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I fell asleep to “Trivium” the album “What the Dead Men Say”

I exercised to “Foo Fighters” a collection of roughly 100 B-Sides & Rarities.


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…and why are metal & rock fans considered to be terrible people?  I’m in a wheelchair & typically wearing a “Lamb of God” hoodie or a metal T-Shirt.  Before my cancer I was stopped countless times for a brief conversation, & even since the same has happened as well as any aid is always offered.  Even in the summer of 1999 I broke my nose at an outdoor rock music festival, a path cleared since my face was gushing blood & I was immediately directed to the First Aid tent.  Nobody was fighting, I voluntarily went into the mosh pit.

Another myth to dispel!  When I started playing shows live & being a front man of a bar rock band yes, I’d take a beer or 2 on stage with me.  I was never intoxicated though.  After a while I switched to taking 4 small water bottles on stage with me & I often was chewing gum.  The day of a live show or doing a recording was a day of no milk, juice, or alcohol until after a show probably around 1:30 am or later.  No I don’t any drugs or smoke anything either.  Just because of the music I played has nothing to do with how I live my life.  I’m not speaking for everyone, but it’s really not that common in Regina.

If I had no obligations that evening & the next day, I drank heavily.  Kim’s brother-in-law & I would often split an 18 pack of beer in an evening & do it again the next night.  This was before I got cancer.

In that way cancer was a serious “wake up call”.  There’s rarely any alcohol in our fridge, a few craft beer once in a while. Our liquor cabinet has 3 bottles of rum, we’re out of gin at the moment & the little amount of stuff Kim has a drink of in the summer.  Only one of the bottles of rum is mine.  One is uber expensive rum my dad keeps here & the other is my sister-in-law’s rum of choice.

Kim lives on coffee & tea, while I hoover water all day & perhaps a can of Bubbly carbonated water later on.  Little alcohol on the weekend sometimes.  Even during this quarantine I don’t drink alcohol until Friday evening & Saturday evening.  I don’t want to & I don’t have the time.  If I have any free time, I’m probably practicing guitar…sober, ALWAYS!

My extended family pokes fun at me if I’m holding an alcoholic beverage & they can’t understand me “Chris, you’ve lost your peech!”  Truth be told, I didn’t have much of it to begin with, HAHAHAHA!  They have enough trouble understanding me sober.  I wonder why I only drink more when they’re around???????  HAHA!

I guess I should make a correction regarding previous exercise weekly totals.  The last 3 or 4 weeks I was adding wrong regarding the number of curls I do in 2 days, it’s actually 175/day, so 350 a week.

Watching the local news, our province of Saskatchewan, Canada will be gradually opening on Monday, May 4th.  The first of 5 reopening phases.  After the second phase happens on May 18th, it’ll be a wait & see what happens next scenario.  Let’s hope for the best or we’re right back where we started.

I’m all for everyone staying in quarantine until June or even mid-July.  All you’ve been hearing EVERYWHERE is “flatten the curve”, OK so why are we going to start a gradual reopening?  The curve should be flatter for a weaker 2nd wave.  I’m inside pretty much all of the time anyway & not many people like to visit a condo.  I say better safe than sorry, what do I know though, I’m not a politician or health official.  Just because the amount of new cases has leveled off for a few days isn’t really something we want.  Don’t we want them to significantly decrease?  Saskatchewan & other provinces begin to slowly open on May 4th, WHY?  “Is everybody going crazy?”

As with every TV show I recorded “The Grammy Salute to Prince”.  I was watch ing it on the weekend & realized that I don’t listen to Prince enough, & after watching the special I had forgotten how much of his stuff I love hearing.  Of course Foo Fighters performed their cover of “Darling Nikki” from the “Purple Rain” album.

NOT FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It likely wasn’t the first cassette I bought in the early 1990s, but Price’s “Diamonds & Pearls” got a TON of air time on my cassette player.

I’m not a fan of NFL football but I watched the Super Bowl halftime show in 2007 just to see Prince & he covered Foo Fighters!

Ordered in January but who knows if I’ll get it this year?  I’m anxious yet I completely understand.

S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar w/Gig Bag - McCarty Sunburst


I’ve given What the Dead Men Say by Trivium multiple listens, I think it’s AWESOME!  I’ll grab my iPod and it’s all I listen to mostly!

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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David ERIC Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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