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Songs I finally put all of the parts together on guitar “Foo Fighters” 2 songs “For all the Cows” & “My Hero”

I finally put 2 songs together out of the 800 pieces I have for 20(?) songs then I figured last night to change the way I play since my brother was harping at me that I avoid using my pinky finger from 2001-2008, back to the drawing board.  Finger exercises & about 4-6 different scales are practiced regularly, so switching wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great either.


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I didn’t even look these up & I typically watch guitar stuff on these 2 videos just appeared when I opened the program.  To be fair, I know Canadians who now live in the USA & think its FANTASTIC!

It’s not a competition & not everything is perfect in Canada.  I wish nothing but the best for people everywhere.  I know I’m fortunate to live in Canada.  I can’t say much about the USA, since I’ve never lived there and only visited for a week.

I blew up on Friday & if I offended someone, well it’s done with so let’s move on.  I’m not apologizing for it, because that’s me.  As a Canadian watching everything unfold everywhere & in the USA, I can’t imagine why people living I the USA haven’t totally erupted yet?  I only know a little bit about American history & look what it did to me!  With all of this non-sense happening in an already divided world, it all got to me at once.  Then we rented the movie “Just Mercy” on the weekend.  The guy was on death row for a murder that took place 3 miles away in 1986 or 1987, but he’s black & it’s based on a true story.

Buckle in it’s gonna be a bumpy ride if anything is going to change.  To the protesters, don’t stop but keep it peaceful.  Just because people have died doesn’t mean more have to.  Might as well deal with the issue at hand & expect someone to do their job to fix this.  It’s 2020 and still some people think killing people because of the colour of their skin it’s OK?  IT’S NOT!  What if the roles were reversed?  Then would it be OK?  No don’t eliminate the police teach them.  Defund the police doesn’t mean eliminate them it means putting that money into other services to help people.  Teach the current police and implement this teaching in schools every year, for everyone.  If an officer doesn’t want to learn, I guess they need to find a new occupation.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, does that mean I should die or that my opinion?  Is it better or worse than anybody else’ opinion?  NO!  Donald Trump didn’t start any of this.  He also has yet to make a positive change.  He’s powerful & could do something & for now, we’re all waiting for him to do something positive for a change.

Is anyone surprised by this video?  If so, WHY?

I haven’t been shocked by his actions or lack of action since early 2019.  What would shock me is if he did his job to make EVERYONE feel safer.

After skimming the history of America, I can honestly say I would be terrified all of the time living there no matter what colour my skin is.  That racial divide exists in Canada, but nowhere near that level from what I’ve found.  The majority of North American’s have ancestors that were immigrants other than aboriginals.  Our ancestors came here for a better life.  Does anyone think for a second that this is what they envisioned for the future of their family name?  I’m guessing it’s not & if you think they can see what’s going on now, would they approve?  I’m gonna go with a hard NO on that one.

This shouldn’t be a black person’s problem to solve.  This is for the legal system & white people to solve.  Call me ignorant as it’s deserved, that history of a HUGE racial divide is hard to see but also worth knowing about.  Something everyone should know about and change as they see fit.  Nobody can make a complete change for a person but they can help you along the way to making a change.  I don’t think doing nothing is a good thing, I just don’t know how to help as a Canadian?

However people want to judge me is totally up to them.  I’m saving for that guitar & the amplifier.  I’m broke just like most people.  There’s no chance that a large sum of money will fall from the sky into my lap.  So I’m gonna save & cut costs for myself wherever I can.

I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink tea or coffee, I don’t drink pop, I don’t watch much TV, I don’t buy movies anymore, I don’t travel, I rarely go out for dinner (maybe 3 times a year), & I spend my money on the odd CD now, & some streaming on Apple Music.  So all of that stuff (bicycle & guitar pedals) & my current guitar amplifier will be traded in for the guitar, amplifier, & footswitch.  That’s what I would like & that’s where my money will go!  I don’t want or need anything else.  Kim wants to travel, I don’t.  What I do want is to spend time with my wife & see her reactions to something new.  Those things make me happy.

Different guitar, but I’ve decided on this colour.  Photos on the actual site don’t look as good.  I still plan to order the PRS S2 McCarty 594 guitar.—Faded-Blue-Smokeburst.htm

When I say I don’t want to travel, I mean the travelling part of it.  Seeing a different culture, trying the food, learning about the background, etc. that’s always interesting & cool to know.  Now more than ever since I’m in a wheelchair, being in familiar surroundings makes a world of difference & even with 3’ wide doors, I still bang into the door frames.  Being able to do simple things like get into my own bed, go to the washroom, have room in the kitchen to do whatever is needed, etc.  I like the fact that I can do that myself since our place was built for a wheelchair.  The family cabin isn’t wheelchair accessible & I find it to be more work than relaxing.


“Lamb of God”, “Trivium”, “Haley Williams”, “Pearl Jam”, & “Testament” have all released FANTASTIC albums this year!  Stream, download, or buy them however you get your music I HIGHLY recommend them!


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David ERIC Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Listen to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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