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Let’s face it most people have lost sight of what Christmas is about, including me.  I’m a Christian so I can only speak about Christianity & Christian event, such as Christmas.  Right there I’ll admit I’m ignorant/uninformed regarding other Religions & none religious people.  What I’m about to say will could get me into trouble with others, but hear me out please.  We’re all atheists.  Why would I say that as a Christian who believes in God?  How many religions are there in the universe?  I don’t know.  Ricky Gervais (an atheist) explained it to Stephen Colbert (a Catholic).  This explains a portion of what I mean.

So, with that being explained & feel free to argue either side of it.  Why do people exchange gifts at Christmas?  Initially it was to celebrate the birth of Jesus, then it was Jesus’ birthday.  Now that all of us have lost sight of that, people just assume it’s what you do.  Spend money on others.  Some gifts have already been purchased this season.  These are my thoughts for the future.

I know this won’t reach everyone.  How about next Christmas we all save our money, spend it on ourselves or save it for whatever reason & just show up for others.  Maybe there’s a person or group you haven’t spoken with recently that you’d like to spend time with?  Show up, be where you’re needed or would like to be.  It won’t cost you anything more than possibly travel expenses.  You won’t lose anything, just contact whoever however & ask if you can meet with them.  It’s not religious, anyone can meet with someone at any time.  As a society we’ve already lost sight of the ceremonial Christmas act, & whatever spirit (Life in general included) flows through everyone, just show up & be there with someone.  If you want to bring a gift great!  If you don’t that’s OK too, you’re there!  Your presence should be a gift in itself.  You shouldn’t have to expect a gift on any occasion.

There are very kind people out there who will help when needed.  Some may not be able to help other than just being there for someone even at those times life can get busy.

I would have liked to be elsewhere for other people today, mourning the death of a family member.  I couldn’t be there.  I can’t drive legally and things came up for the people I was going with?  Sure I was disappointed at first, then I realized there’s nothing I could have done to change this scenario.

My psychiatrist had an appointment with me on Monday, I received a phone call just before I started writing this, and my appointment had to be rescheduled to February 10th.  Knee jerk reaction from me off of the phone “What was the point of making the appointment in the first place?”  I don’t know the details of the rescheduling maybe a personal matter came up.  The next available date was December 24th, that didn’t work with my schedule.  February 10th was the next available time & it works.

What am I trying to get at?  A person does not need to understand every minor detail that effects them.  They have to acknowledge that not everything works for everyone.

As an example; many people, including myself, don’t fully understand the #LGBTQ community.  I understand most of it as a straight person.  The thing is, you don’t have to understand it.  You have to acknowledge it.  Not everyone is the same as the next.  The part of that which I don’t understand I can acknowledge that others fell that way & it doesn’t affect me personally in any way.

Am I happy?  Mostly, I could do without the cancer portion but I acknowledge that it happened & my cancer could affect others.  That happened, I can’t change that or many other things.  Can I change other people or their views & opinions?  Maybe?  Do I need to?  Some, but only if they want to change.  I can change me and help others who want to change.  If someone is happy with how they are, there’s not much anyone can do for them other than acknowledge & be OK with the situation at hand.

Holiday tip!  If you can’t do any of this, drink alcohol if you’re of age.  You can be a quiet drunk or a loud belligerent drunk & blame it on the alcohol!


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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