HOUSE CLEANING & A GUITAR VIDEO links are there for a point of reference if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!


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450 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

250 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

500 Crunches

500 Leg lifts

200 Squats

280 Back flexes

1:05 hour of yoga over 2 days


I guess I should clear a few things up to begin.  I’m reluctant to put my playing on social media since I posted a polite comment on a site a few months ago.  Instantly I had 7-10 people making fun of my iPatch.  Well “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate……and I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.  Shake it off”.

I thought that was a smart pop album.

In Canada we have an extra day off in each remaining month of the year.  September has Labour day, October has Canadian Thanksgiving, November 11th is Rememberance day & then Christmas holidays.  Kim & I  don’t have any extra days off.  Even with 5 days off last weekend we both had a day of “What should I do with myself?”

We’ll call that as house cleaning done for now!

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday are the days I do crunches, leg lifts, back flexes, & squats.  I’m starting to dislike those days.  Just thinking the entire time about how much I don’t want to be doing those exercises.  I do them anyways & get them out of my way.

I hadn’t had coffee or tea since May 19th.  Kim came home on Monday with a mocha-frapacino for me.  I drank it, with all of that sugar & flavouring it really loses it’s appeal for me.  I used to drink the darkest Columbian roast I could find.  I have a high resting pulse, so coffee isn’t really even desired.

Also as of May 19th I’ve only had 2 alcoholic beverages.  One to celebrate the return of Blue Jay baseball & one while watching a Q & A regarding guitars on

I decided shortly after Tuesday’s post that I’d make things a little harder for me & learn the lead intro to this Trivium song.  That might take some time.

If Led Zeppelin tries to sue me for playing one of their songs, you’ll help me out wont you?  You might have to.  I’m posting a video of me on guitar playing Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”, well an abreviated version of it.  Many mistakes but I’m camera shy, actually I hate any photo, audio, or video of me.  It’s on Facebook with all of the flaws recorded since people asked?  Played it 5 times before recording it error free, camera comes with the mistakes. If you wanna hear more, I’m home & happier at home than without a cell phone in my face.  Being on video while playing guitar was the most depressing/joy sucking experience I’ve been through since I was suicidal from 2009-2011.

I was going to post videos of me playing Alter Bridge, Megadeth, Nothing but Thieves, Pantera, a few Metallica songs, a few Alice in Chains songs, many Foo Fighters songs, a few more Led Zeppelin songs, Pearl Jam, I Mother Earth, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, etc.  I’ll take cancer again before I video myself playing guitar again.  Audio is fine, I just don’t listen to it much at all.

With everything being digital and everyone having a camera with them all of the time, that is DEFINITELY a reason I stay indoors.  Not many people call our land line outside of spam calls.  Did people suddenly forget they can talk to someone instead of texting?  I don’t see myself getting a cell phone until land lines are eliminated.

You’ve got the video, I get “Red Light Fever” – Taylor Hawkins, drummer for Foo Fighters from one of Taylor’s albums “Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders”.  I got the video done & out of the way.  Nobody takes anyone by their word anymore, lots of people need video proof, BUMMER!

Here are the specs & a photo of what should arrive on August 21st.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

You won’t see me playing it.  There will be a photo on here & a reaction video on the Facebook site.  This will be my only guitar with a tremolo system aka a whammy bar.

This is the guitar I’m saving for & hope to order in the spring.  Minimum of 90 days before it gets here.

S2 McCarty 594 Electric Guitar with Gigbag - Whale Blue

An amplifier upgrade/replacement & I will be all set for many years or Kim might hurt me……she knows karaté!

I can promise you there will be a photo of each of these guitars as I get them, with a reaction/opening of the gig bag video on the Facebook page.  Eventually I’ll post a photo of my guitars all together.

I’ve seen the minimum price for a PRS guitar all the way to a bolt-on neck price for a PRS.  Core & Private Stock go to the highest price point.  The least expensive SE PRS retail in Canada is $780 + GST (Government Sales Tax in Canada of 5% followed by whatever the Provinces Provicial Sales Tax is).  I’m looking at 2 S2 models just above that price point of between $1980-2400 retail, tax in Saskatchewan amounts to 11%.  A bolt-on neck PRS retails for $4,899-$5100.  I’m assuming a Core model would retail for $5500.  A Private Stock would likely be a minimum of $5500 & up.  With a Private Stock PRS you get to go to the factory in Maryland & pick out what type of wood you want for each part of the guitar (neck, body, top, binding),  the electronics they offer, the body style (solid, semi-hollow, hollow body, or acoustic), the colour & finish.  I used to say my limit on a guitar would be $5000, it’s not anymore the S2 line is by far my limit.

I play guitar a LOT.  Even with baseball on I’ll watch a game while practicing on my acoustic.  So for fun I tallied up the amount of time I spent practicing guitar Tuesday & Wednesday.  It’s quarantine time & I don’t watch much TV other than Blue Jay baseball & CFL football (I’m not sure when football starts).  The tally over 2 days comes to roughly 11:30 hours.  That’s pretty standard honestly.

My main electric guitar changes daily.  It’s more to do with what I’m playing followed by more practice on the acoustic if it’s not an acoustic song.  This is a little further down the list for me to relearn…

It’s INCREDIBLE guitar players like this that humble me.

This website wants me to show advertisements so I can get paid for this.  I’m not about to do that.  I don’t watch commercials, so I’m not going to make you watch them.  Also, I might not like the product advertised, another BIG reason I’ll keep this website commercial free.

I see a lot of reaction videos on of people just going insane for the emotion & musicianship in this song.  I agree it’s FANTASTIC song, that was released in 2007.  I don’t understand why I’m seeing reaction videos from 2019?

Well just wait until 2031 when they react to this song that was released last year.

Well look at Big Wreck’s new live video!


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to each other” –Ellen Degeneres

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