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I slept in today, that’s why this is late.  Breakfast, exercise them post a blog, that’s ALWAYS the order things happen.


Exercise total for 5 days.

450 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

300 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

750 Crunches

750 Leg lifts

300 Squats

420 Back flexes

1:00 hour of yoga over 2 days


When I do my curls, it’s pretty easy to tell that my left side is much weaker.  The dumb bell still wobbles side to side quite a bit.  When I bring the weights to my shoulders I really have to focus & control my left arm.  When I play guitar it’s really not an issue.

Well pretty bad way to carry on through August.  I got up & did my exercises ASAP Tuesday morning.  Posted my blog & checked our messages from Monday night, we we’re out for a bit.  I guess I missed an appointment with my psychiatrist Monday afternoon.  I didn’t get the usual reminder/confirmation call on Friday?  My doctor left a message.  I rescheduled for 5:00 pm that day.  After some discussion on what to do with Brewster & some phone tag, things were set in place.

We go to our vehicle in our parking garage only to find that Kim’s brand new bicycle was stolen.  We go to my appointment, all is well.  We come home & chat with our neighbor in the garage.  I guess the break in was Monday night & somehow EVERYBODY knew but us?  She reported her stolen bike to a board member across the hall from us.  Wednesday she got the serial number from where she bought it on May 12th 2020 & reported it to the police.  Financially things were snug before this, now they’re TIGHT!  As per usual with most plans, we’ll have to play it by ear.

Spoke to someone close to us Thursday late afternoon.  HOLY CRAP August sucks!  I can’t talk about it, nobody has been physically injured but it’s unexpected & really not good for that person.  Not my story to tell.

I was checking out my psychiatrist’s ratings online earlier that day.  Weird I know, my psychiatrist has ratings on the internet????  WOW mixed bag of ratings from 0-5 stars.  I’ve never had a problem with him.  Really nice guy, always quite friendly!

So with her new bike being stolen I don’t see this guitar being ordered in the spring.  I’m more than OK with that.  I’ve saved enough money that she can go out & get the same bike if she wants to.  Late Tuesday night, after a few hours of suggesting she use my saved money, she still continued to say “No”.  Wednesday night she budged a bit & finally said “Maybe”.  She wants to look into using our insurance.  If she was right about our insurance, that won’t be the route we take.


I’ll be getting a REALLY fancy guitar in a week.  I’ll keep saving either for the guitar or get the MUCH more affordable amplifier & foot switch.  Then leave it at that for quite many years.  I think this is more than fair for me, Kim should just take what I’ve saved all together & keep saving for the camera lens she wants.



What has been VERY welcomed this August?  Kamala Harris running as VP with Joe Biden.  HUGE upside when that was announced!  I’m Canadian so it won’t affect me directly, but hopefully this can calm the USA a bit.

Russia announced that they have a vaccine for the virus.  They also rushed it’s release by skipping over some testing phases.  You take it, I’ll wait a year & see how you’re doing before I think about injecting something that hasn’t been properly tested.

Yeah, this vaccine hasn’t passed all of the phases yet.  It’s still a matter of “if” not “when”.

I learned a TON of scales on the guitar (I didn’t know them before).  Before it was more of “If I put my fingers this way it sounds like this, & I guess that’s called a C chord”.  Now I know the notes & what works within that key!  I’ve been playing my 7 string pretty much all week.  Learning some Trivium.  I’ll finish up “The Heart from Your Hate” today & tidy up a few other songs I used to play & other songs I’ve been playing with on my acoustic while watching baseball.  The most difficult part of learning this song was remembering what part came next & how many times do I repeat that part?

Fingers & arms are good though.  Not nearly as bad as in that video I posted, I got nervous.  Lots of people can play while knowing they’re being filmed, I can’t do anything serious in front of any camera.

This is guitar tabulature.  I’ve been working mostly on the chord part & inserting some of the lead guitar stuff.  I’ve never attempted any lead part really.


Speaking of baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays had Thursday off.  Tonight is the start of them playing every day for 28 days straight.  I’m pretty sure there are 2 days in there that they play 2 games in one day.

I stated at the start of the year that “This is my year”.  I also said in trhe last post that the rest of August will be great.  Well I’ve only stated those things once each.  I think I’ll keep that silent from now on, bad things have happened in that small sampling & I don’t want to test that theory anymore……& now I sound like Donald Trump, SHEESH!

Not a great week.  I see a STRONG Gin & Bubbly tonight while watching the game!


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to each other” –Ellen Degeneres

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