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I watched a Netflix mini-series on Friday.  Time off during a pandemic with nowhere to go, while Kim went out with a co-worker to take photos.  I hung out with Brewster, watched a 6 episode mini-series all while practicing stuff on my acoustic guitar.  Roughly 4:30 hours of Netflix.  I watched “Waco” all of it.  Once I started I couldn’t stop.

I was 13 years old when it happened, so I doubt I had much interest in what was on the news all of the time.

What I took away from it worries me about the VERY near future.  What happened in Waco was an unnecessary war.  According to the show, based on two books written by the FBI negotiator & a Waco survivor.  According to the series, the ATF went in firing weapons at the compound.  A cease fire happened for a few months when the FBI took over a few days after the stand-off started.

A deal was reached eventually between David Koresh & the FBI negotiator for a peaceful outcome.  The FBI waited, but not long enough & eventually threw tear gas in starting a fire where many lives were lost.  The series is a completely different story by people that were there involved, compared to what the media was reporting.

Donald Trump has not been able to create a war with another country.  He’s trying REALLY hard in hopes it will win the election for him.  Neither side in Waco admitted their mistakes & look what happened, a war, & from the series it shows that everyone involved has blood on their hands.

Donald Trump will not admit he’s wrong about ANYTHING!  “I’ll be right eventually” well time’s running out along with most people’s patience.

Trump’s using the #blacklivesmatter protests to start a civil war instead.  Donald Trump has unleashed his unmarked Federal Law enforcers on ALL protests.  I see no riots on the news as I did a month ago.  What is he trying to prove by having his soldiers throw people into unmarked vans to be arrested?  The only thing I see is more & more proof that he’s a bully drunk on power.

Unless he admits that he’s wrong I think there is a STRONG chance there will be a war before the election.  The USA will have the same outcome of what happened in Waco, Texas but on a much larger scale.

I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, that’s how I see it as an outsider.

The words of a Pastor……

……not part of the solution.  This is the problem.  This virus could be far less prominent by now, but too many people are thinking this way.

I’m Canadian.  I’m not a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green Party, Bloc Quebecois, or People’s Party member/follower.  I vote based on facts not alternative facts.  I believe in God & science.  I believe that EVERYBODY should be treated equally.  I believe in #LGBTQ rights, that #blacklivesmatter, #metoo movement, climate change, universal health care, that diversity is a good thing, the world is BIGGER than America, & not everyone is racist.  I don’t want to hear what the rival politicians can’t do, I want to hear what a politician can do.  I don’t vote base on the party that person is representing.  I vote based on the political party & the politician leading that party.  I’m a human trying to evolve, learn, & be a better person.  No matter what your age is, keep evolving or get left behind.  I’ll help you, but you have to want to evolve.

Now onto the cancer portion.  I’m fine.  I’m in a wheelchair likely for the rest of my life.  I could be bitter about that for the rest of my life but I don’t have time to be bitter.  That would be a HUGE waste of my time & energy.  What bothers me is the ripple effect I’ve created for people in my life, especially Kim.  She has to deal with the fact that I had cancer and am physically disabled because of it EVERYDAY.

This will sound odd, cancer can do whatever it wants to me, but I hate that MY cancer affects the lives of others.  I got cancer, why should anyone else be punished for it?

It’s becoming more apparent to me that I’ll go a few days without much sleep & then crash for 2-3 hours one day in the afternoon.  Once I’m awake & doing stuff, I don’t stop for a rest, I just go from 7:something am until 10 pm or 11 pm, lay awake in bed until 1 or 2 am & repeat for 3 or 4 days until I nap.

Our “niece” was here for a sleepover Saturday night after going shopping & rollerblading with “auntie” Kim.  Hannah will be 7 years old in October.  Winner for most hilarious discussion I heard this weekend…

Kim: Did your parents fill you with sugar before you came over?

Hannah: No, I’m crazy all the time!

I’ve decided there will be no colour change on the guitar I’m saving for.  This is it, as is…

I’ve also decided that I won’t post my playing on social media.  A heckler in a live crowd is something I can manage.  One on social media REALLY singles an individual out.  It’s not like I demo random gear, so I don’t need any feedback, I play for myself.  When I get my guitar, hopefully on August 21st, I’ll get a photo and video unveiling on the Facebook page.  Yeah since ordering it on January 15th, it feels like a long time.  Yep I’m excited/giddy about its arrival.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst

REALLY good advice!  My guitars are always on a stand or on the wall hangers.  I make a point of practicing some stuff with a metronome.  I never want to oversell myself as a guitar player.  I ask many questions, and I’m always more than willing to answer anything I know about.  I obviously can’t stand up but a strap is on each guitar with a strap lock soon.  A strap for me is an insurance policy if I lose control of the guitar.  Once I’ve figured out the pattern for what I’m playing on the guitar, I repeat it multiple times with my eyes closed & rely on my ears.

Going from playing while seated to playing while standing was very hard for me.  Going from standing, having a hiatus for almost 12 years, & learning to play in a wheelchair was much more difficult, especially since my body naturally wants to move with the music.

I’ve ordered a bunch of beer bottle rubber sealers for guitar strap locks.  They should arrive this month from amazon.  No beer just the sealers for the large bottles that reseal.

The good thing about playing alone is that only I get to decide what to play instead of a band of 3-10 people, that’s also the downside of the situation, not having different influences around you.

I’ll work on these songs for the week while playing other stuff I’ve learned.

Practicing this most of Monday on the 7 string.  It’s the switching between chords into the individually picked notes in the verse that have me practicing so much.

This is just fast & all down picking.  Down picking isn’t a problem, I found an exercise to practice it with a metronome.  I’ve just never played that fast.  This one could take me sometime, just because of how fast it is.

I’ve played this Alter Bridge song before but I don’t remember it.  I’ve got it down as of Monday night, just more repetition needed.

After practicing the Alter Bridge & Trivium songs on Monday, they seem to be easier than I thought.


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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