Most of this was written on December 27th

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My 40th birthday is on January 30th.  On Facebook I am asking for people to make donations of any amount to the Canadian Red Cross.  If you’re not from Canada, please make a donation to your country’s Red Cross.  I had 3 brain surgeries.  Before I had cancer I would donate blood.  I don’t know how many pints of blood I received from others, but now I cannot donate my blood anymore.  Please send them any donation of money, blood, volunteer work, etc.  The amount of any donation will not matter, but will be VERY appreciated!


Well here it is my exercise for all of 2019.  Of course there are a handful of weeks where I did nothing.  As for travelling, I took a 6 hour car trip to Winnipeg for my great aunt’s 80th birthday celebration, spent 2 or 3 days in Winnipeg with family.  Went to the family cabin near Moose Jaw for about 4 days.  Then 2 nights at Kim’s parents’ place near Prince Albert. Other than that we were at home, exercising my butt off while Kim was at work, yet I still can’t walk?  Ah well, maybe in a few years.  All I have to show for this exercise is a much smaller belly & very lean muscle.

Most of my exercise totals will drop significantly this year.  I’m plan to focus more on quality than quantity.  Heavier weights, deeper squats, other squats, better/longer yoga, & much more cardio hopefully.  I’ve already increased the weights & added a few other exercises.  No point in waiting?

Curls (added later on in the year): 13,000

Leg lifts: 37,500

Crunches: 41,500

Tricep lifts (I stopped when I realized my yoga gave my triceps a good workout): 4,820

Shoulder raises (added later on in the year): 4,970

Back flexes: 18,300

Pushups (I do some if I have any energy left): 13,100

Squats (changed to make them more difficult after a few months): 21,970

About 3 or 4 hours of stretching & yoga a week.  My resolutions for 2020, practice going down and up a flight of stairs 3-6 times once a week & seriously improve on the guitar.

After all of that, I’ve seriously trimmed down from 265 into the hospital, 210 while in the hospital & physiotherapy, to 280 after eating nothing but garbage out of the hospital to my current weight of 226 pounds as of January 1st, 2020.  I’d consider the last 7 ½ years as prep work for what’s about to come.  It’s like I was doing cardio & now I’ll do more muscle work while continuing with some cardio.  I was 185 pounds when I graduated high school, for me to be under 210 is unthinkable.  I’d be a sack of bones.  I’m 6’1” on a large frame.  225-230 pounds should do, but it’s just a number.  To put all of this into perspective my T-Shirts are drooping around my neck & quite baggy.  I’m wearing some T-Shirts from 2006.  I was surprised with my weight!  I haven’t been that weight in 20 years!

Measurements as of January 1, 2020.

Stomach: 44 ¼”

Biceps; Left 14 ¼”, Right 14 ¾”

Chest: 45”

Upper leg; Left 22 ½”, Right 23 ½”

Calves; Left 14 ¾”, Right 14 ½”

Most of those exercise have changed, will change, or will be eliminated.  Back flexes are by far the most difficult!  Lay flat on the floor on your stomach, arms out to the sides, feet shoulder length apart, then lift all 4 limbs off of the ground at the same time for 2 seconds.  I do that 3 days a week, along with other stuff.  Trust me, I’m not ripped at all & I’m pasty white.

I don’t tan, I burn!  There’s a window of 30 seconds for me between burning to a crisp or remaining blindingly white.  I choose to be extremely pale rather than being in pain looking like a boiled lobster.

I play guitar at home now as opposed to playing on stage, for me, less is more.  I used to have a 4 X 12” cabinet of speakers, a Randall amplifier, 8 or 9 effect pedals, & 2 electric guitars.  I rarely played my acoustic guitar live.  I gave my big amplifier & cabinet away when I got cancer.  I’m down to 4 pedals now, gave a couple away when I got sick & sold a couple to help pay for the practice amplifier I use now.  Now I have 3 electric guitars, one I got in the hospital signed by Ian Thornley of Big Wreck, the other 2 that I had before & my acoustic guitar.  Yes, every guitar is tuned differently, otherwise it would be pointless to have them.  No frills to see here.  I’m going to order the PRS guitar in the summer, we’re saving for it.  As for the Limited Edition Epiphone 7 string guitar, maybe a few years down the road, if I’m still into metal music.  If I ever get a 7 string guitar, I hope those are still in production.  I’m getting anxious for the PRS guitar, still need to save though.  Got up and procrastinated by taking a broken guitar effect pedal apart, cleaned it, put it back together, & it now works.  10 minutes saved me the $120 I paid for it 19 years ago.  I am so not a handy person, never have been.   I’m going to order it in a McCarty Sunburst finish!

Better look at it and a review of the 2019 version.  Pretty much the same guitar, I’ll be ordering a different colour though.

The more research I do on this guitar, the more I want it.  It will be like a combination of my other 3 electric guitars plus other highlights I don’t have.  Happy Belated 40th to me in the summer!

No I can’t play like that yet.  I was a very simple rhythm player that played the chords, hook, & sang.


I eat the same thing for breakfast & lunch every day, & I’m happy with it, I can maintain it & have for quite a while.  I get up at about 7:30 am, feed Brewster then I get my breakfast.  One or two hard boiled eggs, a small glass of vegetable juice that I make a pitcher of on the weekend, a piece of fruit (usually an apple), and a liter of water with some apple cider vinegar in it.  7 days a week I have 3 to 5 liters of water, 6 on the odd occasion.  I exercise, have a small snack of yogurt usually, hit the shower.  By the time I’m out, it’s time for lunch.  Lunch is one or two lettuce wraps with some Dijon mustard & turkey deli meat.  Check my email, practice guitar, & have a snack of crackers & hummus.  Then I watch about an hour of TV or a bit more and Kim is home for supper.  That’s a typical day for me.  It’s a routine I have gotten used to & get upset with myself if I miss my exercise in the morning.

Musically, I only made it to 4 big name concerts this year.  One of them was a Christmas family get together type of event.

I saw “Lynyrd Skynyrd” here in the spring.  They played at the arena here.

“The Watchmen” were at Casino Regina in October

“Big Wreck” was here at Casino Regina in mid-November

My mother got tickets for 7 of us to see “Boney M” at the Conexus Arts Center, a theater, on December 10th.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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