“Did I disappoint you?”

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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

350 Curls w/ 20 pound dumb bells

200 Shoulder raises/Chest presses w/ 10 pound dumb bells

600 Crunches

600 Leg lifts

300 Squats

300 Back flexes

1:20 hours of yoga over 2 days

There won’t be any stairs during this virus stuff.  I don’t really want to touch a public railing or clean them before & after I’m done.

5:08 minutes of planking this week over 3 planks.  Video of Thursday’s plank on Facebook.

I fell asleep to “Trivium” the album “What the Dead Men Say”

I exercised to “Haley Williams” the album “Petals for Armor”


Great week for me!  I was up & exercising by 8:00 am everyday this week.  I am sore and quite tired after this week of course there was also a LOT of guitar playing & research!

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Let’s not forget that the reason I’m able to do this exercise & practice guitar is because I’m alive.  So a huge THANK YOU to the nurses, doctors, & therapists that were successful in doing their job when I was initially given a 5%-15% chance of ever coming out of a coma.  I always look at it as “I’m living on borrowed time.  I don’t want to disappoint others”.

People say I put a lot of work in & a lot of pressure on myself.  Here are my reasons.  If I’m not doing enough, I’m disappointed in myself.  If I’m disappointed, I assume others are & I don’t want to be a disappointment to others.  I don’t want others thinking “He got a 2nd chance & he’s just wasting it”, some people might think that now, I don’t know if anyone does?

When I’m done exercising I want to make sure that I’ve put enough energy into it to get something out of it, know that I couldn’t have put more into it, & feel satisfied after I’m done.  If I’m not satisfied, then I feel I’m disappointing many others as well as myself.  To the people that say I put a lot of work into what I do, my response is “I have to”.  I feel I owe that to everyone.

I’m not looking for anyone’s approval, I’m just trying to avoid disappointing anyone.  I’ve never been the guy that everyone admires or the guy that everyone feels sorry for.  To this day I don’t want those labels to define me.  I’m a regular guy that got brain cancer & VERY lucky to have not been seriously affected by it, nothing more, nothing less

Now just think of what nurses, doctors, therapists, first responders, etc. are all going through!  The least I can do to thank them is to do my job.

So not only do I need to work at things, I also need to enjoy things.  This guy had a much worse time than I did, but he says it better!  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had one of those days this week on guitar where some things just started to fall into place!  There was a link that didn’t work on Tuesday’s post.

This is the guitar I have ordered, a PRS S2 semi-hollow with a lot of stuff I don’t have on any guitar I own.  This comes with coil tapping pickups designed in 1985 and improved by PRS in 2015, they’re called 85/15 pickups (Hot/High output). ¼” flame maple top, McCarty Sunburst, & made in Maryland with assorted parts from Indonesia.


This is the guitar I’m saving for.  A PRS SE “Paul’s Guitar” a solidbody, entirely made in Indonesia, coil spliting on both TCI pickups (Vintage/Less Gain) individually, maple veneer (paper thin maple top).  This guitar was introduced as a Limited Edition when it was reeased in 2018 in the Core line NOT the SE line.  This will take me 2 years to save for.


This is my only backup to the guitar above if it goes out of production.  I’d like both but that wont & can’t happen.  This is the S2 McCarty 594 in a “Whale Blue” stain.  ¼” Flamed maple cap, solidbody, 58/15 TCI pickups (Very similar to above), individual coil splitting & individual tone control, also made in Maryland with parts from Indonesia.  REALLY NICE!


I do prefer the aqua colour & price tag of the more inexpensive SE however the S2 does stand for a higher quality & the fact that it’s an S2 at 24.594” ( a very specific/unique scale legth) could make it a unique collectors item in the future?  On the down side the S2 could easily take me 4 years to save for.

Seeing/hearing this made my decision much tougher!  Both are not an option, I’ll leave this to a reader vote.  Please comment with “Aqua SE” or “Whale S2”.  I would really appreciate outside input!  This may seem like a small/insignifigant issue to you, but it is MASSIVE for me & I’m torn as this will be my absolute final guitar purchase!  No wrong answer here I would GREATlY appreciate your input if you have any knowledge regarding this stuff or not.  I am leaning ever so slightly one way but not enough to make a solid decision.

Youtube does compress/alter the sound, so know that when you vote.

It’s called a 594 because of the unique scale length of 24.594”.  Fender, Gibson & PRS all have different scale lengths & the McCarty is different from them all.  Gibson is 24.75”, Fenders are 25.5”, PRS are 25”, & the McCarty 594 is 24.594”.

Coil tapping & coil splitting are 2 different things, that’s why they’re underlined in order to stand out.  Guitar geek stuff you can look up if you like?

When I say I’m going PRS, I’m not saying there aren’t other good guitar companies out there.  I’m saying that I like the things this company’s doing & in the end I’ll have 2 PRS guitars among my 4 other electric guitars.  I own 2 Epiphones, a Fender, a Tradition (Out of business) Les Paul, & an acoustic Takamine.  They’re all solid guitars.  My collection may be small & inexpensive compared to others, but I don’t want any guitar to sit around unplayed for 2 weeks.

Kim went out on Tuesday & returned with a new bicycle!  A nice bright red beach cruiser that she finds more comfortable than the mountain bikes we bought a few months after our wedding.  Thursday evening it was finally nice enough for her to take it for a ride!


This is in America but it was broadcast on both American & Canadian National news.  I’m in no position to say what anyone should or shouldn’t do.  For myself, I don’t plan on changing anything, nothing really changed for me when this quarantine situation started.


If you’re getting this through Facebook, give it a like or other reaction, or share it.  That’s the only way of promoting this site, since I’m not profiting from this in any way.

 “I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl 

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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