Bring it on 2020, out with the old & in with the new!  I’ve slimmed down & this year I plan to put on muscle while doing more walking & stairs.  I’ve decided this year will be a game changer.  Will I be walking?  Not sure?

I’ve already made some changes to my exercises, which I’ll explain in the next week.  As for this site, it’s going to change as well.  2 posts a week, every Tuesday & Friday starting Friday, January 10th.  Life is getting busier so the blogging time will be shortened after the next 2 posts.

Big year ahead!  I’ll turn 40, our 15 year wedding anniversary is this year, mid life crisis guitar to be ordered in the summer & many goals set out for myself.  Realistic goals, not big dreams.

With all of that being said, I’ve already made most changes to my exercise.  No need to wait for the New Year.  I changed things last week when I thought about how to improve my exercise.  No I’m not adding to the repetition amounts.  I plan to work smarter by making things harder.

As for those that want to tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do things to better myself.  Save your breath, I’m not listening.  I’ll figure it out for myself, I’ll be 40 not 4 in January.



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