped the game, looked up “Happy Birthday”, and learned it in 5 minutes.  I called for her “Grab the tuner, come in here & I’ll teach you “Happy Birthday” on your acoustic guitar”.  Kim hasn’t touched her guitar since at least 2006?  She got frustrated & gave up.  I’m hard on myself but patient when teaching others.  She opted to relearn it on a keyboard on her phone.


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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