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Stuff I’ve learned, never the solo though.

I don’t know if this counts as a song without the solo?  2 notes & 1 chord.  Below.

Tighten this up.  Everything gets better as you play any song.

This is improving everyday!




450 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

250 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

750 Crunches

750 Leg lifts

300 Squats

420 Back flexes

1:35 hours of yoga over 2 days


Wednesday seems to be the day when I feel really tired & very soar.  Extra stretching is needed from Wednesday until the week is over.  Kim & I both were sore Wednesday morning.  She’s sore/stiff everyday, I just notice it after a few days of exercise.  Not sure if we need a new mattress or exactly what the problem is?  I figure it’s the exercise & body getting a bit older as I push myself harder?

Kim & I met at SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Science & Technology) in the Graphic Arts Production (GAP) program.  She was there before I was & finished a semester earlier than me.  We both got our graduation deploma & finished the GATF (Graphic Arts Technical Foundation) test/requirements.  She’s worked as a desktop designer ever since.  I went into the program to become a desktop designer as well, I changed my mind after the initial semester.

I wanted to be more hands on with the physical product & focused on the production/printing part of the process.  I learned how to operate different printing presses.  I worked as a printing press operator until I got cancer in 2008.

I never thought I’d be the type of person to be in a job that was pretty much manual labor.  That being said I’ve only had 1 desk job prior to that.

Kim’s pretty responsible at her desk.  She does actually take the time to get out of her chair & stretch a few times a day.  Up until I spent a year in a hospital bed I was fairly active as well.  I figure that we’re sore in the morning from just getting older?

I did extra stretching on Wednesday after my exercises, & Thursday before my exercises & it made the little amount of pain go away!

With baseball returning, Jimmy Kimmel live, & The Late Show with Stephen Colbert still on TV, I find myself rushing more than usual to get stuff done.  Exercise, have breakfast & lunch, check my computer, play guitar, have supper, and watch TV.  I even found myself watching baseball while struming my acoustic guitar on the couch when the string broke & there was a rain delay in the preseason game.  Kim was out for a bike ride so I pulled out the vacuum.

Lately I just don’t sleep much during the week 5:30 hours a night has been the axerage for me.  I get up & do things as quietly as possible.  Eat, exercise, tend to any dishes waiting in or out of the dishwasher, do the hand wash dishes, check my computer, practice unplugged electric guitar, or anything that won’t wake up Kim & Brewster.  I just hate having dirty dishes out, so I usually get to them first.

Met up with my aunt, uncle, & their new 1 year old puppy, Gibson.  Short visit, but Brewster & Gibson were happy and playing the entire time.  They’re about the same size.  Gibson is probably 1/2” taller.  He’s a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross.  Very handsome dog!

I played guitar from January 30th, 2001 – February 3rd, 2008.  I broke 2 strings on a my guitar while playing it during that time.  Now in 11 months with fairly new strings wound the same way as I used to do, I have broken 2 strings.  One on my first electric guitar a few months ago, & a string on my acoustic guitar broke this week.  I don’t even have a wammy bar on any of my guitars, & they’re tuned to a lower note?  Weird?  Hello amazon, music stores are out of stock on quite a bit of stuff during this time.

I learned Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” in standard tuning, then found out it was wrong & now I’m learning it with the strings tuned DADGad instead of standard tuning EADGbe.  No solos in this song but a TON of orchestral parts to simulate on guitar.  Little licks to play on occasion!  I never even considered trying to play Led Zeppelin before since I busy singing.

The Toronto Blue Jays were set to call Pittsburge home for this shortened baseball season.  The Canadian Federal government denied their application to play in Toronto & the Pittsburge health officials said they can’t play home games there.  They have their first ‘home’ game on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020.  The regular season starts tonight for the Jays as the visiting team in FLORIDA???  How on earth do two Florida based teams get to play any games there in a hot spot for the virus, then travel throughout the USA to play baseball???  At worst the Jays will be  playing as the home team in other teams parks, starting Wednesday, until early October.

Let me break down what has happened since Tuesday with a couple of MLB games to start Thursday evening.  The LA Dodgers signed a player who will average a paycheck of $30,416,000 every year for the next 12 years.  The Toronto Blue Jays have no home field, & a player for Washington tested positive for Covid-19, 20 minutes later from that report he has a rapid test that has negative results, he did not participate in the game.  The initial test was taken on Tuesday & the results were given Thursday afternoon.  He participated in a preseason game against Baltimore on Tuesday.  The rest of the Washington team plays Thursday evening regardless.  At the time of me writing this, the MLB season hasn’t even started & could be done soon.  I miss sports, but just shut them down for the year!  Oh yeah 54 year old Mike Tyson is going to box one exhibition match.  Good grief, he had a video game on NES in the 1980s?!?!

“Is everybody going crazy?”


For the weekend & next week I’ll polish up “Kashmir” then work on Metallica’s  “Master of Puppets” & Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender”.  I might as well throw Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” into the mix since I’ve been messing around with it.

Same notes as I play but I play it in different areas.


“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to each other” –Ellen Degeneres

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